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Chapter 169 The Deepest Pain

Lei Shaoheng was stunned by her sentence, and then came back to her. I saw her stubborn little face, squeezing her lips tightly. He couldn’t help but get confused, his eyes flashed a deep light, like something interesting was calculated, but he smiled and said, “So what are you doing now? Want to rebuild the old one? Why do you think he’s going to get married and divorced? Woman?”

“I just want to see him.” Gu Xiaochen whispered, not arguing for herself, or even she herself confirmed his statement.

Lei Shaoheng stopped questioning and walked past her. “At ten o’clock tomorrow morning, you will come here again, and I will let you see him.”

Going back to rest for one night, at ten o’clock the next morning, Gu Xiaochen agreed to.

After a while, Lei Shaoheng, accompanied by Feng Yuan, rushed to the police station. First, Lei Shaoheng went to visit, and when he finished his visit, he said to Gu Xiaochen, “Go.”

“Thank you, Lei.” Gu Xiaochen nodded gratefully and followed the police officer to visit.

On both sides was a silent corridor, only footsteps interlaced. It’s too cold here, and Gu Xiaochen felt a chill hit the whole body. The police officer took her to a room, and the guarding officer opened the door. At that moment, Gu Xiaochen stared at Huo Di, her vision slowly widened, and she finally saw him.

Wu Helian sat on the chair, and the whole person became more solemn and quiet. Hearing the door opening, he looked up unhurriedly, his indifferent eyes swept towards her. The light in the room was a bit dim, but his handsome face was pale, black hair and black eyes, like the deepest ink, his expression did not change, he calmly, as if there was no crisis at all, as if nothing happened It’s better that it’s not a police station here.

But Gu Xiaochen trembles in heart, inexplicably sour.

“Miss!” the guard’s policeman shouted when she saw her not moving.

Gu Xiaochen made some movements, and slowly took his steps and walked in. She sat down opposite him, and for a time, no one spoke.

The silence lasted for a long time, and time passed.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t want to waste this precious time, but she just wanted to speak, but Wu Helian spoke before her. His voice was extremely low and mellow. She didn’t seem to have heard it for a long time. Her ears were full of his magnetic male voice, A girl ran so far alone, what would you do if something happened?”

“I can take care of myself.” Gu Xiaochen said softly, biting her lips helplessly.

Wu Helian stared at her in front of him, his heart suddenly hurt a little at this moment. Yeah, for the two years since she left, she could live well alone, and live better than before. He always knew that she would definitely live well. This little grass has long grown into a towering tree, but it has been stuck in other soil.

“My business has nothing to do with you.” He raised his lips and said coldly.

Gu Xiaochen was silent again, as if knowing he would say so. They barely counted their friends, and they really had nothing to do with her. She didn’t know what she was doing, so she went to Chuncheng blindly… She felt that her throat was clogged, so sad that she said softly, “I just want to see you.”

“Now that I see you, you can go.” Wu Helian Speaking hard, the tone is loose.

Gu Xiaochen’s eyes were fixed on the thin clothes on his body, confused thoughts, she was incoherent, she didn’t even know what she said, “It’s cold, it’s so cold here, how do you wear so little? I let you Wear more clothes, you also say yes, why did you promise not to do it, you don’t count, you…”

Gu Xiaochen said, unable to continue, and the thousand words came to the end, only one sentence, “You

Nothing will happen.” She kept looking down, not looking up at him. Suddenly, tears fell on the table, and the marks were wet with a little trace. She cried silently, which made Wu Helian think of the past, that was the first time she cried. At that time he asked her why she was late. She froze for a long time, and she had not spoken, but she was in tears.

Wu Helian suddenly discovered that at that time, he would have been troubled by a woman’s tears, even anxious. He couldn’t help himself, he couldn’t help himself, he knew if he should, he shouldn’t, he knew that he was too mean and not qualified to have a position, they shouldn’t have any involvement anymore, he should even put the ear that no one can remove except himself Take it off, so they don’t have a tie anymore.

However, he was not willing to give up, so he was so clean and thorough.

He was selfish and wanted to leave something in her life, even if only sad.

Wu Helian reached out slowly and touched towards her. His big hands were still warm and dry as before, and he caressed her fair face with a light touch of her fingers. Sure enough, she saw that the earrings of the black gemstone were still there, and her short hair was just covered, he stared at the one. The ear ring looked at her for a long time, and her eyes turned back to her.

“Go back, don’t care about me, and don’t care about me. Everything has nothing to do with you.” Wu Helian caressed her face, and her fingers gently wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, which he had never had before. He didn’t tell her about the movement, he thought about the name of the child who died before he was born.

But all this is too late.

Gu Xiaochen raised his head, his eyes red as a bunny, eyes with tears, making Wu Helian palpitated and distressed.

“Hehe…” Gu Xiaochen murmured, this was the first time she and he called him like this two years later.

“Well, I’ll be fine, go back.” Wu Helian comforted her with a persuasive tone.

The door is opened again, business-like police officers and said, “time to visit!” “Go

home.” Wuhe Lian withdrew the hand, to see her sit still stiff, but also urged caution, “obedient.”

This word touch Paining Gu Xiaochen’s heart, she stood up in a trance, but she didn’t even have the courage to look at him again, and turned and ran out.

Wu Helian looked down at the tears drying up on the table and closed her eyes.

If, if time goes back, what can he do. Those who want to say, but do not say.

If, if he didn’t let go, many years later… I

realized that if I wanted to, it was the deepest pain.

Visiting Wu Helian, Gu Xiaochen walked back to the hall with a sad face. There was no direction for a while. She seemed like an empty shell without emotion, but walked out of the hall quietly and obediently. It was clearly 11 o’clock in the morning and the weather was overcast with clouds. Her slender figure was drowned in the gray world, and she slowly walked out of the police station and got on the bus.

After she left, Lei Shaoheng visited Wu Helian again.

Lei Shaoheng smiled harmlessly, but in his heart it was dark. He Wu Helian even has a handle, which is really fun. Only then did he use the ear ring as a threat, and he obediently saw people.

Moreover, he doesn’t seem to know yet…

“This is the police station, not your home.” Wu Helian felt that his smile was a bit dazzling, but it did not make any difference. It made clear that it meant “you can go.”

“I think you also understand that if all the vacant funds are replenished and made up, it’s not bad at all, soothing the shareholders of Wu’s board of directors, and withdrawing the civil lawsuit, things will be easier to handle. It’s just that the speaker has joined Wu’s and the alliance In addition to other shareholders, plus a tainted witness, the question is big or small.” Lei Shaoheng narrowed his smile and talked about the business in a loose tone. The black hair in the forehead dropped down randomly. “You are so stupid If it doesn’t come out inside, would you want to find out the confusion of your last name and find your conscience? And, shouldn’t you also be testing the youngest man in your family? Wu’s made you so

active , you are really patient!” Wu Helian chose to be silent. , Lei Shaoheng raised his eyebrows and whispered, “There is any evidence in your hand, you just take it out!”

“This world is ugly.” He said slowly, Lei Shaoheng ridiculed, smiling. Junrong appeared cold.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

The person coming is Jingxin Xin, who is the team leader in charge of this case.

Scenery Xin strolled into the visiting room, looked at Lei Shaoheng, calmly looked at Wu Helian. He spoke indifferently and whispered, “Mr. Wu, someone has acted as your guarantor and paid bail for you! According to the rules, we will temporarily confiscate your passport for safekeeping! Before the case is investigated, you Can’t leave Hong Kong and leave Hong Kong! I hope you can cooperate with the police!”

“We have contacted Mr. Wu’s lawyer to go through the relevant procedures! Please wait for a moment!” Jing Xin finished his words and left.

Wu Helian glanced at the scenery and looked at Lei Shaoheng, but Lei Shaoheng looked unscathed.

“Who is the guarantor?”

Scenery Xin Momo said, “I’m very sorry, the above asked for secrecy.”

Wu Helian frowned, Lei Shaoheng smiled, the two were equally silent, but there was an answer looming in their hearts. Scenery Xin turned around and Lei Shaoheng smiled more casually, “Lian, this is fun, and the old man knows it!”

Wujia Villa.

Wu Helian has been in criminal detention for a whole week. During this week, he saw no one except the defense lawyer Feng Yuan. No matter who asked for visits, the Wu family was rejected. Even Wu Jizong, he did not visit Wu Helian. Everything about him was conveyed by Feng Yuan one by one, and the Wu family could not help it.

In the afternoon on the weekend, a group of people are discussing countermeasures.

Wu Jizong asked, “Hao Yang, Miao Ke is okay?”

“Dad, you can rest assured that Miao Ke is busy with the manuscript recently, so I just stay in the studio and don’t go out. I send someone to protect her. Everyone needs it. Will do it for her, absolutely nothing will happen!” Wu Haoyang said Shen Sheng, no one told Miao Ke about Wu Helian’s detention, I was afraid she would be worried. The most important thing now is to solve the problems at hand one by one.

“Why can’t you bail! It’s not enough to pay bail?” Wu Jizong calmed down and shouted loudly.

“I heard that several shareholders jointly requested that bail is not allowed, because the amount involved is too large! It may be that Lian will run away!” Yao Yongxin kept asking the news from the scenery Xin these days, although he kept his mouth shut and said nothing, but There were also some tones revealed. She thought about it and said softly, “There is another possibility, that is, someone has spoken on it, not allowed to bail!”

“Someone talked?” Wu Jizong couldn’t help but be amazed.

“Well, I can’t rule out this possibility.”

“Who is so patient, and can’t be released on bail?” Wu Jizong was a little unbelievable and frowned, “The speaker shouldn’t be so magical!”

Yao Yong was afraid that he would think more. Hurry to appease, “Uncle Wu, I’m just guessing, don’t be too nervous first.”

“Is your guess, or did you receive any news?” Wu Haoyang frowned. He knew she would never talk in vain. I heard the wind. And the source of this buzz… Wu Haoyang thought of it here, looked up and sat on Yao Yongxin, the unruly Junrong showed a touch of displeasure.

“Just my guess.” Yao Yongxin looked back at him and said firmly, in exchange for him sneering.

“The police also have to find conclusive evidence to convict! It is not enough to rely on only one stained witness and the signed documents!” Wu Haoyang Shen Sheng said.

“Lian didn’t come out, the Yanjia secretly wanted to annex Wu Shi, and several shareholders all leaned on him. I don’t know what happened to the Lin family. If he fell into the hole and withdrew his capital at this time, Wu Shi would face a crisis again!” Yao Yongxin analyzed the current situation and was troubled to say, “They may take the opportunity to acquire.”

Wu Haoyang immediately retorted, “No! I received news that the old man had already visited the Lin family! He probably wanted to win over the Lin family! Out of two billion, and want to eat Wu, this is the best solution! If he can reach an agreement with the Lin family! However, we must prepare the funds to prevent the Lin family from withdrawing funds at any time!”

“Master.” Mrs. Wu Jiyuehua walked into the side hall. She didn’t understand the law or the shopping malls. She just thought that Wu Helian had been in the police station for a few days. She was really worried. “Last days, Lian’s body was not What’s the matter, maybe it’s cold, some cold. These days are cloudy again, and I have arranged a few clothes for him to send!”

“Auntie, I will go with you!” Yao Yongxin said, standing up.

“Dingling Bell–” The phone rang, and Wu Jizong answered the phone, only heard lawyer Feng say over there, “Mr. Wu, someone has been the guarantor, and Master Lian was released on bail!”


The news that Wu Helian was released on bail The Wu family was delighted except for shock, and immediately rushed to the police station. Lawyer Feng completed the formalities, and the police seized passport documents in accordance with established practice. The people waited anxiously for a moment, and finally saw Wu Helian, who was held in criminal detention for a week.

Wu Helian looked pretty good, but her face was slightly paler. I walked far away, and when I got closer, I saw the stubborn chin in the bright light. Not only was it not sloppy, but it added a bit of male charm. His indifferent face was still there, silently looking to everyone.

A crowd of people swarmed up and surrounded him.

“Lian, the weather is so cold, why do you still wear so little? Yongxin, give me your clothes!” Ji Yuehua said as she took the windbreaker from the pocket that Yao Yongxin was carrying, and he would wear it for him automatically. Wu Helian froze for a moment, but did not refuse, but just put on her trench coat obediently.

Yao Yongxin smiled at him and

breathed a sigh of relief. “Go home to take a hot bath and get a good night’s sleep.” Wu Haoyang’s expression could not hide his joy, but his mouth was still so poisonous. “Don’t think you are relaxed like this, you can leave it alone. I just took your seat for the time being!”

Wu Helian looked at him and said quietly, “Is it?”

Wu Haoyang looked at him so much that he felt a numb scalp and felt a bad feeling.

“Okay, let’s go home!” Wu Jizong stood there and did not step forward. He began to drink and turned and walked out of the police station. Ji Yuehua smiled, patted Wu Helian’s hand gently, turned his head and shouted “Master”, and caught up with him. The two stepped out slowly, and Wu Jizong’s pace was obviously not as heavy as in previous days.

“Let’s go.” Wu Haoyang responded, and the three took their steps.

Yao Yongxin looked around and looked like she was looking for

someone . She screamed , “You go first!” Wu Haoyang’s face changed slightly, and Zhang Junyan ignored her.

After leaving the police station, Wu Haoyang stopped at the corner and stopped, saying hardly, “She didn’t drive, I’m waiting for her!”

Wu Helian was naturally clear and left without a word.

Wu Haoyang turned back to the police station and did not walk in. He saw the two in the hall talking intimately. The joyful and smiling face made him a little unpleasant, and inexplicably blocked his heart. He drew back his gaze and walked back to the road to wait quietly. Qi was tall and tall, and he put his hands in his trousers pockets.

There were people coming and going, and when he passed him, he had to glance at him.

Wu Haoyang gazed arrogantly in front of him, and suddenly a graceful figure passed by, and he walked straight ahead, he took a step and caught up with her.

Yao Yongxin only noticed him. Although surprised, he didn’t say anything, and ignored it.

Wu Haoyang pouted, apparently not satisfied with her treatment. He reached out his hand, grabbed her wrist violently, and pulled her and walked to the other side.

Pulling and pulling on the street, Yao Yongxin didn’t have a good attack. He gritted his teeth and asked, “What are you doing!” Wu Haoyang pulled her silently to the side of the parked sports car, opened the door, and tucked her in. Yao Yongxin was angry and was about to get off the bus, but he bent down and warned, “You dare to get off and give it a try!”

“Why don’t I dare!” Yao Yongxin’s stubborn temper also came up, and directly pushed up.

When the words fell, Yao Yongxin pushed against him, her legs crossed the body, Wu Haoyang narrowed her eyes and drew near her, palm her arms around her neck, to stop her from moving, he lowered his head and kissed her red lips, fierce Prying open her lips and teeth, the tip of her tongue swept back and forth in her mouth, grabbing her tongue and plundering her breath, which was completely overbearing.

Yao Yongxin gave a painful slap and slapped at him, “Wu Haoyang! What are you crazy about!”

This slap did not inspire him, but it fueled the fire and made him even more unable to calm down. She also flushed her eyes, glaring at him with wide eyes. In the past two years, they haven’t seen each other, and once on a phone call, they can always quarrel on the phone without saying a few words. I don’t know if I’m sullen, or I’m proving that I didn’t admit defeat.

“I’m crazy!” Wu Haoyang’s eagle-eyed eyes screamed, embracing her with a big hand, and said jealously, “I’m crazy because of you! I haven’t seen you for two years, and I haven’t seen you thinking about me so much! You! Why can’t you get involved with that policeman! Say! Do you often meet me with him in your back?” You will

meet? Yao Yongxin thought he was unreasonable, “Yes! We meet every month! I flew to Hong Kong, or he flew to Australia!”

“I can’t figure it out, what good is he a policeman? Don’t marry Marry the police, don’t you know this old saying?”

“What old saying! Haven’t heard it at all!”

“Then you hear it now? You sit down for me!” Wu Haoyang threw the door.

Yao Yongxin raised her hand to wipe the mark on her lips, and after he bypassed the car body, she rushed into the taxi and ran towards the roadside taxi. Wu Haoyang instantly frowned, staring at the woman who had fled, too late to catch up, she had already taken a taxi and left. He clenched his fist and hit the roof of the car, punching out a gravure.

Gu Xiaochen returned home in a miserable manner, but only one room was deserted. Yu Mei has been away for many days, and she has also left for many days. I went home to sleep for one night yesterday. I had a headache and woke up in a trance. She felt a little tired, and even forgotten the slippers and went to the living room sofa to sit down. With his eyes open, he glanced around and saw the notebook.

Gu Xiaochen froze for a long time before he got up and walked to the computer desk to sit down.

Turn on the computer, click on the mailbox to log in.

The full emails were all titled “Chenchen”.

Pointing to the last page, she finally saw the first email. That date, March 1. She remembered clearly that the day before was his birthday. Of course she still remembers the blessing emails she sent regularly at the time. She shook her hand, double-clicked the right button, the page jumped, and the email opened.

There is only one photo in the email, many months old, still small, very cute. She stared at the photo for a while, then clicked in another one, a little more grown up. The sending date of these emails, one per week, each email is a lot of photos, from a puppy to a big dog, but no words.

The last email was the date after the meeting in the UK six months ago.

Gu Xiaochen opened the last email.

The background envelope of the email is a blue sky, thin grid, that is the background image used by the email she sent.

A whole sheet of stationery, but only one sentence, he has always been few words.

Gu Xiaochen stared at that sentence, and he hadn’t recovered for a long time-Mercury had no moon and was very lonely.

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