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Chapter 170 About Midsummer

Gu Xiaochen heard about Wu Helian from Yao Yongxin and knew that he was released on bail. She was relieved. The magazine agency also called to ask her to organize things and submit related work documents because she was fired. Gu Xiaochen didn’t say much. It seemed that he had expected this result. He suddenly took a week off, and it was a miracle not to be fired.

In the office of the magazine, Ding Minlin, the deputy editor-in-chief, did not forget to snarl at her. Gu Xiaochen knew that he was responsible for the loss, and was reprimanded. She walked back to her desk without a word to collect things. . It can be said that they come and go hurriedly, although the colleagues get along well, but they don’t have such a deep friendship, they say hello, and she turns away.

After losing his job, Gu Xiaochen looked like a duckweed.

The only news that warmed her heart was knowing that he was safe.

Gu Xiaochen just walked out of the building and the phone rang. It was a series of unfamiliar numbers. She connected the phone and heard the man say Lang Lang, “Is Miss Gu Xiaochen right? Hello, I am Mr. Zhou’s personal lawyer Li Xiang. Mr. Zhou wants to buy the Zhou you hold in your hand. I don’t know if you are willing to sell 30% of the shares?”

Gu Xiaochen, the lawyer firm of Lawyer Li, saw the agreement.

This is exactly the contract that Gu Xiaochen signed from Wu Helian. Lawyer Li also showed another agreement, which is a share transfer agreement. In the column of Party A, the name of the other party has been signed. The words “Zhou Chengze” are three characters. Party B is temporarily vacant, waiting for her to write.

Lawyer Li smiled and said, “Miss Gu, if you don’t understand anything in the agreement, you can consult. The market value of the Zhou shares you hold is estimated at 1.5 billion US dollars. If you intend to sell it, there is no problem, you can sign it. I agree. Once the agreement is implemented, Mr. Zhou will transfer the funds to your personal account within three working days! Mr. Zhou also asked me to tell Miss Gu, if you want to sell the shares to others, it is better to sell to him!”

Zhou Chengze …

Gu Xiaochen meditated on the name in her heart. At such moments, she didn’t know what else to do. When he said don’t leave him and don’t care about him, what she could do, maybe only these things didn’t belong to her. Of shares. She resolutely picked up the pen and signed her name as it was then, “No problem, I sold the shares!”

“Miss Gu, the funds will be paid within three working days! We will contact you when the time comes! Goodbye “”Lawyer Li reminded in good faith and watched her leave with a smile. After she left, lawyer Li immediately picked up the phone.


A five-star hotel.

In the suite, the man was wearing clothes. He picked up the silver-rimmed glasses and put them on. His handsome side face was shining with light, which outlined the perfect facial lines, making people feel handsome. The suit was just put on, the phone rang, and the lawyer reported truthfully over there. Respectfully said, “Mr. Zhou and Miss Gu have signed the share sale contract!”

Zhou Chengze said “en”, hung up the phone, and he commanded him on his back , “Prepare funds immediately and remit in three days!”

“Yes! President Zhou!” The subordinate responded, and the door opened, and shouted again, “Miss Bai!”

Bai Hui was wearing a red coat, lined with black In a cotton skirt with long hair spread over her shoulders, she looks gentle and beautiful. She smiled at her subordinates and walked in. The other day was the weekend. She accompanied Zhou Chengze to Shenzhen for work. Although the two did not live in the same suite, it was already a breakthrough.

At least, he would ask her if she wanted to go together.

Woman, it is so easy to satisfy.

Bai Hui would also think that two years ago, they were engaged, but she later dismissed the engagement.

The sister-in-law asked her why the marriage was dismissed and what a good man Zhou Chengze was to be able to marry him. But neither of them knew that when a man was full of another woman, marrying him was just a matter of exhausting himself. She is also proud, unbearable and unbearable, preferring to go it alone, rather than use the shackles of marriage to trap a man, which is too sad.

Bai Hui walked behind him, Zhou Chengze Mo Mo turned around, she stopped and saw that he was extraordinary, suddenly suddenly proud in her heart. Looking down all the way, he saw that his shirt was a little wrinkled, and he didn’t take care of it. Bai Hui stepped forward involuntarily, dwelling in front of him, she stretched out her hands, slender hands re-tie him for him, smoothing the folds of the shirt.

This slight movement made Zhou Chengze stunned. He looked at her silently. The delicate face was so close to him, he suddenly became very calm.

“Let’s go.” Zhou Chengze said in a deep voice, Bai Hui nodded and used to hold his arm. He did not push away, but there was no emotion. The two walked out of the suite calmly, and the subordinates pushed their luggage behind.

The long corridor, when passing a suite, suddenly happened.

The door of a suite was opened, and the guests shouted, “Call me your manager!” The

young girl, dressed in a hotel waiter’s work clothes, walked anxiously in front of her and said, “Miss, your I didn’t take the necklace! Please believe me! When I cleaned the room for you yesterday, the necklace was placed in the cupboard and I didn’t move it! Miss! It’s really not from me!”

“I don’t care if you took it! My necklace disappeared after you cleaned it for me! I want you to compensate! Understand?” the female guest screamed with pride.

“Really not me!” The girl bit her lips stubbornly, about to cry.

Zhou Chengze walked to the suite and stopped suddenly. Leng Jun’s face swept across the female guest and looked at the girl. Vaguely, she saw in a trance that stubborn woman with her head down. Those memories were gathering and dissipating. After a moment of silence, he said, “How much will I compensate?”

Zhou Chengze glanced at his subordinate, and the subordinate immediately stepped forward to discuss with the female guest.

The girl saw them going, chased them up, and said sadly in front of him, “Sir, the necklace is not from me, you…”

“I know the necklace is not from you!” Zhou Chengze was faint until she finished. Opening, his voice was deep and firm, “Work well! Be careful next time!”

In the girl’s surprise, Zhou Chengze took Bai Hui away.

In Shenzhen that day, the sky was clear and cloudless.

The car drove all the way, and those past years accumulated backlogs.

The story about midsummer may be destined to end like this before it starts.

After signing the agreement, Gu Xiaochen didn’t think much about it and hurried to Wu Shi to find Yao Yongxin.

Yao Yongxin was very surprised. Such a huge amount of money made her surprised. “Xiaochen, this money…”

“Sister Yongxin, this money was originally his, can you give me his account?” Gu Xiaochen did not Explaining the ins and outs of the money, looking up at Yao Yongxin, the light and powerful female voice said, “Now at this time, I think he will need the money!”

Yao Yongxin thought about it, facing the frustration of the directors of Wu, Coupled with the threat of the Lin family’s possible divestment at any time, the money is indeed a carbon in the snow and can be prevented from happening. Yao Yongxin hesitated and frowned, “I still have to tell Lian about this matter.”

“No, Sister Yongxin, don’t you tell him?” Gu Xiaochen pleaded.

Yao Yongxin is very embarrassed, she can understand Gu Xiaochen, but she can’t decide this matter by herself. After a long time of consultation, Yao Yongxin said, “Well, you come again tomorrow, I will discuss with

Haoyang in private!” Gu Xiaochen nodded and got up.

As soon as he walked out of the building, someone was waiting outside.

Xia Yuan knew she was looking for Yao Yongxin, so she waited for her here, “Gu Xiaochen, we will find a place to sit down and talk.”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t want to ignore her, nor did she want to be involved with her, “I have nothing to talk to you about.”

“Haha.” Xia Yuan smiled, and didn’t stop her from leaving, but said Ning Xudong for you, To capture Wu, their brothers

turned against each other ! Do you know this?” Yan Xudong and Wu Helian turned against each other? How can this be?

Gu Xiaochen stopped suddenly and opened his eyes wide. She couldn’t believe it. Xia Yuan smiled at her, and no longer talked, she went into the building. She hurriedly asked, “Wait a minute! What the hell are you talking about!”

She wanted to ask a clear question, why not People tell her?

The moment she turned around, she heard Xia Yuan shouting “Yuan Zong”, and she saw Yan Xudong who had not seen it for many days.

Yan Xudong was accompanied by several subordinates and walked out of the building. He was as gentle and elegant as he used to be, he in the memory. Yan Xudong also saw her, but only smiled slightly at her, and then did not talk about anything. Under her confused attention, she walked indifferently beside her and went towards the car parked by the roadside.

Suddenly, Gu Xiaochen turned back and ran towards him. “Xudong!”

Xia Yuan was originally going in. She walked into the hall but stopped and quietly looked back.

Gu Xiaochen caught up with Yan Xudong, but was blocked by his subordinates, not to let her get too close. Gu Xiaochen looked at Yan Xudong puzzledly, and asked anxiously, “Xudong! What the hell is going on? What’s wrong with you?”

Yan Xudong bluntly turned his head and glanced at her, Wen Xu said, “I have something to do Be busy.”

“Xudong! Why are you!” Gu Xiaochen shouted in disbelief.

Yan Xudong waved his hand, and his subordinates hurriedly gave in. He came to her and looked down at her, “For what? What did you say for?”

Gu Xiaochen thought of Xia Yuan’s words just now, but she couldn’t say anything. Is it for her? ?

Yan Xudong looked at her sideways and said with a smile, “Do you think I am for you?”

He lowered his head and said

quietly in her ear, “Don’t be passionate , the woman he doesn’t want, do you think I will?” Gu Xiaochen froze in place, Yan Xudong’s handsome face flashed in front of his eyes, he was already sitting In the car, a group of people left.

Suddenly turning around, the world made her indistinguishable from true.

Gu Xiaochen found that everything was like a mystery, Yan Xudong became vice president, Xia Yuan returned to Wu, and said that to her again. She could only ask Yao Yongxin, but she said, “This is the way with shopping malls.” After

only two days, and before the third working day, lawyer Li called to inform that the money was ready. Since Yao Yongxin did not give her account, Gu Xiaochen had to temporarily use his private account in Wu Shi, and 1.5 billion was transferred to her name.

Wu Shi Bank suddenly received such a huge amount of money and immediately reported the situation to the group headquarters.

Xia Yuan received the news and immediately ran to the deputy general office.

Yan Xudong sat on the executive chair, but he was still playing with the silver lighter in his hand.

Xia Yuan sat down opposite him, and Ning asked anxiously, “Why did Gu Xiaochen suddenly have so much money? 1.5 billion?” The

bank just called to notify that a customer had transferred 1.5 billion a hour ago. 1.5 billion, this is an astronomical figure, which has attracted absolute attention. Xia Yuan asked for details, but was shocked because the customer was no other than Gu Xiaochen. She is a small magazine clerk. Where can you get so much money?

“The money was remitted from Zhou’s name.” Yan Xudong said that he would not go astray. “At that time, Zhou proposed a loan to Wu, and Zhou Chengze used 30% of the shares as a remark clause before he agreed to the loan. . Later, these shares were bought by him privately.”

Xia Yuan understood now, and said in a cold voice, “It seems that he has guarded for a long time, and transferred the shares to her first, so that we think he has no money in hand. It’s a trick, or a trick! But is Zhou’s share worth so much? According to market assessments, it’s worth 1.2 billion at most!”

That woman would have a friendship with Zhou’s president. ?

The subordinate knocked on the door, “Mr. Yan, that Miss Gu has arrived at Wu Family! Manager Yao accompanied her to meet

President Yang!” On the top floor of the president’s office, Yao Yongxin led Gu Xiaochen into. But as soon as the door opened, they saw another person besides Wu Haoyang.

The two men sat quietly on the sofa, as if discussing something.

Gu Xiaochen was silent, and Yao Yongxin was also surprised. She did not expect Wu Helian to be there. “Lian, you are here too.”

Wu Helian looked up at Gu Xiaochen, Shen Sheng said, “Why are you so disobedient?”

Gu Xiaochen looked at him quietly He looks good, except that the face is slightly pale, and the spirit shines when he saw it at the police station that day. Just to hear him say this, she meditated silently and faced him calmly, not wanting to embarrass him or bothering him, and said softly, “I have what I want to do, but I want to do it.”

“So What do you mean by this money?” Wu Helian narrowed her eagle eyes and asked, but what she really wanted to ask was that she went to see Zhou Chengze? Although she knew that she was for her mother, she would be involved with the Zhou family and Zhou Chengze, but the man who had kept her silently for so many years now still makes him uncomfortable to think about it. What’s more, she is married now, if she goes to see Zhou Chengze again, how can he tolerate himself to break her peace.

Gu Xiaochen frowned slightly and said, “I want to invest in Wu’s.”

“Oh!” Wu Helian laughed and refused hard, “I’m not allowed!”

Gu Xiaochen knew he didn’t want her to intervene, it was just her temper. It also began to

retaliate, “Are you sure you are not the one to decide.” “You say it again!” Wu Helian said displeasurely, she knew she would be involved in the vortex of right and wrong.

Gu Xiaochen hardly resisted him, shook his fist lightly, and said stubbornly, “Wu’s president is now Mr. Wu Haoyang! I’m here to discuss cooperation! I have 1.5 billion in capital. I want to invest in Wu’s as long as Yang always agrees!”

Wu Helian was dumbfounded, and Jun Yan appeared hazy.

Oh, someone finally eats the turtle. Wu Haoyang raised his eyebrows secretly.

Wu Helian stared at her fiercely, but said to Wu Haoyang, “Mr. Yang, you haven’t told your investor Miss Gu your decision!”

This statement made Wu Haoyang refuse.

“Sit down and talk about it.” Yao Yongxin was also stunned until now, and then he took Gu Xiaochen back to sit down.

Wu Haoyang looked leisurely at the confrontation between the two of them, and only found it interesting. God knows how rare it is to see his second brother, who hasn’t changed his face in a thousand years, growling and angry. He thought about it for a long time, and said

quietly in an official tone , “Miss Gu, the investment can be discussed again, everything is good to discuss.” Wu Helian glanced at Wu Haoyang sideways, cold eyes swept past, Wu Haoyang let him cross.

“I heard that Miss Gu is working in a magazine. It’s ten o’clock in the morning, don’t you need to work?” The reason why Wu Haoyang knows that she works in a magazine is of course through a woman. It’s just that he suddenly said something that didn’t matter, and he felt a little bit speechless.

Gu Xiaochen said lightly, “It’s okay.”

“Ask for leave?”


“Is it resignation, or was it fired?” Wu Haoyang broke the casserole and asked in the end.

Yao Yongxin is a little bit wrong, and gossip men have to toss!

Gu Xiaochen stopped talking, Wu Haoyang made a clear “Oh” sound, and deliberately dragged the long tail.

Wu Helian’s eyebrows suddenly burst into discomfort. Thinking of her going to Chuncheng by herself, so many days must have taken leave, it is estimated that the magazine dissatisfied dismissed her.

Yao Yong hoped to say to them in due time, “Mr. Yang, I have business affairs to talk to you now.”

“Miss Gu, I will carefully consider investment matters.” Wu Haoyang raised his lips, still playing an official tone.

Gu Xiaochen stood up consciously, “I won’t disturb you, bye.”

Yao Yong hurried to rush and said, “Lian, don’t you want to go?”

Wu Helian didn’t want to move, but Yao Yongxin tried hard to wink at him, but turned to Wu Haoyang and Wu Haoyang after he made it useless. The voice said, “You can also go, we have to discuss the business.” The

two got up one after another and walked out of the office one after the other.

Waiting for the door to close, Yao Yongxin kicked him and sat across from him. “Did you not tell Lotus? Didn’t you say anything about this person? It’s such a gossip, let others get out!”

“Yao Yongxin suddenly shouted.” Her full name, Yao Yong looked at him suspiciously, he said, “You said that you have been the first to test from childhood, most such a smart woman, how can

you become stupid one day?” “What do you mean?”

“I don’t tell He, how do the two of them touch together? This is not good? I bet you, he will definitely send her home!” Wu Haoyang said to herself, but she also made up her mind, “She resigned, it would be better Anyway, no one around me can use it. Isn’t it better to let her come back to be my secretary?”

“Oh, yes, the bet you just bet…” Wu Haoyang said, got up and walked to her and sat down His big hand pinched her chin and cynically said, “

Come with me all night!” “You-go-die!” Yao Yongxin’s face was red and he slapped him on the face.

“Hey! Why are you such a violent woman! Always face!”

“Yang President.” Yao Yongxin recovered his reason, smiled and moved his position, not knowing him as usual, and began to discuss the business, “The elders of the six departments resigned at the same time. After retiring, these are the better candidates in several departments. The shipping department…”

“Beep-toot -” The mobile phone clamored, interrupting her female voice.

“Who?” Wu Haoyang drank, Yao Yongxin took out her phone and wanted to hang up, but when she saw the number displayed, she pressed the connect button instead. Someone grabbed the phone before her and didn’t see it. Who called, shouted at the other end of the phone, “My heart is very busy now, so there is no time, please solve anything yourself! If you can’t solve it, please call 999, the bandit, fire and first aid can be used! “When the

voice fell, he directly hung up the phone and turned off the phone.

“That was a call from Lotus!” Yao Yong shouted unbearably, and suddenly there was an urge to strangle him.

Wu Haoyang nodded indifferently, “Then you don’t need you anymore!” A

man stood in front of the ladies’ toilet in the parking lot not far from Wu’s.

“Sorry, the user you dialed has been turned off…” Wu Helian dialed the number again, and Jun Yan was very tight. He turned his head to look at the restroom behind him and said helplessly, “You are waiting here, I will buy it for you!”

Gu Xiaochen wanted to cry without tears, so he gritted his teeth and said “En”.

God, why is the big aunt now!

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