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Chapter 172 Good Night

Wu Haoyang actually did not take off his underwear at all, he knew that Yao Yongxin did not have the courage to read it. When he slowly put on his bathrobe, he saw Yao Yongxin still covering his eyes with his hands. He had a bad idea. He deliberately wanted to frighten her. He rushed to her and pulled away her hand. “Hey! What are you afraid of!” Why cover your eyes!”

“Don’t pull me! I tell you not to pull me!” Yao Yongxin shouted, but he was no match for his strength, so he pulled his hands apart. The haze gradually cleared, and Wu Haoyang’s dazzling face enlarged magnificently, and saw him wearing a bathrobe, crouching in front of herself and smiling at her with a face of thieves. She suddenly realized that she knew she was being tricked.

Yao Yong gritted his teeth bitterly and stretched his hand to grab his ears, “You bastard! You dare to

lie to me!” Wu Haoyang stood up quickly, “You have no guts to watch!”

“You stop me! You liar! “Yao Yong’s face was flushed, and he grabbed the side cushion and smashed him.

“Oh? If you can’t catch it, you want to attack me with a weapon?”

“I’ll make you stand!”

“If you make me stand, I’ll stand still? Too bad face! You have the ability to chase!”

“You bastard !” “Yao Yongxin is so mad that he can’t think of any words that can vent his curse.

At the moment, the two of you chased me and staged a cat-and-mouse trick in this suite. Only on the carpet in the center, Gu Xiaochen and Wu Helian sat down and watched this farce. Wu Helian laughed out loud, and the low laughter came into Gu Xiaochen’s ear. She couldn’t help turning her head to look at him.

His side face, the beautiful curvature, the light condensed under his eyes, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly, making people happy.

At this brief moment, it seemed that he was just looking at him like this, it was like a kind of happiness.

Wu Helian seemed to notice her attention and slowly turned her head to look at her. Looking at each other, her pink cheeks are too beautiful, giving him the urge to kiss, but he is no longer qualified. He stared at her for a long time, but at the end, he just said, “It’s not early.”

“Well, then I’m going to bed.” Gu Xiaochen immediately answered and stood up quietly.

“Dong Dang Dang–” Mrs. Wu Ji Yuehua knocked on the door and asked with a smile, “What’s the matter?”

“Mom!” Wu Haoyang hurriedly shouted, the wicked first complained, “She scolded me asshole!”

Yao Yongxin naturally bad How did they mess up and tell Mrs. Wu that she had calmed down, and when she turned around, she changed to a compliant look, walked to Ji Yuehua, and yelled softly, holding her hand, “Auntie.”

Where does Ji Yuehua believe Wu Haoyang He just blamed all his faults on him, just like when he was a child, “Hao Yang! Why are you lying?”

“She really scolded me asshole!” Wu Haoyang was completely speechless, and Yao Yongxin was dark.

“Yongxin, it’s too late today, don’t leave, I’ll clean up the room for you.” Ji Yuehua sings, and Yao Yongxin answers immediately, “Thank you aunt, then I’ll stay asleep.”

“Lian, you Also stay to sleep. Miss Gu, take a rest early. Well, everyone sleep.” Ji Yuehua finished, Yao Yong heart helped her leave.

Gu Xiaochen swept Wu Haoyang, looked at Wu Helian, and said softly, “Good night.”

On the corner of the corridor on the fourth floor, Gu Xiaochen walked towards the end of the second bedroom. After closing the door, she took out the child’s picture and looked at it silly. Suddenly she heard that the door was knocking dullly. She opened the door suspiciously. She saw Duoduo sitting outside, and beside it was a basket with a wool blanket in it.

She has always been afraid of cold, and she can’t sleep well even when she sleeps.

Gu Xiaochen bent down, touched a lot of his head, turned his head to look at the wool blanket, and suddenly felt warm.

Early the next morning, Wu Haoyang, Yao Yongxin and Gu Xiaochen all got up, and the three of them dine in the restaurant. Since it is only

past half past seven, Yao Yongxin is suspicious. “Xiao Chen, why are you up so early?” Gu Xiaochen whispered, “I’m going to work.”

“Well? Are you not working in the magazine anymore?” Yao Yongxin thought of yesterday. Confused.

Wu Haoyang finished his last sip of milk, wiped his mouth, and looked up proudly, “Did I not tell you? Gu Xiaochen is now my secretary!”

” Poof– ” Yao Yongxin almost spewed out, but fortunately covered it with a napkin Mouth, “

Xiaochen , really?” Gu Xiaochen nodded at her, Yao Yong felt a little bored.

At nine o’clock, both the Wu family and Wu Helian got up.

Ji Yuehua didn’t see Gu Xiaochen, so he asked the steward if she was still asleep, but the steward made the three eyes open at the same time, and made Wu Helian displeased. “Miss Gu left with the three young masters and Miss Yongxin, she sat It’s Miss Yongxin’s car. The three young masters let me tell the second younger master that Miss Gu is his secretary from today.”


Wu Shi Group-

the president’s office on the top floor, Yan Xu Dongjing knocked on the door. Into. He took his steps and sat down at the executive desk. “Mr. Yang, I heard that the managers of the six departments have been decided?”

“Why? What do Vice President Yan suggest?” Wu Haoyang asked Shen Sheng in reply, but had already expected that he would not Will be willing to give up.

“This list was negotiated between me and several directors. President Yang decided to take it after referring to it.” Yan Xudong put down the documents in his hands. Although his tone was euphemistic, he was clearly provocative.

Wu Haoyang’s feelings for Yan Xudong are a bit shallower than those of Wu Helian and Yao Yong, but they also exist. He glanced down at the document in front of him, opened it, stared at a certain line of characters, changed the official title to Youyou and said, “Brother Yan, do you really want to continue?”

From small to large, Wu Haoyang rarely yelled Xu Dong in this way, only one or two sporadic in memory. Now shouting, it has a different meaning.

Yan Xudong looked unscathed, waiting for his following.

“Don’t you have to put him in jail? Did your conscience pass?”

Yan Xudong lowered his eyes and smiled to represent everything.

“Hehe.” Wu Haoyang smiled, knowing what he meant.

At this time, someone knocked on the door and walked silently with two cups of coffee. The familiar taste is the feeling in memory, and her voice is also, “President Yang, Vice President, please drink coffee.”

Suddenly handed over a cup of coffee in front of him, Yan Xudong saw a pair of slender white hands. Looking up, he saw Gu Xiaochen.

Her smile was as warm as when she first met, and there was no strangeness, which made him tremble.

Yan Xudong saw Gu Xiaochen wearing a professional suit with a short and pretty smile and a sweet smile. The claim and the two cups of coffee made him understand why she appeared here. He came here as soon as he arrived at the company, so he didn’t know that she would return to Wu’s. Although he was a little surprised, he was also expected. He picked up the coffee quietly, and the aroma remained the same as before. After drinking a fragrant cup of coffee, he put the cup down and said with a deep voice, “I’ll wait for Yang to decide on the list.”

Yan Xudong finished and walked away.

Gu Xiaochen only took Yao Yongxin’s car, and Yao Yongxin told her about it. Of course, she knew the situation, but she didn’t expect that Shen Ruo would even become a tainted witness, and the influence of the Yan Family gradually invaded Wu Shi. This internal struggle has been premeditated for a long time.

“Mr. Yang, I want to take leave this afternoon.”

” I want to take leave as soon as I go to work. What do you want to do?” Wu Haoyang asked, looking up.

“I went to see Shen Ruo.” Gu Xiaochen knew that Shen Ruo was released on bail and she should be at home.

Wu Haoyang frowned and said firmly, “You still don’t want to see her, that woman will not change her confession. If she changes now, then she will make a fake confession! It is time for the court, and her personal integrity issues are also worthwhile. The judge doubts! Her confession has no credibility in any case!”

“I believe that there are people who believe it!” Gu Xiaochen was very determined and said with a smile.

Wu Haoyang seemed a bit wrong, just afraid that he would not agree, she would also run away. For safety reasons, he thought, “If you want to go, I will send someone to send you! You can’t go by yourself!”

Gu Xiaochen had no opinion “Then I will go to work first.”

Gu Xiaochen walked out of the office and took the door with his backhand, but when he turned around, he saw a person standing in front of the secretary’s office. Yan Xudong did not leave immediately, but waited quietly. He was handsome and warm when Yushu was facing the wind. When she came to him, Yan Xudong took the initiative to say, “

Xiaochen, let’s eat together at noon.” Gu Xiaochen silently nodded and said, “Okay.” After

lunch break, the two did not go to any restaurant, but Dine directly in the company’s employee restaurant. When Yan Xudong and Gu Xiaochen walked into the restaurant, the employees couldn’t help but pay attention. Everyone knows that Yan Xudong is now the vice president, and everyone talks privately that he is likely to become the official of the Wu family. This store has always been a matter of chance.

Sunlight-filled window position, sitting face-to-face, one meal per employee.

Yan Xudong was supposed to take her to a nearby western restaurant, but she said that she had a place to eat well, but did not expect to bring him here. Since he came, he had to stay. The two were eating and talking, and Gu Xiaochen said softly, “Mei Mei left suddenly when something happened, and she didn’t know where she went.”

Yan Xudong’s eating motion stiffened, and he casually oh.

“When she comes back, let her cook.”

“Yes.” Yan Xudong responded again, holding her chopsticks and looking at her. “Xiao Chen, I always remember the days when we went to Japan. I miss it. In fact, Wu’s status quo, I think you should also understand. Lotus happened. No one expected such a thing, only hope that he will be fine. The Wu family is quite unstable. If the lotus charge is established, it will be difficult for the Wu family to gain a foothold. You will do nothing good for the Wu family and will affect it Reputation! My secretary’s position is

reserved for you. Why don’t you think about it?” After eating quietly, Gu Xiaochen raised her eyes. She was as quiet and safe as she was then, she took a napkin and handed it to him. He said softly, “I remember that year, we were eating here. At that time, I just took over the bidding for land cooperation with Rongsheng Company. You said to me, I believe I can do it well.”

Yan Xudong’s smile disappeared. He remembered.

It was in this restaurant that year, it seemed to be this window position, he said that to her.

Yan Xudong remained silent for a long time, and the smile appeared to Jun Yan again, but with a bit of paranoia. He suddenly reached out and held her small hand tightly, holding the napkin together. The male voice was low, and he had never been resolute, “Xiao Chen, why do you want to cling to a man who has hurt you like this? You deserve better Yes! Look at your side, there are better and more suitable people for you! Like me!”

Yan Xudong stared at her closely, his eyes condensed a deep light, and he could not tell whether it was true or not.

Gu Xiaochen’s clear eyes only had expectations and trust, but only a faint sentence, “Xudong, I also believe in you, we all believe in you.”


“Oh.” Yan Xudong laughed lightly, but a little self-deprecating. He drew his let go, leaving a word, got up and left, “Do you really think better in the afternoon there is a meeting, I go first.”

Yan Xudong back overseas department, the office has already been waiting for a long time.

Xia Yuan turned to look at him and stood up. “The old man just called, Lin Zhengfeng is still watching. Lin Zhengfeng is really an old fox, and he is not going to let go now.”

Yan Xudong sat on the executive chair, and Xia Yuan said again, “Mr. Yan just had dinner with Secretary Gu?”

“Your news is very informed.” Yan Xudong glanced at her.

Xia Yuan laughed, “It’s not that I’m well-informed, it’s just so bright and upright in the staff restaurant, I don’t want to know it is difficult, and now it’s such a critical time.” She said with one hand on her chin, and she said leisurely, “If the vice president knows earlier She has so much money, so she shouldn’t do this to her. Marrying her directly, everything is easy to handle. Now even if the Lin family wants to withdraw their capital, the Wu family can also use the funds to fill the vacancy, and several directors have no way to take them. “

But…” Xia Yuan opened her beautiful eyes. “As long as Wu Helian is convicted, the reputation of the Wu family is corrupted in the circle. I believe they can’t sit firmly in the first chair. This is only a matter of time.”

“Dong Boom-“The

subordinate knocked on the door and whispered back, “Master Yan, things will be done immediately!”

“Tell them, as soon as possible!” Yan Xudong shouted coldly, and the subordinate immediately responded and left, “Yes ! “

Xia Yuan will know is what, it seems money is about to be washed up.

“Xia Yuan, you’d better not have any mistakes, otherwise words…” Yan Xudong’s eyes narrowed, the male voice was stern, “You should know your end.”

Xia Yuan was so stared at by him, only feeling cold. Lips slightly pursed, “Please rest assured.”

Shen Ruo’s house is in an old-fashioned residential building, and the building does not know when it was built, and the surrounding environment is not good. Wu Haoyang sent two people to accompany her, and Gu Xiaochen only let them wait downstairs, and she went up by herself. She climbed to the fourth floor according to the information transferred from the company.

The corridor on the fourth floor is narrow, and a woman is cooking in the corridor.

There is no house number in a row of apartments. Gu Xiaochen couldn’t find which one was Shen Ruo’s house. He could only walk to the woman and asked softly, “Auntie, does Shen Ruo live here?”

When the woman heard this, she turned around suspiciously and asked, “Who are you?”

“Oh, I’m her friend. It’s something to find her.”

“If she goes to work, she’s not at home.”

“You are “”

“I am Ruo Ruo’s mother.” Mother Shen said cheerfully, honest and simple.

“Good auntie.” Gu Xiaochen shouted obediently.

Seeing that a visitor was coming, Mother Shen immediately took her into the house to sit, pouring tea and greeting sugar. In fact, the apartment is not big. It is about the size of her apartment in the Spring Garden. Although there are many furniture, it is also clean and tidy, with a strong warmth. There are many pictures hanging on the living room wall, including family portraits, pictures of Shen Ruo when he was a child, and pictures of Shen Ruo and her brother.

Ms. Shen said with a smile, “Miss Gu, you used to work in Wu’s house? Did you call Xiao Chen? If she had mentioned you to me before, she said she went into the company with a girl and had an interview. When I was still nervous, I almost knocked over the mineral water bottle, or did you help her?”

Gu Xiaochen thought of the past and nodded and smiled.

If someone didn’t mention it suddenly, the original memory might have been sealed.

“If this child had been proud since childhood, she would be the first to take the exam, and she would be angry if she didn’t take the first test. Then, she would study hard, and she would have to be the first to take the exam.” Shen mother read the past. , “She has always been excellent from elementary school to university. Her neighbors praised her for being smart, her teachers praised her for being smart, and her classmates. Now she works at Wu’s and is the secretary of the president. I am also happy for her. She also told us that she had waited She moved to a new house after the year. Her brother wanted to go to Canada to study abroad, and she said that there was no problem. The company’s boss valued her and would act as a guarantor for her. Xiaochen, you are her good friend. You can talk to her when you’re free and give her more rest, she is too busy.”

Gu Xiaochen listened quietly and responded, “Aunty, I will.

” Crunch—”The iron door was pulled open and a noise was made.

Mother Shen hurried to see what happened, but she saw that Shen Ruo was opening the door, “If Ruo, how did you come back? It’s just two o’clock now? Are you not going to work?”

“Mom, my stomach hurts a bit, please take time off.” Shen If you lied at random.

“Where are you uncomfortable?” Mother Shen asked worriedly, and then said, “

If Ruo , your friend came to see you.” “Friend?” Shen Ruo couldn’t help but wonder, Mother Shen said, “That’s Miss Gu. “

Shen Ruo was shocked when he heard the name. She hurried into the living room and saw Gu Xiaochen sitting on the sofa. For a while, she didn’t know what to say, but she was afraid that she would shake all her things out, and she laughed and said, “Xiaochen, why are you here? Let’s go outside and talk!”

“If Ruo, you’re not not Are you comfortable? Don’t go outside! Friends will come to play. If there is nothing wrong, just stay and eat!” Mother Shen warmly entertained, and Gu Xiaochen stood up. “Aunt, I have something to do next time.”

Mother Shen took them to the stairs again, and she often came to sit in the future. Gu Xiaochen nodded, but Shen Ruo was a little uneasy. The two went to the corner of the stairs on the second floor, and Shen Ruo stopped and laughed coldly, “Gu Xiaochen, what are you doing here today? I tell you, you better not talk nonsense!”

“Shen Ruo. “Gu Xiaochen looked at her calmly, just spoke, but was interrupted by her, “You give me a mouth!”

These days, Shen Ruo pretended to go to work every day, she was under pressure, and she didn’t even know where to go, things went. At this step, she did not look back. She has nightmares every night and cannot face her family. She can hardly imagine how to look at her if she knows she will go to jail. In fact, she also has no confidence in Yanjia. If she goes to jail, will they really take good care of her family? All this will soon overwhelm her.

“I don’t want to see you!” Shen Ruo roared, pointing at her, “Do you know, I can go to this step today! I blame you all! You still wear all day! Wear a pair of black frame glasses, in fact, you are like this Do you want to attract the attention of others? Gu Xiaochen! Without you, I will not go to this step! Obviously I will enter the company with you! Why can you attract the attention of Master Lian! It is Master Lian and Manager Yan, There is also Vice President Yang, and even Sister Yongxin! They are all very good to you! Where did I go? I don’t think I’m worse than you! Why do you get so many people to care for?”

“You leave me! You get me! Me and you, not friends! Never was!” Shen Ruo’s accusation made Gu Xiaochen suffocate, she never knew she was so repressed, “Shen Ruo…”


suddenly, from upstairs There was an explosion.

Shen Ruo was stunned and hurried upstairs. “Mom!” Gu Xiaochen didn’t say anything and rushed up with her.

A thick smoke filled the corridor on the fourth floor. The black smoke rose slowly. Mother Shen fell to the ground and passed out. Shen Ruo panicked, and both rushed into the house in disregard of safety. The subordinates waiting downstairs immediately rushed to hear the sound. Gu Xiaochen and Shen Ruo helped Ms. Shen out. She looked at the two subordinates and immediately shouted, “Go to the hospital!” The

man took Ms. Shen and strode downstairs, The group could not care about the other rush to the hospital by car.

Outside the small shop not far away, the beautiful woman with curly hair was eating apple leisurely, she took out her mobile phone and pressed the number, the phone was connected, she smiled and said, “Boss, the task is completed.”

“Go to visit Lotus for me, tell He, this is the gift I gave him.”

“Yes, boss.” The woman hung up the phone and stopped a car, “Xijiao Golf Course.”

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