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Chapter 173 Not allowed in the future

Xijiao Golf Course.

The weather is not too clear. The cloudy day has lasted for several days, but the temperature has risen a bit and it won’t make people feel cold. A group of people strolled on the lawn path, very leisurely. The caddy carried the bag and followed the two men in front, keeping a distance of a few meters. These two men, the standard golf dress, domineering but elegant yet elegant, it is Wu Helian and Lei Shaoheng.

“You have come to Hong Kong for so many days, it’s time to rejuvenate the city.” Wu Helian looked at the front, said indifferently.

Lei Shaoheng raised his lips and ridiculed, “Miss Gu has come to me for so many miles, I won’t stay to

sue you, I really feel sorry.” Wu Helian glanced at him, naturally knowing that he was too bored. After all, grasping the handle without making a fuss won’t let go.

“Old man bail you out, you should also know that he will not let you go to jail.” Lei Shaoheng knows the old man’s temper, but also has to sigh. I’m so crazy, but I know everything, and I always love to kick in at the critical moment. Originally he wanted to be a guarantor, but he did not expect to be taken a step faster.

Wu Helian naturally knew what he meant. Since Feng Lao released him on bail, he had already shown his attitude and would not allow him to go to jail. It’s just that he counts around, and he doesn’t count on things to get to this point. After silently thinking for a moment, his eyes

narrowed and said quietly, “After the civil suit is cancelled, the criminal suit is handed over to you.” “Hah!” Lei Shaoheng suddenly sneered, and the smile was not worth it, “You just put this case in this way Leave it to me? You are not afraid that I won’t win. The judge sentenced you to 10 or 8 years? Or life imprisonment?”

Wu Helian looked unscathed and ignored him, but actually believed his ability.

Lei Shaoheng already understood his decision and wanted the board to withdraw the lawsuit, only to fill the funds completely, in fact, it was just a trivial matter. But he still had to accuse the surname of the surname, and he was handed over to the criminal prosecution. The accusation must be inescapable, but the old man should not be allowed to object. This is the key.

“Lian, you are too soft-hearted.” Lei Shaoheng looked at the gloomy sky, and there was a gray and thorough chill in his eyes.

On a flat trail, a ball-cart came slowly with a curly-haired woman. Pink cheeks and red lips, she looks very harmless, revealing a little innocent innocence in the world. The figure is slim and slim, with a pair of knee-length cowhide boots, the top is a light blue round neck hooded sweater, and a white hollow sweater is set, which looks casual and gentle.

The woman walked out of the car, walked behind them, and stopped at some distance. The soft female voice sounded, “Master Lian, Mr. Lei.” The

two looked back, seeing it was her, Wu Helian Jianmei suddenly fluttered, On the contrary, Lei Shaoheng shook his head unbearably, and said with interest, “Baoer, how could your boss give you away?”

“Mr. Lei, the boss sent me to visit Master Lian.” Baoer said truthfully.

“Oh?” Lei Shaoheng smiled, “What’s he telling?” Bao’er

just wanted to speak, but someone’s mobile phone rang.

Wu Helian picked up the phone, her face was dark and hazy, and her always indifferent expression finally showed anxiety. She only said “I’ll be there”, hung up the phone, he threw the club to the caddie, and turned around without walking. return.

Lei Shaoheng watched him leave, and never asked him what he did, but continued, “Baoer, continue.”

“The boss asked me to tell Master Lian that the smoke bomb was a gift from the boss to Master Lian. “” Bao’er said in a faint tone, as if she had nothing to do with her.

“Who did you blow up?”

“A woman named Shen Ruo, her home.”

“Only as simple as that?”

“There were two other women in the same building, Shen Ruo’s mother, and Miss Gu.” Baoer said softly, “Miss Gu and Shen Ruo are all right, but Shen Ruo’s mother is in a coma.”

Lei Shaoheng could not help laughing when he heard, “Haha.”

This guy is so cruel !

However, this gift is not bad!

“Second Brother! Something happened! Gu Xiaochen went to visit Shen Ruo in the afternoon, but the Shen family exploded suddenly, and now they are in the first hospital! But you can rest assured that Gu Xiaochen is fine and has no bruises! Just sucked A few breaths of smoke, and some dizziness!” On that phone call, Wu Haoyang briefly recounted the incident, not forgetting that a certain woman was safe and sound, just fearing that she would suffer.

Wu Helian pulled full horsepower, soared to 120, and flew to the hospital.

In the inpatient ward of the hospital, Mother Shen fell asleep in bed. In fact, she didn’t have any major incidents, but she was over frightened and breathed thick smoke. Shen Ruo accompanied him by the bed worriedly, holding Ms. Shen’s hand and staying close. At this moment, she realized that she was uneasy and afraid, and if it would involve her family, then she would not agree.

In the corridor outside the ward, Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin arrived at the first time.

Gu Xiaochen sat quietly on the bench, and she was not injured much, except that her face was blackened.

After the doctors examined them, they filmed them just in case, and as a result, there was no infection inside the body. Wu Haoyang was relieved and felt like he was almost dead.

“Lian!” Yao Yongxin turned his head to see Wu Helian striding at the end of the corridor and shouted softly.

Gu Xiaochen was wiping her dark cheeks with a wet tissue, Yao Yongxin shouted, and she looked back at him. Seeing him approaching, Jun Rong was solemn, as if he had hatred of someone. As soon as Wu Helian walked in front of Gu Xiaochen, she grabbed her and looked up and down. Even if he knew that Xia Yihan would not “miss”, but he had to see that she was intact before he could rest assured.

“I…” Gu Xiaochen moved his lips, but Wu Helian pressed her into the chair again.

“Shut up!” Wu Helian groaned angrily, but the latter sentence questioned Wu Haoyang, “Talent and you have been like this for a long time?”

Wu Haoyang pouted, indeed guilty.

Wu Helian took the wipes from her hand and rubbed her small face violently, while sullenly shouting, “Who wants you to go to work? Who wants you to visit? Who do you think you are? Let me worry? Are you okay to obey?”

Gu Xiaochen also knew he was “in trouble” and muttered, “I’m fine, next time…”

“Why? Do you want to have another time?”


Wu Helian was worried, and her movements were somewhat vented. Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help crying, but he couldn’t help it anymore. Forgetting that she no longer belonged to him, she just hugged her into her arms and muttered, “No future I’m so worried.”

His hug and unbelievable warmth made Gu Xiaochen nostalgic. And his words seemed to flow into the body like a warm current. He hugged her so tightly, without letting her hurt, and breathing deeply the smell of him. The heart that was still hanging slowly fell, and she quietly promised, “I’m really okay. I won’t be next time.

Wu Helian stroked her head gently, ” Eun ” sullenly.

The two embraced unforgettablely, and there was no one beside them, which made Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin a little awkward.

Wu Haoyang quietly approached Yao Yongxin’s ear, and Shen Sheng said, “Blessed by misfortune.”

Yao Yongxin unconsciously raised his lips, and it was also a pleasure to see that the two of them care about each other so much. God knows how these two years came apart. Although the disaster came suddenly, it was worth it. She withdrew her eyes and turned to look at the ward at the back. She wanted to see the situation, but she saw Shen Ruo standing at the door of the ward and looked at them silently.

Shen Ruo’s face was also blackened, and she was busy taking care of Mother Shen. She didn’t scrub too much, and she still had some stains. The whole person was uneasy, his eyes flickered, and his spirit did not look very good. She stood there, motionless, as if thinking about something, and as if she could not decide and was restless.

Yao Yongxin walked in front of Shen Ruo and took out a wipe to wipe the stains on her face. “Your mother is fine, rest assured.”

Yao Yongxin respected Shen Ruo, that’s also a friendly appreciation. They are not only subordinates, but also friends. I remember that in the past, three people went shopping together to eat and talk, and they were really happy at that time. It’s just that Yao Yongxin never thought that one day, Shen Ruofei would stand side by side with them.

All in all, she didn’t want to think about it carefully, that’s what she didn’t want to face.

Including, they were once intimate trio.

Shen Ruo stood at the door of the ward, saw Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen hugging each other, and heard their words. Even if she was ignorant, she could be sure that this man would never do anything to harm Gu Xiaochen. If the bomb wasn’t done by someone he sent, then there was only one answer—the speaker.

Since the Yanjia can turn the corner, it is not surprising that such a thing will be done to warn her.

Shen Ruo looked at Yao Yongxin. She knew she was really good to herself. She took her hand and took the wipes from her hand and held it tightly in her palm. “Can I still call you Sister Yongxin?”

“Of course.” Yao Yongxin Said with a smile.

Shen Ruo lowered his head, and his determination was made. “Sister Yongxin, can you guarantee the safety of my family?”

Wu Haoyang said in a timely manner. “You can rest assured that they will never be okay. I will arrange for you to move.”

“Relax.” Yao Yongxin patted the back of her hand, indicating that she should not have any worries.

Shen Ruo

bit her lip and looked embarrassed. After considering for a long time, she finally said, “I am willing to tell the truth.” Wu Haoyang and Yao Yong were ecstatic as soon as these words came out. Gu Xiaochen looked up at her, it was equally difficult to hide his joy.

Wu Helian let go of her hand and squatted in front of Gu Xiaochen. Shen Sheng said, “You don’t need to change your confession.”

“Lian?” Everyone was surprised.

Shen Ruo was willing to tell the truth, but did he say no?

Shen Ruo looked at him in confusion, and he turned his back to her, she could not see his expression, only heard his low male voice sound, “Changed the confession, your testimony is not 100% credible, nor is it to you It’s no good. What you said before, what you say now. Just tell them and you’ll do what they say, and they won’t treat you.”

“So what do you plan to do?” Wu Haoyang thought about Shen If you cast aside your secrets, whether this lawsuit can be convicted is a problem.

Wu Helian stared at Gu Xiaochen’s delicate and beautiful face and gently wiped her with a wipe. “There is always a solution.”

Gu Xiaochen raised her eyebrows and looked back at him quietly. His indifferent Junrong was so close , Still calm.

The four left the hospital, and Yao Yongxin supported Gu Xiaochen side by side.

Wu Helian followed Wu Haoyang. Wu Haoyang couldn’t understand what he was going to do and couldn’t help but ask, “What do you want to do?”

“The company’s business is up to you.”

“No problem.” Of course Wu Haoyang understood that he It refers to those old antiques.

“How much did Wu’s and Haishen’s cooperation projects lose, and report it to me.”


A pedestrian walked to the parking lot and Wu Helian’s cell phone rang again. He answered the phone and heard the softly condensed female voice, “Master Lian, this is Xia Yuan, I want to meet you and talk.”

“No time.” Wu Helian spit out two words and hung up the phone directly.

“My car is out of fuel, Lian, Xiaochen take your car.” Yao Yongxin wanted Gu Xiaochen to take his car, so he lied.

“Then are you taking my car?” Wu Haoyang was happy, and immediately answered.

“I will give you a taxi fare.” Yao Yongxin said coldly, and walked towards Wu Haoyang’s car.

Gu Xiaochen turned to look at Wu Helian, who had approached the Lamborghini, opened the door, and turned her attention to her. Gu Xiaochen had to approach him and sat in. When he got in the car, his phone rang again, breaking the silence, and the earthquake rang again and again.

“Your phone!” Gu Xiaochen reminded softly.

Wu Helian took out her mobile phone and hung up again, and blacklisted the number. Then he turned to glance at her, but slowly approached her, Gu Xiaochen was startled, and his body was tight. He just pulled her seat belt and helped her fasten it. “The first thing you will get in the car in the future is to fasten your seat belt. Remember?”

“Well.” Gu Xiaochen nodded, but his heart beat quickly.

The car started the engine, and the two cars drove out of the parking lot one after the other.

On the floor of the insurance development department of the Wushi Group, in the office of a supervisor, a woman holding a mobile phone is overshadowed by Li Rong, “Sorry, the user you called is not in the service area.”

Listening to the system female voice from the mobile phone Eyes squinted angrily, “Wu Helian, you really are so amazing!”

Xia Yuan immediately walked out of the office and went to the outside of the sea.

Someone knocked on the door and Yan Xudong didn’t look up immediately. Xia Yuan approached the executive desk, picked up a piece of paper by herself, grabbed the pen and brushed down to write a series of accounts, she pinched the paper and said quietly, “This is his private account with Citibank in the United States, I will give you.”

Xia Yuan was ordered to leave Hong Kong by Wu Helian, and was not allowed to return to Hong Kong. At the same time, she received a call from Yanjia, and the person who answered her was Yan Shikang, who arranged her to settle in Canada and gave her a superior life. In fact, with her ability, even in a foreign country, life is not a problem, just the beginning process will be a bit hard.

Xia Yuan never knew what medicine was sold in Yan Shikang’s gourd, and Yan Shikang didn’t mention it.

But she clearly understood that Yan Shikang must be quietly arranging something.

Until a few months ago, Yan Shikang found her again.

Xia Yuan realized that the reason why Yan Shikang cared for her so much was because he wanted to obtain Wu Helian’s private account. She used to work for Wu Helian for many years. Wu Helian has always kept the account very tight, and this account was opened when she was dealing with a business in the United States. Later, the project was stranded, and this account has not been touched. No matter who the company is, there will be no private account of Wu Helian, except for her.

Yan Shikang has figured this out, and of course she wants to borrow someone she has been familiar with Wu’s internal management for many years to help him.

After listening to his words, Xia Yuan naturally nodded in agreement. Not only can you earn money, but you can return to Hong Kong smoothly without any worries. She had never forgotten what she said that year. It was only when she returned to Hong Kong that Wu Helian was already under criminal detention. Yan Shikang’s actions were too swift and violent, and she obviously wanted to get through the net without leaving room.

Xia Yuan heard about Gu Xiaochen’s whereabouts from Yan Shikang and went to see Gu Xiaochen. Then she went to visit Wu Helian, but did not expect to be rejected by him. Just now she retrieved Wu Helian’s phone number from inside the company, determined to give him a chance, as long as he is willing to come out to meet her, he will understand her heart for him, has not changed. Moreover, she also wanted to let Gu Xiaochen know that Wu Helian’s last choice was her.

But he didn’t expect him to tell her that she was “not available”. I’m afraid she had been blacklisted.

Angrily, Xia Yuan rushed to Yan Xudong and spoke out the account that had never been squeezed in his hands.

Yan Xudong said in a deep voice, “Okay, it will be finished soon!”

Xia Yuan nodded and got up, leaving her subordinates.

The man hurriedly reported, “Master Yan, just received a message that Shen Ruo’s home suddenly exploded, when Shen Mu, Shen Ruo, and Secretary Gu were at the scene.”

“Now? Is she injured?” Yan Xudong stared. Asked.

“They have been transferred to the First Hospital, and all three are safe. Manager Yang and Manager Yao rushed away, and later Master Lian also rushed away. There are only Shen’s mother and daughter in the hospital.”

“Buddu–” The phone rang, and Yan Xudong picked it up, and heard Shen Ruo said sadly there. “Mr. Yan, please, don’t hurt my family, I will do what you say Yes, I will definitely…” Shen Ruo kept reassuring him over the phone that Yan Xudong’s gentle and handsome face became more and more tight, and then he drank, “As long as you are honest, you will be fine!”

Yan Xudong snapped his microphone and looked up at the subordinate, “Who did it? Who sent you to do it!”

“Master Yan, no, I don’t know, it’s not us…” Yan Xudong clouded his expression, that The terrible appearance made the subordinates feel terrible, “Get out of here!” The

subordinates panicked away, and Yan Xudong remained silent for a long while. Then he picked up the paper and stared at the account written on the paper.

It is indeed the end.

Gu Xiaochen was picked up by Wu Helian from the Wu family and was picked up and dropped off by Wu Haoyang.

Originally Wu Helian tried his best to prevent it, but Wu Haoyang was strong. He secretly wanted to wait for the matter to be resolved successfully. He would go back to France and be at ease, but he didn’t want to stay and take over. And Gu Xiaochen has already exchanged with Wu Haoyang, plus want to help him, resolutely continue to be Wu Haoyang’s secretary.

It was almost lunch break, Gu Xiaochen received an internal call from the extension.

Xia Yuan asked her to meet at a nearby cafe at noon.

She also told her on the phone that if she did not come, she would regret it because of Wu Helian. Gu Xiaochen didn’t want to go, but the incident involved him. She knew she shouldn’t go alone, but she still couldn’t hold back. Coupled with just meeting in the cafe, there should be no surprises in the bright and grand place.

Gu Xiaochen watched the time was running out, left a note before leaving, and was afraid that Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin would be taken to eat together. She walked out of the building slowly, but did not notice the other side of the building, someone saw her from a distance.

The cafe is bright and transparent, and Xia Yuan arrived early in the morning. She ordered a cup of coffee and waited patiently.

Gu Xiaochen walked upstairs and looked around, walking towards Xia Yuan’s location.

She sat down on the sofa opposite her. Xia Yuan hadn’t spoken yet, but the movement in her hand was so unexpected that she picked up the cup of half-cool coffee and splashed it directly at her. Dark brown coffee, warm temperature, sprinkled her all at once, all over her face, dripping a little drops of water.

A surprising breathing sounded around, and some guests were paying attention.

“Gu Xiaochen, I gave it back to you!” Xia Yuan put down the cup and said coldly, “Do you know? I always hate you!”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t care about the projected eyes, calmly picked up the paper towel and lightly Wipe gently, “Director Xia, you come to me today, if I just want to say this, then I will go first.”

“My words haven’t been finished, what are you anxious?” Xia Yuan smiled, her chin on both hands, “if I have evidence in my hand to help him, are you still interested in listening?”

Gu Xiaochen looked up at her, Xia Yuan raised her lips and said, “As long as you kneel and plead, I will tell you! I can Guarantee, he will be fine! How? Do you kneel or not?” The

two confronted each other, Gu Xiaochen just started to speak, but stood beside him a tall figure.

The man’s indifferent voice suddenly sounded, making people tremble, but inexplicably came a sentence, “Do you like South Africa?”

Xia Yuan stunned, but did not understand what he said, but was froze in his eyes. Frightened, a chill hit her, and she panicked inexplicably.

Wu Helian grabbed Gu Xiaochen’s wrist and pulled her downstairs.

As soon as he walked out of the cafe, he turned his head and wanted to question angrily, but he saw her biting her lips stubbornly, and there were still coffee stains on her hair. The whole person was a little embarrassed, making him want to be angry and cursing, but he couldn’t bear to speak, only left. Endless pity, but unable to put into action, gritted his teeth and growled, “You are driving me crazy!”

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