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Chapter 175 Coming in the Rain

“Xudong, I just returned to Hong Kong, and you will come back now!”

A phone call from Yan Shikang was very rushed, almost in a tone of order, asking Yan Xudong to rush to see him immediately he. Yan Xudong thought he was going to question himself about real estate changes, so he drove to the Kowloon Bay Villa. After rushing to the villa, he came to the study and finally saw Yan Shikang, who had not seen him for a few days.

The rain is growing, accompanied by cold wind from time to time.

The incense burner in the study was burned with sandalwood incense, and the light fragrance can calm people’s minds.

Yan Shikang sat on the executive chair with his eyes closed, his hands lying flat, seeming to be refreshing. Hearing the knock on the door and the footsteps, he opened his eyes and looked at the coming person. I saw Yan Xudong holding the suit jacket in one hand and holding a document in the other. He stood tall and slender and Yushu walked in the wind. He really looked like himself, like when he was young.

Yan Shikang stared blankly at Yan Xudong without speaking for a while.

Yan Xudong made several strides forward, but instead said, “Dad, those real estates I put under my own name, so that it is convenient to handle some things. I haven’t greeted you beforehand, don’t be angry, dad. By the way, Dad, can the funds we invest in financial institutions also let me take control and take over?”

Yan Shikang seemed to hear what he said, but it didn’t seem to be heard, just nodded.

Yan Xudong put the document in front of him, “Dad, you sign a letter.”

“Xudong, Dad has something to tell you.” Yan Shikang said in a deep voice.

“Dad, you signed the letter first, and we will speak slowly.” Yan Xudong grabbed the pen next to him and insisted that he sign first. He looked at him warmly, making no trace of anxiety.

Yan Shikang’s heart was empty, and a conversation with Wu Helian made him suddenly very tired. And the word conveyed made him realize that he was defeated in the end. But instead of losing to Wu Jizong, he lost to her. He no longer cared about the real estate or the funds. He took the pen and signed the name in anxiety, and said Yan Xudong, “Xudong, I will tell you…”

“Dad, I know everything, and I understand it.” Yan Xudong did not let him finish his words, and said to himself, “I am the father’s son, and I will certainly give Dad a grudge. I, Yan Xudong, No worse than anyone.”

Yan Shikang heard it, grabbed his wrist tremblingly, and said with a deep voice, “You are always the best in Dad’s heart! Always the first! Xu Dong, you listen to Dad’s words, You go back to Canada now! I have booked you a ticket! At three o’clock tomorrow afternoon, you will fly back to accompany your mother! She must miss you! You go to accompany her and talk!”

For the quiet and gentle Mrs. Yan, Yan Shikang was indeed guilty.

Over the years, he has not fulfilled his due responsibilities and took good care of her. By now, things have come to an end and it can be said that they have lost all. He no longer wanted to fight, as if he had fallen apart, and just wanted everything to pass quickly. Although Wu Helian promised, they would be fine, but this mess always requires someone to take over.

“Dad, I will go back.” Yan Xudong said with a smile, Junrong was more calm, “You and Mom are waiting for me, I will definitely go back.”

Yan Shikang felt a bit bored, and his face pale immediately.

“Dad, are you uncomfortable?” Yan Xudong hurriedly asked when he saw something was wrong.

“I want to sleep, it’s okay.” Yan Shikang suffers from heart palpitations, plus the major events have gone, the journey is rushing, this time it can be said that the body and mind are exhausted. Yan Xudong responded and helped him get up to the bedroom. After Yan Shikang fell asleep, he returned to the study and took the document.

Yan Xudong pinched the corner of the document. He took something out of his pocket and put it in the drawer lock.

Like never to touch again, never used it before, and never will.

The silver-grey color disappeared in the blink of an eye as the drawer closed.


directors agreed to withdraw the civil lawsuit, and Gu Xiaochen was finally relieved.

She originally wanted to ask Lei Shaoheng to ask about the situation, but she found that since she was separated at the police station that day, Lei Shaoheng seemed to disappear and could not find him. She did not have his contact information, nor did he know if he had returned to Spring City. It was the time for trouble, the phone rang.

I saw a series of strange numbers, Gu Xiaochen suspiciously took it.

Fluent in English over the phone, William said humorously, “Xiao Chen, I was invited to Hong Kong to participate in medical research. You also know that I have always disliked staying in a hotel. Can you let me stay in your house for a few nights? Sleeping on a sofa is also okay. “

Gu Xiaochen thought that he had lived in the Wu family these past few days, and Mei Mei went out again, I am afraid that he would not come back one or two days. So she told William to come to Wu’s to get her the key after get off work.

After get off work, Gu Xiaochen and Wu Haoyang went downstairs together.

Yao Yongxin waited in the lobby on the ground floor to see them, and the two-person line immediately changed to a three-person line.

Overcast for several days in Hong Kong, the rain finally fell. The rain gradually increased from small, as if it would fall for a long time, the weather station reported that the next few days will be light rain. The humid and cold air hasn’t walked out of the building yet, and I feel that the clothes on my body are a little wet and very uncomfortable.

Such a day, as if the mood is like the weather, it began to drizzle.

As soon as the revolving door came out, the cold wind struck, which made people tremble.

“It’s so cold.” Yao Yongxin mumbled, and Wu Haoyang immediately hugged her and asked her to rely on herself to keep warm.

Gu Xiaochen looked forward, but saw a figure standing in the drizzle. Umbrella hit a little low, covering his face, can not see his appearance. But that figure, she recognized him at a glance. The long figure of the man came towards them slowly, carrying a small duffel bag in his hand. Leather shoes stepped on a puddle on the ground, splashing water.

“Lotus?” Yao Yong shouted in surprise.

Wu Helian propped up, and a handsome face was indifferent. He looked at Gu Xiaochen, and Shen Sheng said, “From today, you will move back to live with you. This is your thing.”

Gu Xiaochen looked down at the duffel bag, reached for it, and then looked up at him.

“Go back by yourself.” Wu Helian passed the umbrella in her hand to her again without a trace of temperature.

At this time, another male voice sounded and shouted in English, “Xiaochen!”


Several of the people present were good in English, so it was Gu Xiaochen who knew the man was calling.

The crowd looked around and saw another figure walking in the rain under an umbrella.

The man is a little shorter than Wu Helian. He is about one meter and eighty-five. He is well-proportioned and very chic. He has blonde hair. That kind of blonde hair is not a pure color like sunshine, but a complex of gold, one by one, casual and lazy. The most eye-catching is the pair of green eyes, the emerald green color, even in such rainy and rainy weather, it will not be overshadowed, it will only become more conspicuous.

Wu Helian’s hand stretched out in mid-air, suddenly holding the umbrella handle tightly, so strong that the blue muscles of the back of her hand appeared.

This man, William Walker, Wu Helian, I am afraid that he will never forget. He once had a relationship with him in England, and then met again on the day he went to deliver books. But the first two times, they didn’t have face-to-face contact, and didn’t even say a word. But now, he finally met the man head-on.

Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin were puzzled by the blonde man who appeared suddenly, without tacitly speaking, secretly speculating that they might be friends they knew.

Wu Helian greeted William sideways, for the first time, confronting this man.

William smiled freely, glanced at a few people, and finally stopped at Wu Helian. While reaching out to him, he said friendlyly, “Oh, you are Mr. Wu Helian, I have seen you in a British financial magazine. It’s an honor to visit you!”

Wu Helian stared at William, but ignored his hand.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t expect that this would be the case. Wu Helian suddenly came to send her luggage. She didn’t need to go to the Wu’s house for a while, and now William appeared again. She felt a little confused in her mind, and seeing Wu Helian’s indifferent attitude, she just wanted to leave William here quickly.

“I’ll go first, goodbye.” Gu Xiaochen whispered and walked to William’s side.

“Goodbye.” Yao Yongxin turned around and responded quickly.

William didn’t care about Wu Helian’s indifference, but held the umbrella towards her, and they both held an umbrella and turned away. The two figures, one high and one low, look so suitable for them. But the scene of walking side by side was reflected in Wu Helian’s eyes, like a thorn, making him feel pain in his eyes.

Wu Helian held the umbrella and turned around again, just running in the opposite direction.

Wu Haoyang frowned, thinking, and said, “

Xin Xin, what do you say this man has to do with Gu Xiaochen?” Yao Yongxin’s eyes continued to move in both directions, and he didn’t care about his title for a moment. “I only know that Xiao Chen was before After staying in the UK for two years, it may be a friend I met in the UK.”

“Friend?” Wu Haoyang scoffed. “It’s better to be just a friend!”

Yao Yongxin gave him a glance. “What’s your business? You always do this gossip What!”

“Why doesn’t it matter to me? If Gu Xiaochen gets well with the green-eyed man, what will the second brother do? What will we do? I’m planning to go back to France, I don’t want to take over this company! “Wu Haoyang’s wishful thinking is not a day or two, of course, I don’t want to be destroyed.

“Wait, what should we do? Who and you are us?” Yao Yongxin pushed him, instead he held his hand and pressed it against his chest. With a red face on her face, Wu Haoyang stared at her beautiful eyes, and said startled, “You can only call us with me.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about!” Yao Yongxin said with a lip, but his heart beat suddenly.

The world is silent, except for the sound of rain.

Traffic jams are easy on the road during peak hours. Coupled with the rainy weather, the taxi business is even better. Sitting in the car, the rain was hitting the window of the car, and the blurry drops of water were falling, and the outside scenery could not be seen. The air was also humid with moisture, William said casually, “I came to Hong Kong to participate in medical research this time, probably three Four days, won’t it affect you? Is it convenient for you?”

“It doesn’t matter, Meimei is out. If she comes back, I can sleep with her.” Gu Xiaochen said softly.

“Cheng Wei sent you a postcard, but when I left, I forgot to take it. The postcard said that Chen’s boy was tall again, and she said that she would come to Hong Kong to visit you in a few days…” William remembered again. What, said with a smile. And his hearty male voice sounded slowly in the ear, Gu Xiaochen held the little duffel and listened quietly. Drops of water dripped down the pocket and wet her clothes, but she didn’t realize it.

In front of traffic lights, the taxi stopped, and behind a few cars, the black Lamborghini followed.

When the red light turns to green, the car continues to drive.

The taxi lights the “empty car” sign on the roadside of Chunguangyuan’s community, and a man and a woman drill out of the car. The man hurried around the body to meet the woman. The two held an umbrella and walked silently into the community. The Lamborghini then stopped diagonally opposite, Wu Helian looked at the disappeared figure of the two, could not help but held up the umbrella and chased up.

He watched them walk side by side and watched them walk into the apartment building together. He stood downstairs and looked up at the 12th floor. This is her home. This is the place he used to go to and can no longer enter. This place is occupied by another man, and she is also occupied by another man.

The rain kept falling, line by line, not like it fell on the ground, but like it fell into his heart.

Wu Helian does not know what she is doing, but has been standing downstairs. Maybe he was waiting to see if this man would leave. Standing on his feet and numbness, and finally standing on his hands, he finally lost consciousness, his hands loosened, and the umbrella fell to the ground. The sky was dark, and the lights were faint. There are people coming and going in the building, but they are all strange faces, and no one knows anyone.

The second window on the twelfth floor is lit, who is cooking.

The rain washed the whole world, how to wash away his inner scars.

He let himself rain, listened to his heartbeat, and jumped irregularly. After a long, long time, he turned and walked out of the community to sit back in the car.

A cigarette was lit, and a white smoke was ignited.

It was just after midnight that he would fully admit that she no longer belongs to him.

Yan Shikang slept for a long time. At six o’clock in the morning, he had not yet woken up.

In terms of Xu Dong, he got up early, or he actually did not sleep all night. The quilt of the bedroom showed no signs of movement, and it was flat on the bed. Changed a clean set of clothes and tied a tie in front of the mirror. White shirt, with a dark gray suit jacket, he has always preferred this dark silver, from small to most, and Lian preferred black.

I can also remember clearly that when I was a child, Yongxin joked them several times: there is no freshness, can you change the color?

From small to large, in addition to color, most of their favorite things are also different. He likes golf, and he is not keen. He is interested in yachts, and he is dispensable. It’s just that those who like it or don’t like it are not important at all. When one day, they fell in love with a girl at the same time, this is the most deadly tragedy, unable to avoid can not escape.

Yan Xudong went downstairs for breakfast. Uncle Zhong said, “Young Master, the old man is still sleeping.”

Yan Xudong nodded and asked suddenly, “Uncle Zhong, you have followed Dad for more than ten years.”

“Yes, Time flies so fast.” Uncle Zhong couldn’t help feeling.

“It’s really fast.” Yan Xudong raised his lips and smiled warmly, and said again, “You tell my dad that ten years will really pass soon. Uncle Zhong, you and dad are old, I’m not in good health. I’ll take care of myself. I’m the best person in my life. It’s better to be more relaxed. Uncle Zhong, are you right?”

Uncle Zhong was a little surprised by his remarks, but Yan Xudong had already started to dine. He responded and said nothing more.

After breakfast, Yan Xudong went to see Yan Shikang before leaving. He just opened the door and stood in front of the bedroom without waking him up. Yan Shikang was still asleep, breathing steadily on his chest. The man who used to be vigorous, began to grow older as the years passed, and his temples also had gray hair.

Yan Xudong took a deep look and took the door away.

Driving out of the villa, the light rain did not stop.

Yan Xudong made an international call to his mother in Canada. Since coming to Hong Kong, Yan Xudong rarely went back. He was not happy to go back before, but he was unwilling to clash with his father. The phone was on, Yan Mu’s voice was soft, and some surprises said with some worry, “Xu Dong, why did you call your mother? Is something wrong?”

“Mom, it’s okay, I just missed you.” Yan Xudong I just felt sour in my heart and said with a smile.

“You kid!” Yan Mu made a teasing voice and muttered, “Your dad has also been away for so many days, and I’m the only one in the family, quite deserted! When will you come back? Xu Dong, our family is here this New Year Have you been together? By the way, was the girl you showed to your mother last time, are you still together? Or should you bring her with me! Actually, my mother thinks that girl is nice, well-behaved, and obedient. It’s sensible, it doesn’t matter if you have a family background, as long as you like it. Mom supports you, your dad, mom go and say!”

“Mom, dad will go back immediately, I’m still a little busy, I’ll be unable to come back during Chinese New Year this year “Don’t worry about me, I’m fine.” Yan Xudong whispered, Yan Mu couldn’t conceal her loss, and couldn’t help but ask, “Always have to spend it together during the New Year? Wait until later. Xudong, you Should it be morning over there? Didn’t you go to work?”

“You are on the road.”

“You are calling while driving? This is not good, or hang up! Don’t call while driving, pay attention to safety! Call your mother when you are free ! Hey, that’s dead!”


The phone was hung up, and the voice of the mother’s love disappeared, but she seemed to murmur in her ears.

Yan Xudong held the steering wheel and drove calmly, his eyes suddenly blurred.

As early as eight o’clock in the morning, several shareholders received a call from Yan Xudong, which was said to be related to the shortfall of internal funds. The real behind-the-scenes hands-on had been found out. After receiving the call, Mr. Li and others rushed to Wu Shi immediately. The three of them walked towards the conference hall and pushed the door open, only to see Yan Xudong standing on his back, with his tall body shrouded in light and shadow.

Old Li and three people sat in turn, and old Qian asked, “Xu Dong, who the hell is that?”

“Wu San hasn’t arrived yet?” He Lao glanced at the position, and did not see Wu Haoyang, could not help doubting.

Yan Xudong turned around slowly, and he distributed the prepared documents to the three shareholders, one for each. The thick document recorded the details. Li Lao and others were suspicious in their hearts and turned it over, but they were shocked.

These days, Wu’s troubles have continued. First, Wu Er became a criminal suspect and was detained in criminal detention. Then there was a series of problems with the Lin family’s divestment and the huge loss of funds within the group. Yesterday, because the board of directors of the world’s top ten banks had jointly faxed documents, they temporarily decided to withdraw the civil lawsuit. Today, Xu Xudong summoned them again, but said that the real “criminal” has been found.

The documentary evidence of these documents pointed at one person at the same time, that is, the person who called them—Yan Xudong.

The three couldn’t figure it out. If he was behind the scenes, why would he take the evidence now?

Lao Li frowned and looked at him,

Shen Sheng asked, “Xu Dong, what are you doing?” Yan Xudong sat quietly opposite the three, his eyes unflappable and he looked directly at each other, said quietly, “Just like What you have seen is the truth. The leader of this incident is me, Yan Xudong. All the funds taken from Wu Shi have turned to purchase real estate and investment in financial institutions, which made a lot of money , I think you should be satisfied.”

The drizzle outside the window gradually stopped, and a ray of sunlight shone down.

The door of the conference hall was suddenly hurriedly knocked, and a group of people rushed in.

The person who came was the former leader of Wu’s business crime, Jingxin Xin. He arrived with his subordinates and showed off his documents, saying, “Mr. Yan Xudong, we are the Commercial Crime Investigation Section of the Hong Kong Police Department. I am responsible for this investigation. Senior Inspector Jingxin Xin, we received the news yesterday and now suspect that you are involved in the huge capital business case of Wu’s. I hope you will return to the police station with us to assist in the investigation.”

“Mr. Yan, you have the right to remain silent, but what you say Will be a testimony to the court.” Scenery Xin said coldly without any trace of personal feelings.

Yan Xudong just smiled and said lightly, “No problem, you and I will go back to the police station for investigation.”

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