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Chapter 180 How about being together (at the finale)

case is finally closed, and everyone is relieved.

Although the lawsuit was not completely won, the battle was indeed pretty beautiful.

Of course, Lawyer Lei is indispensable. The conclusion of the final statement is really wonderful and makes people feel moved. Yao Yongxin was in a good mood. For the first time, she felt that it was a pleasure to watch the lawsuit. As she walked out of the court, she did not forget to compliment, “Lawyer, you really admire me! If I have the opportunity next time, I will definitely see Lawyer Lei to

sue .” Lei Shaoheng quipped with a smile, “Okay, I will definitely inform Miss Yao when the time comes.”

In fact, Lei Shaoheng has already stopped accepting the case. I want to see him fight the lawsuit.

Wu Haoyang was listening to Yao Yongxin complimenting him, feeling a little uncomfortable. Rethinking that since this time, this lawyer not only occupied his secretary and said, but as a defense lawyer, he did not look like a defense lawyer. He ignored the case and said sarcastically, “Listen It is said that Lawyer Lei has never lost a lawsuit. Today, I don’t know if this case is a failure of Lawyer Lei, or that Lawyer Lei did not accept the case for too long, so it’s not as good as before?”

Yao Yong frowned and raised Wu Haoyang secretly. Signaled him to shut up.

In fact, this case can achieve this result, it is already very powerful. She believes that apart from Lei Shaoheng, no second person can do it. In the case of personal evidence and physical evidence, he just turned the corruption case into a case of moving public funds. At least he had to sit in several prisons. Now he does not have to waste his youth in prison. This is already the best result. Lei Shaoheng is definitely the first person.

Lei Shaoheng suddenly stopped, facing Wu Haoyang sideways. His dark brown eyes were cold, but his smile was so warm. He raised a corner of his mouth,

Yun Yun calmly opened his mouth, but echoed his words, “Yeah, maybe I missed it.” Wu Haoyang suddenly surprised, but there was a feeling of being teased by him.

“Everyone, see you again.” Lei Shaoheng said with a deep voice, and turned to Wu Helian. Without any words, Wu Helian was so impressed that they walked side by side. Only leaving a group of people standing on the spot, thinking about his only words, how could it be meaningful.

Lei Shaoheng walked a few steps forward, suddenly turned around and shouted, “Miss Gu, don’t you see you off?”

“I’ll go to send Mr. Lei.” Gu Xiaochen hurriedly greeted the others and took a step toward them.

Wu Haoyang narrowed his eyes slightly, watching the two of them get off in the car, and a thought came out of his head.

Is it… is he intentional? Isn’t it that he missed, or that he hasn’t been in a lawsuit for too long than before, the result he wanted from the beginning was this? He didn’t want to win this lawsuit at all? This man… Wu Haoyang immediately threw off this unthinkable thought and told himself that it was impossible!

In the RV, Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen sat side by side while Lei Shaoheng sat opposite them.

Lei Shaoheng looked at the two of them with a smile, and said with a smile, “Miss Gu, if you have time, please come to Chuncheng to play. I will cover all the expenses. It doesn’t matter if I bring one more person.”

Gu Xiaochen thanked, “Thank you, Lei “

” No thanks, no thanks.” Lei Shaoheng murmured, seeing Wu Helian gloomy and handsome, he was happy.

The car then rushed to the airport. Before boarding, Lei Shaoheng stopped talking. Originally I wanted to tell him a certain truth, but I still thought about it. I just lost Wu Helian’s sentence, “God bless you!” and

sent away lawyer Lei. Yan Xudong was also sent to Canada by police officers the next day. . In other words, the father and others also booked the same flight and flew back to Canada. After the case was closed, Yan Xudong was temporarily detained in a detention center until the repatriation to Canada, the period of probation began.

Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin went to visit him first, and they sang one by one, still the same, noisy. Yan Xudong looked at them and only felt as if he was a child. At that time, they were always noisy and endless. I’m afraid this is the so-called happy friend, already doomed.

Then Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen also rushed from the airport to the detention facility. Through a glass, Gu Xiaochen spoke to Yan Xudong through the microphone. Yan Xudong looked at Gu Xiaochen and suddenly thought of another person. He asked indifferently, “Yu Mei, hasn’t she come back yet?”

“She…” Gu Xiaochen paused and didn’t answer accurately, just “en” There was a cry. Yu Mei dinged beforehand, don’t tell him, she is back, let alone tell him everything she did. Only if she doesn’t know anything, and hope he doesn’t know anything.

Yan Xudong said nothing more, and the microphone finally reached Wu Helian.

“Lian, do you remember junior high school? Actually, you and Xiaochen were already at that time…” Yan Xudong’s hearty male voice sounded in his ears, Wu Helian’s eyes were astonished, like she was surprised, and it seemed like she remembered something, more It seems incredible. He couldn’t help glancing at her sideways, his eyes gleaming.

After everyone visited them one by one, Yan Xudong told everyone not to send him tomorrow, he did not like this farewell scene. Everyone thought he could fly to Canada to visit him anyway, so he agreed. The four walked out of the detention facility in a very happy mood.

“Let’s get the car.” Wu Haoyang said, motioning the two women to wait here. Yao Yongxin had no opinion, Wu Helian silently agreed.

Gu Xiaochen held the handle of the shoulder bag, but said softly, “Mr. Yang, I want to resign.”

“Resign?” Wu Haoyang’s volume suddenly increased a bit, annoyed.

“I didn’t sign the contract, so it’s not a breach of contract?” Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, a rare provocation.

Wu Haoyang is gone now, and the dream is no longer true, “Gu Xiaochen, isn’t it good? Why not? Why don’t I give you a salary increase? How about a half increase?”

Gu Xiaochen shook his head as firmly as he had been.

“Xiao Chen, will you have dinner that night?” Yao Yongxin guessed that she and Wu Helian hadn’t been reconciled yet, and wanted to make a match.

Gu Xiaochen said, “No, I still have something to do.”

The two couldn’t make it, and Gu Xiaochen was about to leave. Just the moment she turned around, she couldn’t help but glance at him, but Wu Helian seemed to be petrified and immobile. She finally turned her head and stopped at the intersection. As soon as he got into the car, the words Lei Shaoheng had said before buzzed, “So what are you now? Want to rebuild the old one? Why do you think he would want a married and divorced woman?”

“Lian, you still Not chasing?”

“How did you do it?”

Yao Yongxin and Wu Haoyang had an amazing tacit understanding. Wu Helian stared at the taxi and quietly clenched the ring in her pocket.

The apartment in the morning, Gu Xiaochen was making breakfast in the kitchen. The reason why you go to work all the year round, even on days when you don’t have to work, you always get up early. Getting used to this thing is sometimes terrible and makes it impossible for people to change. It’s just that Yu Mei has always been a night owl. She sleeps during the day to three poles in the day, and she feels like a dragon at night. But today, she also got up because there was an exam in the morning. I applied for a major in business management before, and I spent my first academic year in a hurry.

After warming the milk, Gu Xiaochen was frying eggs.

In fact, today is not only the day of the exam, but also the day when Yan Xudong was sent back to Canada. Gu Xiaochen didn’t know what happened between them, but Yu Mei kept silent and Gu Xiaochen didn’t ask much. The sisters between them for so many years, sometimes all they can do is companionship.

Yesterday I saw Yan Xudong coming back from the detention center, and Yu Mei reviewed her homework at home. She didn’t seem to have happened, as if she really didn’t know anything, just her own exam. Gu Xiaochen still told her that Yan Xudong was very good and wanted to reassure her. Yu Mei still buried her head in the book, and she said “Eun” with salt.

Having used breakfast in a hurry, Yu Mei picked up her satchel and went out. Things are ready already, don’t forget to check again before going out.

“Memei, you must be able to take the exam!” Gu Xiaochen hugged her. She knew that as long as it was what she wanted to do, there was nothing wrong with it.

Yu Mei said with a smile, “Of course.”

Gu Xiaochen started to tidy up the apartment, inadvertently glancing up at the clock, it was almost time.

At 8:30 in the morning, someone was about to board at the boarding gate of the airport. Yan Xudong sat on the waiting table with a natural expression. Father Yan was sitting a few places apart, and he suddenly thought of the girl named Yu Mei. Yan Shikang had visited her before and told her clearly that he would never agree to his son being with her. And the girl’s silent, stubborn look now makes him a little ashamed in retrospect.

“Xudong…” Yan Shikang was about to speak, and the policeman said, “Mr. Yan, it’s time to board the plane.”

Yan Xudong stood up and turned his head to look at Yan Fu, “Dad, board the plane, mom must be there Wait for us.”

Yan Shikang swallowed back, and hey.

The figures of the two walked slowly into the boarding gate. Yan Xudong didn’t turn around, didn’t look back, he didn’t expect anyone to come, and he didn’t let him have this expectation. He was finally relaxed. He will not leave Canada for the next five years. He will always be with his family. This is already the best result.

At the same time, candidates in a school’s classroom are taking exams.

The two teachers carefully supervised the exam, while the candidates took the exam seriously.

In the corner, Yu Mei sat quietly.

She was reviewing the questions, almost answering the questions without any hesitation. In fact, when she was a child, her grades were also very good, but then her parents passed away one after another. She couldn’t bear the difficulty of her grandmother. In junior high school, she couldn’t keep up with her studies, and she didn’t want to study, just wanted to make money. She never read books so seriously, but she didn’t know what they were for.

“Ms. Yu, I honestly tell you, no matter what you do, our Yanjia will not accept you! I heard that you used to be a little girl? Have you worked in a nightclub? You are such an unchecked girl, close to my son. What purpose? Save it, put away your careful thoughts, and don’t be embarrassed! Otherwise, be careful I demolished your bar!”

Yu Mei finished the final test with the fastest speed, she still held the pen, but her hand shook gently. Turning his head stunnedly, he looked at his watch at 8.35.

Suddenly, his eyes were a little blurry.

As she lowered her head, something fell from her eyes and wet the test paper.

The test results were announced a week later, Yu Mei checked the scores by phone, all A. Gu Xiaochen listened by the phone and hugged her and said, “Look, look, I already knew that you will be able to take the exam! Meimei, you must cheer up next academic year! To celebrate your exam A, we travel abroad on Christmas Okay?”

Although these days Yu Mei laughed and laughed as before, Gu Xiaochen knew she was not happy. On several occasions, Gu Xiaochen saw her in a daze. After thinking for a while, I feel that traveling and relaxing is the best choice. Plus Christmas is coming, she thought of a good place.

Yu Mei really had no objection, “Okay.”

Once decided, Gu Xiaochen immediately booked a ticket and flew there before Christmas.

The night before leaving, the two were packing up their bags excitedly. Yao Yongxin made a phone call and told her to let her go to dinner. As for the reason, it was actually Miss Lin’s birthday, but she was not familiar with that girl. However, Yao Yongxin said, “Have you not seen Lin Lan before? Come on, she shouted!”

Gu Xiaochen had no choice but to go away. She didn’t know what Miss Lin liked, so she hurriedly chose a music box as a gift, thinking that the girl should like it.

The birthday party was held at Yao Yongxin’s house. There were not many people invited, just a few of them. Although there are not many people, it is warm and casual. Yao Yongxin cooked a table by himself and was still busy in the kitchen. The protagonist is Lin Lan, but Miss Lin did not dress up very much, making people feel even closer.

Lin Lan held the juice and turned to look at Wu Haoyang. “Give me a birthday ahead of time. There must be a ghost!”

Wu Haoyang lowered his voice and whispered in her ear. “If you want to go to France with me, you will cooperate.”

As soon as Lin Lan heard this, thinking of being able to stay away from Dad’s tail, he naturally had no opinion. If you simply cooperate with them, it would be better to have a birthday, anyway, you will not lose money, and you will have gifts.

“Boom—” The door was knocked, and Wu Haoyang hurried to open the door. “She’s here.” As

soon as the door opened, she saw Gu Xiaochen, but she also saw another person, Xinjing.

Wu Haoyang was unhappy, and Jun Yan wrinkled.

“What a coincidence, why did you come together.” Yao Yongxin came out and greeted them to sit casually.

“Second brother, Gu Xiaochen is here.” Wu Haoyang shouted deliberately and ignored a man. The scenery went into the living room silently, and Gu Xiaochen smiled at Lin Lan, “Happy birthday.”

Wu Helian stood alone on the balcony of the bedroom and blew her hair. He smoked, as if thinking about something.

But why can’t you say what you want to say?

He is too selfish!

How could she want to ask her after she got married-is he good to you? If not, shall we be together?

After smoking a cigarette, Wu Helian extinguished the cigarette butt in the ashtray. The ashtray was resting on the balcony edge, and he turned to the bright living room. His eyes were suddenly dazzling and bright, and the lights burned his eyes. His eyes swept over several people in the living room, and did not find her figure. Turning her head, she saw that she was helping Yao Yongxin cooking together in the kitchen. Wearing a apron and smiling petite figure quietly, he had a strong thought.

This girl should belong to him!

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