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Chapter 181 Searching for People in the Snow (under the finale)

In fact, the atmosphere in the living room is a little weird and not particularly harmonious.

This may be related to two men.

Wu Haoyang and Jingxin sat on each side, while Lin Lan was squeezed in the middle of the sofa. Lin Lan held a bucket of popcorn and ate it bit by bit. She stared at the comedy movie on the TV. Just watched, she noticed a strange, the sight in his own left and right sides of the man who cast a glance to cast a glance to go, she whispered, “What are you doing? Is this the legendary ogle?”

“Eat your critical Rice flower!” Wu Haoyang snorted coldly, and Xin Xin only smiled.

“Mr. Wu Er, who are you peeking at?” Lin Lan turned her head again, but saw Wu Helian standing still, staring at the two women in the kitchen in a daze. Just don’t know, who is he looking at?

As soon as she said this, Wu Helian recovered, although her face was expressionless, but her face was slightly dull.

After a while, the dishes were all ready.

A few dishes of stir-fried dishes, as well as hot pot, steaming is suitable for such a day. A group of people ate around the table and Lin Lan took out a digital camera from his bag and said that he was going to take pictures of everyone. “I used to have a birthday. Except for my father and mother, only my housekeeper and uncle and servants were so rare. Let’s take pictures of many people.” When

everyone heard this, she let her take a picture with a camera.

Lin Lan took a lot of interesting photos, such as Wu Haoyang and Xin Xin’s “cold fight”, Yao Yongxin and Wu Haoyang grabbed the balls, the scenery pours the juice to Yao Yongxin tenderly, and… Wu Helian has been staring at Gu Xiaochen, no matter what angle Photographed, his eyes always stared at her. Lin Lan seemed to understand something, and walked quietly to Wu Helian, whispering, “Mr. Wu Er, you are peeking at Miss Gu.”

Wu Helian was drinking, and she choked on her at once, “cough.”

Immediately , Someone handed a tissue.

Wu Helian looked up and saw Gu Xiaochen staring at him. He reached for the tissue and took it lightly, but it was useless. He silently eats and never speaks again. They are lively and cheerful, but they seem to have nothing to do with him until they hear Yao Yongxin say, “Lian, it’s not early, you can send Xiaochen back.”

“No more…” Gu Xiaochen just wanted to say no, but Wu Helian just said, “I will send you!”

Only these three words overshadowed her voice, and her strong attitude made her unable to refuse.

The two changed shoes first and left the apartment.

The car parked not far away and walked over together.

The moonlight was very good, and it shone bright and bright, covering her small face, and covered with a layer of moonlight, which was so soft and incredible that it made his heart tremble suddenly. Wu Helian grasped the ring in the trousers pocket. He slowed down, matching her small pace. He moved his lips and repeated it several times before asking, “You…”

“What?” Gu Xiaochen murmured and asked.

Suddenly my heartbeat accelerated, never as fast as now, Wu Helian silently, but did not look at her, asked indifferently, “Are you happy?”

The statement that clearly wanted to ask her, but an exit, unexpectedly That’s it. I can’t help but laugh at myself: Wu Helian, Wu Helian, you have such a day.

Gu Xiaochen meditated quietly. If she was unhappy, would he be sad? She also looked forward, and said briskly and seriously, “Well, very happy.” The

slightly raised corner of her mouth, and the brisk tone, made Wu Helian feel acupuncture. She said she was very happy, he should not bother, so Shen Sheng said, “That’s good.”

“Tomorrow we are going to travel and go to Norway for Christmas.” There was a silence, and Gu Xiaochen was talking, “What about you? Christmas? What activities are there at the festival?”

Wu Helian couldn’t answer for a while, and said casually, “I also travel.”

I hope that this path will grow longer and longer, and never finish. But he knew that no matter how long it took, there was a moment to go. The street lamp pulled the shadow diagonally long, like who’s sad, lonely and decadent, covering a century of sadness.

As the days passed, Wu Helian had no news of her.

He only knew that she was traveling, she said they would travel together to spend Christmas together, they traveled to Norway. He remembers that she likes snow, and Hong Kong will not snow, so she went to a country where it would snow. But he didn’t leave home for many days, except to take a lot of walks to the community.

Wu Haoyang came to him instead, and sent him a book.

Wu Helian received the book and directly let him shine. He took the “Midsummer Night” and suddenly thought that she had told him a story in the hospital. In fact, he never read story books, only reading books about finance from an early age. But now, he turned the book open, looking down page by page, reading silently word by word.

The plaid slippers she bought, the shampoo and shower gel she chose, and the picture of her on the wall. He held the book she once held in his hand as if she were by his side.

The apartment was quiet on Christmas Eve.

Suddenly, the phone clamored.

Wu Helian answered the phone, Lei Shaoheng quipped, “Lian, why didn’t she bring you to play? I didn’t say the travel expenses?”

“Hang up!” Wu Helian spit out two words, she would hang up.

“Don’t hang!” Lei Shaoheng drank quickly and laughed out loud, “I said you might not know yet?”

Wu Helian silently said, the laughter on the other side of the phone was harsh or harsh, suddenly, He smiled and said, “God told me to tell you that Gu Xiaochen is divorced!”

“Really?” he asked with a staring gaze, his heart beating half a beat.

what? Is she divorced?

“God bless you!” Lei Shaoheng replied cynically, and Wu Helian hung up violently.

Looking up at him a lot, Wu Helian touched its head, Shen Sheng said, “Be at home, wait for us to come back.”

At 4 pm in Hong Kong Airport, the man boarded the flight to Norway.

Some people can only meet once in a lifetime.

If you miss it, you may not meet again.

If you miss it, it can be Haijiaotianya.

Never, never again meet that girl, the girl that belongs to him.

My girl, were you also taken away by the ice queen?

Finland in December is already a world of heavy snow.

The heavy snow the day before yesterday even fell for two days and two nights, and did not stop until morning. The whole of Finland is covered by snow. The sky is translucent and bright with the snow. In the snow outside, the children are dressed thickly, like little dumplings, and they are fighting in snowball fights. The joyful laughter seemed to be heard clearly through the window.

This is Lin’s old house in Kemi, Finland.

Kemi is a city in the northwest of Finland, in the north of the Bay of Nias.

Only small towns with more than 30,000 permanent residents can attract millions of people to visit here every year. This typical Arctic city is just over an hour’s drive from the Arctic Circle. The long night and the bitter cold can’t resist people’s longing. The tourists here are endless and the rivers are endless, just to feel the unique winter atmosphere of Kemi, as well as the magnificent aurora and the stars twinkling in the sky, painted as a wild beauty Polar scenery.

The house was warm like spring, and the fireplace was on fire.

Mrs. Lin Su Hong is decorating the house and directing the people, “Hurry up, move the Christmas tree over there! Don’t forget to hang the bells! And the colored balls!”

These things are actually Lin Lan’s favorite.

The housekeeper strode forward, ran to Su Hong and whispered, “Madam, Miss just called, she said she will not be here this Christmas.” Su Hong, who

was still in command, immediately received Then he changed his voice and said, “Okay, don’t move! The house is so messed up, and the Christmas tree has been withdrawn! No!”

“Yes!” The people responded and moved the Christmas tree again.

Although Su Hong usually doesn’t seem to be close to Lin Lan, Lin Lan has also seen her grow up. Lin Lan was very weak when he was a child and had been ill all the time. Later, after conditioning, it was safe and healthy. Just because Lin Lan was in poor health since childhood, Lin Zhengfeng took care of her and missed her every day. Adults in their twenties also took care of her like a child. Su Hong sees Lin Zhengfeng turning around her daughter all day long, and sometimes gets angry when she thinks about it. But this man is so weird. It’s troublesome to meet each other, and it’s troublesome not to meet. There is one missing person in this family, and there always seems to be something missing.

Su Hong sat on the sofa and asked casually, “How about the old man?”

“Ma’am, the old man is in the study.” The housekeeper responded .

In the study room on the fourth floor, Lin Zhengfeng and Lin Lan are chatting on the computer via video on the Internet. Lin Zhengfeng looked at Lin Lan’s brilliant smile and said with a smile, “Xiao Lan, it seems that you were having a good time there? How are you and Wu San?”

“Oh, just like that.” Lin Lan said casually.

“Don’t come back for Christmas, can’t you come back on your birthday? If you don’t come back, my father will go to Hong Kong!” Lin Zhengfeng found a good reason, and he was really at ease with this daughter.

Lin Lan thought of something, and said happily, “Dad, show you something.”


Lin Lan sent a compressed package, Lin Zhengfeng ordered to receive, “Dad, a few days ago, they gave me Birthday is ahead of time. A lot of people gave it to me and sang birthday songs. These are photos taken on birthday, but it’s interesting, dad, look at it.”

“Really?” Lin Zhengfeng fox questioned, feeling a little depressed. After all, my daughter is older, hey.

Lin Zhengfeng opened the compressed package and came out with a folder. Clicking on the folder again, photos flashed abruptly. He chatted with Lin Lanyu while looking at the photos. There are Wu Haoyang and Yao’s girl in the photo. The other man didn’t know him. Lin Lan said, “Dad, he is the inspector, called

Jingxin Xin.” “Inspector? The police are not good, too dangerous.” Lin Zhengfeng said in a deep voice , Continue to look down.

It was a double photo.

The man is very handsome and charming, and his whole body exudes apathy, it is Wu Helian. For him, Lin Zhengfeng was very satisfied, he is optimistic about this young man. His eyes turned from Wu Helian and turned to another person in the picture. The woman has quiet, short hair, fair skin, and beautiful eyes, like stars in the night sky. It can be seen that the surroundings are very lively, but she is quiet and serene, even her smile is faint and gentle.

Lin Zhengfeng lost his sight and muttered, “How could it be so… How could it be so…”

“Dad?” Lin Lan didn’t know what he was talking, shouting in confusion.

“Who is she? This short-haired girl!” Lin Zhengfeng asked panic.

Lin Lan heard him say short hair and blurted out, “Dad, she is

Gu Xiaochen, the same Gu secretary who had eaten with us before.” Gu, Xiao, Chen… Lin Zhengfeng thought of this name, and another name jumped out of his mind.

The two names overlapped each other, which shocked him.

Gu Xiaochen, Ding Shuchen.

Shu Chen ……


here is northern Finland, where northern Norway.

Three quarters here are in the Arctic Circle.

Winter enters October each year, and spring will not open until May of the following year. The entire winter lasts for eight months. Looking here, almost all forests and rivers. It is snow-capped here, and the ground is covered with snow. A world that is pure and clean, looks endless, like a fairyland in a dream. In the summer here, you can see the sun that does not set for 24 hours. In the extreme night here, you can see the starlight that can’t be extinguished for 24 hours.

The habitat of nomads here, the fort built by moraine, does not make people feel cold, but it is warm. Wrapped in thick cotton-padded jackets, the enthusiastic tribe brought them warm milk, buttered milk, and a drink, not only warming the stomach, but also warming up.

Gu Xiaochen and Yu Mei took the butter and milk from the clan and thanked them lightly.

Today is Christmas Eve, and they have been here for four days. Although it was cold, it was extraordinarily cheerful, forgetting those disturbances, only a piece of white snow, purifying the mind and washing those past. This Christmas finally ushered in the white world.

“Oh, Miss Gu, please take a look at this.” The only member of the family who could speak English took a letterhead and entered the fortress.

Gu Xiaochen took it curiously and opened it to see.

“What’s that?” Yu Mei was equally curious and looked up.

The two looked at it, but they were shocked.

The letterhead is printed in color inkjet, more like a letterhead, but half the size of letterhead, which is twice the size of an ordinary letterhead. On this famous letter, there was a lot of snow, and there was a row of footprints in the corner, deep and shallow, I don’t know who deliberately stepped on it. In the snow, a snowman, two snowballs, one large and one small, piled up, the sun shone down, and the snowman seemed to be smiling.

Next to the snowman, there are still a few big characters.

The crooked large characters are not like they are synthesized by computer painting, but more like they are written in the snow by branches.

Those big characters made Yu Mei’s eyes widen, and Gu Xiaochen’s heart seemed to stop beating.

The white snow suddenly wrote-Chen Chen, where are you?

This is a tracing notice written in the snow.

It is said that a man is looking for his beloved girl. He did not know how to find her, so he had to write such a tracing notice in the snow. He printed the tracing notice on letterhead, letting people deliver it everywhere, and kept passing it until everyone in the snow knew it, until he found the girl.

If you know a girl named “Chenchen”.

If you meet a girl named Chenchen.

Please tell her: Ah He is looking for her.

This is Lapland.

This is the kingdom of the Ice Queen.

The furthest to the north is the most beautiful and lonely ice queen in the world. It is snowy all year round. The beautiful ice queen lives in this palace without temperature. The wall made of white snow peaks, and the glass made of cold wind is really tearful when you see it from a distance.

Snow Queen, where is she.

Gay, where is he again?

So Gai left and followed the Snow Queen to Lapland.

Was that girl also taken away by the Snow Queen?

Where are they again.

Shirayuki was so striking, the man turned around the habitat of countless nomads, he didn’t stop for a moment, in this deserted snow, he wanted to find the girl. He did not know how far he ran, nor did he know the end of the snow, if there was someone he wanted to find, but he could only keep walking until he found her.

The man was really tired, he stopped to rest. Like every temporary stop, he wrote the few big letters in the snow with his cane. Every word is written with extra care, and every pen seems to be written into my heart. The sun shining above the big blue sky shining on these big characters. He finally had no energy and fell into the snow, gasping for breath.

Feeling exhausted, Wu Helian closed her eyes and lay down in the snow.

He never knew that it was so difficult to find someone.

But Chenchen, where are you?

“Bang–” Something hit him, pressed against his chest, and he felt dull.

Eyelid slightly moved, Wu Helian woke up faintly. The consciousness was dim, he didn’t know how long he slept, or where he was. Just remember that he just came out of a nomadic habitat, he still left a message there, he was still looking for his girl.

Wu Helian opened her eyes slowly, and the dazzling white light made him narrow his eyes. There was a trance of sight, and he seemed to see someone standing in front of him, standing in the snow. A few meters away from him, she was wearing a white cotton-padded jacket and white fluffy earmuffs, like a cute doll, and it seemed to be an illusion, so he did not dare to close his eyes and dare to confirm.

“You, here, here, inside, do, what!” Gu Xiaochen shouted word by word.

Her voice came from a long distance, and Wu Helian was convinced that this was not an illusion. As soon as his chest was hot, he said flatly, “I, here, sleep, sleep!”

“Oh!” Gu Xiaochen replied dumbly.

Wu Helian stood up and suddenly laughed, shouting at her, “Gu-Xiao-Chen -“

“Wh-what -” She also roared back.

Wu Helian stared, staring at her intently. The most beautiful scenery in the whole world is before her standing in front of him. His handsome face is dyed sweet, his eyes are full of spoiling, he just wants to live forever, and he will always be by her side forever in his life, he said so gently and so firmly, “Are we good together–“

You said , That’s your favorite sentence.

In your favorite book, the red stroke marks the line, the eighteenth line.

——The most beautiful thing in this world turned out to be for me to meet you.

I said, that is my favorite sentence.

Needless to say, I think you will understand.

——The most beautiful thing in the world, I will meet you in my next life.

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