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Fight Against playboy boss Chapter 177

Yan Xudong was arrested. The police have already submitted the case to the Department of Justice. This lawsuit is absolutely necessary. When they were running around for this matter, looking for all possible ways to win the case for Yan Xudong, bad news came again. When Yan Yudong learned that Yan Xudong was in prison, his heart palpitations were sent to the hospital. first aid. Fortunately, his father was safe and sound, and everyone was relieved.

If at this time, Yan father did something else, then they could not explain to Xu Dong.

Yan Shikang was lying on the hospital bed, wearing an oxygen mask to breathe weakly, while Uncle Zhong was quietly accompanied by the side. He thought about what happened and suddenly regretted it. Yan Xudong’s words touched his heart and made him feel uncomfortable even when he remembered: Dad! You did this to kill me!

He really wants to kill his son, he really wants to kill him!

Yan Shikang struggled to speak and muttered, “A Zhong…I’m going to the police station…I’m going to surrender myself…”

“Master!” Uncle Zhong shouted hurriedly, telling what Wu Helian said truthfully, “Master Lian Having said that, you can’t go! Young Master does not want you to have something to do! If you surrender yourself again, then Master’s intentions will be in vain! Young Master Lian also said, Young Master will never be okay, please rest assured!”

Yan Shi Kang Lao’s eyes were dim, and when he closed his eyes, the tears suddenly ran down and wet the pillow.

Wu finally attached to tranquility, but there were still many annoying things.

A group of people in the office on the top floor discussed the countermeasures. Wu Haoyang frowned and said, “I just asked Lawyer Zhang. He said that the chance of winning this lawsuit is less than 30%!”

“I also contacted several lawyers who are good at business cases. But they all said that they would try their best to keep the sentence to a minimum.” Yao Yongxin’s phone call has just been hung up, and he is also exhausted. If Xu Dong really goes to prison, how much youth must be spent in jail, which is absolutely not acceptable.

“Call them all together and discuss how to fight this lawsuit!” Wu Haoyang concluded that Yao Yongxin nodded in agreement.

“I know someone can definitely win this case!” Gu Xiaochen said softly.

“Who?” The two asked at the same time with surprise.

Gu Xiaochen said the man’s name, “Lei Shaoheng.”

Lei Shaoheng? Lei Shaoheng, the famous gold lawyer in politics? Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin are of course aware of the name. It is reported that Lei Shaoheng once opened a law firm in the United States, and his firm ranks first in the United States. As long as it was the case that he personally took over, without exception, the victory came to an end. Even the death penalty can be commuted to life imprisonment. In the past few years, Lawyer Lei has moved back from the United States, and now it is said to be in the spring city of the mainland.

“That lawyer Lei seems to have stopped accepting the case!” Yao Yongxin was previously in Australia. Relatives and friends wanted to ask the barrister to take the case because of a case, but the other party’s assistant directly rejected it. But everything has to be tried, maybe there is a turnaround, “Let’s try it?”

Gu Xiaochen just wanted to say that Wu Helian and Mr. Lei were friends, but was interrupted by him, “No need to try, he won’t answer “”

Wu Helian kept silent, suddenly a word, shocking.

“How do you know?” Wu Haoyang asked in confusion, knowing the result before trying this.

Wu Helian lowered her eyes and said indifferently, “He has three rules for accepting cases. First, no interesting cases. No. Second, don’t look good. No. Third, don’t accept when you are in a bad mood.”

” So arrogant?” Wu Haoyang snorted sneered.

“Lian, how do you know so clearly?” Yao Yongxin asked again, and Wu Helian replied briefly, “I know him.”

“Can I get in touch with him?”

Wu Helian naturally understood Lei Shaoheng, but also informed him by phone, but He stayed out of business. If he didn’t want to join in the excitement, that guy would never come to Hong Kong. His chest was too sullen, he coughed softly, and a handsome face was pale as a paper, saying the name of a hotel, “He is in Hong Kong.”

“Lian, why is your face so ugly?” Yao Yongxin asked him when he saw his pale face.

“It’s okay.” Wu Helian spit out two words.

“Let’s go to the hospital to see it!” Wu Haoyang urged Shen Sheng.

“No,” Wu Helian said with a gaze, and was about to get the cigarette. His hand reached into the cigarette case on the coffee table, but before he even touched it, someone took the pack of cigarettes and put it in a place where he couldn’t reach it. He looked up slowly, and saw Gu Xiaochen’s face stretched unpleasantly, as if he looked a little angry, which made him feel very cute.

Gu Xiaochen resolutely said, “I will accompany you to the hospital!”

“No need!” His temper also broke out, and no one would let anyone.

“I’ll accompany you to the hospital!” Gu Xiaochen repeated again, the female voice more determined.

Wu Helian looked at her, saw her eyes that could hardly hide her worries, thought of the box of antipyretics that he resolutely threw out of the car window, and the thought that was about to be controlled, he would push her farther and farther, Only in this way will you not let yourself get out of control. But how could he not be so cruel, just looking at her like this, watching her by his side, it was also a beautiful dream, he did not want to wake up.

At the end, he just said in a deep voice, “I’m fine.”

“You have a fever! Why is it okay? Be sure to go to the hospital!” Gu Xiaochen’s volume was higher, almost roaring, he just ordered, “You go to the hospital for me “I

don’t know if it’s burnt-out, or burned too uncomfortably, or if he wants to see her more, all the things make him don’t want to stubbornly contend, Wu Helian stared at her staring blankly, and finally nodded. Seeing him nod, Gu Xiaochen immediately lifted him up and dinged, “Hao Yang, Sister Yongxin, I took him to the hospital.”

Gu Xiaochen helped Wu Helian get up and slowly walked out of the office. He did not refuse, letting her arm around his arm.

“My head hurts too.” Wu Haoyang shouted in a pretentious manner, and he was about to embrace Yao Yongxin, but Yao Yongxin also stood up. “What are you doing?”

“I went to see Lawyer Lei.”

The car could not be driven, so Gu Xiaochen had to stop the car and take him to the hospital.

Waiting for the hospital, Gu Xiaochen was busy queuing up for registration, and let him sit aside and wait. Wu Helian looked up at her, watching her slowly move forward with the team.

“Okay, let’s go to the fourth floor.” Gu Xiaochen folds back with the registered slip and Wu Helian stands up.

The two turned to the clinic on the fourth floor. He was treated silently and obediently.

The doctor suggested hanging water, he frowned unpleasantly, Gu Xiaochen hurriedly said, “Doctor, hang up.”

Wu Helian just frowned, and the nurse beside smiled, “It sounds good to his girlfriend.”


nurse’s sudden ridicule made Gu Xiaochen unavoidable. Embarrassed, the little face blushed. She wanted to explain a few words, but she felt unnecessary. After all, he sat there silently, and she explained what to do, so they were both silent. This is how they came, but instead made the nurse default that they were lovers and laughed.

After the doctor finished the prescription, the nurse went to take the drip bottle. “You go sit next door.”

Gu Xiaochen helped Wu Helian to the next clinic. There were many patients hanging water, and there were relatives and relatives who accompanied them. There is no noise. They chose a corner by the window and the two sat down. But after a while, the nurse took a drip bottle to hang water for him. The needle pointed into the back of his hand, Gu Xiaochen unconsciously tightened his clothes as if he felt the pain.

“This bottle for two hours, almost came, and called me.” The nurse hung water for him, and gave a soft command.

Gu Xiaochen nodded and turned his head to look at him. Wu Helian sat silently beside her without saying a word, her face was still pale. The hospital is full of the pungent smell of disinfection water, so many people in a room, the air is not very good. Gu Xiaochen got up and opened a small gap in the window, the wind blew slowly, and the surrounding air was much fresher, making people feel comfortable.

The two sat quietly without speaking.

Gu Xiaochen felt a little thirsty and whispered “I will go as I go” and walked out of the clinic quietly.

A little girl hung by the water, and her mother accompanied her. The two are frugally dressed, the little girl looks smart and cute, but the woman is very thin, and the bag she took is still a little damaged. Obviously, her life is tight and not rich. The little girl sat for a while, couldn’t sit still, shouting and making noises, “Mom, I want to eat canned fruits!”

“Baby, wait for you to finish the water, Mom will buy it for you, will we go back and eat it, okay?” Woman is good Persuade.

The little girl kicked her legs and played her temper, “No, no, I will eat! I will eat now!” The

woman was still persuading, took out a story book from the bag, and began to give it to the little girl. Telling a story, the attention was diverted at once, and the little girl finally stopped making noise. Halfway through the story, the woman’s cell phone rings and she goes outside to answer the phone. Then she hurried away and entrusted the little girl to the nurse temporarily, “Nurse, I’m in a hurry, I have to go home once. Please take care of my child, it will be fine in half an hour.”

“Okay, you Go.” The

little girl sat alone and hung on the water, holding the storybook and reading quietly. She is too young to read only the pictures and is illiterate.

After a while, Gu Xiaochen returned with his pocket. She went to the shop to buy a cup and flushed it with hot water. Thinking of the suffering of the sick population, she also bought canned fruits. She walked to Wu Helian and sat down. Wu Helian took the canned fruit and handed it to the little girl on the side. The little girl quickly refused, “Uncle, I don’t want it!”

“I don’t eat this, you eat it for your uncle, OK? ?” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, and Jun Mei’s face was suddenly tender and incredible.

Wu Helian opened the canned fruit, took out the spoon and handed it to her. The little girl stared at the canned fruit but dared not pick it up. He glanced down at the fairy tale book in her hand and said, “You exchange with me, uncle reads your book.” The

little girl thought for a while and nodded with a smile.

Gu Xiaochen looked at him and the little girl, listened to their conversation, and watched him give the canned fruit to the little girl, and the little girl gave him the fairy tale book. But the cover of the fairy tale book surprised her. The snow-capped, rugged and long snow trails headed towards a snow castle. The sky is deep blue, the castle is the queen’s pretty face, and there is a tear in the corner of her eyes, which has become ice.

The title of the book-“Ice Queen”.

“Auntie, tell a story to your uncle! I want to hear it too!” The little girl ate tangerines, and the vague voice of children sounded.

Gu Xiaochen is gone, and it’s hard to say in front of the child that he actually doesn’t read this kind of book at all? But he actually handed the book to her. She was shocked and heard him awkwardly saying, “Read it to me.”

Gu Xiaochen had to take the book. This is the new version of “The Queen of Ice and Snow.” She started reading from the first page, but when she read the last sentence, she suddenly found that her throat was a little blocked, “Jay left now, and followed the Snow Queen to Lapland.”

“Auntie, where is the Snow Queen?” Little The girl asked seriously after listening to the story.

“In the north of Finland and Norway.” Gu Xiaochen smiled at her, looked at Wu Helian, but saw his eyes bright, looking at her.

After hanging the water, the two walked out of the hospital building side by side.

Gu Xiaochen’s mobile phone rang, and the number displayed on the phone turned out to be Yu Mei. After connecting, she shouted, “Xiao Chen! Why is there a man at home? What’s going on? And still a foreign man!”

“I’ll be back soon “” Gu Xiaochen said softly and hung up the phone.

A taxi stopped in front of her, Wu Helian opened the door, “I’m fine, you get in the car.”

“Then you go home to rest, remember to drink plenty of water, don’t forget to eat. Also, the small bottle of medicine is It’s not wrong to eat two tablets at a time and three tablets at a time.” Gu Xiaochen murmured again, and he just said indifferently. Only then did she sit in the car, and the taxi drove slowly in front of him, and he stood in the wind, his long figure lingering.

The car was about to drive around the corner. Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but look back. He had turned around and went in the opposite direction to her.

Wu Helian walked alone on the street, suddenly stopped and looked towards the other side, the car turned her around the corner.

After turning around for a while, he returned to Yinshen’s apartment.

As soon as the door opened, a lot of squats sat in the entrance, guarding against thieves. In the apartment, there were photos of who. It’s not so much a photo, it’s better to say it’s a poster, but more accurately it’s the poster included in the magazine. In the poster was a long runway. The woman wore a white retro-flavored skirt and ran away in panic. Unfortunately, the crystal shoes fell on the carpet, she looked back in surprise, and the eyes under the mask flickered like stars.

Wu Helian stood at the door and looked at him for a long moment.

He didn’t recover until he hit him a lot, and saw a pair of plaid slippers in his mouth.

Wu Helian stooped down, took her slippers and put them on, and walked to the living room sofa. He figured something out of his suit pocket.

It was a silver chain with a ring on it.

He took the ring and touched it from time to time.

“The Ice Queen asked him why again.”

“Gay thought for a while, and finally said, because I love you, I love you so deeply. So I want to stay by your side and see your happiness.”

when Gu Xiaochen returned to his apartment in Chunguang Garden and saw Yu Mei and William sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Yu Mei left for about half a month, but when she came back, she found that there were more people in her family. At that time the man was in the bathroom, she thought it was Gu Xiaochen. But when the glass door opened and saw the blond-eyed man, Yu Mei was really startled and couldn’t even speak, and then asked who he was. The man spoke English, told her his name, and said that he was Gu Xiaochen’s friend. Yu Mei immediately called Gu Xiaochen.

“Hi!” William smiled brightly at Gu Xiaochen, very comfortable and not embarrassed.

Yu Mei stood up, nodded politely, walked to Gu Xiaochen’s side and led her into the bedroom. As soon as he entered the bedroom, Yu Mei concealed the door and whispered, “Xiao Chen, why did he live in our house?”

“William is a doctor. He was invited to Hong Kong to participate in medical research a few days ago, but he didn’t like to stay in a hotel, so I let him come to live at home.” Gu Xiaochen explained briefly, and said softly, “He is a friend I met in the UK. He is very kind and takes good care of me.”

Yu Mei was relieved when she said that. Then, “It’s okay, since I’m here, I’ll buy some food.” She said, suddenly she squeezed away, like she couldn’t stop talking, she asked cautiously, “Yes, Xiao In the morning, after I left, did anyone come to see me?”

“I moved out of the Wu family for a few days. I don’t know if anyone came to you.” Gu Xiaochen said truthfully.

Yu Mei was surprised, “How did you go to Wu’s house?”

“Something happened, I will tell you later.” Gu Xiaochen didn’t know how to tell what happened in just half a month, it was too much Stormy waves. Thinking about it, Youyou said. Yu Mei didn’t ask any more. It was not good to think of leaving the foreign doctor in the living room. It was really impolite.

The two walked out of the bedroom, but saw the TV in the living room turned on.

William is watching TV series with relish.

“Then I’ll go shopping.” Yu Meiding blew, and picked up the satchel and left.

Gu Xiaochen felt strange, but looked at William suspiciously. She looked at it for a while, and then went to another sofa to sit down. His gaze wandered between William and the TV, and suddenly asked, “William, does it look good?”

“Not bad.” William returned casually, not caring.

“Do you understand?” Gu Xiaochen asked with surprise again, didn’t William don’t understand Chinese? While in the UK, she and Cheng Wei lived in William’s villa for safety and cost savings. Every time when talking to Cheng Wei about women’s privacy, they would talk in Chinese, because William did not understand Chinese, so he would not understand what they said. But now it feels that William actually understands Chinese? Otherwise, why would you look so attentive?

William suddenly recovered, as if realizing that he had lost his gaze, he smiled and said, “Although I don’t understand, I think the picture is very good.”

“Cheng Wei sent me an email today, Chen’s photo, please take a look “William changed the subject instantly. The notebook rested on the coffee table, and he immediately logged into the mailbox. Gu Xiaochen didn’t think much, the probe looked at the screen. The email clicked on, and a few clear photos, and indeed I saw the little boy’s heroic face, vaguely predicting how to reverse all sentient beings when I grow up.

This is Cheng Wei’s son-Situ Chen.

Cheng Wei was pregnant before getting married, and just gave birth to the child. Before she returned home, she went back to Italy, the country that made her sad. Cheng Wei is an Italian Chinese. He grew up in Italy with his parents. After the child was born, Cheng Wei took her name. The homonym was “Chen”, but it was a double benefit. It happened to be Cheng Wei’s surname.

At the end of the email, Cheng Wei attached a line of words: Chen, grew up again.

Yu Mei hurriedly bought the vegetables and came back, intending to show her hands. She didn’t let Gu Xiaochen fight, she was busy in the kitchen alone. After eating happily, Gu Xiaochen walked into the kitchen to help her get together. Yu Mei washes the dishes, and Gu Xiaochen took the washed dishes from her hands and dried them with a rag.

“I forgot, I should have bought steak, and foreigners eat Western food.”

“It’s okay, William is used to Chinese food.”

“That’s good.” Yu Mei nodded, she stared at the water in the pool and asked casually.

Said , “Well, have you been in contact with Xudong recently?” Gu Xiaochen’s hand was stiff and he said silently for a long time, “Xudong… he has an accident.”

“What happened?” Yu Mei turned her head to look at Gu Xiaochen suddenly, his tone hard to hide his worries, but he was still laughing. “What happened to him? Sick?”

“No, neither.” Gu Xiaochen shook his head and lowered his head softly. He said, “He’s in jail.”

“Bang—” The next second, Yu Mei’s bowl fell on the ground and made a harsh, crunchy sound. The smile on Yu Mei’s face suddenly dissipated. At this moment, she felt that the sky was turning. She couldn’t believe that Yan Xudong was imprisoned. “How could it be? How could it be imprisoned?”

Gu Xiaochen said softly, “A commercial crime.”

“He was sentenced to several years in prison?” Yu Mei asked tremblingly.

“It hasn’t been sentenced yet, but has been imprisoned.” After hearing her say, Yu Mei crouched down to pick up the fragments. Gu Xiaochen also stooped down to clean up, but Yu Mei was already uneasy. One did not pay attention, and the debris cut into his hand, marking a blood mark. She didn’t expect to know such news when she came back. She hasn’t actually gone anywhere these days and has been in Hong Kong all the time. She returned to the ancestral house in Yuen Long, she just couldn’t face it.

“Memei, your hand is bleeding.” Gu Xiaochen pulled her up and hurriedly took the hemostatic bandage for her.

Yu Mei grabbed her and asked blankly, “What should I do? What should I do now? Will he be okay? Will he go to jail?”

“A lawsuit is inevitable, mainly because of a good lawyer If Mr. Lei is willing to take the case, the odds are greater.” Gu Xiaochen said with a voice, Yu Mei asked, “Mr. Lei?”

“Lawyer Lei Shaoheng.”

“Where is he? I’m going to find him!” Yu Mei grabbed Her hands are magnificent.

Gu Xiaochen thought of the hotel that Wu Helian just said, and she told Yu Mei, “He should live in this hotel.”

“I’m going now!” Yu Mei pulled the apron and took out her coat and bag before going out. Gu Xiaochen saw her so anxious and changed her clothes, “I will go with you!”

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