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Fight Against playboy Chapter 174

“I didn’t want to see you again when I was in criminal detention! But you have to go to Chuncheng to find someone to help! I also told you that you should stop treating me and stop I! But you didn’t listen! I warned you, why not listen next time? Why don’t you always listen to me! Do you want me to die? Do you want me to worry about death?” Wu Helian sighed out of her heart. The hidden words are still not released.

He gripped her wrist tightly. He didn’t want to let go, but he couldn’t help but let go.

He knew that he was no longer qualified. After she had married and lived a peaceful and happy life, what other qualifications would he have to disturb her and destroy her peace? But why did she keep appearing again and again, even if she didn’t meet, she was the one who dreamed at night. Once she closed her eyes, her figure, her smiley face, and her voice… all looked like a nightmare, and it couldn’t disappear.

Wu Helian couldn’t help but stare at the eyes, the pain and helplessness that passed her eyes.

Suddenly found that there was nowhere to escape, the heart that throbbed for her involuntarily approached her, wanting to see her, every minute and every second, every moment, even a lifetime.

“I’m going to drive you crazy! Do you know, Gu Xiaochen!” Wu Helian whispered, holding the strength of her wrist and did not let go, and asked negatively.

Gu Xiaochen listened quietly. His words were like a sharp arrow, and they all shot towards her and into her heart.

She spent two and a half years to heal the wounds, thinking that time could change everything.

To calm down that feeling and let go of that memory really became the past, and there is nothing that the past cannot pass.

But her inner struggles and tears made her unable to heal.

Seeing that he was doing well, seeing that he was still calm and calm, she was happy and lonely, but she could turn around and walk without regret.

But she couldn’t ignore his bad life, she couldn’t pretend to be indifferent, even if she knew she wouldn’t be together, even if she knew it was impossible, she just wanted to do everything she could to help him when he was at its lowest ebb. Even if all she can do is stand by his side and support in silence, she is willing.

“Don’t treat me so well, don’t care about me, don’t pay for me like this, don’t do it at all!” Wu Helian sneered coldly and slowly released her hand.

Gu Xiaochen saw that his arrogant Junrong was no longer indifferent. She moved her lips and remained silent for a while. Finally, she said softly, “I won’t do it again, except this time.

” Ok, this is what you said.”

“Well.” Gu Xiaochen stared at the button of his suit, his eyes a little trance.

Wu Helian grabbed her hand again and strode forward. After taking the car, he escorted her to the nearby American-French salon. Gu Xiaochen was taken by the beautician to wash her hair and waited for her to wash her hair out. I saw Yao Yongxin waiting in the beauty hall, but he had disappeared and had nowhere to go.

“The clothes are also dirty. I will accompany you to buy a set for a while.” Yao Yongxin has already inquired about something from Wu Helian and was called urgently by him on the phone. She turned her head to see something strange, and couldn’t help but say, “Xiaochen, the black gems on her ears are so beautiful.”

Gu Xiaochen nodded, and the ears were full of the buzz of a hair dryer.

The beautician blows her hair for her. She looks at herself in the mirror, and at a glance, she clearly sees the black gemstone earrings worn on her right ear. Before leaving, she also wanted to remove this earring, but she couldn’t take it off. Later, I went to the UK and cut my hair shortly to cover it.

When I don’t see it, I forget it, the pain and love she didn’t want to remember.


‘s a sunny day outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, but this winter in Hong Kong seems colder than ever.

A certain floor of the hotel, excellent view angle.

In the suite, there was just the right heating. Lei Shaoheng was standing in front of the window in a black shirt and black trousers, holding a glass of wine in his hand, and gently shaking the glass, overlooking this spectacular view. He took a sip and raised his lips and said quietly, “These materials were just transferred from the headquarters, including several banks, casinos, and a series of trading venues on the black market. They took 80% of the money in three months. They were all washed away, and then turned to multiple financial institutions to buy high-priced land, villas, and buildings as real estate. He put the money under the name of five people, and it was funny that his son was zero. “

Wuhe Lian quiet sitting on the sofa, looked at the stack of information.

“Is this the so-called tiger poison?” Lei Shaoheng turned around, his eyes completely cold.

Wu Helian asked Feng Yuan, who was standing respectfully and standing by the side, “You are going to Canada now and send someone to meet with the CEO of Haishen Company and say you want to invest in Haishen. Remember, don’t come in person.”

“Yes, Master Lian.” Feng Yuan answered immediately and turned away.

“You want to redeem Haishen first, settle the statement of bankruptcy, and stabilize the board of directors.” Lei Shaoheng said unhurriedly, picked up the wine bottle and poured another glass, “So what do you plan to do with the money that Wu’s was taken away? Ping?” He laughed and jokingly said, “Otherwise, I will spend a

lot of money to play?” Of course this is just a joke, the money is just a trivial matter!

The subordinate knocked on the door and faithfully returned, “Master Lian, from the news from Finland, Mr. Yan will return to Hong Kong at two o’clock tomorrow.”

Wu Helian glanced at her and the subordinate retreated.

“You should have gone to meet the old man with that surname.” Lei Shaoheng said meaninglessly, and changed the subject again in the next second, “That Miss Gu is already married, your ear ring is given to her again, now you What do you want to do? Be a monk for life? But even if you go to be a monk, there is no temple to accept! This is a very serious problem!”

“Dong Dang Dang–” Someone knocked on the door again.

The female assistant walked in tremblingly, lowering her head and trembling, said, “Mr. Lei, Secretary Wang just called, and the lady has a high fever, she refuses to take medicine!”

“You tell her, your own life, you can do it yourself! If she wants to die, no one will stop!” Lei Shaoheng said with a smile, his hands tightened, but the words were so cold that it was like being in a cold cellar.

Wu Helian stood up and threw a sentence, “Your cup is broken.” The

voice fell, and only heard the sound of “crush–” The wine glass shattered in response, and the wine was spilled down the carpet with his big hand.

Hong Kong International

Airport-“Passengers, flight KJ763 from Finland has successfully arrived in Hong Kong…” A clear female voice rang from the radio station in the lobby, reminding the people who picked up the airport not to miss the time.

On the other side, the passengers came out one after another, and the crowd of black crows was dazzling.

Behind the crowd, three or four subordinates accompanied Yan Shikang slowly.

Yan Shikang’s spirit was rejuvenated, his face glowed with red light, and it looked very good. In front is the Yongdao exit, and the female assistant immediately handed over the thin coat jacket. Yan Shikang put on his coat under the help of the female assistant, and the group continued to move towards the exit. When they walked out of the hall, two men approached.

“Mr. Yan, Master Lian knows that you are going back to Hong Kong today, so he came to pick you up specially.” The man stopped.

When Yan Shikang heard the title, he naturally knew that it was Wu Helian. He didn’t change his face, and wanted to see if this kid wanted to ask him for mercy, or what tricks to play. He smiled and said, “What about your young master?”

“Mr. Yan please here.” The man did A gesture, turned and led Yan Shikang toward the parking lot.

In the car park area E of the airport, Wu Helian sat in a car. The man stepped forward to open the car door, and Yan Shikang really saw Wu Helian. He stooped into the car, the door closed, and the RV drove slowly. The car made a few turns, and finally rushed out of the parking lot.

Driving from the airport towards Kowloon Bay, the two of them did not speak for a long time.

Yan Shikang looked at the scenery along the road outside the car window and said leisurely and complacently, “We, our uncles and nephews, haven’t seen them in more than ten years.” It

is indeed ten years.

At that time, when the speaker left Hong Kong and was forced to helplessly immigrate to Canada, suddenly there were more than ten years.

“Don’t blame me, you shouldn’t come back to take over before you went to the United States.” Yan Shikang withdrew his eyes, Yu Guang glanced at him sitting next to his side, whose shadow was faintly visible in that profile, that beautiful and gentle The woman, the woman who died in a foreign country, “You should have lived with your mother in the United States, and you don’t have to go to jail anymore. If you want to blame, blame your father.”

“Uncle Yan.” Wu Helian stared straight ahead, opening her mouth, “

Shut up, it’s still too late.” Wu Jizong had visited him before meeting Yan Shikang before leaving for Finland.

Wu Jizong also let him close, even saying that he would harm Xu Dong. Regarding the defeat, the company faced a huge crisis. At that time, he was not willing to help, but to analyze the current situation of pros and cons. Even if the loan was rescued, Yanshi was still in vain. Moreover, several directors strongly opposed and did not agree to borrow at all.

Yan Shikang snorted coldly, but did not know what it was for.

“Take out all the swallowed money, how much difference I will make up.” Wu Helian said indifferently, his handsome face is as perfect as a sculpture, without any expression.

Yan Shikang narrowed his dizzy eyes, condensed his light, “Wu Er, it’s okay to be in prison for a few years. You should also know how your father treated your mother, you shouldn’t be like this.”

Wu Helian lowered her eyes, thick and curly. Eyelashes covered the eyelids, dense shadows, and a mellow male voice was particularly low, “I went to see her before my mother left. She said that if one day, I met Uncle Yan, she asked me to tell Uncle Yan a word “”

Yan Shikang Meiyu awe-inspiringly asked, “What words!”

“Mother said that she had no regrets.” Wu Helian said quietly, a bright smile on the woman’s face. At this moment, I finally understood why my mother added this sentence, and hoped that they would never meet again. She had foreseen that there would be such a day, I am afraid she did not guess that he would do so thoroughly and absolutely.

Yan Shikang was stunned, as if he couldn’t believe it, and he seemed to be jealous. He laughed out loud in the next second, “Ha ha! You think that you can change this? Wu Er! Even if your mother is alive, It will make me change!” For

a while, his laughter sounded utterly silent.

“Kong Wu.” Wu Helian raised her eyes unscathed, and Kong Wu, who was sitting in front of him, immediately handed over the document. He took the file and turned it to Yan Shikang.

“What is this?” Yan Shi Kanghu questioned.

Wu Helian did not say anything, still holding the document just waiting for him to take it. Yan Shikang was deadlocked for a while, and then he reached out. He opened the file, but the things that caught his eyes were clearly written in black and white, which shocked and surprised him and made him unbelievable! How can this be? How can this be! It turned out to be the whole process of money laundering!

But why does he have these records?

They have clearly made foolproof preparations!

Wu Helian touched the screen again, and a man’s voice suddenly sounded in the car, intermingling with the rest of the people from time to time, apparently in talks. At first, the man’s voice was none other than Yan Xudong. At that time, Yan Shikang had already handed over the entire plan to Yan Xudong.

He already had these evidences in hand, but he didn’t take them out. Why did he do this? And, how did the evidence come from? How can he collect their money laundering process through major banks, even black markets and casinos?

Then Yan Shikang found that he never seemed to know him. He turned his head to look at Wu Helian and opened his eyes to ask, “Who the hell are you?”

“On the board of directors, Haoyang has settled it. As you are one of Wu’s shareholders, I think you will agree with Mr. Li and they agree to withdraw the civil lawsuit. As for Wu’s shares in your hands, I am interested in income, price, and market value. Determined. How much money did Mr. Zhao sell and how much did I buy.” Wu Helian turned off the screen. Her weak voice didn’t seem to be talking about vital things, just talking about the weather.

Yan Shikang was miscalculated and shouted angrily, “Why didn’t you expose us earlier, you can take the evidence to tell us!”

“Uncle Yan, just get off the plane, you have a rest. Rest assured, you won’t go to jail.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, closing her eyes, no more words.

The gloomy sky suddenly began to rain continuously, hit the car window, blurred everything.

The scenes of playing football together, skipping class together and walking side by side as a child were so clear.

There is also Yongxin’s favorite nursery rhyme-remember the young age.

Whose words echoed: No matter what happened, we were brothers.


Gu Xiaochen’s 1.5 billion funds undoubtedly made a few people in the board of directors smash a peace of mind, even if the Lin family wants to divest, Wu Shi does not need to worry. At the same time, there was also news from Canada that the CEO of Haishen Company was sponsored by the partner. The company officially resumed its normal course and everything went on as usual. The loss-making projects continued to operate because of the investment of funds. Under the repeated persuasion of Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin, Li Lao as the representative unanimously agreed to temporarily withdraw the civil lawsuit, provided that the huge amount of money taken by the vacancies must be filled one by one, which is not bad.

This huge amount of money has become a crucial problem.

If the Wu family privately paid for it, then they admitted in disguise that they were digging their corners.

If you don’t take it, the board will not let it go.

At this moment, several people are holding a temporary meeting in the conference hall.

But the meeting hadn’t started yet. Someone broke in suddenly, and Yan Xudong came with his subordinates, breaking the situation where the negotiations were still calm and the atmosphere seemed extremely tense.

Wu Haoyang and Shen Jing were right, Yao Yong looked at Yan Xudong, but it was extremely intolerable and painful.

“Xudong, you just happened. We all agreed to temporarily withdraw the civil lawsuit. I don’t know what you think?”

Yan Xudong walked into the seat and looked at Wu Haoyang who was in position, said coldly, “I think Yang also It should be known that the police pay attention to the evidence. If there is no evidence, they will not be easily convicted. And as long as they have not done it, they will not be afraid of thorough investigation. I believe Lian will not do such a thing. The most sensible choice!”

Qian Lao hesitated, and he heard him say it, and immediately answered, “Xu Dong said it makes sense, as long as Wu Er has not done it, he is not afraid of thorough investigation. Now withdraw the lawsuit, There is no benefit for Wu Er to Wu Shi. On the contrary, there will be drawbacks, the internal tumor of the company must be removed!” The

other two shareholders echoed and agreed.

“If today’s meeting is for civil litigation, then the problem has now been resolved and the meeting can be dismissed.” Yan Xudong said with a smile, but Jun Rong was no longer as elegant as before. Instead, he was indifferent, and his surroundings were breathtaking. , He also became a ruthless role, like any means to achieve the goal.

Facing the attention of Wu Haoyang, Yao Yongxin and Gu Xiaochen, Yan Xudong smiled calmly, which only made people feel cruel.

At this time, the subordinates entered in a hurry, holding several faxes.

Lao Li took the fax slowly and leisurely, but looked down and was stunned.

These ten faxes, including the board of directors of Citigroup-led Wanbaobao Bank, including Swiss Union, Credit Bank and other ten major banks in the world, have called and faxed to protect Wu Helian. Lao Li was shocked and transferred the fax to the other two for reading. He Lao and Lao Qian were equally shocked and suddenly speechless.

“Xudong, look at this.” Qian Lao handed him the fax, and Yan Xudong reached out to take it.

Yan Xudong saw that the three of them looked wrong, and naturally expected what happened. But when he saw the content of the fax, it was also unacceptable. How could this be possible?

That’s right, he also admitted that Wu Helian is indeed the arrogant of the financial world, and his keen insight into finance can be said to be innate. But these years, they have been together, he also knows his details. No matter how powerful he is, it is impossible to have such a good relationship with his competitors. Could it be said that there is an unknown aspect to it.

“I think so, we agree to temporarily withdraw the civil lawsuit for a period of one month. Of course, we also believe that the police will investigate thoroughly and will not let the real prisoners go unpunished. As long as the black hand behind the scenes is found, who should pay the money? Who will return!” Li Lao Shen Sheng said, raised his head and said to Yan Xudong, “Xudong, you have no opinion?”

Several shareholders spoke, Yan Xudong was originally opposed, so he had to smile and acquiesce, he But he was not worried.

After the meeting, a group of people came out one after another.

Yan Xudong walked behind the three directors, Yao Yong hurriedly got up and wanted to catch up and talk. Since the incident, they haven’t talked much, and she is too busy figuring out how to bail Wu Helian. Now that the civil lawsuit has been withdrawn, Yao Yongxin has finally settled down, but he is again in trouble.

“Xu…” Yao Yongxin was about to speak, but Wu Haoyang was just pulled. Confused, she heard Wu Haoyang say, “You go out first!”

Several subordinates picked up the documents and left, Wu Haoyang still did not let go, looking at Yao Yongxin and said, “Yongxin, you should know that even if the civil case is withdrawn, the police there It won’t be the case. Second brother and Xudong, one of them will definitely go to jail. There is no choice.”

Although Yao Yongxin is not familiar with the law, she also learned some details through the scenery. She also knew that there were only two results, and there must be someone who would go to jail.

Yao Yongxin, who had always been strong, suddenly reddened his eyes, and his voice was hard to conceal. “What should I do? How could this happen!”

Wu Haoyang stared at her and gently hugged her into her arms.

Yan Xudong returned to the sea, Xia Yuan was already waiting. She knew that several shareholders had been invited by Wu Haoyang to negotiate, and she knew that Yan Xudong had also gone. “How?”

“How else.” Yan Xudong said lightly, sitting on the executive chair.

“Really withdrew the civil lawsuit?” Xia Yuan frowned.

“Is the Insurance Department not busy? Doing what you do is your duty!” Yan Xudong raised her eyes and swept at her, causing Xia Yuan to be shocked. Although she was unwilling, she did not forget to say before leaving, ” That money must be fast!”

Then the subordinate called and reported the latest situation, “Master Yan, the high-priced land, villas, buildings and other real estate that I bought before have been put under your name. The funds invested in financial institutions before, Because Master Yan didn’t sign the agreement in person, he couldn’t change it.”

“Put that money in.” Yan Xudong said resolutely after hearing the report from the phone.

In the quiet office, only the sound of the lid of the lighter opened and closed.

Yan Xudong stared at the silver-grey lighter in his hand for a long time, knowing what the choice was from the beginning, and perhaps knowing from the beginning, this was just a disaster.

That night, someone said to him: If you go wrong, you can look back.

He can only move forward, but there is no way back.

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