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My girl (11) He was earlier than her

His movements were soft, his voice was so close, it seemed to whisper against the ear, and it touched her heart, making her feel a little throbbing. Yao Yong’s eyes narrowed, and he looked at his arrogant handsome face in the long slit, and he was a little vague.

“Who told you to drink hard liquor? Still drinking so anxiously? See how you look!” His hand was still pinching her temples, complaining that the rebuke words continued.

Yao Yongxin listened quietly to his reprimands, suddenly aggrieved. She slowly reached out and took hold of him, protesting and shouting, “I didn’t let you take care of me, obviously you are self-conscious and have to take care of me! I drink well, it’s all about you? I didn’t mess with you , You just see me so unsightly? Where did I get in the way? Isn’t it impossible to talk?”

“No!” Wu Haoyang overbeared.

“Why not?”

“If you say no, you just can’t! Why are you this woman so much? I’ll take you home!” Wu Haoyang said frowning, pulling her seat belt to fasten her.

Yao Yongxin snapped his hand, “No! I don’t want to go home!”

“So late, why don’t you go home? What do you want to do?” He asked angrily, “You want to go to the police if you drink like this?”

Yao Yongxin I had forgotten it, but he was so reminded that he followed his words and said, “I’m going to find him!”

“You shut up for me!” He roared and buckled her seat belt rudely .

The car immediately started the engine, Wu Haoyang slammed on the accelerator and drove quickly. The body shook for a while, and Yao Yongxin closed his eyes and felt more sad covering his chest. He drove intently and didn’t want to look at her, but he couldn’t help it. Yu Guang glanced at her from time to time, seeing her small face huddled up uncomfortably. He squeezed his thin lips and had to slow down a bit, then lowered the window.

With some cold wind blowing across his cheeks, Yao Yongxin was more comfortable now, but tears accumulated in the corners of his eyes.

The car was flooded with lights.

Arriving at the residential building, Yao Yongxin’s wine woke up a little and walked out of the car and walked into the building. Wu Haoyang saw that she was crooked, so she couldn’t rest assured, so she got out of the car and followed her up to the door of the apartment. Yao Yongxin took out the key and opened the door. As soon as the door opened, she walked in and closed the door with her backhand.

Wu Haoyang immediately reached out to block the door, and Yao Yongxin looked back at him, “I’m home!”

“I’m going to the bathroom!”

“You go back and go back!”

“Why? I can’t go in?”

Yao Yongxin didn’t speak, supporting the door stubbornly. , Wu Haoyang’s temper came up, “He can come in, I can’t?”

“No!” Yao Yongxin shouted back loudly, trying to push him away, “Everyone can come in, you can’t!”

“Yao Yongxin!” Wu Haoyang shouted her name angrily, and she pushed him desperately, all of which made him uncomfortable, the backlog of anger broke out in a flash, and he kicked the door regardless of whether she would be injured or not. Yao Yongxin was slammed back by this sudden force and flew back and forth. Just when she was about to fall, his powerful arm wrapped around her waist and took her whole body into her arms.

Yao Yongxin was hugged in his arms by her, and she threw her fist to beat him. “You let go!”

Wu Haoyang closed the door with his backhand, grasped her slender wrist tightly, and dragged her to the bedroom.

“You let me go!”

“Wu Haoyang! You let go! Are you deaf!”

No matter how Yao Yongxin scolded, Wu Haoyang ignored it all. In confusion, he threw her on the bed. With his body pressed down hard, Yao Yongxin felt the world spinning, and the whole person was dizzy. She was about to speak, and he leaned over and kissed her lips, not letting her say another word. Her fiery tongue swallowed her voice, only a whimper sounded like a dull echo in his body. She twisted her head, trying to avoid his kiss, but he refused to let her go, and even kissed arrogantly.

“What do you do… Wu Haoyang…” Yao Yongxin struggled even to speak, and his hands began to tear her clothes.

“I want to let you know who can come in here!” Wu Haoyang kissed her, while she wiped out her clothes.

Yao Yongxin’s strength couldn’t reach him at all, and he threw his coat three or two times on the ground. The more she struggled, the more he succeeded, only to hear the tearing of her clothes, and the buttons of her shirt fell to the ground. She was torn apart by her and she couldn’t stop it. His legs suppressed her, and he reached into his clothes and touched her skin. It was hard to tell whether it was the temperature of his palm or his own temperature, which would be terribly hot.

“Heart…” Wu Haoyang shouted her name and kissed her collarbone with her head down.

A strange sense of numbness, like a current rushing across the body, Yao Yongxin’s body trembles involuntarily. His big hand looped over her body, protruding the button of the corset behind her, deliberately gently pulling and letting go, biting her ear and eagerly asking, “Tell me! Has anyone touched you!”

His in the dark Junrong was so close, Yao Yongxin was so unthinkable by him that she bit her lip and did not answer.

“Have anyone kissed you this way except me?” His fingers flicked slightly, and the button of the corset loosened. He took her hand and hugged his neck. Then, holding her left chest with one hand, she lowered her head to embrace the flower bud on her right. Feeling the provocation of the tongue, Yao Yongxin’s small face flushed immediately, annoyed and shouted, “No! You don’t want to be like this!”

Wu Haoyang’s heart was filled with joy, an unspeakable conquest and satisfaction filled the whole body.

He buried his head in front of her chest and lifted her skirt along her thighs, directly to the waist. Fingers protruded from the edge of the underpants, covered her private parts, and pressed lightly between the fingers through the thin layer of cotton. She gasped shyly and wanted to pull his hand away, but he was held back by him.

“You can’t…” Yao Yong bit his lip, but he gasped again.

“What can’t I do?” Wu Haoyang slowed down, and his voice was particularly hoarse. His gentle broken kiss fell all the way down her neck and kissed her all over her body. This feeling was strange and familiar. Yao Yongxin felt inexplicably scared. The pain that time made her unforgettable all her life, she just wanted to avoid it he.

Wu Haoyang supported her waist and did not let her back down.

“From now on, only I can come in, understand?” He said puns, slowly burying himself in her body, not wanting to hurt her, but longing for her like that. Even though he was so gentle, Yao Yongxin still frowned and his body curled up. But without the anticipated obstacle, Wu Haoyang suddenly stunned and heard her spit out a word, “ache!”

Wu Haoyang frowned, and by the dim moonlight, saw her painful face under him. He had no time to think about others, only to know that he had been tolerated by her. This feeling was so beautiful that he forgot everything. He endured immobility until he eased the tension and discomfort before he started galloping in her body. Slowly, withdrew a little, and then sprinted violently.

Yao Yongxin’s body was lighter and heavier and fluttered.

His sweat dripped on her body, the hot temperature.

On this sudden night, I don’t know if it’s a fascination, an instinctive desire, or an outbreak of anger. Wu Haoyang kept asking her until she was tired and weak, begging for mercy, but he still refused to let her go, or gentle or Wild, like trying to get back all the things that have not been requested in the past few decades, imprisoning her and preventing her from escaping!

It was through alcohol that Yao Yongxin could whisper his name so affectionately, over and over again, “Haoyang… Haoyang…”

Waking up in the morning, Yao Yongxin felt sore all over, and the temperature beside him remained, But without him.

Wu Haoyang is taking a shower in the bathroom.

Yao Yongxin lay flat on the big bed, she covered the quilt, but she showed smooth shoulders. She had short hair a few years ago, but now her hair is much longer. Scattered on the sheets, a thin black, dark hair covered her face, she tightened her horns, so nervous that she didn’t know what to do.

Are they related?

It really happened!

After a hangover, Yao Yongxin tried to sort out his thoughts, thinking about how to face him for a while. But his breath remained on his body, and his taste surrounded her, making her unable to concentrate, but giving her a feeling of joy and sweetness. Suddenly her heart was beating so fast, she took her chest and took a deep breath.

The sound of water suddenly stopped, and the glass door was opened.

Yao Yongxin didn’t dare to say anything, even pretending he was asleep.

The sound of clothes Shuo Shuo came, Yao Yongxin was a little suspicious, could not help opening his eyes. The morning sunlight was weak, and the room with the curtains was a little dark, and he was dimly seeing that he was getting dressed. He stood with his back behind him, the white shirt glowing with some light, and she clearly watched him put on his shirt and trousers. She squeezed her horn tightly, not knowing what he was doing.

Wu Haoyang got dressed and slowly walked to the edge of the bed. He didn’t open the window, he just turned on a small lamp, not very bright, only a dim light. Yao Yongxin buried himself in the quilt and seemed to be asleep. He looked at her for a long while, and Shen Sheng said, “I know you are awake.”

Yao Yong’s heart froze for a while, and finally pulled the quilt down.

She still didn’t open her eyes, but heard his low male voice sound, “Have you

ever slept with him?” is just a sentence, as if driving Yao Yongxin into the cliff, there is no way to turn over. Her body was stiff, and the hand under the quilt clenched into a fist, and she bit her lip without making a noise.

Yao Yongxin’s avoidance and non-answer is a default for Wu Haoyang. In fact, the love of boys and girls is also normal. Everyone is an adult. But it was just stuffy, and I couldn’t tell where it was uncomfortable, but it turned into a sharp thorn, “You’re going to bed with me now, so it’s not a two-foot boat? Why did you ask me when I asked you? Didn’t you say?”

Yao Yong opened his eyes heartily. After a night, he didn’t expect this to be the case. The dim light also made her squint uncomfortably, her voice was very soft, “If I have been touched, you think I’m dirty?”

“Since I have been in bed with the policeman, why should I talk to him? Me!” Wu Haoyang stared at her.

Yao Yongxin smiled and said lightly, “You will be drunk when I am.”

“Drunk?” Wu Haoyang scoffed and felt angry at her carelessness.

Yao Yongxin smiled indifferently, “You can go now! I want to sleep!”

Wu Haoyang suddenly squeezed her shoulders and asked in a cold voice, “Are you handing his body to him so easily? You tell me “

” What are you talking about? What do you want me to say!” Yao Yongxin was sore and covered himself with a quilt. He roared and shouted, “I don’t need you to be responsible! Whether it’s the first time or not, you don’t need to be responsible to me for this You leave me now! Leave here immediately! What happened last night, when nothing happened!”

“Heart Xin…” Wu Haoyang shouted frowning, but she drank, “Leave me go!”

Yao Yongxin pushed When he opened him, her eyes burst into sourness and grief, which was a look he had never seen before. She was lying on the bed like a wounded kitten, and tightened the quilt, so weak, made him want to hug again and love again, but the lingering depression that entangled in her heart made him let go. Wu Haoyang got up slowly and turned around to leave.

His footsteps gradually went away, and he heard the door closed, and she was finally left alone in the silent apartment.

Yao Yongxin turned off the light and locked himself in this darkness.

She did not forget that drunk night, nor did he forget that she regarded her as another girl. The stars were full of sky that night, and it was extremely hot that summer. She could still remember his body temperature, and his kiss smelled of brandy.

She remembered that he once told those friends that he only regarded her as a buddy and would never like her.

I don’t know what happened, but my head was swollen and hurt, but now, even her heart is faintly hurt.

You said, I can only call us with you.

But you don’t know that two people are not equal to us.

“Anyone besides me kissed you like this?”

“No! You don’t want to be like this!”

The impulsive love of last night, his question still circling and echoing, Wu Haoyang speeded back to Wu’s house.

Throughout the night’s “fight”, coupled with the lack of sleep all night, instead of being sleepy, he became more sober. The depression in the chest is worse than yesterday, and I can swallow it hard before, and I can’t be relieved. Holding the steering wheel, he frowned suddenly and spit out a rude English curse.

But she was so shy, it seemed that she had no personnel, such a tight body made him unable to distinguish, but there was no obstruction, proving that he was not her first man. The more depressed and more depressed, Wu Haoyang’s speed is getting faster and faster, unknowingly exceeding the normal driving speed.

There was a police car patrolling in the rear and shouted with a horn, “Please stop the car in front of the road! Stop the sports car in front of the road!”

Wu Haoyang was already irritable, and he was even more irritable. He had to stop the car and let the traffic policeman issue a ticket.

What a bad day!

He didn’t return overnight and arrived home early in the morning, so Wu Haoyang didn’t run into Wu Wumu. I hurried upstairs to change my clothes and just went downstairs. The housekeeper said, “Three young masters, breakfast is ready.”

“I’m not eating at home, you pack it for me.”


“Bring one more “” Wu Haoyang shouted the housekeeper again, Shen Shengding sang.

“Yes.” The butler was stunned, and there was no objection.

Wu Haoyang came to the company with two breakfasts and sat patiently in the office waiting for the meeting time. At 9 o’clock in the morning, there is an important meeting, and not only will he attend, but Wu Helian and Yao Yongxin will also attend. Finally, he waited for the meeting to start. He joined the meeting early, and several responsible managers who participated in the meeting also came one after another. Until Wu Helian also arrived, he still did not wait for a woman to appear.

Wu Haoyang was worried and asked his assistant.

The assistant said honestly, “Mr. Yang, Manager Yao just called. She said she had something to

ask for leave today, so she didn’t come to work anymore.” Wu Haoyang looked down and said no more.

The meeting was held in an orderly manner and ended in perfection.

Wu Helian did not leave in a hurry. Rarely she said voluntarily, “Yingxin is not young.”

Why does he care so much? Wu Haoyang suddenly jumped out of this question in his mind, and said indignantly, “She is indeed not small, and no one will ask if she doesn’t marry.”

Wu Helian stood up indifferently, without saying a word. When he walked out of the conference hall, his footsteps stopped slightly, and he slightly raised the corner of his mouth. Compared with someone’s haze, he was at ease, and the low male voice passed through the air to Wu Haoyang’s ear, obviously intentionally, “Wind Sir is not bad.”

Wu Haoyang sat on the executive chair, he did not move for a long time, but Tie Qing had a handsome look.

“Mr. Yang?” The secretary on the side waited for a long time, looked at the schedule and had to shout.

Wu Haoyang glanced coldly, and the secretary shivered.


Today is the reason for Friday. Wu Helian finished her job and got off work half an hour earlier to go to date with Gu Xiaochen. Eat candlelight dinner in the restaurant, watch a comedy movie, and walk out of the theater together holding hands. Gu Xiaochen was also intoxicated by the joy of the movie, chanting about the characters and plot in the movie.

It was already late at night, but Hong Kong was full of lights late at night.

In the street of the night market, the street vendors are busy with business and even more prosperous. Although the temperature is low, the street is extremely warm. People are crowded, Xu is because tomorrow is a weekend, and there are especially many lovers who come out to date. A pair of opponents held hands, shoulder to shoulder, sweet smile like the warmth of winter.

Among the crowd, Wu Helian took Gu Xiaochen’s hand and walked slowly.

A couple on the side bought ice cream, and the man thoughtfully held the ice cream, afraid that his girlfriend’s hands would be cold. Every time he eats a bite, he feeds it himself.

Gu Xiaochen saw ice cream and couldn’t help but buy one. Before he could taste the taste, he was snatched away.

Just three or two times, he bit the ice cream halfway.

Wu Helian handed her the crispy skin with milk underneath. She asked annoyedly, “Why are you finished?”

“It’s so cold, eat less.” Wu Helian said indifferently, and put ice cream back in her hands.

Despite some reluctance, Gu Xiaochen said nothing. Although he is not as careful as other men, his overbearing tenderness only gives her one, which is enough. She took the ice cream and walked while eating, turned to look at him, and asked softly, “Ask your question, is there an answer?”

“What?” He looked blank.

Gu Xiaochen opened his eyes, “You forgot?”

Wu Helian said nothing, and Gu Xiaochen reminded, “I asked when did you start to like me?”

Wu Helian glanced at her sideways and said nonchalantly, “No I know.”

She naturally understood his temper, I’m afraid he wouldn’t answer. Gu Xiaochen stared at the ice cream in his hand and said, discouraged, “I remember when I started to like you.”

Wu Helian’s eyes narrowed, and Shen Sheng asked back, “Do you remember?”

” Um …” she thought back seriously, even I remember the details in detail and said, “That’s the first day I became an assistant. I went to work in the morning in the morning. I saw a little girl on the roadside. I just wanted to go up and you got off the bus and ran To her, you also waited for her mother to wipe her tears with her own tie. It didn’t take long for the little girl’s mother to finally come back. I thought at the time that you are not that bad.”

Wu Helian frowned, he Didn’t think that the reason she liked him turned out to be love?

“You mean, I used to be terrible in your eyes before?” He was very capable of making inferences.

“I think I remember it so clearly, do you think about it too?” She directly ignored his rhetorical question and asked persistently.

“I can’t think of it.” He spit out four words bluntly.

“Think about it again.”

“Don’t want to.”

“Oh.” Gu Xiaochen replied, eating ice cream without asking.

Wu Helian whispered childishly, he would not let her know that he liked earlier than her.

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