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My girl (12): father and son

Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen gathered together again at the Wu family on the first weekend after Wu Shi.

Before Wu Helian went to the United States for a few days and was busy working, most of them were accompanied by Gu Xiaochen. Finally ushered in Saturday, Wu Jizong was going fishing, the two decided to accompany them. Before playing fishing, Wu Jizong was still defeated by Wu Helian, and angrily moved out of the old thing. “There is nothing comparable to playing chess, it is bigger than the fish who catches it!”

Wu Jizong finished, and got up and took the study room. The door of the small rest room opened.

The two walked behind him curiously and looked around. They saw a fish in the large glass aquarium.

Gu Xiaochen saw the fish and said in surprise, “Isn’t this the fish caught by

Uncle Wu ?” Wu Jizong raised his eyebrows triumphantly and fed the fish some feed.

Wu Helian immediately stared, disdainfully saying, “I must catch a bigger fish than this today.”

“I wait and see.” Wu Jizong stared at the swimming fish casually, but was complacent in his heart.

The car is ready, and all the tools have been moved into the car.

Ji Yuehua deliberately brewed rose tea and let Gu Xiaochen take it away. And she also baked pine nuts cake early in the morning, intending to enjoy snacks while fishing. The three of them were about to leave the villa, but the housekeeper hurried back and forth, “Master, Madam, Master Lian, Miss Gu”

? Gu Xiaochen didn’t know who this lady Gu was. Looking at the expression of the two old Wu family, it seemed that something was wrong. Look at Wu Helian again, although he is unscathed, but she suddenly feels uneasy, as if something is going to happen. She quietly followed them back to the side hall without asking much. Only when the housekeeper heard “Miss Gu please”, she looked up at the coming person.

Woman with brown curly hair, wearing a pink beige skirt, coat coat in hand. The skin is healthy and wheat-colored, and she will not be too lively when she smiles. She looks skillful and quiet, and is decent. There is not much jewelry on the whole body, but there is a necklace in the neck, pink crystal necklace, which is of great value. She was full of elegance and noble temperament, and she knew from a glance that she was born very well and was well educated.

“Uncle, auntie, how are you?” Gu Qi said softly, glancing at Wu Helian and smiling at him.

Wu Helian had no extra expression, but nodded politely.

Gu Qi was also followed by two entourages. They held many gifts in their hands. “Some small gifts, I hope my uncle and aunt like them.”

“Miss Gu, sit down. Come on, what else to give.” Ji Yuehua hurriedly greeted And told the housekeeper to accept the gift.

Gucci sat down, “Auntie is too polite, just call me Kiki.”

“When will Kiki return to Hong Kong?” Wu Jizong asked in a deep voice.

Gucci replied calmly, “I just came back today, and my father has an oil business in Hong Kong. I will come back with him. He is still entertaining, so let me come to my uncle and aunt to greet me first. I want to be very long Time hasn’t met you, so I’m here, didn’t you bother?”

“No, how can it bother you.” Ji Yuehua responded.

“Is your father’s body okay?”

“Dad is in good health, uncle, is your body okay?”

“People are old, so is their body.” Wu Jizong said sternly, Ji Yuehua echoed Suddenly, “His body recovered very well.”

“I’m relieved.” Gu Qi said without a trace of confusion, Enron said, “There was something before, so I never visited Uncle, please don’t be angry, Uncle.”

“You young People are busy when they have something. This is also a good thing. The busier the better.” Wu Jizong smiled lightly.

“Qiqi, should you drink coffee?” Ji Yuehua thought she was a guest, and she was not indifferent. She hurriedly ordered her maid to make coffee.

Wu Helian interrupted hard and refused to face the old lady very much. “Aunt Hua, we still have to go fishing.”

Although Gu Qi was a little unhappy, she did not show it. “Fishing?”

“Today is the weekend, they Go fishing.” Ji Yuehua smiled embarrassingly and had to ease the atmosphere.

Gucci’s interest came, “I also like fishing, uncle, shall I go with you?”

“Okay, let’s go together!” Wu Jizong did not refuse to see him stand up, Gucci stepped forward immediately Helping and talking, “Uncle, I used to fish when my dad and I used to be on the island. My fishing skills are not bad…” A

soft female voice came from the front until I got into the car. Gu Xiaochen didn’t say anything from beginning to end The last sentence.

Gucci simply rides in an RV with them, making it easy to talk. Looking inadvertently, I glimpsed the hands that Wu Helian and the girl shook hands with each other. She was a little surprised, and then began to look at each other.

Who is she, this girl?

The car stopped in the open space on the far side of the port. On the coast of the port, the sea breeze blows, suitable for a stroll. It was a vast blue sky, connected to the blue sea, and painted into a beautiful picture.

Wu Jizong was at the forefront, eager to meet some old friends.

At the end of the team, Gu Xiaochen, Wu Helian and Gu Qi walked side by side.

Gucci brought a toolbox to the right of Wu Helian, the ground was uneven, plus she wore high heels, she walked naturally unsteady. The heel suddenly fell into a pit. At the same time she whispered, the reflective action grabbed Wu Helian’s wrist beside him, supporting his body and preventing her from falling.

Finally, Gu Qi looked up happily and said, “Lian, thank you.”

Wu Helian looked at her coldly and said nothing.

Gu Xiaochen asked softly, “Miss Gu, are your feet okay?”

“It’s okay.” Gu Qi smiled, still not letting go.

Wu Helian shouted impatiently, “Let go!”

Gu Qili Rong dyed a stunned face, but he gently shook her away, but instead approached Gu Xiaochen’s side, once again not to face a young lady, Shen Sheng said, “She depends on herself It’s none of my business to come over.”

Wu Helian cleared up the relationship in one sentence, which made Gu Qi a little embarrassed and made Gu Xiaochen startled.

Gucci’s eyes moved between them, even more inexplicably confused.

Wu Helian ignored it and directly took Gu Xiaochen’s hand and walked forward, leaving Gu Qi behind.

Gucci looks very beautiful, and her father is the oil king. She is the only daughter in the family. She is deeply loved by her father and is the future heir of Gu. Where ever I was so cold from childhood, anyone who saw her was either flattering or admiring. Now Wu Helian even treated her like this, her Miss Gu Gu’s competitive temperament began to attack, but the more frustrated and courageous.

Gucci was not angry, and silently followed.

Gucci immediately ordered people to get the flat shoes they wore, the Chanel logo on the upper was particularly conspicuous. She changed her high heels, and she stood up, no longer careful. She went to Wu Jizong and greeted the uncles enthusiastically, “Several uncles are good.”

Some of those old friends recognized Gu Qi, and said in surprise, “Aren’t you Gu Qi, the daughter

of the oil king ?” She is the oil king A lot of money?

Everyone’s eyes focused on Gu Qi instantly. Gu Qi generously admitted, “Is Uncle a friend of Dad?”

“My dad and I have a little friendship. I saw you at the banquet last time, but I didn’t have time to talk to you. You are even more beautiful than before!” The man actually had only one connection, but now Gucci is here. If he can climb the oil king, that’s a big deal.

“Miss Gu went fishing with Brother Zong?” Lao Zhanghu questioned.

“Uncle said to come fishing, I just accompanied him. Before, my father and I used to fish often, but my skills were definitely not comparable to those of my uncles.” Gu Qi helped Wu Jizong to get bait, and She skillfully hung the bait on her fishing rod. She smiled and added, “You just call me Kiki.”

Gu Qi’s words made Wu Jizong’s face shine a lot.

A few old friends just talked to me and talked with Gu Qi.

Gu Xiaochen sat on the small bench and turned his head to look around, seeing their happy appearance, and bowed his head secretly. In fact, she doesn’t know much about fishing. Every time she accompanies Wu Jizong here, she doesn’t say much, blows the sea breeze to look at the sea, and occasionally chats a few words. Those uncles are not as good as chatting with Gucci at the moment. joy. She had to admit that Miss Gu was more popular.

But how long did Gucci’s laughter come, it turned out that she caught the fish first.

Everyone praised her, she smiled extraordinarily brightly, and said sweetly, “Today’s luck is good, it must be brought by my uncle.”

Anyone would like to listen to good things, and the old-fashioned Wu Jizong also smiled slightly.

Wu Helian suddenly said, “Chenchen, can you say I can catch a fish bigger than that today?”

“Give you two words-no!” Wu Jizong said coldly, glanced at him, and looked away He swept to Gu Xiaochen and asked, “Xiao Chen, what do you say?”

Gu Xiaochen seemed to be sandwiched between two fathers and sons. He couldn’t think of how to answer. He panicked and said, “I think it’s better to ask that fish.”

Wu Jizong was obviously stunned, and then laughed, “Haha, you let Wu Er go back and ask the fish.”

Gu Xiaochen blushed, Wu Helian ignored someone’s laugh.

Their topic, Gucci, naturally didn’t understand, and after being coldly treated, it was even more unwilling. She walked aside quietly, took out her mobile phone and called.

In such a leisurely afternoon, a cup of afternoon tea is naturally the best choice.

Gu Xiaochen got up alone to get refreshments and warmed up with hot drinks at a nearby shop. It was just that when she carried the snack box and tea kettle back, she found that everyone was already enjoying coffee and cake. What is more exaggerated is that a temporary sun umbrella was put up here, even tables and chairs were moved in, and coffee cups and cutlery are also the specifications of the restaurant.

This is undoubtedly a scenery, but it makes Gu Xiaochen a little lost.

“Uncle, take a look at this flavor of coffee.” Gu Qi sat next to Wu Jizong, pouring the coffee warmly and carefully.

Compared with Gucci’s “big show”, Gu Xiaochen’s refreshments are not worth mentioning.

“Lian, do you also have a cup of coffee?” Gu Qi said while pouring a cup for him.

Wu Helian glanced at her, “Miss Gu, I only drink coffee made by one person.”

Gu Qi’s hands were stiff and his smile stiffened, and he saw him stand up and walk towards the girl with short hair. She pursed her lips displeasurely and smiled quietly, “Uncle, is the coffee good?”

Wu Jizong has not drunk too much coffee, but she is embarrassed to refuse, but has to take a symbolic drink. A bite.

“Uncle, would you like a cheesecake?”

Wu Jizong stared, God knows he hates cheese the most!

Wu Helian walked in front of Gu Xiaochen, reached for her hand, and the two sat back on the bench.

“Aren’t you going to accompany them?” Gu Xiaochen asked softly.

Wu Helian opened the teapot and poured herself a cup of tea. “I don’t like coffee unless you cook it.”

“Will the pine nut cake?” Gu Xiaochen opened the food box, and the baked pine nut cake was fragrant.

Wu Helian nodded, and Gu Xiaochen immediately cut a piece for him. But he didn’t do it, he had to ask her to feed. His reason is also very fair, because there is no third hand to eat cake. Gu Xiaochen was gone, fork a piece of cake to feed him.

Wu Helian suddenly drew close to her, bowed her head and kissed, “I still do my best in the morning.”

Gu Xiaochen looked at him in front of him, suddenly rejoicing, and the slightly depressed mood was suddenly bright. She was not upset about the appearance of this Miss Gu, but it was just such a distinguished young lady with an elegant family, who seemed more popular.

Suddenly, someone’s awkward male voice sounded behind him, “Tea looks good! Cake looks good too!” The

two looked up and turned out to be Wu Jizong!

Wu Helian said “en”, but there was no following.

Gu Xiaochen spoke cautiously, “Uncle Wu, do you want to come a little?”

Wu Jizong just wanted to speak, but was interrupted by Wu Helian, and said nonchalantly, “Chenchen, coffee is his favorite. You Don’t pull him to drink, he will definitely choose to drink coffee.”

“Is it?” Gu Xiaochenhu questioned, her eyes crossed Wu Jizong standing in front, then looked at Wu Helian, and finally wandered between them. . She also knows very little about Wu Jizong’s preferences, and it can be said that it is not very clear. She only knows that the old man likes playing chess and fishing. She frowned in confusion, and said softly, “Is coffee not your favorite?”

Some people used to drink coffee every day, and it was still black coffee.

No sugar or creamer, nothing.

Wu Helian immediately gave her a glance, Gu Xiaochen was so glared at him, thought secretly, and subconsciously understood. Look at Wu Jizong again, standing still and staring at Wu Helian, the stubborn look is really cute. She couldn’t help raising her lips, but she secretly laughed.

How do these two fathers and sons look like?

“Uncle Wu, it’s good to drink tea occasionally, would you like to try it?” Gu Xiaochen shouted again.

Wu Jizong originally wanted to stay, but when Wu Helian said so, it was naturally difficult to live on. He snorted coldly, leaving no more words, and left silently. While walking, secretly nagging: this bastard stink boy! How dare he tear down his steps!

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly got up and Wu Helian did not stop her. She ran to catch up with Wu Jizong in small steps and said with a smile, “Uncle Wu, I made some pine nuts cake today. The pine nuts cake was the first time I made it and I don’t know how it tastes, but Ahe said it was good, did you also taste it?”

Wu Jizong’s eyes looked straight ahead, “Is there still a lot of cakes?”

“Well, yeah, there are many.” Gu Xiaochen thought there were many People, so the cake also made a large portion deliberately, but I didn’t expect the Miss Gu to appear suddenly.

Wu Jizong still stretched his face and said with difficulty, “Then I will try it and save it.”

“Okay.” Gu Xiaochen smiled and helped him walk back to Wu Helian.

The two sat down, Wu Helian raised her eyebrows and asked, “Don’t drink coffee?”

Gu Xiaochen poured a cup of warm tea. Wu Jizong took both hands and asked provocatively, “What’s your business?”

“Uncle Wu, Ahe and you Similarly, I used to love coffee before.” Gu Xiaochen cut the cake and looked down.

Wu Jizong took a sip of fragrant scented tea, and then said, “Why don’t you drink coffee?”

“This is my business.” Wu Helian also dumped such a provocative word and answered his previous question.

Gu Xiaochen saw that their father and son were intolerant, both helpless and amusing. She cut a piece of cake and handed it to Wu Jizong, and said seriously, “Actually, it’s really bad to drink too much coffee, it’s easy to insomnia, and it will be upset. No matter what, even if you like it, you have to eat it in moderation. Drink a cup of coffee in the morning and afternoon That’s all. Uncle Wu’s words, one cup a day.”

“You seem to have a lot of research on coffee?” Wu Jizong asked casually.

“A little bit.” Gu Xiaochen said shyly, and immediately changed the subject, “Try the cake.”

In the past two years in the UK, in addition to her love of astronomy, she also read a lot of books. She once asked William about the harm of cigarettes, and daily books told her the pros and cons of coffee. Now that I think about it, I am afraid that I can’t let it go, even if I can’t accept the possibility of not being together, there is no way I can’t miss him, I hope he can be healthy and safe.

“One more piece.” Wu Jizong finished his meal, and it seemed that he was still not satisfied.

Gu Xiaochen happily took the dinner plate, and Wu Helian kindly reminded, “No matter what, even if you like it,

you need to eat it in moderation.” “You can choose not to eat, I can choose to continue to eat.”

“Chenchen, I want it too.”

” Didn’t you say it was in moderation?”

“You can choose to eat, and I can choose to eat too.” The father and son just stopped for a while, and this started to make trouble again. Gu Xiaochen did not discourage, but just felt that these two people are really too cute. There was a lot of fun here, but Gucci over there. Gucci just went to the bathroom, but I didn’t expect to see the three of them get together as soon as I came back, and they were so happy.

Gucci frowned slightly, thought about it, and walked towards them.

“Huh? What kind of cake is this?”

Gu Xiaochen looked up at her, “Miss Gu, this is Songren cake.”

“Songren cake? I haven’t tried it.” Gu Qi said with a smile, Gu Xiaochen invited, “Miss Gu also tasted it?”

Gu Qi responded and took her small bench between Wu Jizong and Wu Helian. After tasting some cakes, she said lightly, holding a tea cup. “Drinking rose tea should be a glass tea set. Watching the flowers slowly open in the cup. The color changes from transparent green to faint purple. It is also a kind of enjoyment.

” I like to use this kind of cup!” Wu Jizong displeased, but this flower tea was brewed by Mrs. Wu personally, and the teapot and cup were also selected by Mrs. Wu himself. He couldn’t allow others to say bad.

The smile on Gucci’s face receded, a little inexplicably, and even more embarrassing.

The weather was cold in winter, and suddenly there was a strong wind.

“Ah–” At the same time, Gu Xiaochen and Gucci sneezed at the same time.

Wu Helian frowned slightly and asked in a deep voice, “Is it a cold?”

“No, I’m just a little uncomfortable in my nose…” Gu Xiaochen halfway through the speech, Wu Helian walked off his coat, but someone was a step faster than him. Wu Jizong put his coat on Gu Xiaochen’s body. Gu Xiaochen was amazed and didn’t return to his mind, and he started to pack up his tools. “It’s about time, it’s time to go back.”

“It’s cold.” Gu Qi refused to lip her lips, rubbing Said with a small hand.

Wu Jizong put away the fishing rod and shouted in a

deep voice , “Wu Er!” Wu Helian had no choice but to throw his coat to Gu Qi. He approached Gu Xiaochen again and whispered, “What you saw is not what I want to give.” “”

Wu Helian said something, but Gu Xiaochen didn’t hear it. The jacket with body temperature on her body made her feel very warm, and she carefully gripped it, which was the taste in memory.

That’s the taste of dad.

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