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My girl (15): Gait quilt chat

Wu Helian stood up and hugged her. Miracle usually took out the key and opened the door of the house.

Gu Xiaochen was too late to think about how he had the key, and he could only be led into the house in a daze.

The house was vacant for a long time, and no one lived, so there was a cold and strange atmosphere. When the switch is pressed, the light is on. The whole house is very quiet. The old furniture makes the living room look very empty, but it is very clean. There was no dust on the floor, as if someone had cleaned it.

The small room on the second floor was air-conditioned, and the cold air gradually turned warm.

I don’t know if it was because of the cold weather, Gu Xiaochen’s small face looked even paler. She didn’t speak anymore, and her stubborn look made Wu Helian feel distressed.

He took her small face, staring at her empty eyes and urged, “Go for a bath.”

Gu Xiaochen stood up obediently and walked into the bathroom obediently to take a shower.

When she came out of the shower, Wu Helian had already taken a shower in another room, only wearing a bathrobe, and he was sitting by the bed waiting for her.

After taking a hot bath and warming up, Gu Xiaochen recovered his consciousness.

She walked out of the bathroom barefoot and stared at him, “Why do you have the key?”

“Come over.” Wu Helian patted the position beside her, and the other hand took a dry towel. She walked silently to sit next to him, and he gently dried her hair, and said indifferently, “I have bought this house.”

“When did I buy it?”

“Three days ago.”

Wu Helian originally wanted to wait After the interior of the house was renovated, she was pleasantly surprised, but I am afraid it will not work now. What happened suddenly was unexpected and too shocking.

Gu Xiaochen gave an “Oh” sound, looked around and spoke gently.

“This room used to be my bedroom. When I went to bed at night, my father told me stories. I listened to many stories and I especially like “The Queen of Ice and Snow.” My dad also said that everyone is the Queen of Snow and everyone. Looking for my own Gye. My mother heard it and she told me that I would also find my Gye.”

“Dad works very busy every day, but when he comes back from work, he will play with me. My mother will give I cook well. I still remember my mother knitted a white sweater for me. The next day I wore a new sweater to go to school. The children were envious. I wore that sweater for a long time, but I grew up and couldn’t When she wore it, her mother took off her wool and hit a pair of slippers…”

She said the past, and Wu Helian listened quietly.

I dried her hair and helped her to lie down, but she still murmured, “After myopia, my mother bought glasses for me, and she told me I can’t take off my glasses. Dad said, I really love someone, I don’t care about that person’s appearance. No matter if she looks ugly, still beautiful, or ordinary. I think my dad makes sense and promises that my mom won’t pick it up.”

“But when the mom left, she said no Against us, she said that when she was gone, let me put my glasses on…”

Gu Xiaochen pinched the corner and looked at the ceiling in a loss, “She didn’t finish, she just left.”

“She wanted to tell you , When she is gone, you take off your glasses.” Wu Helian said with a deep voice.

Gu Xiaochen only felt sore and unstoppable, closed his eyes and did not want to cry.

Wu Helian covered her with a quilt. “Sleep.”

Gu Xiaochen hesitatedly reached out and gently held his hand, but he choked with a voice, “Ahe, will you sleep with me.”

How could Wu Helian refuse this? She, he lifted the quilt and got into it.

Turn off the light, a quilt is covered in the darkness.

His big hand held her small hand, but there was no deviance.

Suddenly weeping, he knew she was crying secretly, and pulled her over her, holding her in his arms and warming. The chest felt slightly moist and seemed to taste salty.

He lowered his head to kiss her forehead, stroked her back, and gave her all the strength. And she no longer cried, hugged him back timidly, buried him deeply in his chest, like finding a small boat in the harbor, and no longer had to search for wandering.

Her body was soft and fragrant, which made him unable to control himself. He said hoarsely, “Morning, don’t hug so tightly.”

“Why.” Her voice was still dull.

“I’ll react.” He confessed directly and made her stunned for a moment, then blushed.

Gu Xiaochen really let go of his hand, but he was still entangled with his fingers. She seemed afraid of him leaving, but more afraid of that lie. After lying quietly for a long time like this, the uneasy heart gradually subsided, but he heard his low male voice slowly ringing, “Actually, I am very glad that if it were not for her, we would not come together.”

Gu Xiaochen looked at the window . Dim and

shimmering , “If… if I didn’t ask for you, wouldn’t we come together?” Wu Helian recalled that year, her initial impression should be a sudden event at the press conference.

But the memory skipped this paragraph and moved on.

That was Wu’s recruitment of five clerks. Nearly a thousand people submitted relevant resumes. The personnel department selected one hundred people to participate in the written test. Only the top ten were eligible to participate in the interview. Because he wanted to cultivate suitable candidates himself, he observed in secret during the interview. Through the camera, he watched the ten people interview one by one, and finally saw her.

Suddenly she looked up and looked at the camera, looking straight at him, as if to see his spy, as if she did not find it, but she smiled at him without warning, his heart was startled, and she only Answer questions calmly.

She is the only one who looks most pleasing to him.

Not too positive, clear eyes, and not too many Ayutthaya.

Just such a girl, he did not think she was competent.

Wu Helian slightly shook her hand hard, “You are attractive to me, long before this.”

“When exactly is it?” Gu Xiaochen asked curiously, turning to him sideways.

He didn’t want to answer. She couldn’t help but asked again, “Is it too early?”

He said quietly , “Early.”


“Is it earlier than I like you?” Gu Xiaochen asked again, the answer he had never got before At this moment, she still wants to know.

Wu Helian also turned sideways, staring at her beautiful eyes through the dim sky. Pride is like him, pride is like him, and finally nods at this moment, generously admits that he likes earlier than her. Only then did I realize that this is not a difficult matter.

“You said before that you don’t like children.”

“Fake.” The

sad feeling had suddenly disappeared. Gu Xiaochen hid himself in his heart for a long time. He always wanted to ask but never asked. Ask thoroughly this evening.

“So do you like children?”

“Well, I want to have our own children.”

“Why did you always say not to get married?”

“I couldn’t forget that car accident. People like me shouldn’t get married, let alone It deserves happiness.”

Gu Xiaochen heard him say this, and then he realized that the unknown was buried deep in his heart. His body approached him, leaning his head against his chest, his heartbeat was vigorous and powerful. For a moment of silence, she spoke cautiously, which was probably the deepest thorn in her heart, and she dared not touch it. Her breath was still for a moment, quietly waiting for his response, “Do you really want to take revenge on me after the incident of your sister?”

” Ca n’t help it.” His voice grew deeper, “I can’t help but want to Close to you.”

“No matter what happens, you can’t help it?”


“If I don’t divorce, would you be able to bear it?”

“If you are doing well, then I might be able to hold back. But as long as you find that you are not doing well, I will definitely take it at all costs. You grab it.”

“Then I wouldn’t be emotional if I had been married for decades, so would you?”

“As long as you don’t dislike me old.” He said meaninglessly.

Gu Xiaochen shook her head contentedly, and all the pimples in her heart were finally relieved. She whispered in his ear, “Ahe, me and Dr. William are not what you think. Please don’t ask me why, but you must also believe Me.”

Wu Helian hugged her tightly, a sudden burst of rejoicing.

Suddenly, his forbearing male voice said dumbly, “Chenchen, don’t you sleep?”

“A little sleepy.”

“Then don’t hug so tightly.” He was punished, and she was embarrassed.

Gu Xiaochen had no choice but to move some distance, not to have so close contact with him. But the hot temperature on his body made her feel clearly. She suddenly remembered Wu Haoyang’s words. She was really curious. “Ahe, can I ask another question?”

“Ask.” Anyway, Wu Helian is patient. Said.

“Um… that…” Gu Xiaochen shouted and asked for the first time so boldly, “Did you really not have that in two years?”

“What do you want to know?” Wu Helian said angrily.

It turned out to be true! Gu Xiaochen opened his eyes and asked again, “Will that be sad?”

“What do you say?” He asked in a deep voice .

“How do you solve it when you are sad?”

“Chenchen!” Wu Helian frowned.

“Then I will not ask! But, I am really curious!” Gu Xiaochen murmured.

Wu Helian whispered, “I still go to sleep next door.”

“But you promised me to sleep with me.” She held him and let him go.

Wu Helian simply turned her back, her fragrance was too sultry, making him almost out of control. Close your eyes, but you can’t sleep. Suddenly itchy on the back, making him feel very uncomfortable, more like tempting to inspire him. He turned to face her and grabbed her naughty little hand. “You are playing with fire.”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t speak with her lips pressed, her slender fingers stretched out, touching his chest.

Hot skin, her fingertips stroked on his chest, slowly writing something.

A deep ray of light flashed through his eyes, and his depressed emotions suddenly flooded, and he could no longer be restrained, turning over and pressing her under him. Hot eyes, staring at her tenderly, she smiled shyly under him, slowly stretched out his hands to encircle his neck, he lowered his head, pecked her lips, then pried open her The lips, kissing softly, are getting wilder.

A long, breathy kiss made Gu Xiaochen breathe again and again.

It hasn’t been warm for more than two years, but he is still familiar with her body and more obsessed. He uses lips and tongue to describe everything about her, the sexy clavicle, the small and exquisite twin peaks, and the sensitive area of her slim waist. His delicate and slow kiss, she could not bear it.

After a long period of teasing, Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help shaking his body. The temperature of the skin was indistinguishable, who burned each other, and the quilt was gradually drawn to his waist, and his sweat was contaminated. Her trembling body made him palpitate, whispering her name in a low voice, he slowly submerged into her body and filled her all.

It was just that the suffocation actually wrapped him up like before.

She felt slightly uncomfortable and put a little pressure on his hand, which made him a little tight. He sensed her reaction and gently supported her hips, allowing her to adapt to his entry.

He moved until she relaxed.

Not so fierce, he walked in and out slowly and slowly. His smooth skin was covered with a layer of dense sweat, sticking to the lines of her body, constantly kissing her, and a little trace of the marks belonging to him Wu Helian, which belonged to him woman.

The slower and gentler he was, the more tortured, and she moaned uncomfortably like a cat. He bit her lower lip and hooked her wet lilac tongue for a while, she was blocked by her and she couldn’t breathe , The body began to struggle, making him more energetic.

She shouted his name for mercy vaguely, “Ahhh…”

He let go of her mouth, breathing heavily, his body still going in and out, stroking her chest with a big hand, biting her ear and said , “Want to know, what did I do when I was sad?”

“I dream about your body, your soft chest, your thin legs sandwiching my waist, and the warm and moist…” Listen His hoarse male voice, those words make Gu Xiaochen blush. She hurriedly reached out to cover his mouth, not to let him continue, but he protruded his tongue, and the tip of the tongue licked gently on her palm. The wet and slippery feeling made her close her hand, he continued to speak explicit words, she couldn’t think of any way to interrupt, so he kissed his lips.

He seemed to wait for a long time, and immediately reversed from passive to active, and kissed her again.

“You’re horny, I don’t want to listen.” Gu Xiaochen gasped, his voice intermittent.

“Yeah, I’m pretty, I only look at you.” Wu Helian admitted frankly, holding her waist with her big hand, gently sending her upwards, raising her body a little higher, and then pushing it in when it fell Her body, this sudden heavy blow made her scream, and then it became moaning.

He repeated this movement constantly, and the stimulating pleasure overwhelmed her, and she could not bear it again. “Ah, slow down.”

He pinched her chin and kissed her lips, first gently licking and tasting With her sweetness, she felt that it was not enough, and how to taste it too. He bit her lips, making her open her mouth unconsciously, sticking out a small tongue and protruding into his mouth, learning to bite and lick him, making him more crazy.

“Chenchen.” he shouted.

“Well?” she whispered charmingly.

He was still pumping in her body, tempting her to sink, “Let’s have a baby.”

“Boy, or girl?” Her thoughts were blank, and he had been drawn by him.

“Whether it’s a boy or a girl, I like it. Let’s have one?” Wu Helian worked even harder. “I’ll think about the name.”

“What’s it?”

“If it’s a girl, it’s called Yingxue. She must be like you.” It’s the same, white and beautiful. If it’s a boy, it’s called Xiu Yu.” Wu Helian said enthusiastically, “The first sister-in-law was pregnant, and later it was a boy. The eldest brother took two names, one was Siyuan and the other was Xiuyu. ” Yue Xue

, Xiu Yu…

He suddenly stood up, Gu Xiaochen felt a sudden warmth in his body, he was still repeating “We have one”, she nodded dizzyly.

Wu Helian also fell to her and hugged her tightly.

In the night after the light rain, he was gentle and crazy, making her reach the extreme joy.

The golden sunlight of the early morning spilled into the room, and he saw her pink skin, with traces of his love. He looked up at her underneath, but found that she had fallen asleep, snoring cute, and he finally hugged her and fell asleep.

Gu Xiaochen went missing all night!

Wu Helian also disappeared overnight!

The two portraits suddenly evaporate in the world, which can violently Lin Zhengfeng.

Sleepless all night, he couldn’t sleep.

In the early morning, Wu Helian’s cell phone had been turned off, and it is now 1 pm the next day.

Not only was Gu Xiaochen missing, but even he was missing.

Gu Xiaochen already knew the truth, but could she still accept it? He could hardly imagine that when she knew that her biological mother, Ding Shuchen, had died in a psychiatric hospital, her adoptive mother, Lin Fen, had to exchange the two of them for her daughter. How should she bear the pain?

Yu Mei told him that Gu Xiaochen loved her father and mother very much.

That kind of love is very deep.

Lin Zhengfeng was in a difficult situation and had to go to the Wu family to see the situation. He had just left, but he ran into Lin Lan in the corridor. Lin Lan wearing a very homely cotton skirt, completely just a baby, she said happily, “Daddy, I listen to my mother, re-elected pieces of celebrity paintings, you take a look?”

“Dad a little something, come back to look at. Lin Zhengfeng couldn’t hide his anxiety, he hurriedly hurriedly ran into the elevator.

Lin Lan’s small face, which was still cheerful, subsided instantly, watching the elevator door close, and she walked back to the suite with some loss. Su Hong was originally in her suite. She was pulled to appreciate the famous painting. When she saw her head turned back, she didn’t say much.

Lin Lan approached her and said lonely, “Dad doesn’t seem to like me as much as he used to.”

Former Lin Zhengfeng, as long as she spoke, even if it was an important meeting, he would immediately leave her behind. But since flying to Hong Kong, he seems to have changed. Not only is she always distracted, but she is not so patient and careful in listening to her. Although he was still precious to her, she was able to perceive the subtle changes.

Su Hong looked at Lin Lan’s sad expression and was dazed.

The Wu family at this time was very lively.

Wu Jizong was discharged yesterday. Mother Yao also flew to Hong Kong in the morning. Yao Yongxin accompanied her to the Wu family.

Wu Haoyang was originally working in the company, but actually took the lunch break home. Mother Yao and Wu Haoyang are naturally acquainted, and there is no point in meeting each other. Wu Haoyang’s coaxing skills are first-class, “Mother Yao, how are you getting younger and younger? You and my mother can just shoot the young and old. Advertisement.”

“Hao Yang, come and come, you sit next to me.” Mother Yao shouted enthusiastically, and Ji Yuehua shook her head with a smile, but it was also the same.

Everyone was amused by Wu Haoyang’s living treasure, and even the old-fashioned Wu Jizong laughed from time to time.

Only Yao Yongxin sat quietly.

She didn’t talk much, and she looked so docile and docile, and occasionally she showed a very shallow and light smile, but she wasn’t really happy.

Wu Haoyang glanced at her quietly, seeing her like this, and his smile disappeared faintly.

Wu Haoyang finds that she is no longer the Yao Yongxin that she is familiar with. She always feels that she is like a floating cloud, like she will float away. Many times, his eyes will always show her look from time to time. After that love, when they argue, she shows such a hurt and sad look, making him feel depressed.

“Master, Madam, Mr. Lin is here.” The butler hurried back and forth.

Lin Zhengfeng approached calmly and greeted everyone. He didn’t see the two disappeared people, and then looked at Wu Jizong, “Wu Ge, I want to talk to you about something.”

“We go to the study.” Get up and go away with Lin Zhengfeng.

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