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My girl (16) Will you marry me?

came to the study. The two sat in silence. Lin Zhengfeng asked, “Have Wu Er and Xiao Chen not been here yet?”

“I was discharged yesterday morning, and Xiao Chen wanted to pick me up, But she didn’t come. Later, Yue Hua called her, she didn’t answer, and called Wu Er again, he said that something was temporarily delayed.” Wu Jizong said slowly, and asked, “Are you having trouble with them?” “

Lin Zhengfeng smiled. “It’s really something.”

“If you go to Beigang to see, the kid is likely to take Xiaochen to go fishing. I told him that if he couldn’t catch a fish bigger than mine, He will not be allowed to marry his wife.” Wu Jizong raised his mouth, and the arc was indeed a bit cunning.

Lin Zhengfeng gently took the teacup, “Brother Wu, do you mean you accepted Wu Er and Xiao Chen?”

“She is worth 1.5 billion.” Wu Jizong said quietly, but she didn’t pay too much attention to the 1.5 billion. After moving out the original words he said before, he was quite proud. “But a girl like her can assist Wu Er outside, and can take care of life, career and family

inside .” Lin Zhengfeng saw it Out, Wu Jizong really liked Gu Xiaochen to accept her. He put the tea cup down and looked straight, “Brother Wu, I am relieved if you have this sentence.”

Wu Jizong was unclear, so he heard him tremble and said, “Xiao Chen, she is my daughter.”

Lin Zhengfeng One sentence shocked Wu Jizong, and he whispered everything that had happened in the past, and blamed himself extremely.

Wu Jizong listened silently and was equally shocked.

Gu Xiaochen turned out to be Lin Zhengfeng’s biological daughter, but Lin Lan was not!

Wu Jizong sighed, “Xiaolan is not wrong, just suffering from Xiaochen’s child.”

“Boom—” Someone knocked on the door.

Wu Helian hugged Gu Xiaochen and walked into the study room. Wu Jizong looked up and said, “You are here.” Lin Zhengfeng turned his head violently and looked at the two people who disappeared overnight. This time was excited and anxious again, and his eyes finally stayed in Gu Xiaochen On his body, he stood up involuntarily.

The father and son immediately left the study room for them to be alone, Lin Zhengfeng shouted, “Xiao Chen.”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t know what it was like, but it was sour and unstoppable. After a long silence, he said softly, “Mr. Lin, I’m sorry. I suddenly knew that you are my biological father. I really can’t accept it. In my heart, my father is only Gu Qing.”

“If it wasn’t for Lin Fen to take you When I lost my package with Lin Lan, I wouldn’t…”

“Please don’t say that!” Gu Xiaochen interrupted hardly, calming his emotions, and said lightly, “She raised me up!” “

Xiaochen, you give Dad a chance to compensate you for loving you!” Lin Zhengfeng persuaded hard.

“Why did my biological mother die in a psychiatric hospital in the end? What did you do to her? You want a chance, who will give her a chance? The truth is that you gave up my mother and me first, what qualifications do you have for me to recognize you now? “Gu Xiaochen shook his head and his eyes were red,” “Mr. Lin, you are really too selfish.”

“You… hate me?” Lin Zhengfeng shivered.

“I don’t hate you, I thank you for letting me be born into this world. Now I just want to live a quiet life, so please don’t disturb me.” Gu Xiaochen choked back and left before turning around, Lin Zhengfeng shouted , “Xiao Chen, it’s Dad I’m sorry for you.”

“Sorry these three words, you should say to Mom.” Gu Xiaochen opened the door and walked away.

Wu Helian had been waiting at the end of the corridor, watching her coming from afar, he immediately stepped forward to hug her.

“I’m fine.” Gu Xiaochen took a deep breath, although she was sad, but she didn’t cry.

In the back garden, Mrs. Wu is talking to mother Yao about her children’s anecdotes, feeling the time passing by.

This said, it is natural to talk about lifelong events.

“Brother Wu, sister-in-law, that Mr. Lin was the father of Miss Lin just now? When will Hao Yang plan to get married?”

“It’s time to ask him.” Ji Yuehua asked the party, Wu Hao Yang said seriously, “Two My brother hasn’t gotten married yet. My brother is not the first to take the lead.”

Yao mother asked again, “Is Lian going to get married?”

“They should be soon.” Ji Yuehua said happily, “The girl named Gu Xiaochen is very clever and sensible. It’s the same as Yongxin.”

Yao mother sighed and shook her head. “Time passes really fast. Lian and Haoyang both belong, but our family is still alone.”

Yao Yongxin, who has not spoken, suddenly said a simple sentence. Wu Haoyang’s chest tightness, “Mom, I have a boyfriend.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Mother Yao was surprised, her baby girl never mentioned it.

Yao Yongxin nodded and smiled, “Well.”

“Mother Yao has never seen or agreed, how could he be a boyfriend!” Wu Haoyang said coldly, with a sharp tone.

“Then make an appointment to meet your mother.” Mother Yao said with a smile.

Ji Yuehua turned his head to look at Wu Haoyang, but saw him sinking in a handsome face. And he stared at Yao Yongxin, his eyes were scary.

“Maybe I will get married earlier than Lian.” Yao Yongxin directly ignored someone’s attention.

“Really?” A low male voice suddenly sounded, and Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen walked around. Everyone was still in shock. Wu Helian stepped closer and said indifferently, “Then see who gets married earlier.”

Wu Haoyang gritted his teeth for a while . Wasn’t this a provocation?

“Aunt Yao, she is Gu Xiaochen, my future wife.” Wu Helian made an introduction, and Gu Xiaochen shouted cautiously, “Aunt Yao is good.”

“Good, when you get married, your aunt will give you a big red envelope.”

“Lian, Xiaochen, are you getting married?”

“Gu Xiaochen, did you agree to marry my second brother so easily?”

Everyone was talkative. Gu Xiaochen was more embarrassed and had to smile shyly. Wu Helian turned her head to look at her, raised the decibel, and suddenly said, “Gu Xiaochen, will you marry me?”

“Gu Xiaochen! If you agree so easily, you are too low!”

“Lian, there is no diamond ring nor flowers, yours It seems that there is no sincerity to propose!”

“The fish haven’t caught it yet, hum!”

“It seems that I have to choose a good day.”

Everyone was talkative again, Wu Helian suddenly had a headache, why are they all gloating?

It’s not easy to marry a wife this year!

Wu Helian has deeply understood the meaning of this sentence recently, and the marriage proposal journey can be said to be continuous.

Because the previous proposal was too casual, Wu Helian was well prepared this time. He was wearing a suit and tie, holding a bouquet of roses, and specially selected a diamond ring to find Gu Xiaochen. As soon as the apartment door opened, he had been expecting him before he saw Gu Xiaochen. He was blocked by two women, Yu Mei and Yao Yongxin, and he was not allowed to enter at all, and they were completely ridiculed by these two women.

“Who is Mr. Wu looking for?” Yu Mei’s female voice was exceptionally changed a thousand times.

“Mei, Mr. Wu of course came to Xiaochen.” Yao Yongxin answered with a smile.

“What does Mr. Wu look for Xiaochen to do?”

“It seems to come to propose.”

“Oh, white shirt is not very festive. Besides, Mr. Wu’s expression is too gentle and affectionate.”

“Now, diamond rings are not popular anymore, roses The flowers are a bit tacky.”

“Mr. Wu would go back and think about it, don’t give it away.”


Yu Mei and Yao Yong have an amazing tacit understanding. You fit me perfectly with a single word. Without waiting for Wu Helian to open her mouth, she threw the door directly and left him outside. Gu Xiaochen sat in the living room watching TV, shook his head helplessly and smiled, obviously the two sisters could not do anything.

“Mei, did you see that Lian’s face is green.”

“It’s more than green, I look purple.”

“You just said that his expression was not tender and affectionate, and his eyes seemed to kill you.”

“Ying Xin, I’m very timid, I’m so scared.”

Yu Mei and Yao Yongxin sat lazily next to Gu Xiaochen and discussed with great interest. The two women met each other and hated each other. The United Front pointed at Wu Helian unanimously. They just found many reasons to reject Gu Xiaochen, and they were still happy.

Who’s cell phone rang suddenly, Yao Yongxin glanced at it, and refused to accept it, Yu Mei made a sentence, “Your suitor?”

“My boss.”

“You also hang up the boss’s phone?”

” I have taken annual leave, and now I am taking a break, so I have the right not to answer the call from my boss.” Yao Yongxin answered very officially.

In this car, Yao Yongxin had just hung up someone’s phone, Gu Xiaochen’s cell phone rang again, and she answered the phone, and heard someone shouting “Let Yao Yongxin listen” over the phone. Gu Xiaochen returned a word “OK”. The mobile phone was handed to Yao Yongxin, and he said in amusement, “Your boss called.”

Yao Yongxin took the phone, pressed again to hang up, and even pulled his number to the blacklist, “This is clean.”

“You are ruthless enough !” “Yu Mei gave her thumbs up, admiring her.”

The two women had another enthusiastic discussion. Yao Yongxin looked at the time, and then said goodbye, “I will take a step first, Mei, Xiaochen, see you tomorrow afternoon.”

Yao Yongxin actually asked Yao mother, but she just walked out of the community. Head-on, I saw Wu Haoyang hurried towards her in a stride. She was not surprised, facing calmly.

“Why are you hanging my phone?” Wu Haoyang rushed to her, Shen Sheng asked.

“Oh, one accidentally pressed the wrong one.” Yao Yongxin said casually, his tone light.

Wu Haoyang ran after her again, “I was careless once and twice carelessly?”

“Well, then I did it on purpose.” Yao Yongxin was too lazy to find a reason.

“Don’t the diamond ring become popular? Roses are vulgar? Did you say that? Who said there is no sincerity for a marriage proposal without a diamond ring and flowers?” Wu Haoyang followed her all the way to the roadside sports car, knowing that he ordered the flowers Yes, he chose Wu Helian to pick the diamond ring.

Yao Yongxin opened the car door and sat in, just about to close the door, but he was arrogantly stopped, “I’m in a hurry.”

“What time is it? Who did you make an appointment with?”

“My mother.” Yao Yongxin pushed him away and closed the door. Step on the accelerator.

Wu Haoyang was a little unbelieving. The woman now completely ignored his existence. Asking for this kind of thing was directly directed to the old man. He even had to ask her assistant to know that she was really arrogant. He complained angrily and immediately got on his car and immediately caught up with her.

Following all the way, Yao Yongxin’s car drove back to the building where he lived.

Wu Haoyang sat in the car and watched Yao Yongxin pick up Yao’s mother, then he was relieved. And he continued to follow, intending to come by accident.

Yao Yongxin took Yao’s mother to a large shopping mall. The two were just about to enter the revolving door. Wu Haoyang came in person and shouted with surprise, “Mother Yao?”

” Haoyang ? Why are you here?”

“I just passed by, Do you buy things?”

“I and Yongxin came over to shop.”

“It’s just fine in the afternoon, I’ll accompany Mom Yao.” Wu Haoyang said well, and Mom Yao accepted.

This is good, Wu Haoyang led Mother Yao all the way, patiently accompanied her to the shopping mall, chose a few sets of clothes, and praised Mother Yao very happy. Yao Yongxin didn’t react very much, and it seemed that he was used to playing treasure. He just allowed people to go to heaven at once, and then he fell into hell.

After buying clothes and going to the cafe for afternoon tea, Mother Yao said, “Yongxin, don’t you have a boyfriend? My mom wants to meet him tomorrow afternoon.”

Yao Yongxin smiled slightly, “Mom, I asked Xiaochen tomorrow afternoon. He Mei, and he is not in Hong Kong. When he comes back, I will take him to see my mother.”

“That’s good, there is a chance anyway.” Mother Yao was looking forward.

It turns out that the policeman is not in Hong Kong!

Wu Haoyang took a sip of coffee and asked Shen Sheng, “What are you going to do tomorrow? Is it also a shopping mall? Do you want me to give you something?”

“The company should be very busy.” Yao Yong smiled politely and reminded softly.

Wu Haoyang is secretly unhappy, these three women are almost perfect together!

N days later, after the 101st failed marriage proposal, Wu Helian had a terrible headache.

So he decided to move the rescuers to help. Wu Haoyang was brought in by him. He even went out and posted a post in the BBS irrigation area of the University of Hong Kong asking for rescue. The students of the school have been on vacation for a long time, but upon seeing this post, they responded one after another, claiming to give their full support, and made a lot of tricks.

Combat unified slogan: Senior Lian will not marry his daughter-in-law, we will never give up!

… the

day before, Gu Xiaochen received a message from Wu Helian.

At 1 pm the next day, the three women went to the Landmark on time.

Walking on the road, they seem to be three beautiful and unique scenery lines, which are particularly eye-catching, but the three of them are unaware. Standing in the Landmark for five minutes, Yu Mei couldn’t help complaining, “What the hell is he doing, why didn’t he show up?”

At this time, a cute little boy ran to three people and handed a pink letterhead, “Three beautiful sisters, an older brother asked me to give this letter to sister

Xiaochen .” Gu Xiaochen took the envelope in surprise. The little boy immediately turned and ran away.

I saw a few big characters on the stationery-see you at the Hong Kong University Library.

“Mei, does he count our pigeons?” Yao Yongxin smiled, and Yu Mei responded, “I think he is fooling us!” The

three of them moved to the University of Hong Kong again.

The school should be on holiday now, but the miracle is that as soon as they entered the school, the school rushed towards them, smiling and sending a pink letterhead again.

“What is this?” Yu Mei couldn’t understand it.

Gu Xiaochen looked at the letter paper while moving forward to the front library. After a few steps, Yao Yongxin said, “Here comes another letter.”

He wrote it with his own hands, drawing one stroke at a time with extra care.

“Decorate a study room with a large walled bookcase and slowly fill it with you.

Go flying kites together every spring. I

often hug you and want you to hug.

Wake you up every morning or be You wake up.

Maintain physical contact with you when walking on the street, whether it is holding hands or holding your arms, or you are holding your shoulders, embracing your waist, in short, they will not be separated from you.

Take me any time you need Reach out to you.

As long as you are at home, I don’t need a key to open the door, I just ring the doorbell, and I want you to open it for me.

We are going to watch the sunrise on the same day, and then watch the sunset.

Watching our children together Big


Every few meters from the school gate to the library, Gu Xiaochen received a letter from him. As they walked all the way, they received letterhead all the way. At first Yu Mei and Yao Yongxin also shouted words like “Can’t stand”, “Too nauseous”, but they were moved when they saw it.

Finally came to the library, a white figure ran out of the library.

“Isn’t that a lot?” Yao Yong said with surprise.

Duoduo was also specially dressed, with a cute pink bow tied around his neck, and it ran to the three of them with a flip-flop, with a pink letterhead in his mouth. Duoduo ran squatted down in front of Gu Xiaochen, a pair of dark eyes staring at her.

The 101st letterhead reads, “Although none of these 100 things were figured out by me, they were all I wanted to do with you. I counted them, and there are at least 80. Yes, we have done it for a lifetime, and do it slowly. If you have a dip, then please find that “Midsummer Night” and let me tell you the reason why we should be together.”

Gu Xiaochen quickly took the letterhead Run into the library and look for it on the sixth floor of the library.

At a glance, that book is particularly eye-catching.

There was a red string in the middle of the pages, what seemed to be hanging.

The end of the rope hangs in the air and swings with the breeze.

Gu Xiaochen approached the book and took it off the shelf. There seemed to be something hidden in the middle of the book, and the red rope just separated the gap. She opened it gently, and there was a ring in the pages of the book. He had taken it from her neck arbitrarily. Now it suddenly appeared again. The silver ring was bought for her in Paris.

She held it carefully, like a precious baby.

On the eighteenth line, the red pen is the trace she drew.

It’s just that there is a small line beside the line, “The sixth hall is still there.”

Gu Xiaochen can still remember the night when the fireworks were in full bloom, and he can still remember how he was madly searching for this hall. If you say something, you will wait like a fool. She ran from the library to the hall again, holding the silver ring in her hand.

The main hall of the synagogue, full of school students, can be said to be fully seated. Yao Yongxin and Yu Mei have already arrived, and they are also sitting in the auditorium.

And Wu Haoyang stood at the door, as if welcoming. Seeing Gu Xiaochen coming, he immediately raised his hand.

The door was closed, and the curtains all fell in a moment, and the main hall was dark.

But a beam of light hit the center of the stage.

An ivory piano, a handsome man in a charming dress sitting on the piano chair. Black hair, slender fingers, and golden lights gave him a faint glow around his body, and rhyme dyed countless flashing apertures. He was amazingly handsome, like a beautiful picture.

Suddenly, the piano sounds ding dong dong.

Who started to sing, the low male voice, indifferent, gentle, magnetic, quiet, distant, slowly hovering.

“How many crossings

I have heard, how many sighs I’m serious about, you don’t know what to do.

I think anyone will be

fortunate to be able to share your worries.

Can you be closer? Can you be closer?

Satisfy the little vanity in my heart.

In fact, you don’t know that the most beautiful thing in my heart is

like the rainbow in the sky after the storm.

If you don’t know where to go tomorrow,

just stay with me and be my wife. Okay,

I’m not wide enough. Your arms will be your warmth. Embrace

if you are tired of the wind and rain outside

Just stay by my side and be my wife, okay,

I will bear your occasional little temper,

maybe I can give you a little surprise,

a simple and safe little nest to

accompany you, sunrise, sunset, and old…”

Wu Helianjing

Played quietly, chanted quietly, and there was silence around him . Gu Xiaochen was pushed onto the stage, and he slowly looked up. That kind of gaze would make people intoxicated, and suddenly smiled, singing and asking, “If you are tired of the wind and rain outside , Just stay with me and be my wife, OK? “

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