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My girl (17): Love can’t wake up

piano sound gradually stopped, and the low-pitched male voice slowly dissipated. Wu Helian’s hands still maintained that posture, her joint fingers, lightly pressing the keyboard, and she didn’t let go. He stared at the person standing in front of her, she stared at him in a dumbfounded silence. She hadn’t spoken for a long time, but just stared at him like this without saying a word.

Wu Helian was never so nervous, waiting patiently for her answer.

“Promise him! Promise him! Promise him!”

“Sister, you’ll soon be from Lian Senior!”

“Lian Senior is a 30-year-old man. You pity him to marry him!” I

don’t know which one Huobao shouted the last sentence, everyone burst into laughter and made a mess in the hall.

Yao Yongxin and Yu Mei who were sitting in the auditorium were also amused. Yu Mei stood up and shouted, “Why don’t you say those three words when you play the piano?”

Yao Yongxin immediately echoed and joined Yu Mei. Sing, “Yeah, do you have to say the three most important words?”

“Say! Say! Say!” The students were taken by them all at once and started to coax.

The shouts in the synagogue waved higher than wave, and some were beyond control.

In the back corner, Wu Haoyang frowned.

Those one hundred and one letters, one hundred things to be done together, these are all students have come up with. As for the song, the students carefully selected it. When he first saw these ideas, Wu Helian scoffed.

He patted him on the shoulder and threw him the sentence “want to get married if you want to get married”.

Wu Helian was silent for a while, and then nodded.

The idea of letterhead was practicable, but the singing was just like his life.

In Wu Haoyang’s memory, Wu Helian never sang a song. Even if the school must sing school songs, he is also the type that will never speak.

Wu Haoyang had an idea in his heart. Apart from thinking that he would accept the company in his entirety, he also wanted to see him sing.

In fact, it really feels very funny and funny, he is such an indifferent person, even to do such a romantic thing, really embarrassed him. This time the letterhead was also written, the piano was played, and the song was sung, and now he was asked to confess those three words in front of so many people, which seemed to exceed his bottom line.

I’m afraid he won’t say it!

Wu Haoyang was really anxious for him and secretly gritted his teeth: Can these two women stop?

In the middle of the stage, Wu Helian still sitting on the piano chair froze a handsome face. He withdrew his hand and moved slowly, but he was very elegant.

Suddenly, the index finger pressed a key, and a “boom–” sounded.

The tumultuous hall was quiet for a moment.

The students were breathless and stared at the two of them on the stage with countless eyes.

Wuhe Lian look indifferent restored, but eyes bathed with gentle affection can not be aware of his light sentence, handed breathtaking, like an arrow people anticipated, “do not have to marry to marry!”

The crowd stunned!

This good marriage proposal turned out to be forced marriage in the end!

Gu Xiaochen, who had not spoken for a long time, chuckled aloud, and her smile was irresistible, and the atmosphere quickly reversed. She pinched the ring in her finger and put it on her ring finger. She didn’t say much, just smiled at him and nodded gently.

Wu Helian finally stood up and walked straight towards her. As she walked past her, she reached out and took her hand and walked off the stage dashingly. Through the dark corridor, the door was suddenly opened by someone, the bright and dazzling light, the cheers and applause of students sounded behind him, holding hands and leaving happily.

The students were equally content, proud and proud, and came out one after another.

After treating others almost, Yu Mei and Yao Yongxin left. As soon as the two reached the door, they were stopped by a man. Wu Haoyang only wore a thin shirt, and the suit didn’t know where he was thrown. He stared at Yao Yongxin, his eyes were bright, how could Yu Mei not see the situation, and immediately flashed people, “Ah, I remembered , I also made an appointment.”

Yao Yongxin sighed at this woman’s speed, looked up at the door god in front of him, “please give it up.”

Thinking what he would say, Wu Haoyang turned sideways to make his debut, and Shen Sheng spit out a family The address of the restaurant dropped a sentence, “Tomorrow at six o’clock, the primary school students will meet, and the head teacher will also come.”

Yao Yongxin was always in the same class as Wu Haoyang when he was in elementary school.

At that time, Yao Yongxin was always the first in the first grade of the class, and Wu Haoyang could not test her anyway. But later, Yao Yongxin jumped directly, and he was a year higher than him, and went to a class with Wu Helian and Yan Xudong. The three always go out and go together, naturally becoming an intimate “three group.”

A rare gathering of classmates, plus the arrival of the teacher in chief, Yao Yongxin was naturally embarrassed to shy away.

So Yao Yongxin arrived as scheduled.

“Is this Yao Yongxin in our class?”

“Yes, she is Yao Yongxin!”

“Yao Yongxin! Are you too late?”

The men and women of the restaurant’s large private room had already arrived. At that time, everyone was just a child, but he was full-length in a blink of an eye. Yao Yongxin was immediately surrounded by everyone, and repeatedly apologized for being late, then laughed and chatted about the past. Everyone still commensurate with the nickname, someone finally said who was thrown into the women’s toilet by the chubby schoolbag, and immediately fined three glasses of wine.

After Niuniu drank three glasses of wine, everyone refused to let her go, and asked her to recite poetry.

Everyone in the class knew that Niuniu was extremely obsessed with poems and songs at that time.

“I think about it, I have to think about it…” Niuniu frowned, earnestly recalling those sentences, and vaguely read, “That’s why I’m so discouraged, there’s a monk who hasn’t done anything, wind and rain… wind and rain…”

Yao Yongxin was standing in the middle of the crowd with a wine glass, and he was slightly trance.

That’s Nalan Rongruo’s “Drinking Water”.

Wu Haoyang walked side by side with Niu Niu. She followed behind quietly and heard Niu Niu read it.

Feeling disheartened, there are still monks.

The wind and rain pass away life and death, the acquaintances are only lonely, and the love can’t wake up.


this time, Wu Haoyang took over the teacher, and everyone turned back and greeted them in unison. The head teacher sat down in the middle position, and took out a small book to start naming.

“Yao Yongxin!”

“Here!” Yao Yongxin responded immediately, and the clear female voice was particularly pleasant.

“Wu Haoyang!” “Here!”

Only one place later, Wu Haoyang’s low and powerful male voice then sounded.

This named booklet is still arranged according to the initial results. When the elementary school was three years old, it was assigned to a class. The two of them were the first and the second. They were still studying in the excellent class, and the head teacher remained unchanged. But later I didn’t know what happened. Wu Haoyang’s grades in the class were not bad, but it was not the second, always hovering in the middle and upper reaches.

Wu Haoyang stood next to the director teacher, his eyes glanced over the crowd and projected to the opposite Yao Yongxin.

Only with such a look, Yao Yongxin felt a pain in his heart, and he simply bowed his head and drank, thus avoiding him.

The students came very well. Wu Haoyang was the monitor, and as a representative, he saluted the teacher with a glass of wine.

During the banquet, laughter and laughter continued, and Wu Haoyang and several female students chatted enthusiastically.

And here, Yao Yongxin is not idle.

“Yao Yongxin.” A handsome-looking man approached her.

Yao Yongxin looked at him for a long time before recognizing him. At that time, the thin bamboo pole grew into a handsome guy. She smiled, “You are a bamboo pole!”

“How do you remember this nickname?”

“Of course, I took the name of bamboo pole. “!”

Wu Haoyang swept to a corner from time to time, his expression faintly hazy, he greeted with a smile, turned and walked towards the man and the woman.

Skinny bamboo pole felt a coolness behind him, looked back, saw Wu Haoyang with a black face, fierce and evil. He and Yao Yongxin hurriedly “talk later” and walked to other students to talk.

Wu Haoyang sneered in a low voice, “You laugh so charmingly to seduce people?”

Yao Yong gritted his teeth tightly, but did not move, flashing straight away that he just walked towards the thin bamboo pole.

Wu Haoyang watched the two of them having a great conversation, and watching her smile more and more charming. But he didn’t step forward, and he didn’t know what he was betting on!

Niuniu drank a lot of wine, but was almost drunk. “I can’t do it anymore! I’m going home!”

Wu Haoyang saw the thin bamboo pole put his hand on Yao Yongxin’s shoulder. He felt tightness in his chest, wondering how she could let him take it. !

“I’ll send you!” He strode to Niu Niu and held her aloud.

“Thank you squad leader!” Niuniu was very uncomfortable and grateful.

After Wu Haoyang sent Niuniu away, Yao Yongxin gently avoided the male student beside him. The two chatted for a long time, and the male student said with a smile, “Yao Yongxin, in fact, many boys in the class wanted to be at the same table with you at that time.”

“Really?” Yao Yongxin did not know.

“But we can’t beat the squad leader. He has talked and won him to sit at a table with you.”

“The result?”

“The whole army is wiped out.”

Yao Yongxin laughed, but did not know whether it was happy or sad.

“And he doesn’t allow us to talk to you more.” The male student shrugged.

This is why Yao Yongxin understood why there was no male physique to look at her back then, it turned out to be his reason! Drinking a sip of wine, but drinking too quickly, he choked himself. I didn’t know what to say, so I had to smile awkwardly. She was a little sulky and walked out of the private room quietly to breathe outside. Just walked out of the restaurant and saw a tall figure coming slowly.

“You are drunk too?” Wu Haoyang looked at her cheeks flushed, displeased.

Yao Yongxin just shook his head and did not speak.

Somehow, she said suddenly, “I want to go back to the elementary school to see if you can go?”



” Not going!”

“If you don’t go down, I will go by myself!” “

Wu Haoyang twitched the corner of his mouth. He must be crazy. He must be 100% crazy. He would accompany a woman crazy at 8 o’clock in the evening and sneak into the wall and sneak into the school. Wu Haoyang had a good skill, and he easily overturned the fence three or two times. Then he remembered that Yao Yongxin did not come in, and he turned back again. Yao Yongxin smiled naughtyly, so he had to become a pedal, and let Yao Yongxin hit the wall. So she turned over the wall again and followed her carefully.

“So dark, what are you doing here?” he asked in a low voice.

Yao Yongxin didn’t care about him either. He touched the black and walked to the teaching building. Wu Haoyang caught up.

The school in the middle of the night was exceptionally quiet, and only two people’s footsteps staggered in the stairs. In that classroom, they have been together for many years. She sits in the second row, and he sits in the last row. Gently pushed away, the moonlight poured into a room, and you could vaguely see the shadow of the year. There was always a reminder of her daily homework written in chalk on the blackboard.

“Go sit down!”


“Let you go, go!”

Crazy again, so he sat down so obediently.

Wu Haoyang sat in the last seat, and Yao Yongxin stood behind the podium. The classroom is not spacious, the two of them are only a little apart.

“Ask a question!”


“Shout to answer!”

“Answer.” He said unwillingly.

“Why don’t you let other boys

sit with me at the table!” Wu Haoyang thought that the thin bamboo pole must have been poked out, frowning, and perfunctoryly said, “I promised Auntie not to let others bully you!”

“Ask! You again Why not let other boys talk to me!”

“Afraid of affecting your study.”



“Wu Haoyang once said that he would never like Yao Yongxin!” Her voice circled, letting Wu Haoyang hesitated, but she still says, stubbornly to get an answer to him personally said to her, “answered!”

love can not wake up in.

She wants to wake up.

…In the

dark classroom, he was sitting in the last row, and she stood behind the podium and stared at him.

She waited and waited.

Through the moonlight, his handsome face slowly changed, still vaguely the same, no change, but he flew away in the past and became a childish childish face, and then gathered back in the memory little by little engraved to look like today . She unconsciously clenched her fist, he suddenly reacted, but nodded.

Only with such a slight movement, Yao Yongxin felt suffocating.

The next second, she turned and ran out of the classroom. She didn’t know where she was going, but just wanted to leave here quickly.

The chaotic footsteps in the corridor covered whose heartbeat, and the moonlight gently dimmed whose sadness.

She ran continuously, running from the fifth floor to the ground floor.

Yao Yongxin never felt that he would be as sad as it was at this moment, as if someone had stabbed a knife into her chest, and all her limbs and pains were in pain.

Go crazy.

It must be crazy.

Crazy Yao Yongxin would only ask him the question she didn’t dare to touch or face.

“Yao Yongxin!” Who shouted vaguely.

Yao Yong hurriedly hid to the corner of the building, she covered her mouth without making a little sound.

A black shadow sprang out, running panicly, looking around, and then rushing towards the wall.

Yao Yongxin slowly slid down against the wall, curled up in a ball, and wrapped his hands around himself. The cell phone in the shoulder bag rang, and she was shocked, afraid that she would alarm the doorman, and went to get it in a hurry, and immediately pressed to shut down. She hid herself here, no one was allowed to disturb, just wanted to find a new direction so that she could stand up again.

After a long silence, Yao Yongxin turned on again, and chose the quiet mode. I saw countless missed calls and a few messages.

“Where are you?”

“Turn me on now!”

“Yao Yongxin! Let’s talk!”

She glanced at it and ignored the other person’s message, “I’m back in Hong Kong.”

This message came from Scenic Xin.

Yao Yongxin only felt that no one could tell, and pressed his number without thinking, and asked with a smile, “Jing Xin, drink?”

“Where are you?”


Jing Xin did not enter the wall. School, but walk the front door to the ground. He hung out the documents directly, and the guard door opened the door suspiciously, “Police! What is it?”

“Perform official duties.”

When Jingxin Xin found Yao Yongxin, she squatted in the corner, and Ufa covered her small face. The light of the flashlight was too dazzling, she looked up slowly, the guard was startled, how could there be someone sitting here? When did she run in?

Scenery Xin Shensheng said, “I’ll deal with it here.” The

guards nodded diligently, only when she was the escaped prisoner.

Jingxin walked up to her and put the pocket in her hand in front of her.

“Don’t get drunk!” Yao Yongxin cheered, taking a bottle of wine and drinking it. And he didn’t drink, but just stood beside him quietly, watching her drink bottle after bottle. She is not drinking at all, just to intoxicate herself. So when she drank the third bottle, she finally couldn’t tell the north-south, north-south, “Jingxin, Jingxin, have you ever liked someone?”

Scenery Xin Mo looked down at her and did not answer her.

“It seems that you haven’t liked it.” Yao Yongxin asked herself and stood up with a wine bottle. She stumbled and walked towards the deserted playground, while yelling, “Huh? I don’t know if the words I engraved at that time are still there?”

Yao Yongxin finally found the bench at that time, and fell to the back of the chair. Sit down.

“Where did my phone go?” It was too dark at night, she couldn’t see clearly, and finally found the phone, and illuminated the back of the chair with a button.

It was the obscure handwriting engraved with a knife, which had become stale after years of baptism.

This line of words was once secretly engraved by her after the skipping exam.

“Wu Haoyang is the king bastard.”

But at this moment, Yao Yongxin stared at the few crooked small characters and murmured repeatedly, “Wu Haoyang is the bastard bastard.” , Burst into tears. Her crying was terrified, and it echoed in this quiet campus, which seemed extremely painful.

The crying breath is no longer smooth, the crying hysterics, the crying body trembling.

The cold wind of winter blew, it would be more violent, so as to wake her up.

Scenery Xin quietly approached her, reaching out to hold her. He hugged her just about to leave, but saw someone coming violently. Even at night, Wu Haoyang’s angry and handsome face was particularly dazzling under the moonlight, shining cold and cold.

Wu Haoyang made countless calls and sent countless messages to her, but she didn’t answer any of them and never returned. He went back to the party restaurant to find her, she was away, went to her home to find her, only mother Yao watched TV in the apartment alone. After such a round trip, the urban area made a round and felt confident to come back here again.

He had just crossed the wall and entered, and he heard a poignant female voice on the side of the playground, and instantly accelerated his pace.

Far away, Wu Haoyang saw two figures hugged together.

Suddenly angry, he rushed in front of them and shouted coldly, “Let her go!”

Jingxin Xin did not let go, but instead confronted head-on, “Why?” Wu Haoyang was irritated this time, and he no longer started directly with his nonsense. Explore Yao Yongxin. Scenery Xin Xili captured his movements, but did not dodge, but instead let him grab Yao Yongxin’s arm, and then sneered. “Why? Do you want to do it?”

Wu Haoyang exerted his strength, and Scenery Xin was not letting go.

Yao Yong, who was caught in the middle, shouted sadly, “It hurts!”

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