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My girl (18) I marry her

As soon as she heard her cry, Wu Haoyang immediately let go of her hands, fearing that she might hurt her. But he still didn’t let go, as if he refused to let go of things that belonged to him. He grabbed her arm and stared at Jingxin, and did not give in, or even arrogantly arrogantly said, “She is mine! You better let me go!”

“She is yours?” Jingxin deliberately After a pause, Youyou spit out a word, “Who?”

Wu Haoyang stunned suddenly, his eyes rushed through the haze, and he shouted with his teeth, “In short, she does not belong to you!” The

scenery Xin Cui eyes swept Yao Yongxin in his arms, even if he was already drunk Unconscious, she frowned, and there was inexhaustible sorrow between her eyebrows. The dark night invaded her heartbreak, her delicate face was hung with tears, and her long eyelashes were covered with crystal tears. This look is too pitiful, and it will definitely make men have a protective desire.

Scenery Xin suddenly let go, Wu Haoyang hurriedly took her into his arms, not to let other men touch for half a minute.

“You have to watch it closely.” Scenery Xin dropped this sentence, no more words.

Wu Haoyang seemed to be touched by something. He hugged Yao Yongxin and turned away.

The doorman has been afraid to sleep, just heard the woman’s crying, and then put on his coat and came out to see the situation. As soon as I approached the playground, I saw three people standing.

He shivered. Was he another fugitive?

But the man walked straight towards him with his arms around the woman. The guards stepped back, circumvented the two, and ran to Jingxin. “Police!”

Jingxin Xinran said, “It’s okay, the man has taken away. It’s safe here.” The

doorman heard him say it, and he was relieved only when the man was also a policeman. He asked curiously, “Police, what crime did this woman commit?”

“Death.” Scenery Xinyou said, stepping The driver stepped away, and the guard’s eyes widened.

The night is getting deeper and deeper, and there is a bright and flowing vehicle ahead.

Wu Haoyang had drunk before and did not drive, so he had to hug her and walked towards the corner of the road. He stopped the car and went straight back to Wu’s house. Yao Yongxin was so drunk that he couldn’t tell the southeast and northwest. After drinking a lot of wine and the bumps in the car, she just felt her stomach roll uncomfortably.

At eleven o’clock in the evening, the Wu family had already slept long ago.

The servant smelled a strong smell of alcohol and

worriedly asked, “Three young masters , Miss Yao is drunk?” “I’ll deal with it.” Wu Haoyang whispered and walked upstairs with Yao Yongxin in his arms.

The servant was amazed. Do they both want to sleep together tonight?

“It’s so sad…” Yao Yongxin covered her mouth and was about to spit out. Wu Haoyang just opened the door and was busy, “You wait! Go to the bathroom and vomit again!”

But Yao Yongxin could not bear it anymore. In grief, she vomited all at once.

Suddenly, the suit and shirt were full of filth, Wu Haoyang couldn’t help frowning and cursing in English. He didn’t let go of her, and he didn’t care about the filth, so he took her to the bathroom.

Yao Yongxin immediately supported the toilet seat on the ground, another burst of spit.

Wu Haoyang took off his jacket and only wore a pair of trousers, exposing his strong and strong chest. He asked the maid to take away the dirty clothes and ran into the bathroom angrily. Yao Yong heart was holding the toilet, so she fell asleep like this. Seeing her vomiting like this, Wu Haoyang’s anger suddenly became distressed, and he couldn’t bear to say a heavy word.

Wu Haoyang stepped up to pick her up and took off her clothes. But it is too cumbersome, too much force, and simply become a tear. This was the first time he had done this kind of thing. He undressed a woman and took a bath. The shampoo shampooed and shuffled and touched her body, but became cautious again.

Looking at Yao Yong’s tempting curve, he suddenly had desires and gritted his teeth.

After finally taking a shower, Wu Haoyang wrapped her in a bathrobe and hugged her tightly to the bed, so she hurriedly took a shower.

After looking at the time, it was twelve.

Wu Haoyang mobile phone rang, the mother called and asked Yao Yao Yong heart, so he said, “Yao mother, Yong mind a drink, the car can not open tonight at my house.”

Yao mother heard that, pronouncing Road , “Did you drink too much? The car can’t drive?

Haoyang , then you take care of it!” “Okay.” Wu Haoyang hung up the phone and looked up at the person on the bed. His blood veins swelled and he almost bleeds.

Yao Yongxin’s bathrobe didn’t know when it was loosened. She lay on her side and slept. The charming lines, the two groups of whiteness and abundance, and… The eyes moved all the way down. Wu Haoyang swallowed hard and swallowed. Striding forward to fasten her bathrobe and cover her with a quilt.

Wu Haoyang fell to her side, staring at her sleeping face and looked at it, finally leaning on her involuntarily, hugged her into her arms and fell asleep.

Yao Yongxin played light snoring, rubbed him childishly, found a comfortable angle, and continued to sleep well.

“Wu Haoyang! You stupid boy!” “Haoyang! Haoyang! You

wake up!”

“The two of them… Yongxin?”

Early in the morning, the two old Wu family and mother Yao rushed into the room. Mother Yao answered the phone yesterday and was really at ease, so she arrived early in the morning. Fangcai Wu and his family are using it earlier, and when Yao mother arrives, she knows that Yao Yongxin is in the Wu family. Asked the servant, the three of them ran to the bedroom in surprise. As soon as they opened the door, they saw such a scene.

The two slept in a bed, and they seemed to be wearing nothing under the quilt?

Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin were finally awakened by the noise and opened their eyes openly.

Yao Yong froze for a moment, looked at the three parents standing in front of him, and glimpsed a man beside him, seemingly aware of what was happening, almost reflective, she kicked him off the bed at once.

“Wu Haoyang! You are shameless!”

Wu Haoyang snorted, and even someone was thrown off the bed, “Why are you such a fierce woman?”

Yao Yongxin pulled the quilt tightly, pulling towards himself, biting his lip without knowing what to say. Her thoughts were chaotic, facing her parents, she suddenly had no face, and her face was green and red. Recalling what happened last night, she only remembered that she was drinking with Jingxin, but then, what happened afterwards?

Why is she here?

Why did you sleep with this guy?

“It hurts me!” Wu Haoyang only wore boxer briefs and got up off the ground angrily.

“The two of you changed clothes and brought me downstairs!” Wu Jizong snorted in a deep voice and turned away.

Mrs. Wu immediately pulled Wu Haoyang to the next room, leaving only the bedroom to Mother Yao and Yao Yongxin.

Mother Yao rarely interferes with her daughter’s feelings. At first, it was because his father had an oral engagement with Wu Jizong. Yao Yongxin would marry Wu Helian. Later, Yao Yongxin offered to dissolve the marriage contract, and also told her that her love for him was only the feelings of brothers and sisters, and she had someone she really liked. Although there are boys coming and going around Yao Yongxin over the years, she never acknowledged each other’s identity.

Mother Yao suddenly awakened, hugged her and whispered, “It turns out that our family Yongxin likes the child of Haoyang.”

Waking up drunk, Yao Yongxin had a headache and leaned her head on Yao’s shoulder. She stubbornly denied, “I I don’t like him.”


“Eh! I don’t like it at all!”

“But I think that the child in Haoyang likes you very much!”

“He absolutely doesn’t like me!”

“Well, you change clothes first, Uncle Wu is still waiting!” Mother Yao patted her back and did not force them to ask what happened.

Ji Yuehua knocked on the door and brought in clothes, “Yongxin, are you wearing this?”

“Thank you, aunt.” Yao Yongxin bowed his head and thanked.

Yao Yongxin changed clothes and went downstairs, wearing a knee-length skirt in white cashmere, with a cute cartoon pattern, and a dark green vest jacket on the outside. The clothes knew Wu Miaoke at first glance, showing youth and liveliness. When Yao Yongxin wears it like this, he feels like a college student, which makes his eyes shine.

Wu Haoyang came down long ago, and received many criticisms.

As soon as Yao Yongxin approached, he heard Wu Jizong’s roar, “You tell me! What are you going to do now?”

“What do you do?”

“You are all talking to Yong Xin…” Wu Jizong said halfway, and he just stopped. , “How do you explain to Yongxin!”

Wu Haoyang has been annoyed by Wu Jizong until now, and he said, “I will marry her! Can I marry her?”

“No need!” Yao Yongxin heard his tone. Then, the thorn in my heart began to hurt again, and she suddenly refused. She went directly into the hall and looked at everyone calmly, “Last night was just a misunderstanding. I drank too much, and Haoyang sent me back! Nothing happened to us! Uncle Wu, aunt, mother, don’t misunderstand! “

Where will everyone believe her, what the eyes see has proved everything!”

“Don’t get me wrong?” Wu Haoyang yelled back before Wu Jizong opened his mouth. “You both slept with me all night, and you want to cross the river to

dismantle the bridge now?” Wu Haoyang was so angry that she went to her like crazy last night. When she found her, she turned out He was drunk and drunk with the policeman, and vomited all over him. Not only did he make him sad all night, but he also woke up and clarified the relationship. This woman was really unconscionable.

“I cross the river to demolish the bridge?” Yao Yongxin asked coldly.

“It’s not you, is it me?”


talk nonsense!” “I’m talking about facts, you have slept with me now, and you want nothing to happen? I tell you, no— can–!”

“I’m too lazy to take care of you!” Yao Yongxin found that he could not communicate with him at all and looked at several parents. “Uncle Wu, aunt, I’m really sorry! Mom, we’re home!”

“I will talk to you!” Wu Haoyang, who would let her go, suddenly stood up and rushed to her, grabbing her and going to talk alone.

“Let go! We have nothing to talk about!”

“You can’t help you!”

Wu Haoyang’s temper came up, and in front of the fire of so many people, she directly carried her up. Yao Yongxin’s entire face suddenly turned red, as if it contained a chili pepper, and he was desperately hammering him, “You let go! Wu Haoyang! You bastard!”

“You shut up for me!” Wu Haoyang drank and carried her stride Turn around.

Watching the two of them leave, Ji Yuehua spoke first, and said joyfully, “Yingxin wants to marry Haoyang, I’m a hundred satisfied.”

“But isn’t Haoyang marrying Miss Lin?” Yao Asked the mother.

“Miss Lin, I don’t know which one.” Wu Jizong said suddenly and quietly.

“Leave me all out!” The servants in the bedroom were still tidying up, and Wu Haoyang rushed in with Yao Yongxin in this way. The servants hurriedly retreated and closed the door.

“Wu Haoyang! You bastard! You let me go!” Yao Yongxin was saddened by him, and his stomach seemed to turn over. Suddenly his body lightened and fell backwards, dizzy.

Wu Haoyang placed her on the chair, holding her arms around her arms to lock her. “What do you want?”

Yao Yongxin’s face was pale for a while, biting her lip and not answering.

Wu Haoyang looked at something wrong and reached out to touch her. “What’s wrong? Where is it uncomfortable?”

Yao Yongxin waved his hand to prevent him from touching himself. “Don’t touch me!”

“I warn you, you will drink me again , You give it a try!” Wu Haoyang thought she was a headache, after all, this was the last time.

Yao Yong snorted contemptuously, “No need for you!”

“Why don’t you

care about me? You are my wife, why don’t you care about me?” “You…” Yao Yongxin froze and looked at him in disbelief, Wu Haoyang said decisively, “Yao Yongxin, you listen to me Well, you will not be allowed to interact with that policeman in the future! Your man is me!”

Yao Yongxin turned silent from the surprise at the beginning. She just looked at him so quietly without saying a word. The pale face, the facial features are exquisite, three-dimensional, and beautiful. But the expression that is too calm always makes people feel inconceivable, or it is too empty. She just looked at him like this, as if calming her mood.

“Yao Yongxin? You talk!” Wu Haoyang shouted again. She was so silent that made him uneasy.

“You really don’t need it. We didn’t happen last night.” Yao Yongxin said silently for a long while.

Crazy is crazy, drunk is drunk.

Irrational Yao Yongxin will not have it again.

Wu Haoyang frowned suddenly, thinking what she would say, but did not expect to say this sentence, “What do you mean?”

“I have said it many times, if it is because of things that night, then you do not need to ask me Responsible, I would like it to be normal. If it was because of last night, then it’s even less necessary. Uncle Wu and auntie there, I will explain. My mother here, you don’t need to be embarrassed, I will explain to her.” Yao Yongxin calm Said.

Wu Haoyang’s eyes narrowed, suddenly clapping his hands and clapping his hands.

“Papapap” applause hovered in the bedroom, and it seemed exceptionally abrupt.

Yao Yongxin didn’t understand what he was doing, but he suddenly stopped and sneered, “If every woman who has gone to bed with me, I need to be responsible, then I really have to be busy! And yesterday In the evening, what did you run? I ran before I answered?”

“Okay, then I’m sitting here now, what is your answer?” Yao Yongxin asked with a bit of hope.

Wu Haoyang was confused, and even he hadn’t even figured it out clearly, staring at her eyes, saying one by one, “My answer is I want to marry you!”

“Marry me?” Yao Yongxin thought of these two strangers

Raised her lips and smiled and asked, “Why do you want to marry me? Why?” Wu Haoyang was startled, unable to answer for a moment.

“Because you are the only one? Or is it because of the instinctive possessiveness of men? Or do you think that I am by your side all the time from childhood to big, as long as you wave, I will be obedient? So when one day, you find me going At that time, did you feel uncomfortable? Are you not happy? You don’t even own yourself…” Yao Yongxin shouted out of his brain.

“Yes!” Wu Haoyang interrupted hard, and was also angry, “I just don’t want to see you with other men! Especially with the policeman! I’m not used to it! I’m not happy! But when did Yao Yongxin hear me? What’s the matter? I beckoned, and you were really obedient? When I was young, I didn’t agree with you to skip grades. Have you been obedient? You haven’t taken the exam yet? I told you not to go with the monitor of the next class. I still do what I do? Later? I asked you to take the Harvard test in the United States, but you went to the UK!” The

past is revealed bit by bit, and Yao Yongxin is also on fire. “So do you know why I want to skip the level and why should I go next door? Why didn’t the squad leader go to Harvard together?”

“You say! You’re telling me a reason!” Wu Haoyang was not depressed.

“Okay, I tell you why this is!” Yao Yongxin pushed him away with all his strength, “No boy in the class will talk to me, no one! I still receive those girls from other classes every day. Love letter, you always throw it away without reading it! I have become the imaginary enemy of others! After school, you always walk with other girls! I hate it, I see it! You let me take the exam Harvard, you let me study with you, but don’t you have Wen Fei around you? What do I count? You let me squeeze among you? Wu Haoyang! You are selfish! You only want to be yourself, you have never stood by me I thought about it from a standpoint!”

Wu Haoyang’s anger suddenly dissipated, as if being poured into a pot of cold water, and gradually calmed down. But the icy temperature mixed with his arrogance and burned again, making him chaotic and confused.

She never said these words, he never knew.

“Why didn’t you say it? Why didn’t you say it before?” Wu Haoyang gritted his teeth.

“What do I say?” Yao Yong opened her eyes hard not to let her tears fall. “What do you want me to say?”

How did you understand that sourness is love when you were a child, but you were unhappy and unhappy, thinking that your sight is pure. When I grew up, I finally understood, but there was a beautiful girlfriend next to him. They were so sweet and sweet, and they had to go to Harvard to study together. What status should she be?

Yao Yong gritted his teeth and cut his teeth. He was so sad that after eating a whole lemon, his teeth began to sore.

“I don’t want to see you anymore! I don’t want to!” she finished with a cold voice and strode away.

Wu Haoyang paused. When she flung the door away, he reacted and turned around to catch up with her. Yao Yongxin ran fast and hurried downstairs, Wu Haoyang chasing behind. The two of you chased me, and the noise made the people in the whole house disturbed, causing the three parents to come out and see what happened.

“You stop! Yao Yongxin, you stop for me!”

“What does it look like noisy! Wu San, do you understand humility?”

“What’s the matter? Haoyang, why do you always make Yongxin angry?”

“Yongxin , Speak well, don’t make trouble.” The

two old Wu family and mother Yao came to persuade each other. Yao Yong hid to her mother and snuggled up to her, sadly leaning back to her, tears shed. She didn’t want him to see herself crying, biting her lips silently.

“I just want to talk to her!” Wu Haoyang said annoyed, seeing her shrugging shoulders, knowing she was crying, and even more at a loss.

“Wu Haoyang! I will tell you clearly now, tell everyone, I, Yao Yongxin, will never marry you! Absolutely not!” Yao Yong was very upset and sweared without looking back.

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