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My girl (19) Injustice reported

Yao Yongxin’s temper is up, it can be said that even ten cattle can’t pull back.

Once she made up her mind, she would definitely return. Whether it is a grade-jumping exam, or flying to Australia to live with mother divorced from his father, or later studying at university. Everything is her own decision by Yao Yongxin, even though others give advice, she still insists on herself. This may follow the father’s bold and stubborn character, don’t look at her appearance is a very reasonable and calm woman, in fact, very stubborn in the bones.

This backlog of decades of contradiction focused on sharpening and escalating in a day, and Yao Yong was angry.

Not only did she say “will never marry Wu Haoyang”, she also threatened to “never want to see him again”, and with these two sentences, Yao Yongxin dragged her mother away in a hurry.

“I tell you, Yongxin is a good girl and the only daughter of Uncle Yao! Now that something like this happens, you will be responsible for me!”

“Did I say that I am not responsible? The problem is that she is not at all Rare I am responsible!”

“You bastard! You have such an attitude, how do you let her accept it?”

“Then what attitude should I have? Let me beg her?”

Wu Jizong only hit him with a cane, and Mrs. Wu immediately went up Before persuading, “Hao Yang, Yongxin is a girl, you have to let her, you go and say something nice to her, she won’t be angry. Don’t always quarrel with her, do you know?”

“Time It’s not too early, I will go to the company.”

“Hao Yang! You haven’t used it earlier!”

Wu Haoyang couldn’t stand Wu Jizong’s anger and scolding and Ji Yuehua’s follow-up teaching. He couldn’t even eat early, so he immediately set off for the company.

He is also the arrogant man of heaven. He is a young master who grows up with a baby and grows with a golden spoon. There are three brothers of the Wu family. He is the smallest and naturally the most favored.

After Wu Miaoke was born, his favorability did not diminish.

Wu Xiangcheng loves his siblings and is a good brother. Wu Helian ranks second in the Wu family, but it belongs to the most inferior one. In addition to the reason for the birth mother, he has always been very speechless and cold. Only when I get along with a few siblings will I be a little angry, like a normal person.

As a result, Wu Haoyang and Wu Miaoke became the two treasures of the Wu family.

Apart from Wu Jizong’s ability to suppress them, no one in the Wu family could stop them.

Wu Haoyang became more and more angry when she wanted to, she didn’t say it herself, how could he know? He said he was going to marry her, she even said she would never marry?

This woman really does not give him face!

“Mr. Yang! Mr. Yang?” The secretary stood beside him and reported all the daily itinerary arrangements, but Wu Haoyang was unresponsive.

And what he looks like today is a bit wrong!

It’s still a good idea!

Wu Haoyang’s eyebrows burst into a wrinkle, “Say!”

“Mr. Yang, today’s itinerary is all these, what do you command?” The secretary replied tremblingly, Wu Haoyang drank, “Go out!” After a

busy day, he was a customer Meeting again is a project meeting, and it is hard to get off work, but you have to go to the entertainment dinner. Wu Haoyang thought about going to see a certain woman, so he came to the deputy general office and asked him to go to the dinner hall, but Wu Helian would agree.

“Do you have something to do at night?”

” Yes .”

“What’s the matter?”

“Walking the dog with his wife.” Wu Helian said indifferently.

When Wu Haoyang heard this, he almost vomited blood and said, “You take Gu Xiaochen to the top dinner.”

Wu Helian did not respond, raising her hand and shaking with a finger.

Wu Haoyang turned away angrily, thinking left and right, making a phone call to Gu Xiaochen. As soon as Gu Xiaochen answered the phone, he called Wu Helian, and Zhizhi Wuwu again said kindly and thoughtfully, “Ahe, since Haoyang has something to do at night, you can entertain him for dinner, I just take a lot of walks. , Okay?”

“Well.” Wu He Shen promised.

The phone just hung up, and Wu Haoyang, who was standing outside, rushed in. “That’s it, you’ll go to dinner at night.”

Wu Helian stared at him, Shen Sheng said, “What handle does she have in your hands?”

“What handle?” Wu Haoyang walked across from him, pretending to be confused.

“I think I should call Yu Mei.” Wu Helian said indifferently, Wu Haoyang hurriedly shouted, “Don’t call!”

If Yu Mei knew that waiting for the two women to get together would really make him a headache.

Wu Haoyang said meaninglessly, “Actually, it’s nothing, just a photo.”


“You took the photo of the toy train in your hand. I secretly exchanged it and gave it to her.” Wu Haoyang said calmly, standing He got up, “I’m gone, and I’ll

leave it to you.” Wu Helian slightly raised her lips and smiled charmingly and cunningly. It seemed that she would go back and interrogate her after a while.

Wu Haoyang drove to Yao Yongxin’s residence. Before going upstairs, he thought about it and went to the nearby store to buy something. A bunch of flowers, a box of chocolate, this is his usual trick. He came to the apartment door holding flowers and chocolates and rang the doorbell. “Ding Dong -“

The person who opened the door was Yao Yongxin.

Yao Yongxin was wearing a home uniform, his hair was scattered casually on his shoulders, and he just woke up lazily. “Mom, did you forget to bring the key…” Halfway through, seeing the person standing outside the door, Yao Yongxin is reflective The action closed the door.

Wu Haoyang saw that she was going to close the door, and there was another resentment in his heart, but he endured it, and just opened the door with his body.

Yao Yongxin ignored him and did not speak.

He said again, “I will say a few words to you and leave after you finish. Don’t close the door.”

She let go of her hand and let him continue.

Wu Haoyang handed her the flowers and chocolate to her, and said angrily, “Okay, send you flowers and chocolates, please don’t be angry, be careful to get old and ugly, then no one wants it.”

Yao Yongxin heard this Then, I don’t want to throw the door directly.

“Bang–” Wu Haoyang bumped his nose and cursed, “I don’t accept apologies!”

Wu Haoyang’s apology was unsuccessful, and he was locked in the door, which made him dissatisfied. Based on his face, Yao Yongxin still didn’t accept it. He turned his hands and threw flowers and chocolate into the trash can, and hurried down the stairs to drive away. Drag racing all the way, do not know where to go, but do not want to go home. Now if I go back home, I am afraid the two old men will whisper again for a long time.

Wu Haoyang turned his head and glanced at the time, the meal had not yet begun.

Nowhere to go, he simply called Gu Xiaochen to know that she was in the Spring Garden.

Gu Xiaochen is quite at ease these days. She didn’t go to work. The study of the harmonica class came to an end because of the holiday, thinking about studying what she was going to do after the New Year. As for Lin Zhengfeng, since he met a few days ago, he hasn’t entangled himself too deliberately. But he will come to visit her, or call or message, and he will be very careful between words. And Mrs. Lin, she never saw her again.

Something too disturbing hit her, and sometimes she had to choose to escape.

Even if you don’t want to, you will be more relaxed.

I don’t know if this is a cowardly attitude, but sometimes it can only be so.

Yu Mei and Gu Xiaochen went through such a trip to understand their own affairs better. Gu Xiaochen finally knew that the mysterious man behind Yu Mei was Lin Zhengfeng, and Yu Mei finally knew the unknown truth. Yu Mei sighed and said nothing.

Whenever Lin Zhengfeng came to visit, the atmosphere became very embarrassing.

At this moment, the three of them were sitting in the living room, only the sound of the TV set, and Yu Mei’s occasional talk and laughter.

“This TV series is pretty good, hehe.” Yu Mei never thought that she would be poor one day.

“It’s not early, I’m leaving now.” Lin Zhengfeng said with a deep voice, stood up.

Gu Xiaochen stared at the TV, and Yu Mei hurriedly greeted him to leave.

Before Lin Zhengfeng left, he screamed, “It’s cold, wear more clothes.”

Yu Mei closed the door and sat back to Gu Xiaochen, who couldn’t help but say with emotion, “Xiao Chen, I’m not saying good things to whom, but I think Uncle Lin really Your mother is very concerned about you, he is good for Lin Lan, you can never imagine it. In fact, you should be Lin Lan, isn’t it? And he saw me and your mother were a bit similar, and took me with me , Raise me and take care of me. It’s just this, and I can see that he really

cares about you.” Gu Xiaochen agreed with her words, looked down at the many sitting on the side, touched his head, and said softly, “ I just don’t know how to face it.”

Lin Zhengfeng, Mrs. Lin, Lin Lan… and the unknown Lin family.

While talking, Wu Haoyang threw a call and asked her to open the door first, and he was already there.

Wu Haoyang entered the house spikingly and sat down, ignoring that this was someone else’s home, but regarded it as his own.

“This boss, Yongxin is not here today.” Yu Mei quipped.

“I know she is not here.” Wu Haoyang frowned.

Yu Mei sharply captured his small emotions, and could not help but tease, “Ying Xin is probably looking for the wind Sir?”

The famous name of the scenery Xin, Yu Mei naturally heard from Yao Yong Xin.

“They are not together!” Wu Haoyang blurted out unpleasantly.

“How do you know?”

“I just came from her side!”

“Oh, that’s what it looks like.” Yu Mei smiled, thinking that he might have eaten closed door soup.

Wu Haoyang noticed that she had made a move, and Yu Mei smiled more joyfully, turning around and saying, “Let’s talk, I’ll go shopping.”

After Yu Mei left, Wu Haoyang said, “Gu Xiaochen, you will make an appointment with her tomorrow. In exchange, I want to tell you a secret about your husband…”

Wu Haoyang had eaten and walked for a while.

Wu Helian’s dinner is over, it’s already ten o’clock, and the next entertainment will be released for the subordinates to accompany. One day without seeing her, he came in a car. Talked on the phone, but knew she took a lot of walks around Yinshen. He secretly worried, and screamed on the phone, “What are you walking outside? Find a bright place! Don’t take the dark road!”

Gu Xiaochen was very obedient and simply waited outside the community.

Just like the first time she came here, she sat on the edge of the road.

Only this time, she has so much around her, no longer alone.

After a while, a car came slowly around the corner. The headlights were shining brightly and approached her. She raised her head, narrowed her eyes, and smiled happily. The car stopped next to her, Wu Helianhuo got off the train, grabbed her and hugged her arms and asked, “Is it cold?”

“It’s cold.”

“Why is it so cold !” Wu Helian shouted and hurriedly got her on the bus.

Hearing her cold and feeling the cold temperature around her, I just wanted to take her back to warm quickly.

Taking out the key to open the door, Wu Helian pressed the wall lamp. There was a sudden light in the apartment, and it was a bit harsh. Gu Xiaochen stood behind him, and although he was blocked from view, he still saw everything in the apartment.

It turned out to be a photo of an entire apartment.

That was the poster included in the magazine, which she was photographed during the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.

Gu Xiaochen did not expect that he would hang the magazine posters he bought that year throughout the apartment.

Wu Helian dragged her quietly into the house, but she was a little embarrassed.

“Why are there so many photos? Do you have a crush on this woman?” Gu Xiaochen chuckled.

Wu Helian grabbed her by the neck and whispered her in his arms. “You were broken by those two women, making fun of me?”

“I don’t dare.” Gu Xiaochen thought that since these days, he has not taken the initiative to speak Bring her here because of this.

“I think you are making fun of me.”

“Then will I take it back? I apologize! Mr. Wu Helian, I apologize to you!”


“Ah! What are you doing!”

“Punish you all night!”

… …

Wu Helian was still asleep on the weekend of Yong Lao, but Gu Xiaochen got up. Finished early, she walked into the bedroom and gently awakened him. And he had slept soundly, and was awakened by her shouting. There was nothing missing in his arms, empty, and he crossed his arms reflectively, hooked her by the neck and took her into her arms.

“Yeah!” Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but whisper, and he was embraced by him in the blink of an eye.

Wu Helian was naked with her body warm and warmed her instantly. On the contrary, she was afraid that he would freeze. She hurriedly shouted, “Ahe, don’t hug me, I’m cold.”

“Just I’m hot. “He closed his eyes and murmured.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly had no choice but to look up at him. Looking at this angle, his long black eyelashes covered his eyelids densely, casting a black shadow. She couldn’t help but stretch her hand, touching his eyelashes with her fingers.

Really long eyelashes.

Embraced by him for a while, Gu Xiaochen urged again, “Ahe Ahe, get up quickly.”

“Well?” His consciousness was still hazy, his voice hoarse.

“Hurry up now.”



“What’s the matter?” He frowned slightly, and still didn’t open his eyes.

Gu Xiaochen squeezed his handsome face and said with a smile, “The four of us are going to date together.”

Upon hearing this, Wu Helian opened her eyes vigorously, “Four people?”

“Yeah, me and you, Haoyang and Yongxin.” Gu Xiaochen nodded.

Wu Helian stared dumbly at her pure and ruddy little face, and then guessed the situation roughly when she thought about it. I’m afraid his little woman exchanged something with his younger brother, such as the secret of the photo. Thinking of the picture, he buried his head in her neck socket and said with a deep breath, “What do you do every day when I look at my pictures as a kid? Do you have a crush on the little boy’s me?”

“Uh?” Gu Xiaochen stunned slightly, retorting shyly, “I don’t read it every day! I only watch it occasionally!”

Wu Helian was unhappy now. Why did he look at her photos every day, she only occasionally?

“Chenchen, you are not good at all.”

“How can I?” Gu Xiaochen raised her eyebrows, his big hand suddenly protruding from the hem of the dress, letting her take a breath. “No! We have to go and meet them.” ……”

Wu Helian had already raised and lowered her hand, and began to encroach on her attention. Sure enough, half of her words turned into a fine moan. The curtains were drawn in the bedroom, and the sunlight radiated out with a shimmering red light. The two figures on the big bed were constantly entangled, and the cold air became hot.

A string of bells suddenly clamored, Gu Xiaochen pushed hard away from a man lying on her body, said with difficulty, “

Ying Xin’s phone! Ahe! Stop it!” Wu Helian continued to kiss her, “You answered.”

The ringtone was still ringing, Gu Xiaochen had to answer the phone, Yao Yongxin asked over there, “Xiaochen? I’ve arrived, why haven’t you arrived yet?”

“Sister Yongxin… uh…” Gu Xiaochen blushed, He even bit her!

“Hello? Xiaochen? What’s wrong?”

“I’ll be here soon!”

“Okay, then I’ll wait for you.”

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly shot him, “Quickly, Yongxin has arrived! We have to arrive earlier than

Haoyang !” Wu Helian will arrogantly She pressed under her and would not let her move. She opened her eyes innocently and made him helpless. He buried his head in her neck and kissed her skin fiercely, calmed her desires, snorted coldly, turned over and got out of bed, and threw her a sentence, “Today Don’t talk to you anymore.”

Gu Xiaochen was dumb, God, why is this man so childish.

The place agreed by Gu Xiaochen and Yao Yongxin was a large indoor shopping mall. On the bench on the ground floor, Yao Yongxin wore it casually. The cotton clothes made her look extraordinarily pure and soft, plus the hairy hat on her head and long hair hanging down On his chest, he looked very young and bright. She looks bright and beautiful at the moment.

There were young people skateboarding in the mall, and a few big boys saw her alone, and stepped forward.

“Are you alone?” the leading boy asked.

Yao Yongxin was listening to the music, looked up at the coming person, lightened the music a little, and nodded.

“Are you waiting for someone?”

She continued to nod, still not talking.

“Don’t she speak?” I don’t know who whispered.

Yao Yongxin’s playful heart came up at once, pointed to his mouth, and shook his head again.

The big boys thought she wouldn’t really say it at the moment, but instead of repelling, Xu was sympathetic or instinctively attracted, becoming more enthusiastic and active.

“Would you like to watch us skateboard? Then how about we ask you to drink?” The tall boy smiled shyly.

Yao Yongxin showed that he was considering, at this moment, a cold male voice sounded beside him, “Go away!”

Several boys turned their heads at the same time, and they saw that the man was tall, slender, handsome, and strode towards them with great strides.

Yao Yongxin didn’t expect him to appear, and instantly understood what was going on.

Wu Haoyang finally rushed to Yao Yongxin and asked unpleasantly, “Are you a butterfly?”

Yao Yongxin quietly packed things, smiled at the big boys, and stood up to leave.

“Why are you going? I’m talking to you, you didn’t hear it?” Wu Haoyang shouted angrily.

“Who are you?”

“Will you speak well?”

“It’s really boring!”

Several big boys complained about his behavior.

“While going to play your skateboard, the adult’s affairs, children don’t care!” Wu Haoyang replied impatiently.

“Who’s a kid? Don’t think you are tall!”

“Why ? Do you want to do it?

” Do it with me? You are not qualified yet! Wu Haoyang said in a big voice, Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Yao Yongxin sneaking away, his chest was suffocating, he grabbed her arm, and suddenly raised his lips, softly shouting, “Wife, where are you going?” The baby is still waiting for you at home, so don’t be mad at me, come home with me? “

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