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My girl (21) It turns out she is

Wushi Group Building.

A ringing sound suddenly sounded in the office of the president on the top floor, “

Beep– ” Wu Haoyang answered the phone, and the secretary whispered back over the phone, “President Yang, Miss Lin is here.”

Next second, Lin Lan pushed the door in .

Lin Lan was casually dressed, holding several documents in one hand, and carrying a large black patent leather bag in the other. The bag is bulging, it seems to contain many things, and it is still very heavy. She smiled brightly, without restraint, and walked to the executive desk. Putting both hands on the table, said cheerfully, “Wu San, I have recently studied many books on jewelry design, I think the recent fashion indicators have begun to bias more retro elements.”

“You look at this Several documents, these design drawings were all my sudden inspiration.” Lin Lan opened the several documents and handed them in front of him, and continued to talk. “But I don’t know how the effect will be. , But can you give it a try? I remember your company’s new season’s fashion conference theme is Princess Victoria and European and American courts, so is it possible for me to design these jewelry designs?”

Wu Haoyang glanced down at the design The manuscript, the meticulous and elaborate patterns accentuate the beautiful jewels, the classics reveal the perfect combination of spirituality and modern elegance.

“The design is very good.” He said indifferently.

“Really? That’s great!” Lin Lan shouted happily with his appreciation and approval.

But Wu Haoyang was not in a mood to appreciate these, and looked up at her, Shen Sheng said, “Lin Lan, there is something I want to talk to you about.”

Lin Lan sat down opposite him and nodded, “Well, what’s the matter ?”

“I’m engaged to you.” Wu Haoyang said bluntly.

Lin Lan shrugged and said meaninglessly, “Is there any problem?”

“You proposed to cancel the engagement.”

“Oh, why?”

“I don’t want others to misunderstand.”

“Who are you referring to?” Lin Lan was not surprised or lost, just pure curiosity.

Although Wu Haoyang and Lin Lan were engaged by marriage, they did not have much contact before. The friendship between the two was also accumulated in the past two years. Lin Lan often flew to France to find him, and his name was “visiting fiance”, of course, this is just an excuse. Lin Zhengfeng’s love for Lin Lan’s precious favor made Lin Lan breathless. The mistress Qian Jin, who was under strict supervision since she was young, was fed up with restraints and only wanted to get rid of the shackles and gain some freedom.

Lin Lan didn’t have any dreams at that time. She didn’t even know what she could do. She was so ignorant and ignorant. She was also simply ridiculous and cute.

Wu Haoyang knew this well, so she did not debunk her exclusion and let her visit her in France.

But now, the marriage contract should be over.

Lin Lan mischievously raised her eyebrows and blinked at him with big eyes, “Are you afraid of Miss Yao misunderstanding?”

Wu Haoyang is unscrupulous and neither admits nor denies, “Some things are better explained, otherwise they will be misunderstood. It’s been a long time, I’m afraid others will take it seriously.”

“Well, then I know, I will tell my father.” Lin Lan replied heartily, clever and reasonable, “Then you look at these design drafts first, there are Tell me what you think!”

Wu Haoyang slightly agreed with his forehead and watched her get up.

Lin Lan walked to the door, held the handle in his hand, suddenly suffocated, and asked softly, “Wu San, if there is no Miss Yao, would you say that we might actually get married?”

Wu Haoyang just answered, Lin Lan turned back Farewell, “Bye.”

Wu Haoyang fell into contemplation, holding the pen in his hand and turning boringly.

Lin Lan took a leisurely pace and walked out of Wu’s car back to the hotel.

Since these days, they have all lived in hotels.

I’m afraid Lin Zhengfeng and Su Hong will not return to Finland until the end of Wu Jizong’s birthday feast. As for her, she has decided to go to France. Even if she is not married to Wu Haoyang, she wants to go to the fashion capital. She fell in love with jewelry design, loved those beautiful things, and even enjoyed the joy that each design brought to herself. This taste is too wonderful.

Lin Lan came to the suite where Lin Zhengfeng lived. This time she not only wanted to talk to him about the dissolution of the marriage contract, but also about her dream.

It is a pity that Lin Zhengfeng is not in the hotel.

It happened that Su Hong was not in the hotel either.

Lin Lan had to sit alone for a while, and when he was a little sleepy, he went to take a nap in the bedroom.

I don’t know how long after that, there was a noise outside, and a man and a woman were arguing.

Lin Lan, who was in a light sleep, was woken up and opened her eyes in anxiety. The consciousness was still dim, she vaguely heard the quarrel, guessing that it might be from Lin Zhengfeng and Su Hong.

Lin Lan got out of bed, stepped barefoot on the carpet, and opened the door.

In the hall outside, Lin Zhengfeng and Su Hong are facing each other in disagreement.

“Su Hong! Why did you do that in those days! Why did you drop the two children! Do you know that your behavior hurt the two children!”

“Hahaha, it’s funny! Harm? You should be held accountable? Then cause The culprit of all this is you! It is you Lin Zhengfeng!” Su Hong sneered and accused.

Lin Zhengfeng was annoyed and guilty, “I know all this is my fault! But you shouldn’t be like this!”

“What did I do? I just told the woman that the Lin family needed a child, and her child also needed a hearty one. Family, so that her child can be treated! Moreover, Ding Shuchen is not rare at all your Lin family! She hopes her daughter, oh, that is Gu Xiaochen, and hopes that she will never enter the Lin family! I do this, just let her fulfill her wish. “”

“So you’re hiding from the sky? Even tampering with DNA identification?”

“Oh, I want to hide the sky and ask the woman to agree. Can you believe it without tampering with the DNA identification?” Su Hongning looked at him, her smile was suddenly sad, “Gu Xiaochen and Lin Lan are alive and well, but I What about the child?” There was

silence, falling into silence.

The trembling female voice sounded fiercely, Lin Lan panicked and asked, “Daddy, Mom, what are you talking about?”

Lin Lan stood at the door, still holding the door by the hand, but trembling slightly.

Lin Zhengfeng and Su Hong turned their heads at the same time, both of them were stunned, as if she didn’t expect her to appear.

Since these days, Lin Zhengfeng has been trying to comfort Su Hong. He hopes to give Gu Xiaochen a peace, and even wants her to return to the Lin family.

It was only during this period that Lin Zhengfeng finally knew the truth that the two children would be dropped.

When Lin Lan just returned to the Lin family, she was very weak and often ill. Only a few years of nursing and careful care have allowed her to grow up healthily. If Ding Shuchen’s sister Lin Fen just wanted a better treatment and better life for her child, she exchanged the child privately, so her father couldn’t get through. Lin Lan and he received medical identification, DNA shows that they are biological father and daughter.

Therefore, the child was replaced, it is impossible to be the reason for Lin Fen alone.

Su Hong’s mood has been unstable since he was born in the hospital. He recuperated at home for a while, and then went out to relax. According to records, she had been to Hong Kong at that time.

It was at this time that Lin Zhengfeng finally knew that Ding Shuchen had given birth to a daughter.

Lin’s father still opposed Ding Shuchen’s entry into Lin’s house, and even prohibited him from going out, putting him under house arrest.

“The children

belong to the Lin family! I absolutely do not allow our Lin family children to fall into that woman’s hands!” Lin Zhengfeng still remembers his father’s harsh words. Whenever he thinks about it, the pain is like a thorn that tightens him firmly.

Father Lin immediately sent someone to pick up the child. The day when Lin Lan was picked up was the cold January.

Lin Zhengfeng stared at Lin Lan in a trance, her eyes were vaguely cute when she was a child, she was so small and so pitiful. For so many years, he has tried his best to give her the best possible things, only the happiness she has ever had.

Lin Zhengfeng recovered, he knew that some things should be said, “Xiao Lan, Dad has something to tell you all the time.”

Lin Lan pursed her lips and silently waited for his following.

“Do not say it! I don’t allow you to say it!” Su Hong suddenly shouted, and the sharp female voice was extremely harsh, which made people feel shocked. She ran to Lin Lan in a staggering pace, grabbed her hand at once, and dragged her away from here, “Xiao Lan, let’s go back to Finland! We’ll go back soon! Never come here again!” “

Mom!” Lin Lan yelled softly, stopped and refused to leave.

Su Hong panicked back and saw her smiling face, with a bit of tenacity in her weakness.

“Mom, I want to know, I must know.” Lin Lan shook her head, turned to Lin Zhengfeng, and said with a smile, “Dad, you say it.”

Lin Zhengfeng suddenly couldn’t say anything . What should he say?

Under Lin Lan’s intense and intense gaze, Lin Zhengfeng said quietly, “I’m not your biological father.” The

instant dizziness almost made Lin Lan unstable. “So who are my biological parents?”

“Your mother’s name is Lin Fen, his father is unknown.” Lin Zhengfeng said in a deep voice.

Lin Lan listened to Lin Zhengfeng’s story about the past, and she finally knew everything, and knew who Ding Shuchen was, Gu Xiaochen was, and Lin Fen was. Although she had guessed everything possible from that conversation, but now she heard it with her own ears, which still makes her so unacceptable. Something was crushing in her heart, which made her uncomfortable. The pain filled her body. Her eyes were sour and her eyes began to blur.

Tears circled in her eyes, and she finally fell in a blink of an eye. She murmured, “So I am not my dad’s daughter, it is Miss Gu, it is she…”

Lin Lan realized at this moment.

Why was Lin Zhengfeng suddenly indifferent to her, and why he was so concerned about Gu Xiaochen, it turned out to be the reason, it turned out that she was his daughter. But the truth is undoubtedly a thunderbolt, and no one can accept it. She suddenly becomes another person, her mother dies, and her father does not know who it is.

“You are my daughter! You are my daughter!” Su Hong said, caressing her little face in a panic.

Lin Lan took a step back, her tears interweaving her face and whispering, “I want to be alone.”

Lin Lan turned and snatched out of the door, Su Hong fell on the sofa and whispered something blankly.

There were suppressed weeping sounds all around. Lin Zhengfeng was silent for a long while, and said sincerely and confused, “Su Hong, what should I do? What should I do before you can forgive me?”

Su Hong cried, covering her face, and said nothing.

Along with the rapid ringing, Lin Zhengfeng picked up the phone and heard the subordinates replying, “Master! Miss just grabbed the car key and drove away! She told me to tell you, she just went to breathe, please don’t worry! “

Lin Lan drove aimlessly on the street.

She took nothing, she just wanted to breathe.

But there were so many roads ahead, but she didn’t know where to go.

Lin Lan’s eyes were interlaced with too many pictures, and her complicated thoughts also confused her. She didn’t notice the turn signal, a surprise caught by the front bumped into the rear of the vehicle in front.

The rumbling sound stopped the car in front, and the two tall men came down.

“How did you do it? Will you drive?”

” Yes , you’ll pay me quickly! At least one hundred thousand!”

The two men looked at her alone, and the car he drove was still a famous car, and he naturally refused to give up.

Lin Lan also got out of the car, just listening to the two men scolding loudly, and she did not refute.

Suddenly, a cold male voice rang behind him, “You have two options now, either call the police or leave immediately!”

“Brother! Don’t worry about it! Do you know?” the man snapped.

Jingxin Xin walked to Lin Lan and watched them sternly say, “Just hit the rear of the car, you have to compensate 100,000. Your behavior has already constituted extortion.”

“You are ruthless!” The two men were punished Grabbed the handle and had no choice but to leave.

“Be careful while driving.” Jingxin just happened to bump into it and didn’t want to say anything. After leaving such a sentence, he turned and left.

But he turned around and saw Lin Lan burst into tears.

The scenery was slightly stunned. He took out his handkerchief silently and handed it over. Lin Lan didn’t pick it up, but burst into tears.

Jingxin Xin saw the whole process of this accident just before he did it. Inadvertently staring at the bullied girl, only to find that she knew her.

It’s just that he didn’t even remember her name.

After a moment of silence, after all, she got out of the car to solve the trouble for her.

Unexpectedly, she burst into tears.

Looking at the tearful girl crying in front of him, he suddenly remembered another person in his mind. They have the same short hair. When they cry, they also frown, like a wounded child.

Scenery Xin involuntarily took out the handkerchief and silently handed it to her.

And she didn’t pick it up, she was crying instead.

Lin Lan felt particularly wronged, sad and sad. She just felt like she was abandoned by this world. Her life was like a funny farce, a ridiculous lie, but she couldn’t choose but couldn’t choose. Until I woke up from my dream, I couldn’t find an exit even crying.

After being shocked, he was humiliated by two ruffians, and suddenly someone handed a handkerchief, which made Lin Lan feel a sour and warm. She couldn’t hold back anymore and finally burst into tears.

The passing vehicles were forced to stop, and the driver in the rear poked out his head and scolded.

“Do you even drive?”

“What’s the matter?”

“Hurry up!”

Jingxin’s hand froze in mid-air, and he still didn’t say much, silently stuffing the handkerchief into her hand. Then she drove her car to the emergency stop belt aside, then called and waited for the maintenance company to come to the trailer. However, after a while, the traffic was restored to the previous smoothness.

Lin Lan’s eyes were flushed, standing alone on the side of the road, still sobbing.

“The maintenance company will be there in ten minutes. I’ll go first.” Jing Xinsheng said, turning around and walking towards the car behind.

Lin Lan remained motionless.

Scenery Xin took a few steps, suddenly thought of something, and then folded back to her. He took a few bills from his wallet and said, “Going back in a taxi.”

Lin Lan was stunned. She didn’t expect him to be so calm. She still sobbing and suddenly stopped crying. Looked blankly at him.

“Crying can’t solve the problem.” Scenery Xin Mo said, his low male voice made Lin Lan feel particularly shocked.

In a trance, this moment he made Lin Lan’s heart lake ripple.

Lin Lan’s hands clenched gently and let go.

After all, she took the money in his hand and said firmly with a sobbing female voice, “Money, I will return it to you.”

Lin Lan looked at the scenery and left calmly, squeezing the money in his hand, and stopped a taxi.

As the beautiful sunset went west, dazzling light shone through the car windows.

Lin Lan looked at the gorgeous sunset, facing the sunset, blinking her wet tears.

She did not return to the hotel immediately, but went to Wu Shi. She found Wu Helian and asked Gu Xiaochen’s number through Wu Helian. Wu Helian was not surprised when Lin Lan suddenly appeared. Without saying anything, he gave her the number and asked the secretary to take her to the lounge to wait.

“Miss Gu, hello, this is Lin Lan.”


“I suddenly called you, I was very presumptuous, because I wanted to tell you something. I am in Wu’s company, I don’t know if you are free now ? Is it convenient to come over?” When

Gu Xiaochen received the call, he was shopping with Yu Mei in the supermarket.

Lin Lan’s phone call did suddenly, Yu Mei thought, “Go, there will always be such a day.”

Gu Xiaochen knew that some things had to be faced and could only go to Wu’s.

When Wu arrived, Gu Xiaochen was led by Wu Helian’s secretary to the lounge. “Miss Gu, Miss Lin is inside.”

Gu Xiaochen said thanks and reached out to open the door.

At this moment, the two girls who were played by fate met again.

The lights in the lounge were very bright, Gu Xiaochen stared at Lin Lan, and Lin Lan looked back at her with a daze.



“Miss Gu, please sit down.”

Lin Lan got up and shouted, and Gu Xiaochen walked up to her and said, “No need to be so polite, call me Xiaochen.”

“Okay.” Lin Lan nodded, hands clasped uncomfortably, and said after a long pause, “I don’t know how to express my current mood, and I don’t know what to say. Xiaochen, I’m really sorry , I have everything that should have belonged to you. I know I am selfish to say such things, but please forgive them.”

“Dad…” Lin Lan said silently, “I’m sorry… he really loves You.”

“Lin Lan, don’t apologize. All things are not decided by us, we just accept it passively. Over the years, I have always felt that I am very lucky and happy, and I am doing very well.” Gu Xiaochen looked at her and vaguely saw In response to

Lin Fen ‘s shadow, he asked softly, “How about you? How are you?” Lin Lan pursed her lips and said “En”, “I’m fine.”

“That’s good, then, my mother is relieved.” Gu Xiaochen said with a smile.

I couldn’t even tell what it was like, only infinite melancholy.

They were deceived by the same truth and created two different lives. Fortunately or unfortunately, they could only experience each other.

At the moment they smiled slightly and their eyes were red.

Gu Xiaochen and Lin Lan had been chatting for a long time. They were like sisters who had been away for a long time.

They didn’t say goodbye until Wu Helian came to knock on the door until it was dark.

“Ahe, I found that it was not so difficult to face, I am very happy.” Gu Xiaochen felt relieved.

Wu Helian looked at her smiling face and frowned, and said with a deep voice, “I am not happy.”



“What time is it?” Gu Xiaochen glanced at the time, and said in surprise, “What is eight o’clock?”

Alright ? Then go to dinner!” Wu Helian reached out and hugged her gently, lowering her head and whispering, ” Did your father’s birthday gift be thought of?”

“Oh! Not thought about it yet!” Gu Xiaochen was annoyed again.

“I thought of it.”


Wu Helian pecked her lips and said softly, “He should like to have one more child at home.”

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