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My girl (22) If Yun knows

One day later, Lin Zhengfeng called and invited everyone to dinner.

Including the Wu family, Yu Mei and Gu Xiaochen.

Lin Zhengfeng looked at the time and was about to pick them up.

Lin Lan was accompanying Su Hong in another suite, and Su Hong was more silent than before. She sat motionless on the sofa for a whole day. Lin Lan only accompanied her quietly. She didn’t say much, or she didn’t even know what to say. Staring at the page of the magazine, she has been watching for three hours.

“Xiao Lan, I’ll pick them up. If you Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu come, you remember to say hello.”

“Okay, Dad.” Lin Lan looked up and smiled when she heard the cry.

Lin Zhengfeng took the door and left, Su Hong finally responded, murmured and repeated a sentence, “I want to go back to Finland, I want to go back to Finland.”

Su Hong did not want to meet them, eating at the same table, this is for her It is even more difficult. She snapped back, stood up in a trance, and anxiously ordered the servant to start packing. “You guys are going to pack your bags now! And, go to book a ticket now! If you can’t book a direct flight, then transfer!”

“Yes! Madam!” the servant hurriedly answered.

“No need to pack your bags! You go out first!” Lin Lan stopped softly and walked in front of her.

Seeing this, the servants retreated one after another.

Su Hong grabbed her arm and hurriedly urged pleading, “Xiao Lan! Will you go with your mother? Shall we go back to Finland? Let’s go back? Never come here again! Xiao Lan! Don’t be angry with your mother! I’m wrong because my mother is not good! Are you going to go back with your mother? Okay?”

Su Hong’s lost heart makes her feel sad, should she hate her?

“Mum…” Lin Lan shouted, but Su Hong hugged her like she was afraid of losing, “Xiao Lan! Don’t leave your mother! I have nothing! I only have you!”

Lin Lan swallowed that sour, she couldn’t hate it!

In her memory, what an arrogant woman she is, so unexpectedly pleading with her in such a state of embarrassment!

“I will always be my mother’s daughter.” Lin Lan choked, trembling and hugging her.

Su Hong hugged more tightly and did not want to let go of her.

“Tonight, shall we have dinner together? Mom, will you accompany me?”

Su Hong nodded silently in Lin Lan’s soft female voice.

Lin Zhengfeng personally picked it up, which was something Gu Xiaochen didn’t expect. She and Yu Mei were originally waiting for Wu Helian to pick them up. When they arrived at the hotel, several people in the exquisite private room were seated around the oval dining table. On the left were Su Hong and Lin Lan, and on the right were the Wu family.

The atmosphere was a little strange, and everyone didn’t say much, Su Hong stared at the tableware dullly.

Ji Yuehua smiled and summoned, “Come.”

Lin Lan then echoed, “Xiao Chen, Yu Mei

, drink a cup of tea first.” But how long did the two brothers Wu Helian and Wu Haoyang also arrive.

“Everyone is here, then you can serve food.” Lin Zhengfeng shouted.

A meal is still harmonious, but there is not much conversation.

The two of them talked for a while about the current affairs and political situation, and there was no topic. Ji Yuehua wanted to say a few words to Mrs. Lin, but Su Hong kept mum all night, and she was not good to ask for fun. Wu Helian has always been very reticent, except to give Gu Xiaochen food from time to time, he didn’t talk much, and Gu Xiaochen was eating quietly.

Wu Haoyang didn’t know what was going on, but thought Lin Lan was going to say the matter of dissolution of the marriage contract.

Looking at this weird atmosphere, he thought it was Lin Father who refused to agree.

Seeing that the meal was almost finished, he didn’t talk about any key, he was anxious.

“Brother Wu, I’ll pour you a glass of wine.” Lin Zhengfeng said, and he poured a glass for Wu Jizong and a glass for himself.

Lin Lansheng served Su Hong with a bowl of hot soup, softly stinging, “Mom, drink some soup.”

Su Hong stared at the hot soup in front of him, and took a spoon for a while.

Lin Lan withdrew his eyes and slowly swept across the crowd.

“Uncle Wu, Aunt Wu, Wu San, Wu Er, and Miss Gu.” Lin Lan shouted in turn, and a soft female voice rang quietly, “Everyone is here today, I have something to tell everyone.”

Su Hong put down the spoon, Lin Zhengfeng drank his head and drank wine.

“The first thing, my marriage with Wu San was cancelled, we will not get married. Wu San will have the people he likes, and I will also have it. I hope Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu will understand.” Wu

Haoyang put down his glass and Shen Sheng Said, “Dad, Mom, Uncle Lin, Aunt Lin, I hope you understand.”

Everyone seemed to have expected such a thing, and didn’t say much, silently agreed.

“There is one more thing…” Lin Lan said calmly, paused, as if calming her emotions.

Lin Zhengfeng stood up and said before her, “I think it’s me.”

Gu Xiaochen still lowered his head and heard Lin Zhengfeng trembling, “Wu Er, you and Xiao Chen are going to get married, I I’m really happy. Although I know I’m not qualified to say these things to you, I still have to say. I hope you treat her well and love her and cherish her to take care of her. She is a good boy, even if you are bullied Say. But if I find it in the future, I will never let you go!”

“Brother Wu, sister-in-law, I respect you!” Lin Zhengfeng poured a glass of wine and said to them, “I thank you here You, you will be more tolerant to her in the future. My father, who is not a good father, will bother you.”

Lin Zhengfeng finished his speech and drank his wine.

Wu Jizong raised his glass and drank in return, but Ji Yuehua was stunned.

“Xiaochen, Wu Er, Dad wishes you happiness!” Lin Zhengfeng raised his glass to them again.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly burst into tears, and Wu Helian also stood up and solemnly replied, “Thank you dad.”

“What’s going on? Gu Xiaochen, why did you suddenly become Uncle Lin’s daughter?” Wu Haoyang finally understood, surprised and shouted. .

At this time, the door of the private room was lightly knocked.

Everyone looked back and saw that the gray-haired old man was pushed in in a wheelchair.

The old man looks very old, but his spirit is very full. He wore a black coat jacket, which was lined with a gray shirt and a dark blue wool vest. He stared blankly at the crowd, his eyes flashing dizzyly.

I don’t know if it was because of excitement or because of his aging, he shivered his hands gently.

Lin Zhengfeng hurriedly put down his wine glass and stepped forward in disbelief. “Dad, why are you here?”

Lin Yaozhong spoke slowly and slowly, his voice trembling, “I come to see my granddaughter.”

“Dad, you are in poor health, don’t use Come in person.” Lin Zhengfeng said with a deep voice.

Lin Yaozhong’s health has not been good for these years, and he is not as good as one day in his eighties. The family business has been handed over to Lin Zhengfeng long ago, but he no longer cares about it, and he nourishes his life. But the sudden news had shocked him. He had been thinking about it for several days, and he could not rest assured that he would fly to Hong Kong in person.

Although the doctor did not approve of his flying, he came.

“I must come.” Lin Yaozhong shook his head gently and said unusually firmly. He looked up at the crowd again and asked with a smile, “What about my granddaughter?” As

soon as he said this, everyone’s eyes were on one place at the same time.

Lin Zhengfeng’s words had already made Gu Xiaochen cry silently. She had also imagined that one day, her father would say such words to her other partner. But I did not expect that after a round, I still waited. It’s just that the speaker changed, and the same blood was still flowing in their bodies.

“Chenchen, Grandpa is here.” Wu Helian bowed her head and squeaked her index finger gently to wipe her tears.

Gu Xiaochen nodded panicly, wiped tears and stood up.

Taking a deep breath and raising a smile, she turned to look at the coming person.

“My glasses…” Lin Yaozhong murmured, taking the glasses from his subordinates and putting them on. He narrowed his eyes and saw her clearly in front of him.

What a beautiful and well-behaved person.

Like the woman in her memory, her mother.

And between her eyebrows, there is something like Lin Zhengfeng.

“Xiaochen, my good-granddaughter, come over and let grandpa take a good look.” Lin Yaozhong waved at her, looking forward to it.

Gu Xiaochen was stagnant and could not move, but hesitated for a moment.

Sudden affection, such an unexpected recognition, made her miss but dare not act.

Wu Helian took her hand and led her to Lin Yaozhong. He said indifferently, “Grandpa, hello, I am Wu Helian.”

” Granddaughter -in-law.” Of course Lin Yaozhong knew who he was, yelling jokingly.

Gu Xiaochen was silent and his eyes were red.

Lin Yaozhong reached out and took her little hand, and remained silent for a long time before she said quietly, “Good boy, I can’t be sorry for you, nor your mother, I can’t be sorry for you.”

The sourness that I just swallowed immediately reappeared. The tears fell down again. Gu Xiaochen never felt that he was crying so much. The tears were like open faucets. He didn’t have much language, just three words, three simple words, but these three words made her unable to bear the pain and grief.

It took a long time for Gu Xiaochen to carefully hold his hand.

Lin Yaozhong couldn’t help crying, Lin Zhengfeng also wet his eyes.

Su Hong’s eyes were long, Lin Lan took a tissue and wiped it gently for her. She smiled slightly, her tears condensed on her long eyelashes.

Yu Mei was very happy and sat quietly in her chair.

The meal started in frustration, but ended in tears.

Throughout Wu Haoyang most depressed, I do not know can not stand the crying of the atmosphere, or deliberately shouting, twisting his words angered everyone laugh. “So now, today, I had not a hero ah?”

“Brats!” “Hao

Yang! You This child!”

Wu and his elders drank one after another, Wu Haoyang said meaninglessly, “It seems that Dad’s birthday feast is over, it is his turn to get married with the second brother! Drinking endlessly?”

“What is endless!”

“It’s done! Is it done?”

Fuck !” Wu Jizong and Wu Haoyang’s father and son broke out, a pair of living treasures.

Lin Lan smiled, and she also had a decision.

The day before the banquet started, Wu Haoyang finally found Yao Yongxin.

Yao Yongxin was at home, but she was going out soon. Mother Yao and some old friends went back to old age and were not at home. As soon as the door opened, I saw Wu Haoyang’s uninhibited figure flashing, one-handedly flicking his suit jacket over his shoulder, his shirt slightly unraveled, still the look of a dandy dude, with his invincible appearance enough to be a magazine cover star .

“If you are looking for my mother, then she is not there. If you are looking for me, I am sorry, I have no time to ignore you.” Yao Yong thought to himself, she had to throw the door.

“I thought about it!” Wu Haoyang spoke before she closed the door.

Yao Yong looked at him silently and waited for his following, which was obviously the attitude of “hurry up after you said”.

Wu Haoyang stared at her, and Ruffian said, “People in this life say whether they are long or short, we are almost thirty, and we don’t have many thirty. It’s really annoying to find new objects. Let’s get together. I’ve known your shortcomings before, so I think I can bear it. Also, you can rest assured that I will definitely be good to you. But I also want to tell you that you are not allowed to control me Don’t order me, I need absolute freedom.”

“Done talking?” Yao Yongxin had calmed down in these days and said with a smile.

“I haven’t remembered it yet, and I will add it later.”

“Your theory of free marriage sounds good, but I’m not interested. You might as well find someone else, I think they will be interested. Bye.” Yao Yongxin still smiled.

“Hello!” Wu Haoyang twisted two sword eyebrows, “Yao Yongxin! You have the ability to say you don’t like me?”

“Ask!” Yao Yongxin suddenly spit out these two words.


“Wu Haoyang has the ability to say that he likes Yao Yongxin?” She smiled softly and made him stunned.

“Uh… I…” Wu Haoyang shouted at him, Yao Yongxin persuaded like a kid, “Children, don’t talk to me, please go back and think about it.”

Yao Yongxin glanced at the time and turned to take the shoulder bag. Go out.

Apparently she was the appointment.

“Where are you going?” Wu Haoyang asked.

Yao Yongxin closed the door with his backhand, and did not choose to be silent. “I made an appointment.”

“Don’t tell me you made an appointment with that policeman!” His tone was a little rushing.

“Well, yeah, I asked Jing Xin.” Yao Yongxin said with a smile, and walked past him.

“What do you ask him to do?”

“Drinking coffee.”

“Drinking coffee, are you busy?”

“Recently a little busy.”

“Then I will go with you!”

“No, you have to go to work in the company.”

“I can ask for leave.”

“I heard that there is an important negotiation meeting in the afternoon. Do you want to put customer pigeons?”

” Who do you listen to?” The

two went downstairs while making a noise.

In the blink of an eye, Wu Haoyang followed Yao Yongxin to the parking lot. “Beep” two remote controls unlocked, the lights turned on, Wu Haoyang stopped in front of Yao Yongxin, said dissatisfiedly, “I don’t like your dealings with that policeman.”

“Oh.” Yao Yongxin nodded casually, bypassing him.

“I said I don’t like it. Why do you want to go?” Wu Haoyang grabbed her wrist and stopped her from getting in the car.

Yao Yong looked at him calmly and said softly, “If you make an appointment with someone else, you must go.

Whether you like it or not, it has nothing to do with me.” “Okay!” Wu Haoyang gritted his teeth and stared at her, like Is to eat her. After a long silence, he frowned suddenly, and his expression was innocently wronged, “Good! Since you have made an appointment today, then you go. But tomorrow night’s banquet, you will be my female companion.”

“You let go first , or I’ll be late, you do not vexatious. “

vexatious? Wu Haoyang could not believe his ears, but let go of his hands in frustration.

Yao Yongxin opened the car door and sat in. After starting the engine, he lowered the window and smiled lightly, “I have a male partner for the banquet tomorrow night.”

In the surprise of Wu Haoyang, Yao Yongxin walked away.

There was a rapid ring of bells behind him, and Wu Haoyang connected anxiously, hearing the secretary reminding him over the phone, “General Yang, the afternoon negotiation meeting will be held in half an hour…”

“Shit!” Wu Haoyang hung up the phone, almost Crazy.

Why at this time, only he needs to face the irritable company?

I knew he would rush to pick up the plane!

Tomorrow is Wu Jizong’s birthday. The old lady of the Wu family, Wu Miaoke, participated in the French painting exhibition and hurried back to China to celebrate the birthday of the old man.

In the afternoon flight, Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen went to meet her.

Sitting in the hall and waiting, Gu Xiaochen was naturally nervous to see Wu Miaoke.

It has been many years since the last meeting, and the cute girl who was crying in the restaurant also impressed her. It’s just that she and Lu Shiyan have too many misunderstandings between them, too many misunderstandings that should not have happened. Regarding Lu Shiyan’s news, Gu Xiaochen only knew that he had always been abroad and won many awards, but he rarely returned to China.

“Second Brother!” A clear female voice came from the front, and Gu Xiaochen got up quickly.

“Don’t be nervous.” Wu Helian tinged, and the two looked at Wu Miaoke and came slowly with the suitcase.

Wu Miaoke’s hair is very long, curled up randomly into a lovely ball. In recent years, she has grown a lot. She is no longer the little girl who was ignorant and ignorant in her youth. She has grown into a beautiful woman unconsciously, fragrant and beautiful. She smiled at them with a flowery smile.

Gu Xiaochen saw her, but also saw another person.

It was a mixed-race man with white skin and a handsome appearance. The man’s facial features are very three-dimensional, wearing a pair of glasses, Si Si beautiful, smiled particularly beautiful. He has brown hair and is wearing a khaki trench coat. He is fashionable and casual, and has an artistic atmosphere all over his body.

The two walked together so well.

“Second brother, I guess she must be the sister-in-law.” Wu Miaoke walked in front of them with her boyfriend, smiling and extended her hand. “Hello, sister-in-law, the first time I met, I haven’t introduced myself yet, I am Miao Ke, he It’s my boyfriend Kurt.”

What’s going on? Why doesn’t she remember her?

Gu Xiaochen froze, holding her hand suspiciously.

“Wu Helian, my fiancee Gu Xiaochen.” Wu Helian said with a deep voice, shook hands with Kurt.

“Nice to meet you.” Kurt spoke awkward Chinese and was not very fluent.

“Second brother, didn’t I say I didn’t use it to pick up? Hey, I should tell you as soon as I know, I have to go to the tutor first.” Wu Miaoke looked sorry, the tutor returned to Hong Kong a few days earlier to prepare Regarding the charity sale of the art exhibition, I confessed to her when she returned to Hong Kong. So Wu Miaoke intends to report to his tutor before returning home.

“I’ll take you.” Wu Helian said indifferently.

“Then trouble your second brother as a driver.” Wu Miaoke smiled heartily and walked out of the airport holding Cot’s hand.

Gu Xiaochen was puzzled, and Wu Helian explained in a low voice, “She has forgotten everything before, and she doesn’t remember anything.”

Leaving the airport, the car got on the highway.

Wu Miaoke and Cote are simply two older children, laughing and arguing from time to time, Cot said, and talked about anecdotes, “At that time I proposed that she be my girlfriend, but she didn’t expect her to agree in a single bit, you know What did she say?”

“What?” Gu Xiaochen turned to look at the back seat of the car and asked with a smile.

Wu Miaoke shyly shook his hand, and Kurt held up the hands they shook, shaking his head and said, “She said she thought my hand was beautiful.”

Sure enough, it was a pair of slender hands.

“Cote…” Gu Xiaochen had a strange feeling in his heart, and he couldn’t help asking, “Are you playing the piano?”

“Sister-in-law, he is an architect.”

Wu Miaoke’s smile reflected in Gu Xiaochen’s eyes, ears Suddenly the music playing in the wireless audio sounded.

“If Yun knows that he can’t escape the entangled prison, every time he feels painful for a second, every time he cries and wakes up for a second, only the heart is begging, you won’t know,…”

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