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My Girl (23) Prince of Piano

car is about to arrive at the instructor’s residence. Wu

Miaoke said, “Second brother, I’ll trouble you to send Kurt to the hotel.” “Well.” Wu Helian responded, not much to say. .

Kurt patted the back of her hand gently and asked, “Do you not need me to accompany you?”

“No, you go back to the hotel to take a rest, take a shower and change your clothes. After a while, I will see you after the tutor. “Wu Miaoke whispered softly, like a lovely little wife, “You remember not to sleep, I will take you home to see my father and mother.”

Kurt heard this, and Yuyu picked it up and said cheerfully, ” Oh, since you have said so, then I must not sleep, and I will not sleep

even when I die.” “What silly words to say.” Wu Miao Ke laughed, leaning his head on his shoulder.

The two talked intimately in French, Wu Helian understood, but Gu Xiaochen did not understand what they said. She looked out the window, and the scenery along the road quickly passed by her eyes, and was thrown far behind. Suddenly there was something empty in my heart, as if there was nothing missing, but nothing was missing.

Gu Xiaochen inadvertently looked up and saw the two people in the rear seat through the mirror.

Their hands have been held together.

The song in the wireless audio has already been changed, but the slightly hoarse female voice hovered in Gu Xiaochen’s ear.

Can’t disperse for a long time.

The car stopped at the roadside, Wu

Miaoke got out of the car with a shoulder bag, “Second brother, sister-in-law, see you later .” “Good.” Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, Wu Helian nodded.

“Miao Ke.” Cot in the rear seat raised his head and Wu Miao Ke pursed her lips sheepishly. She stooped and bowed her head, and Kurt kissed her cheek like a dragonfly.

Small moves between lovers, they are so used to it.

Wu Miaoke waved at the three, and then walked towards the building.

The tutor lives on the ground floor of the building, and there is a small garden in front of him. The vine flower stand, the greenery is still, and the sunny afternoon is indeed a good place to relax. Wu Miao Ke is not the first time to come, so he is already familiar. She pushed open the wooden door of the small garden and walked to the apartment to knock on the door.

The master died long ago, so when the door was opened, Wu Miaoke thought it was the door opened by the instructor.

“Teacher, I’m back.” Wu Miao Ke smiled brightly, and was surprised when he saw the strange man.

Oh, it’s not completely strange.

Wu Miaoke certainly knows him.

The prince in the piano world-Lu Shiyan.

Speaking of Lu Shiyan, I am afraid that few young people now do not know.

Especially the students who graduated from her alma mater.

Lu Shiyan is a legendary figure in the college, and the students are hailed as the “prince of white horse”.

Since winning the 12th World Warsaw Chopin Piano Competition, Lu Shiyan has collaborated with the Mexican Symphony Orchestra’s Ante Watts to perform the premiere in the Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall. In the following years, he received more and more awards, and his performances also increased. Whether it is France, Britain, the United States, Poland… Every country in the world seems to have his footprints, the sound of the piano he left behind.

Lu Shiyan’s hair is longer than before, but his face is thinner, dark brown hair color, deep eyes, indifferent and remote temperament, full of artistic atmosphere. The glasses on the bridge of his nose slipped slightly, and his eyes looked like a layer of mist. He held the door frame in one hand and looked at her condescendingly.

He smiled slightly, not a happy smile, even with apathy.

But that smile made her feel sad and worried, Wu Miao unconsciously tightened the shoulder bag strap.

“The teacher is inside.” Lu Shiyan said in a deep voice, before turning around.

Wu Miaoke followed him into the apartment and closed the door with his backhand. Looking at his back, he couldn’t help but sigh: This man really makes people feel excited.

The instructor was preparing for work in the studio, and when he saw Lu Shiyan coming with Wu Miaoke, he smiled and said, “Miao Ke, I want to tell you good news. The art fair’s charity sale is going very smoothly. The rights support of the Hong Kong Charity Foundation. I also received news that many corporate company bosses will attend, and all proceeds from the bazaar will be donated to orphans and orphans.”

“Really? This is really great!” Wu Miao was pleased Shouted, excitement, “I hope this bazaar will succeed!”

“Oh, Miao Ke, I haven’t introduced you yet.” The instructor patted Lu Shiyan’s shoulder and said with satisfaction, “He is Lu Shiyan, you are an academy Yes, I think you should know him?”

Lu Shiyan’s popularity is naturally known to his mentor.

Wu Miaoke did not shy away and said frankly, “Of course I know, there is a piano prince in our college, who doesn’t know?”

“Shi Yan knew that we held a bazaar painting exhibition, so he specifically found me and participated in this bazaar together. “The tutor proudly praised, “You two are role models for students!”

“In this way, the bazaar will have more money, I think those girls will definitely scramble for the auction! This is thanks to the small Senior Master Yan!” Wu Miaoke smiled cheerfully and looked at him. “Senior Senior Master Yan, why don’t you play another song then? I believe it will attract many people!”

“Miao Ke, your idea is to listen “It looks good!” The instructor agreed, “Shi Yan, what do you think?”

“Just happened to have a new song, I will release it first.” Lu Shiyan said in harmony, his eyes fixed on her smile, as if she was going to Look enough, every expression is not willing to miss.

“No new song released?” Wu Miaoke asked curiously.

“Not classical music.”

“Pop music?”



Miaoke was even more pleasantly surprised, “Can you tell me first, what is the song?” Lu Shiyan stared at her eyes, and Youyou spit out two words, “Secret.”

Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan, how can you play so well? ?

Xiaoyan, I made a wish, and I hope that one day you can make a song for me.

What’s the name?

“So mysterious?”

Lu Shiyan nodded, but the cold smile had some warmth.

“Well, I’ll know it anyway.” Wu Miaoke was curious, but he didn’t keep asking. Although somewhere in my heart, it was so inexplicable to want to know, know the name of the song. She looked at his quiet and beautiful face, and even surprised herself, what the hell was going on.

“Today people are so crowded, let’s eat together? It’s been a long time since there were so many people!” the tutor said happily.

“Teacher, I can’t do it today. I just had to go home to report it.” Wu Miaoke said sorry, thinking, “Next time, will we make an appointment next time, OK? I’ll come to the tutor’s house to cook a table. Dish! It must be called Senior Xiaoyan Senior School, or the three of us, it’s still the same!” The

tutor slapped his head and woke up with annoyance. “I’m so confused, you just came back, this first meal is of course It’s time to go home and eat! You haven’t been back for a long time, and it’s time to accompany them! Your parents are so convinced that you have such an outstanding and beautiful and lovely daughter!”

Wu Miaoke smiled shyly, and the tutor asked again Road, “Shi Yan, do you want to stay for dinner?”

Lu Shiyan’s eyes instantly shifted from Wu Miaoke, looking at the instructor, said indifferently, “Teacher, I won’t stay, there will be something for a while.”

“This Then, next time, next time we will be together with the three of us!” The instructor could not help but regret.

The three of them chatted for a while. Wu Miaoke left after watching the time, Lu Shiyan said in a deep voice, “I just want to go, I will send you.”

“That’s fine, Miao Ke, just let Shi Yan Give you.” The instructor echoed.

Wu Miaoke no longer pushed back, and got in Lu Shiyan’s car.

A pair of cute doll tumblers were placed in the car, Wu

Miaoke stared and looked at it, could not help reaching out, “This is really cute.” Lu Shiyan drove the car, Yu Guang glanced at her delighted smile, she Her words are so familiar.

This made him lose his mind for a moment.

It was so quiet, Wu Miao looked at the front, seemed to be looking for a topic, and said softly, “In fact, the master has passed away for many years, the tutor should find another companion. He always eats alone, walks alone, alone It’s too lonely to read a book. However, the tutor doesn’t seem to mean to find another wife.”

“Coco…” Lu Shiyan suddenly said, and realized that something was wrong, and asked instead, “Are you accompanied?”

“Uh Wu Miao Ke froze for a while…

“I mean do you have a boyfriend?” Lu Shiyan clenched the steering wheel unconsciously. The restrained male voice was a little flustered. “I just asked casually, you You can not answer.”

Wu Miaoke chuckled and said generously, “I’m accompanied, he is a Frenchman, an architect.”

Suddenly, the heartbeat seemed to stop and shock was generally unable to breathe.

Lu Shiyan’s eyes flickered, his thoughts were also confused at this time, he could not see the vehicles passing by.

After a long while, he “Oh,” and asked

quietly , “Where are you going.” Wu Miaoke reported the hotel address, but Lu Shiyan had already guessed that the architect must live in that hotel.

“Oh, by the way, this charity bazaar did not expect to go so smoothly…” Wu Miaoke talked eloquently, but Lu Shiyan didn’t listen to it anymore. Occasionally, the answer is short.

When the car arrived at the hotel, Wu Miaoke got out of the car and bowed down to thank, “Thank you Xiaoyan Senior.”

Lu Shiyan just nodded and watched her turn to the hotel. He also stepped on the accelerator and drove to the endless road.

Around the corner, he couldn’t help looking away.

In the front mirror, her figure finally disappeared.

Wu Miaoke did go home for a long time this time. Ji Yuehua prepared a table of dishes deliberately and waited for the lady to return. Wu Haoyang came back from get off work, with an impatient look, did not speak on the sofa, as if someone offended him. Everyone of course knew what was the reason for him, but it was a pity that no one ignored him, and let him sit there sulking.

There is a good saying, this is self-inflicted.

“Second brother, haven’t you picked her up? Why haven’t you returned yet?” Wu Haoyang finally asked, Gu Xiaochen replied, “Miao Ke will report to the tutor first, and then come with Kurt.”

“Kurt? Who Ah?” Wu Haoyang was suddenly suspicious, and the two elders looked at Gu Xiaochen together.

“My lady, the fourth lady is back!” The housekeeper ran back and forth, and everyone saw Wu Miaoke walked in with a handsome mixed-race man.

In the surprise of everyone, Wu Miaoke said calmly, “Second brother and sister-in-law have just introduced, so I will not introduce them again. Dad, mom, third brother, he is Cote, my boyfriend.”

“Uncle , Auntie, 3rd Brother, everyone,” Kurt shouted politely.

Wu Miaoke brought back a foreign boyfriend, which surprised the Wu family.

Wu Jizong didn’t say much, he didn’t know if he agreed. Ji Yuehua is a warm hospitality, no matter how he always wants to be the friend of the landlord. Wu Haoyang actually chatted with Kurt and learned about his family background. His father is the CEO of a company and his mother is an engineer. This family background seems to be pretty good, and Wu Jizong’s expression has eased.

This evening, Kurt and the Wu family had a great conversation.

“Tomorrow I will have a birthday, so come to the banquet.” Wu Jizong thought of Wu Miaoke’s experiences, and his original tough attitude has to be softened now.


Miaoke was immediately excited , and Kurt responded with a smile. “Uncle, I must be here.” Gu Xiaochen didn’t know why Wu Miaoke lost his memory. She seemed to have forgotten everything about Lu Shiyan. Looking at Kurt again, it feels as if things are a foregone conclusion.

But how can I feel sorry.

Wu Miaoke sent Kurt to the door, and Kurt embraced her reluctantly, “See you tomorrow.”

“Well.” Wu Miaoke looked at him, and the low, magnetic cry rang out in his ear.

Who ever shouted like that.



Wu family is a wealthy family in Hong Kong . The Wu family is the first in Hong Kong’s financial industry and has a decisive position. Coupled with the two young masters who are unknown to everyone, the Wu family is even more famous in the circle. This is the 60th birthday of Mr. Wu, and the guests who received the invitation letter are naturally very honored to be present on time.

Those Qianjin girls are even more elaborately dressed, hoping to get the favor of the two young masters of the Wu family.

Although Wu Haoyang’s engagement with Lin’s company Qianjin still hasn’t been cancelled, he once had a history of escaping marriage, so the outside world concluded that the marriage was still difficult to decide. At that time, the Lin family also announced that they would divest because of the three young people’s marriage evasion. Now that Wu has developed from a company to a group, the business territory has expanded rapidly. Even if the Lin family takes divestment again, there will be no impact. Coupled with the fact that San Shao has already developed into France, I am afraid he is to resist this marriage.

As for Master Lian, the old Master Wu made a statement at the celebration of Wu’s 30th anniversary. But this statement has not been recognized by the protagonists. Later, news came out that Miss Yao Yongxin, the heroine of the marriage, is one of the shareholders of the Wus Group board of directors. And at that celebration, Master Lian also came with a female companion, but the event ended up in the end.

In recent years, Master Lian no longer has a partner beside him.

People in the circle speculate, but they can’t understand.

In a word, as long as they are not married, then the position of Mrs. Wu family is possible for everyone.

Today’s Wujia Villa is brilliantly lit and extremely lively.

Mr. Wu sat on the sofa, surrounded by the CEOs of the Hong Kong business community.

The guests in the hall gathered to chat and laugh, and the women’s eyes swept sharply around them, whose figure was looking for in the crowd.

At the entrance, Yao mother walked into Lengjun’s man, and on the other side was accompanied by the gentle Yao Yongxin.

Yao Yongxin smiled slightly, the atmosphere was elegant.

“Look, look, she’s that Yao Yongxin.”

“Master Lian’s fiancee?”

“Yes, it’s her.” The

broken chatter sounded faintly, and everyone’s eyes were on Yao Yongxin’s body, and he glanced at the cold Jun by the way. the man.

The splendid beauty of the scenery is not inferior to the two brothers of the Wu family. Wu Helian is a fog, which will make people disoriented. His indifferent temperament is not as detached as Wu Helian’s. The deep pupils will give people an illusion in an instant. He is obviously repelled and does not like to be close to people.

Mother Yao does not have any opinion on Yao Xinxin’s male companion. No matter who walks with Yao Yongxin, she is happy to be successful as long as she is happy.

The three of them walked in front of Wu Jizong and met with a voice.

Yao Yongxin opened his birthday, “Uncle Wu, I wish you healthier and healthier, younger and younger.”

“Mr. Wu, I wish you a longer life than Nanshan.” Jing Xin said officially.

Of course Wu Jizong knew the scenery Xin, Wu Helian was detained in connection with commercial crimes and had some contact with him at that time. I just saw him attending with Yao Yongxin, but he was surprised, but he still smiled and said, “It turns out to be Inspector Feng, you come to celebrate my birthday, I’m very happy.”

“Three young people are coming!” suddenly cried out in the hall .

Wu Haoyang flashed calmly in a black suit. A pair of men and women around him walked hand in hand. It was Wu Miao who could get to Kurt.

Wu Haoyang was so far away that he saw Yao Yongxin standing with Jingxin Xin, his chest suddenly suffocated.

“Dad, I wish you a happy birthday.”

“Uncle, happy birthday.”

Wu Miaoke and Cote sent sweet blessings, Wu Haoyang frowned.

“A few of you young people, let’s play.” Mother Yao let go of her hand and stopped walking.

A few people stepped aside immediately, Wu Miaoke looked at the man next to Yao Yongxin and said with a smile, “Sister Yongxin, you are really not interesting, such a handsome boyfriend, he is still hiding.”

“Aren’t you hiding? “Yao Yongxin did not clarify the relationship between the two, and asked humorously.”

“I didn’t hide it. I was looking for the right time to bring it to everyone.” Wu Miaokei said, looking at Wu Haoyang, “Third brother, would you also hide your girlfriend?”

Wu Haoyang I just felt that the two were too dazzling and didn’t even look at it. He dropped a sentence and turned away. “I’m going to greet a few uncles.”

Wu Miaoke is also concerned about the ambiguous relationship between Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin. Some eyebrows. She has long regarded them as a pair, just waiting for the two to release their suspicions. I didn’t expect Yao Yongxin to take his male partner to attend for so long, which made her surprised and funny.

“The wife he got can’t stop it, it’s really useless.” Wu Jizong glanced at Wu Haoyang standing beside him, sneering in a low voice.

Wu Haoyang Jianmei raised his eyebrows and clenched his glass of wine silently.

Depressed, Wu Helian walked slowly in the eyes of everyone.

The black suit, which is also slim and tailored, looks very tall and straight on Wu Helian’s body. He was born to be a hanger, the golden ratio figure of top models. The thin and cool lips, like the focal length of the eyes, and the absence of the eyes, cannot see the waves, and it looks as deep as the deep sea.

The five Lin family also arrived!

Lin Zhengfeng held Su Hong in one hand and Lin Lan in one hand, and the three were dazzling. Their pace is very slow, following the two in front.

The woman pushed the wheelchair carefully, and the old man sitting in the wheelchair was Lin Yaozhong.

Lin Yaozhong smiled, and his gray hair was much better than before.

At first glance, everyone guessed who the gray-haired old man was.

Mrs. Lin’s grandfather, Mr. Lin, Mrs. Lin, and Lin Lan’s gold.

But who is the woman in the wheelchair?

Wu Helian stood sideways, her deep eyes looking towards the woman, but she seemed to have a gentle smile.

His smile seemed to bloom in spring.

Such a smile made the guests present dazzled.

This is Master Lian who is known for his indifference?

Master Lotus will also have this expression?

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