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My girl (24) not a game

There are many beautiful women in the banquet, but there are not so many pure and natural beauty like her.

The orange-pink chest-wrap dress is more watery, her skin is white and pink, her long black hair, Anshun is softly scattered on her shoulders, and a chic hand flower made of a black velvet strap is tied to her right wrist. Her flapping eyes were extremely bright, as if she could speak, and she was so beautiful that she looked away.

Such a woman is like an elf sleeping on a cloud.

Everyone was surprised, secretly guessing her identity.

Gu Xiaochen looked at Wu Helian in this way, and his shy smile made him feel very cute.

Yu Mei stood behind the crowd and watched the scene silently, rejoicing and happy for her.

Such a beautiful moment seems to have really waited too long.

Wu Helian walked towards her from the footsteps, walked to Lin Yaozhong and stopped, Shen shouted, “Grandpa.”

“Grandpa will give her to you.” Lin Yaozhong looked at Yushu Linfeng’s Wu Helian and nodded in satisfaction. He reached over and held Gu Xiaochen’s hand, put it in his hand with confidence, smiled and said, “Go, go and celebrate the birthday of your father.”

Wu Helian gently held her hand in his arm and held her slowly Walk slowly to Wu Jizong.

The sofas in the center of the hall are surrounded by several high-value CEOs, the majority shareholder of the Wu Group, and the Wu family.

Wu Jizong and Ji Yuehua sat side by side, and they also looked noble and dignified in the same suit.

Gu Xiaochen looked at them, and in an instant they felt like kings and queens of a country. And the man beside her is the prince, a prince who belongs to her. The kind of happiness could not be described by words, she saw them smiling at her with love. But now, this is not a dream, all this is true.

“Dad, I wish you a happy birthday.”

Hearing his low male voice saying blessings, Gu Xiaochen then spoke softly, “Uncle Wu, I wish you a happy birthday.”

Wu Jizong removed the pipe from his mouth and said unpleasantly, “It’s time to call my uncle. “

Gu Xiaochen was stunned and shouted shyly, “Dad.”

“You must be obedient and give us a grandson as soon as possible.” Ji Yuehua hurriedly took two red envelopes, and Gu Xiaochen accepted it embarrassedly.

Gu Xiaochen blushed at once.

Wu Helian had a natural look, and said in a shameless manner, “You must not be disappointed.”

Lin Zhengfeng stood behind, watching their pair of people celebrating Wu Jizong’s birthday. And the soft cry, the word “Dad” made him taste and emotion.

Gu Xiaochen has been with Lin Yaozhong these days, and Lin Yaozhong also cherishes and loves her. She had already called Lin Yaozhong’s “grandpa”, and she would also call “aunt” at Su Hong, but she never called him “daddy”. Lin Zhengfeng knows that she is a good boy who is clever and sensible, but knows more that she has not yet completely relieved.

Everything is entangled because of him, she is still blaming him.

Or, she was arguing for her mother Ding Shuchen.

Lin Zhengfeng’s eyes flickered, and he didn’t know how long to wait before his daughter would call him “Daddy.”

Just hope that this day will not be too far.

“Dad, Mom, are you too eccentric? Why did the second brother and Gu Xiaochen have red envelopes? Neither of us?” Wu Haoyang exclaimed, destroying the atmosphere and making everyone laugh.

“Yes, yes, you all!” Ji Yuehua took out several red envelopes.

“Lao Zong, this lady is Wu Erwei’s wife who hasn’t been there yet?”

“I’ll introduce you to you, her name is

Gu Xiaochen.” “Miss Gu is really beautiful, Wu Er has a good vision!”

“Yeah yeah.”

“I don’t know when to get married?”

“The days are being chosen, and you will definitely have to come by then!”

“Of course you have to come!”

Everyone laughed.

Although several executives did not know what the background of Miss Gu was, but she pushed Mr. Lin to attend, of course, she could not get rid of the relationship with the Lin family. The Lin family is also one of the best wealthy families in Finland and cannot be underestimated. Several shareholders are aware of Gu Xiaochen, who had previously served as the secretary of the second and third Wu family, but now it is worth one billion yuan.

Champagne wine, beautiful music, gorgeous dance steps.

Their gathering together is naturally striking.

“Third Brother!” Wu Miaoke shouted and reached out.

Wu Haoyang is unknown, so Wu Miaoke urged, “Mum just gave you a few red envelopes. You have to give us at least four copies. I have a copy, Cote, Sister Yongxin, and Mr. Feng. “

Xiao Cai Fan.” Wu Haoyang mumbled and pulled out four red envelopes.


Miaoke took it with a smile, and gave it to everyone, “Kurt, let’s go dance.” Kurt nodded to everyone and took Wu Miaoke’s hand into the dance floor.

Wu Haoyang shook his head helplessly, but it was the same with the baby sister. Looking back, her eyes inadvertently hit Yao Yongxin, only to find that she was looking at herself. Her eyes made him feel inexplicable palpitations. Like being touched, he could not help speaking, “I…”

“Let’s go too.” Scenery Xin took the first step, hugged Yao Yongxin and then left.

Wu Haoyang originally wanted to invite Yao Yongxin and immediately stared. He silently looked at Yao Yongxin’s figure, some teeth clenched.

With only Yu Mei beside him, Wu Haoyang asked, “Are you dancing?”

Yu Mei took a sip of the wine glass and smiled and asked, “Why? Three Young

Masters wanted me to dance?” “I don’t know if Miss Yu would give this face?” Wu Haoyang restored his cynical appearance.

Yu Mei looked at his handsome face wholeheartedly, shaking the wine glass, and said deliberately and playfully, “I don’t want to dance.”

It’s a woman who doesn’t give face!

Sure enough, people are divided into groups!

Wu Haoyang stared at the two intimate figures on the dance floor and watched them whispering, his expression dignified. But he did not leave at this point, as if waiting for an opportunity.

In the corner on the other side, Lin Lan’s eyes were also found on the dance floor.

Finally fixed on the scenery Xin body.

Yu Mei stood quietly in the corner, and Lin Lan approached her and asked, “Aren’t you dancing?”

“I’m waiting for a man to invite.” Yu Mei blinked her phoenix and Lin Lan laughed, ” Why don’t you go dancing?”

Lin Lan copied her original words. “I’m also waiting for a man to invite me.” On

the dance floor embracing a couple of men and women, the scenery danced with arms around Yao Yongxin.

They also seem to match so well.

Yao Yongxin could notice the two eyes that came directly around her. She deliberately ignored her and asked softly, “Jing Xin, when are you going to leave?” Jing

Xin has officially resigned from the position of inspector a few days ago. Free body.

Yao Yongxin did not know where he was going. He never mentioned his identity background actively, but she clearly understood that he was not as simple as an inspector. Not only driving a famous car, but taking a vacation if you want to take a vacation. Even if it does not appear for a week, it will not be criticized by your superiors. The powerful relationship can be imagined.

Jingxin looked down at her and said indifferently, “Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow.”

“Maybe a month, maybe a year, or maybe you will not leave in your life.” Yao Yongxin quipped with a smile, tapping the hand on his shoulder, “Jing Xin, no matter where you go, remember to contact me if you have something to do. “The

scenery was hard to smile, and raised her lips slightly, and said, “If it’s okay, you can’t contact you?”

“Oh.” Yao Yong froze, then laughed out loud, “Rare, you will also joke.”

In fact Yao Yongxin is also reluctant to make the scenery beautiful.

For her, Jingxin Xin can be said to be her friend. He understood her so well that she tolerated her, as if any trouble would become small in front of him. Although they haven’t known each other for a long time, just a few years, but Yao Yongxin has been fortunate that he can meet such a man.

“The time has passed very quickly. I remember we knew that because Xiaochen was involved in a commercial case. In fact, it was very strange to say, we became good friends.” Yao Yongxin walked slowly, thinking about the past. . She snapped back and ridiculedly said, “I said Sir, you diamond king do not intend to talk about a girlfriend? Do you want to play bachelor all your life?”

“I’m waiting for you.” The scenery was ambiguous. Said.

Yao Yongxin shook his head and smiled lightly, “You are not waiting for me.”

Yao Yongxin always has a feeling that this man is waiting for someone. Maybe he had been emotionally frustrated and hurt. She summarized them as people who were sympathetic, but she didn’t know who the girl was. Scenery Xin will always disappear for a few days from time to time. No one knows where he went. She will also wonder if he went to the girl.

“Are you going to find her?” Yao Yongxin didn’t hold back for the first time and asked about his emotional problems.

The eyes of the scenery condensing suddenly flashed a strange light, fleeting, such a light and indifferent tone, said casually, “She is married.”

What? That girl is already married? Yao Yongxin was surprised.

At the end of the song, someone left the dance floor and someone walked into the dance floor.

Wu Haoyang, who had been impatient for a long time, walked straight towards them. The scenery Xin lowered his head and whispered, “Good luck.”

Yao Yong was too late to respond, his hand was released and he took a step back. The other person’s hand was wrapped around her body and buckled around her waist. Yao Yong twisted her head in a trance, and saw Wu Haoyang staring at her with a handsome face. Looking back at Xin Xin again, he had already turned around, and his tall figure was drowned in bright colors.

“I don’t want to jump.” Yao Yongxin said softly, but he was hugged tightly.

Wu Haoyang was already displeased, “You have to jump with me!”

“What the hell do you want? Today is Uncle Wu’s birthday, I don’t want to quarrel with you, nor do I want to be unhappy with you. If you want to dance, then be good and I speak! But I only dance with you, my feet are a little sour!” The music started again, Yao Yongxin had to stay with him on the dance floor.

Wu Haoyang didn’t even listen to what she said, and reminded him angrily, “Your man is me!”

“Can you not be so naive…” Yao Yongxin just started to speak, but he suddenly hugged her close to his body. . In an instant, Junrong pressed against her.

Wu Haoyang lowered his head and kissed her lips, and the guests dancing around were all paying attention, and forgot the beat of the dance.

Yao Yongxin’s eyes widened, and he couldn’t believe he kissed her in front of so many people!

Wu Haoyang stared at her for a long time, and when she could no longer continue to stalemate and wanted to leave, he said seriously, “Yao Yongxin, I think I like you.” The

stubborn resistance fortress collapsed at the moment of hearing this sentence, Yao Yong was stunned.

Wu Haoyang took her hand and took her away from the dance floor in the sideways eyes of everyone. As soon as he walked to a quiet and unmanned corner, Wu Haoyang hugged her into his arms, a little flustered, but uncontrollable emotions, so surging impulse, let him want to catch.

Yao Yongxin struggled to resist, “What are you doing? Is it impulsive?”


“That’s just casual talk?”


“That’s not it! That’s not! Are feelings just games for you?”

“Games?” Wu Haoyang snorted.

“You listen to me! I don’t know when I started to like you! I also feel incredible! I even reject it! You are always so proud! But I found that I couldn’t help it! I like how you like it I’m going crazy! I must be poisoned! If I can’t be with you, I think I will die!”

“I said I like you, definitely not a joke, nor a game!”

Wu Haoyang could n’t help kissing her show hair.

Yao Yongxin did not know how long he had waited, and how many times he had been so stupid for so many years, he wanted to give up. Suddenly bitter, I just felt a block in my throat.


“Please ask Yao Yongxin to answer.”

“Do you like Wu Haoyang?”

he murmured in her ear, but she suddenly cried.


“Heart? Why are you crying?” Wu Haoyang was startled suddenly, let go of his hand and looked down at her. He picked up her beautiful and beautiful face, and saw two lines of tears continuously falling from his eyes, wet his eyes.

Yao Yong cried silently, trying to stop the tears, but couldn’t help it.

The man standing in front of her, she grew up with him from childhood, from childlike children to young teenagers, and then from young teenagers to mature and stable men, she watched him grow up slowly, and spent a lot of good youth.

No one made her wait, she was like a fool, waiting every day every day.

Yao Yongxin had imagined such a day.

One day, this man who secretly fell in love with him for many years would say such words to her. But she did not expect that this day should be so far and long. When she wanted to give up, when she didn’t want to continue to wait silly, he changed her disdainful attitude and said the words she longed to hear, making her so irresistible.

“Don’t cry! Don’t cry!”

“Am I wrong? Did I not speak badly?”

“Don’t you believe me? I assure you, I’m really not kidding, and it’s definitely not a moment.” Impulsive!”

“If… If you don’t want to answer that question, you can leave it unanswered! You can leave it unanswered now! You can tell me when the banquet is over! Or tomorrow is good, I can wait for tomorrow too! Well, don’t worry tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow…I can wait!”

Wu Haoyang said panicly, but Yao Yongxin was still crying. He has always had a very good way to get girls, and will make them smile, but it will not work when she meets her, which makes him frown.

It was distressed and anxious again, and the words began to be wrong again.

“Why are you this woman crying? It’s really endless crying!” Wu Haoyang said angrily, not forgetting to reach out and wipe her tears.

Yao Yong was sad, and waved his hand stubbornly, and said hurriedly, “I just cry! It’s your business!”

“Why doesn’t it matter to me?” He also had a bad breath, but with a deep pain Unfortunately, “Crying your eyes for a while will make you look pretty.”

“I wasn’t pretty.” Yao Yongxin hurriedly wiped away his tears and turned to prevent him from seeing, “If you cry, you won’t care.

” I have to control me, I have to control me! I have to control everything about you!” Wu Haoyang roared arrogantly, holding her in her arms again.

“You let go! There are many people here!” Yao Yongxin tried to struggle.

“Then let them see! Just look at them, how long they love to see!” Wu Haoyang hugged her tightly, Yao Yongxin beat him desperately.

Until she was exhausted, she bit her lips and choked, “Why…”

“Why do you say it now, why do you want me to wait so long, why did you say it when I was about to give up. Do you know, You are really a bastard. Are you deliberate? I just made a decision to forget you. Why did you come to disturb me! You are always so selfish, you don’t ask me a question, you just make your own decision You go back and forth in my world, you want to go and leave, you want to stay and stay! Do I even have the right to refuse?”

Yao Yongxin whispered in helpless pain for so many years, Wu Haoyang listened with palpitations.

“Heart, it’s me who’s bad, it’s all me who’s bad.”

“Stop crying?”

“I won’t make you so sad anymore.”

Wu Haoyang hugged her, hugged this belongs to him The girl, and she finally let her cry in his arms.

The music is melodious, and the men and women dancing in the hall are one after another.

Yu Mei glanced at the secluded corner opposite, seeing that they were hugging each other intimately. She retracted her gaze and drank herself.

Suddenly someone asked, “Miss, can I ask you to dance?” It

was a handsome man with a graceful appearance.

Yu Mei raised her lips slightly and shook her head. “I’m sorry, I don’t dance.”

“Why not dance?” the man asked curiously. He was already the sixth person she refused.

Yu Mei smiled brightly and ridiculed, “It’s not the dance partner you want, then you have to skip.” The

man smiled embarrassingly, and didn’t continue to turn around and left.

The music suddenly turned into a beautiful piano song.

Wu Helian held Gu Xiaochen’s hand, and both of them stepped onto the dance floor. The crowd stopped dancing consciously, and surrounded them in a circle. There is no spotlight, but it seems that all the lights hit them. Gu Xiaochen stared at him and saw his reflection in his eyes. It was so unreal, but everything was true.

“Aren’t you going to wear glasses?” Wu Helian asked in a low voice, his possessiveness was always strong.

Gu Xiaochen said softly, “Everyone said that it would be nicer not to wear it.”

“And why did your hair suddenly become longer?” Wu Helian stared at her long hair, and did not understand how she was so long all at once.

“Xiao Lan did it for me, the hair was picked up.” Gu Xiaochen smiled, “Xiao Lan said that no one would recognize me.”

Wu Helian did not want her to take off her glasses to attend such an occasion, just afraid that it would be time Cause too much trouble and want a quiet life. Lin Lan thought of this method for a long time. Her hair changed from short to long, and she had a pair of glasses. No one would know her even if she walked on the street.

Wu Helian nodded in satisfaction, and asked again, “I heard that you will perform a show with Lin Lan in a while?”

“Yeah, I really can’t think of any gifts, so I plan to perform the show.” Gu Xiaochen said embarrassedly , Turned his head to find Lin Lan’s figure.

A faint piano sound came from the villa and drifted in the air.

The back door was suddenly pushed open, and Lin Lan came to the back garden in search of scenery.

In the winter night, this not too silent night, a long figure leaned against the Roman column, he stood sideways, his slender legs straight, randomly bent into a beautiful posture. He looked up at the night sky, and Jun Yan glowed white in the moonlight.

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