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My girl (25) Fireworks in the sky

At this moment, the scenery is splendid, revealing a charming temperament, indifference and elegance, and with a trace of sorrow. He was like a night eagle completely integrated into the night, without any abruptness, but also seemed so lonely. He was holding a wine glass, shaking the liquid in the glass loosely, and the amber liquid rippled quietly along the wall of the glass.

The scenery looked up at the dark blue night sky, and the beautiful eyes condensed light.

He didn’t notice that the door behind him was opened, and of course he didn’t notice Lin Lan standing behind him.

Or maybe he has noticed it, but ignored it.

Lin Lan couldn’t help but feel nervous, holding the patent leather handbag with golden glitter, and stopped at once. Just saw that he has been dancing with Yao Yongxin, she took the space to speak to Su Hong. But when she turned around, she discovered that the dance partner carrying Yao Yongxin on the dance floor didn’t even know when to change to Wu Haoyang.

But he disappeared without a trace.

Lin Lan had no choice but to look around and finally found him in the back garden.

After seeing him, she was relieved and thankful that he did not leave immediately.

The scenery is still standing like a Roman column, and his world seems like no one can enter, and no one else is allowed to enter.

Lin Lan felt the air he exuded, cold and alienated. The fingers were unconsciously exerted pressure, and the patent leather of the handbag was embossed.

She secretly inspired herself and finally shouted, “Mr. Feng.”

Hearing the cry, the scenery turned slowly.

The girl in front of her, with her pretty cute short hair, wore a lotus pink dress. She stood very straight, her slender legs close together, showing excellent self-cultivation, and it also felt a little restrained. She was looking at him with a smile, and her eyes showed a longing expectation, and she was a bit timid and shy. Although she tried to cover up with a smile, she was full of holes.

Xin Momo asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Uh…” Lin Lan froze awkwardly and explained something while taking something out of her handbag. “I’m here to pay you back.”

Lin Lan took out the bills that he had prepared and handed it to To him, “The money is returned to you, thank you very much that day!”

In addition to making a siege for her, she was more grateful for his words.

Without his sudden appearance, she did not know how to be confused.

Jingxin looked down at the money that was handed to her. He did not refuse, and silently took the money and stuffed it into his suit pocket.

“That…” Lin Lan Zhiwu said, “Shall I invite Mr. Feng to dinner?”

“No.” He refused coldly.

“Oh.” Lin Lan inevitably lost, said softly, “If you don’t eat, you can drink coffee. Anyway, thank you very much, if you need my help, please tell me, I don’t have a definition, in short, I owe you A human relationship.”

Although Lin Lan said more and more chaotic, he looked serious and determined.

Jingxin Xin looked at her quietly and spit out a few words, “Follow you.”

Lin Lan smiled shyly, and Jingxin suddenly asked, “My handkerchief, have you brought it?”

Handkerchief? Lin Lan couldn’t help but wonder, and he said again, “If you bring it, then give it back to me.”

Lin Lan didn’t expect him to take the handkerchief to her and surprised him. Scenery Xin’s expression does not seem to be a joke, he is really asking for the handkerchief.

“You give Yongxin directly, I’ll get it from her.” Jingxin Xin saw her not talking, naturally thinking she didn’t bring it.

The meaning of what he said was obviously unwilling to have any contact with her, so Yao Yongxin was transferred, which made Lin Lan sad.

“Actually that handkerchief…” Lin Lan was about to speak, and someone hurriedly opened the door.

The housekeeper saw Lin Lan and said anxiously, “Miss Lin, why are you here? Miss Gu is looking for you! She asked me to tell you that it’s time for the show!”

“It’s really embarrassing!” Lin Lan apologized, annoyed, Holding a handbag, he turned back and said, “Mr. Feng, please wait for me. I will go back when I go.”

Jingxin Xin nodded slightly at her, watching her run into the villa with the housekeeper.

In the hall of the villa, the lights were dimmed.

The guests no longer danced, silently waiting, surrounded by today’s birthday star Wu Jizong.

A flash of light ignited there, and the nine-layer birthday cake was pushed out by Kurt himself, and a birthday candle was inserted on the top layer of the cake.

“Uncle, happy birthday!” Kurt pushed the cake in front of him, smiling and wishing.

Wu Miaoke walked to Wu Jizong, held his arm intimately and said, “Dad, do you know? This cake was made by my mother for a whole day! And I also participated in it, the strawberry fruit on the cake, I put it one by one! Is it very tidy? Isn’t it beautiful?”

“It turned out that you placed it, no wonder it’s a little weird!” Wu Jizong Shi was very happy, but still stiff.

“What’s wrong with me?” Wu Miaoke mumbled.

The music in the hall was suddenly still at this time, and everyone made a surprise sound.

Later, a pleasant sound of the piano sounded faintly.

That’s the unique sound of the harmonica, and it turns gently.

This song “Ode to Joy”.

A beam of lights hit in a flash, illuminating the woman playing the harmonica.

Gu Xiaochen stood in the corner of no one, blowing in silence holding the harmonica in both hands. The eyes of everyone gathered on her. She was a little nervous, trying to relax herself. In fact, she has been studying this song for a long time. I learned intermittently before, but then I stopped touching the harmonica, and I forgot. She doesn’t have any music cells, so she doesn’t learn fast.

“Ding Ding Dong–” Along with the harmonica, the piano sound also sounded afterwards.

Another beam of light hit the piano, illuminating the piano across the hall.

The crowd looked away, but they were surprised.

Gu Xiaochen looked up at the same time. When she saw the piano player, she couldn’t help but be surprised.

Wu Helian sat on the piano chair in such a handsome posture, and ensembled the tune with her.

Her harmonica, his piano, produced an exciting chord.

Wu Helian deserted her head, looking at her.

Looking at his deep eyes, she gradually stopped feeling nervous.

Gu Xiaochen’s heart was surging and he had secretly imagined such a scene. If one day, he could ensemble with her. It was just that she could only bury this idea in her heart. She looked at him with a slight smile, and played nobody else. The surroundings are even more surprising, as if all of them do not exist, as if there is only one other in their world.

In the beautiful sound of the piano, Wu Haoyang kissed Yao Yongxin.

Yu Mei caught this scene sharply, thinking she could make fun of her sister.

After the last sip of the wine in the glass, Yu Mei felt a little uncomfortable in her chest, and she nausea after a while, she put down the glass and walked towards the bathroom alone.

Lin Lan originally wanted to perform a show with Gu Xiaochen to wish Wu Jizong a birthday. She plays the harmonica and she plays the piano. But I didn’t expect that when she ran back to the banquet hall, Wu Helian was already sitting on the piano chair, and she played with Gu Xiaochen instead of her. It seemed that she was one step late. Just with the gentle smiles of the two of them, she did not feel annoyed.

This seems even better.

The ensemble reached the last note, and the music stopped gradually, winning a warm applause from the crowd.

Blowing candles and cutting the cake, the lights turned on again, and a bright light was restored in the hall.

Lin Lan thought of the scenery and immediately ran back to the back garden to find him. As soon as the door was pushed open, there was no more scenery Xin. Lin Lan looked around, still not seeing him. And at the Roman column railing that he was leaning against, the wine glass was placed quietly on top, with some wine left in the glass.

Is he gone?

Or did he not know where to go?

Lin Lan turned sharply to continue searching, she had not returned the handkerchief to him.

At the moment, everyone was chatting and laughing in the hall, and there was no one in the bathroom.

As soon as Yu Mei rushed into the bathroom, she vomited up at Xiyuchi. I drank a few glasses of wine, and now I vomited it all, and when I vomited, it became retching. When the button was pressed, the clear water was flowing, and a few tissues were drawn to clean up. Looking at herself in the mirror, she looked at the woman with her red eyes in a dreadful smile.

She only drank a few glasses of wine, how did she vomit like this?

Yu Mei shook her head and squeezed his temple out of the bathroom.

As soon as he turned around, he happened to meet Xin Xin.

Yu Mei smiled politely at him, and he nodded silently.

She is not familiar with scenery Xin, and it can be said that there is no friendship. They did not meet formally or have any contact. The reason why she knew him was because of two good sisters. Gu Xiaochen and Yao Yongxin both knew him, and she also heard about it. Moreover, his relationship with Yao Yongxin is true and false, making people wonder.

When the two passed by, who’s cell phone clamored.

Jingxin took out her mobile phone and answered the phone, and heard someone panic and anxiously said, “Jingxin! You save Hailan! Hailan was arrested by the Public Security Bureau! They accused her of deliberate murder!”

Yu Meijing walked on his own, but heard Behind him, he sighed “I’ll be back soon”. She was stunned. He ran beside her at a very fast speed. Xu Shi walked too fast. His arm hit her. He even forgot to apologize and headed toward the hall without looking back.

On the open-air balcony, several people are gathering to eat cakes.

Wu Miaoke snuggled up with Cot and smiled and said, “Brother, is the cake delicious? I made it!”

“Where did you make it! Obviously made by Auntie!” Cot hugged her, one The face spoiled, “You are just embellished with these strawberries.”

“Why are you so disgusting!” Wu Miao Ke said with grotesque, smearing his handsome face with cream playfully, seeing a trace of cream on his face, she was happy Laughed.

Kurt started to quarrel and play with her, “Well, you dare to apply cream to my face, don’t let me catch you!”

“You come, you come!”

“You stop! Don’t run! I must I caught you!” The

two of them suddenly became naughty elder children.

Gu Xiaochen held the cake in one hand and the fork in the other, and watched them play quietly. Looking at Wu Miaoke’s happy smile, and looking at their sweet and joyful faces, he was indescribably melancholy.

“What are you thinking?” Wu Helian’s deep male voice came from behind, holding her hands around her and holding her in her arms.

Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but ask, “Ah, if one day, I forgot you, what should I do?”

Wu Helian tightened her arms and said quietly, “I remember you enough.”

“So what if you forget me?” “She looked back at him, but she didn’t dare to imagine.

“Chenchen.” He lowered his head and kissed her red lips, said in a lingering kiss, “There will be no such day.”


night sky suddenly fired fireworks, and everyone went to the balcony to watch the fireworks.

No one noticed that someone hurried across the hall.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” Wu Miaoke only care about arguing with Kurt, and one accidentally hit the man. She looked back and recognized him.

“Miao Ke!” Kurt strode to Wu Miao Ke and carefully guarded her.

“Mr. Feng…” The

scenery was unheard of, and the hurried figure hurried towards the other end of the hall.

“What’s wrong with him?” Wu Miao was unclear. Therefore, Kurt looked in the direction of his departure. “It may be something.”

Lin Lan also looked for him from behind and found him sharply.

Beautiful fireworks were blooming in the night sky. When Lin Lan ran out of the villa, the scenery Xin had already been sitting in the car and had gone away. She hurried up, shouting at the car he was driving, “Mr. Feng!”

But the car did not stop.

At the last moment, the gloomy side face of the scenery flashed by, but it was reflected in Lin Lan’s eyes to freeze the picture.

All over the sky, the fireworks, dyed the faces.

After the birthday banquet of Wu Jizong, the Wu family and the Lin family began to consider the date of marriage. As for the protagonists of the marriage, Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen remained silent, and the adults were the masters. Wu Helian is naturally happy, he is not happy to participate in these cumbersome things. As for Gu Xiaochen, she has always been quiet and well-behaved. When everyone is satisfied, she is satisfied.

As the Chinese New Year approaches, we must wait for the Chinese New Year to get married.

The two brothers of the Wu family were busy with the company’s affairs, and the end of the year was the most busy time. Kurt flew back to France temporarily due to engineering tasks.

The women were all quite relaxed and quite free, and they got together when they were fine.

The apartment in Chunguang Garden has become their gathering place.

There are entertainment shows on TV, causing several people to laugh out loud.

Yu Mei slouched lazily on the sofa and raised her eyebrows and asked, “Ying Xin, Xiao Chen and Wu Er are getting married. Do you and your younger brother, who also solve your problems together?”

“I didn’t say Marry him.” Yao Yongxin peeled back the oranges and replied casually.

“Do not marry?” Yu Mei looked suspicious.

“Marriage is not even a game to play.” Yao Yongxin finished peeling oranges, and gave her half of it. “And, he still has to investigate.”

Yu Mei took the oranges and ate, nodded, “It’s true to investigate. Otherwise, it would be too cheap for him.”

“Hey, you are so bad, it seems that the third brother is miserable.” Wu Miaoke mumbled his lips, although the tone was sigh, but obviously more gloating. She flipped through the wedding magazine and inserted a sentence from time to time, “This wedding dress is pretty good! Sister-in-law, what do you think?”

Wu Miaoke reversed the magazine, Gu Xiaochen turned her head to look at the wedding dress on the page and praised, “It’s pretty.”

“I also think it’s pretty, but there was a wedding dress before that was pretty…”

“Miao Ke, you don’t have to look at the wedding dress again.” Yao Yongxin continued to peel oranges.

“Why?” Wu Miaoke asked in confusion.

Yao Yongxin changed hands and handed the oranges to Gu Xiaochen. He smiled and said, “The wedding dress has been handed over to Haoyang’s company. By the way, it should also be used for publicity. Miao Ke, do you eat oranges?”

“Okay.” Wu Miao Ke responded, With his hands on his cheeks, “The third brother really can do business.”

“This is called fertile water and no outsiders. There is no way, a businessman.” Yu Meijin looked at the entertainment program with interest and asked casually, “His company How much money does Wu Er have to give for designing a wedding dress for Xiaochen?”

“No money, and the quality is guaranteed.” Yao Yongxin put his hands on his chest, his expression could not conceal his pride, and he seemed to be like a lady boss. “It’s like a wedding gift.”

Lin Lan, who had been studying the jewelry design drafts, looked up and lightly touched his chin. “And it also includes jewelry, so this time even the jewelry money is saved. I would like to inform you all about the jewelry that Xiao Chen wore when he got married. It will be specially designed by me, Lin Lan, and the jewelry designer of French Cathaya Company.”

“Sister Lin Lan, when did you join the third brother’s company?” Wu Miao was stunned and completely dumbfounded. .

Gu Xiaochen was also confused, she didn’t know it.

“I just joined yesterday, forgot to tell you, and now apologize to you.” Lin Lan said with a smile.

Although Gu Xiaochen was glad that she had found a career that she admired and loved, but she could not return to Finland, “Xiao Lan, are you going to develop in France?”

“Maybe.” Lin Lan shook her head, even her I haven’t decided yet.

“Wow, if Sister Lin Lan came to France for development, that would be great, and we can live together by then.” Wu Miaoke had lived with Wu Haoyang before. Wu Haoyang was busy with the company and rarely had time to accompany her. . The apartment is so big that she is often the only one. For a long time, she feels that she really lives alone.

Lin Lan blinked and ridiculed, “Xiao Miao Ke, don’t you not live with your handsome boyfriend? I don’t want to be an electric light!”

“Who wants to live with him!”

“He must bring his parents Deliberately flew from France, do you not live with him yet?” Yao Yongxin echoed.

Before Kurt returned to France this time, he said he would bring his parents to Hong Kong together. What did he mean by this move? Everyone knew it well. It seems that Kurt wants to take the heat to hit the iron. Wu Jizong has been in a good mood recently. He may have nodded and agreed to this marriage, and Kurt has also fulfilled his wish and got his wife back.

Gu Xiaochen smiled slightly, “Okay, don’t tease her.”

“It’s best for my sister-in-law!” Wu Miaoke was blushed by them and hugged Gu Xiaochen quickly.

However, Gu Xiaochen only said the first half of the sentence, and slowly said the second half of the sentence, “Living early and staying late, always staying together anyway.”

“What! Hate!” Wu Miaoke shouted weirdly, with one hand Hugging and cheering, said, “You are from a country, you know you are bullying me!”

“Yoah! We are bullying you, you can dial international long distance to give your Kot a small report!” Yu Mei glanced at her At a glance, she was amused to bury herself in the pillow.

“What’s going on! It’s obviously discussing the sister-in-law’s wedding dress, how come I’m here! I won’t tell you anymore! I’m busy with the charity sale, time is running out, I have to go.” Wu Miaoke got up quickly , I don’t know if I can’t bear to run away, or it’s really time to go.

“Miao Ke, let me go with you, I can send you.” Lin Lan also started to pack things, and asked casually, “Ying Xin, why didn’t Feng Feng find you recently?”

“Jing Xin resigned and left Hong Kong “Yao Yongxin said lightly, Lin Lan was stunned.

what? He resigned and left?

Lin Lan didn’t expect that Scenery Xin was walking so quickly. She looked down, and the handkerchief in her shoulder bag had been washed. She kept it carefully.

She pulled the zipper slowly, and the corner of the handkerchief flashed a blurry blue pattern.

Those are two English words, Seablue.

——Sea Blue.

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