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My girl (26) best not to meet

bazaar is located in the college, so the car goes towards the college.

Wu Miaoke revisited the old story and turned to look at Lin Lan and asked, “Sister Lin Lan, do you want to go to France?”

“You just want me to go?” Lin Lan was driving and glanced at her with a smile. .

“Of course.” Wu Miaoke nodded quickly and hugged her backpack seriously. “Of course I want you to go! I am bored in France alone. If you really go to France to develop, we will live together by then. Every day When we come home from work in the evening, we can cook together, or go out and relax and have fun! In fact, I haven’t even gone to the overnight shop! You take me there!”

“Nightclub?” Lin Lan was suspicious, Wu Miao was embarrassed Nodded.

Seeing her surprised, Wu Miaoke asked with wide eyes, “Sister Lin Lan, wouldn’t you haven’t been there yet?”

“No.” Lin Lan was also honest and frank.

From small to large, she was taken care of by Lin Zhengfeng carefully, and she was accompanied by someone who came and went. No matter where she went, she was supervised. Schools and homes, the two-point, one-line lifestyle has been circulating continuously. If it wasn’t because Lin Zhengfeng asked Wu Haoyang to perform the marriage contract, and Wu Haoyang chose to escape the marriage, she would not know so many people.

“That’s great! We can go together to open our eyes!” Wu Miaoke said excitedly. “We secretly let Kot know!”

Lin Lan didn’t go to the overnight store, and she was very interested. “Aren’t French people very open and romantic, does Kurt still control you not to let you go? And even if we want to go, we should always find a man to escort! Otherwise, an unexpected situation will happen suddenly, but I don’t know how to ask Special confession hey!”

“The world is so big, but there is only one Wu Miaoke, where is there a second compensation to him?” Lin Lan blinked at her, making Wu Miaoke blush again.

“Nasty! You guys are so nasty!”

Lin Lan laughed and Wu Miao shouted weirdly.

Driving past the traffic lights, the Royal College of Art in Hong Kong is not far away.

Looking around, I saw a group of students in front of the college.

The school is clearly on holiday. Where are there so many students? Wu Miaoke really couldn’t understand it, his gaze shuttled through the crowd.

There are too many students, and they can’t see what they are doing.

Lin Lan parked the car slowly on the side of the road and let Wu Miaoke down. “Then I’ll go, bye.”

“Bye.” Wu Miaoke greeted him and watched Lin Lan drive away. She retracted her gaze and looked at the school gate opposite.

Suddenly, I don’t know who yelled, “We warmly welcome Senior Lu to return to school!”

“Warmly welcome Senior Lu!” All sentient beings echoed and shouted.

“Lu seniors, you will always be the best of the best!”

“We are proud of you!” “I

hope the next game Lu seniors continue to get good grades to win the championship!”

Praise blessing overwhelming hit, resounded through the whole piece sky.

Hearing the shout of “Student Lu”, Wu Miaoke was stunned, and she realized who the students were surrounded by. Although he is known to be very popular, is this a bit too exaggerated?

Someone in the black raven’s crowd clapped their hands, compared to a quiet gesture.

The students really calmed down and cooperated very well.

Wu Miaoke tranced to see his tall, lean body, and stood out in the sun. He smiled warmly, his hair blowing in the wind, his lips slightly raised, just the right curvature, with some peculiar melancholy, he was so refined and fresh, but the beautiful one made me feel worried. He turned back slowly, his long and distant eyes met her.

There was a road between them, he stood there, she was there.

Blue sky and white clouds, the sky is particularly clear and bright.

Lu Shiyan saw her, and she tied her hair into a cute ponytail, which was slightly crooked and swayed sideways. She was carrying a big shoulder bag, and she could imagine that there were many things in it. For example, small comb, small mirror, lip balm… She always likes to bring those scattered things with her. She wore a loose coat and jeans wrapped two slender legs like two bamboo poles.

She is much thinner than before.

Wu Miao could see that he was looking at herself, she reached out and waved, showing a bright smile, “Hello!” In an

instant, something smashed into the heart, such a familiar scene and such a familiar voice, all this made Lu Shiyan hard to hide her heart. Surging. He bent his eyes involuntarily and smiled back at her.

Lu Shiyan’s smile also made Wu Miaoke stunned.

Why, why his smile makes me feel like acupuncture pain.

“Don’t come here! There are many cars here! I’ll pick you up!” Lu Shiyan shouted at her.

He has forgotten that there are still many young students and juniors around him, and he has forgotten that this is not many years ago, and even that they were not the same as them. He disregarded everything, just walked out of control with his subjective consciousness, and ran towards her with a heartbeat.

The students looked curiously and saw the woman standing across the road, while Lu Shiyan was walking towards her.

“Huh? Who is this girl?”

“I think it’s familiar! It seems like I’ve seen it somewhere!”

“God! I remember! Isn’t she Wu Wuke’s sister?”

Wu Miaoke in recent years He has won honorary awards in some international painting competitions and is also proud of the college’s tutor students. In the BBS irrigation area of the college, one is a post about Lu Shiyan and the other is a post about Wu Miaoke.

Wu Miaoke looked at Yan when she landed slowly, and she kept smiling.

“Okay, you can go.” Lu Shiyan’s footsteps stopped a little, softly ding, she took her hand to cross the road.

Wu Miaoke’s smile suddenly stiffened.

Not knowing what happened, he just took a step, but Wu Miaoke took a step back. The pain in her chest made her suffocated and instinctively flicked his hand away. She pulled her hand back.

Lu Shiyan was too late to respond and turned indifferently.

With a cautious look, she suddenly brought him back to reality.

For the first time, Lu Shiyan tried to smile but couldn’t laugh.

Seeing her like this, Lu Shiyan looked down dumbly, his hands clenched into fists, as if to grasp something, but he finally let it go weakly, and let the cold air shuttle through his fingers, blowing away the residual temperature. He returned to his usual calmness and calmly raised his head to remind him, “The teacher is already waiting.”

Wu Miaoke gently “en”, but there is a strange feeling.

What was the look flashing across his face?

Why would she feel that he was sad and lonely?

Lu Shiyan turned around and walked across the road. He no longer held her hand and walked in front of her with steady steps. Wu Miao Ke looked at his back, and always felt that such silent attention had been there before, and more than once. But she stepped on his shadow and chose to follow quietly without saying anything.

“Sister Miao Ke! Really you! The painting you made is really good! I like it!”

“Me too! Sister Miao Ke, if you have time for a while, can you please chat with us?”

“Don’t disturb the school sister, Miao Ke and Senior Lu returned to school this time to raise money for the orphans and orphans’ charity sale.”

The male student who had long received the news shouted, and all living beings couldn’t help but regret.

Wu Miao may look forward to the students around him, smiling, and said, “There should be some time today.”

“Wow! It’s great!” The beings cheered happily, “So did Senior Lu also chat with us?”

“Well…” Wu Miaoke was of course not good to answer for Lu Shiyan. He turned his head to look at him slowly and heard him say indifferently, “Yes.”

“Long live– “

Finally, he calmed the students, and the two finally became quiet.

The bazaar is located in the large lecture hall of the college. The lecture hall has been arranged by the tutor and has been re-arranged. Everything is in accordance with the formal layout. The staff are lining up the chairs, and the instructor is discussing what to discuss with the director of the college. Seeing the two of them, the mentor shouted happily, “Miao Ke, Shi Yan.”

“Teacher, Director, you have worked hard.” Wu Miao Ke quickly came to them, sorry to say.

Standing behind her, Lu Shiyan deliberately kept his distance and greeted in a deep voice, “The two are working hard.” The

four of them talked, and Wu Miaoke had no objections to the bazaar, and all were handed over to the instructor. Lu Shiyan knew about the bazaar through the director, and he obeyed the arrangement at his own discretion. After discussing it for a while, there was no big problem. For the time being, it was so decided. Just waiting for everything to be ready, the bazaar was successfully held.

“Since you both have no opinion, then we have decided so.” The instructor looked at them and said with a smile.

“Senior Master Lu, Sister Miao Ke, are you busy? Everyone is waiting for you!” The two female students rushed to the large lecture hall and dared not enter without permission, shouting at the door of the lecture hall.

“I happen to have something to discuss with the director, you go!” said the instructor.

“Xiaodi Xuemei is going to chat with us, then we will go.” Wu Miaoke nodded to the two female students and explained briefly.

“Tutor, Director, goodbye.” Lu Shiyan whispered, and turned with her.

The director looked at the figure of the two of them leaving, and only felt that the two were a match made in heaven. Looking at them as they walked out of the lecture hall, the director pushed the glasses on the nose bridge and couldn’t help but say, “This Lu Shiyan and Wu Miao are quite suitable.”

If the prince of the piano and the talents of the painting world come together, it is indeed a beautiful relationship.

What’s more, both of them are also students of a college.

Although the tutor agreed, he said with emotion, “It’s a pity Miao Ke already has a boyfriend.” The

director heard that he said no more, and the topic turned back to the bazaar, “This time the bazaar list has been listed Is it…”

The campus in winter is a little deserted, but the evergreen trees are still green. There are unknown flowers blooming in the flower beds, and the clusters of flowers are blazing in the sun, adding a warmth to this winter. At the playground, two female students walked slowly with Yan and Wu Miaoke.

“Senior Master Lu and Miao Ke Xuejie are here!” Someone shouted, and everyone stood up.

The classrooms in the teaching building are all locked and there is no key to open the door, so the students simply sit in the basketball court audience chairs and wait.

“Sorry, we’re late, let everyone wait for a long time.” Wu Miaoke looked at their young and energetic faces, said with a smile.

“It’s okay! We’re willing to wait, in fact it’s not too long! Is everyone saying?”

“Yes!” everyone answered in unison.

“Sister Miao Ke, please sit down.”

“Student Lu, please sit together.” The

two looked at each other and had to sit down among the students.

The arrival of Lu Shiyan and Wu Miaoke made the atmosphere more lively. The topics of students talked about the trivial life from piano painting, and then talked about some rumors from the school. “Senior Lu, I heard you were still studying in school. A lot of girls like you to pursue you, but you didn’t agree. We especially want to know, did Xue Lu already have someone he liked at that time, or was he engaged in an underground love affair?”

“I have problems too, I heard Miao Ke Sister Xue had a crush on a boy before. Moreover, that boy happened to be our college!”

“That… I heard that Miao Ke had a crush on Senior Lu.” The fat girl couldn’t help but curiously said, cited Come to the crowd.

Wu Miao Ke was suddenly embarrassed and even more confused.

Another girl leaned her head out, as if thinking of something, “Miao Ke Xuejie, I remember you had a picture with a pair of beautiful hands! I think those hands are very similar to Xue Xuechang’s hey!”

Wu Miao Ke She remembered the painting, but she couldn’t remember when it was painted.

She lowered her head in a trance and looked at his hand.

His hand overlapped with the hand in the painting, which surprised her.

“You secretly love me?”


Lu Shiyan raised a corner of her mouth, seeming to be joking, but he stared at Wu Miaoke’s eyes and said, “If it is true, just fine.”

Lu Shiyan’s words Once again caused a tumult of the crowd, this time is upset.

The eyes of the students moved between them, one by one curiously looking forward. Both are idol-level, Lu Shiyan is handsome and handsome, Wu Miao can be beautiful and bright, and so talented, if you can become a pair, it would be a great thing, and also write a sweet love song for the Academy of Art.

“Senior Master Lu, what do you mean? If Miao Ke Xue really has a crush on you, are you willing to accept it?”

“I finally knew that, Xue Xue had already liked Sister Miao Ke in those years. I didn’t accept other girls! It’s not necessarily that Mr. Lu also has a crush on Miao Ke’s sister! The two people have been in love with each other for so many years, don’t miss it again, or maybe we’ll be together today! Everyone said okay? “

Okay!” The

crowd hurriedly put them together.

Lu Shiyan stared at her, and the handsome face of his smile had a slight sense of tension.

Wu Miaoke has been completely panicked. She just thought about it for a long time, but she can’t remember the origin of the painting. She didn’t know when she had painted, nor did she know why she had painted it. The momentary blank thoughts made her uneasy. The eyes were intricate, but he saw him looking at her.

“Sister Miao Ke, Senior Lu is waiting for your answer! Are you willing?” Someone anxiously urged.

Lu Shiyan narrowed her eyes and remained silent.

Wu Miaoke suddenly stood up and said in a panic, “Well, don’t joke! It’s not too early, I should go now! I am very happy to chat with you, we will talk again next time!”

Wu Miao Ke hurried down the stairs to the outside of the basketball court.

“Goodbye, everyone.” Lu Shiyan greeted and pulled up to catch up.

Wu Miaoke felt that he was catching up, so he walked faster and faster, and did not know what to avoid. When she walked out of the basketball court, she heard the laughter from the students behind her, which made her heart beat faster. “Senior Lu, you must run faster! Be sure to catch Miao Ke Xuejie!” I

just ran across the basketball court. Lu Shiyan caught up.

“I’ll give it to you.” He said calmly.

Wu Miaoke didn’t want to have too much contact with him, and shook his head. “No, it’s not convenient.”

“I’ll be fine anyway.”

“Not the way.” She frowned.

Lu Shiyan couldn’t find any suitable reason at all, so she stared at her in a daze. In fact, he had visited her before, but she had forgotten him. He couldn’t help but find Wu Helian, who wanted to know what was going on, but was told that she had lost her memory. No one has forgotten, but he has buried everything about him.

In her world, there is no longer him.

He is just an unimportant stranger.

At most it is the alumni of the same school.

Now think about it, it is so sad.

There are too many words that I want to say, but I can’t speak for a while.

Lu Shiyan looked at her for a long while in a loss, and then just said, “Then you taxi.”

Wu Miaoke looked at him standing in front of her, and the faint smile on her face made her unconsciously hold the shoulder strap. She wanted to say something. It seemed inappropriate to say sorry, and she couldn’t say it. She laughed, said goodbye softly, and walked past him. When she passed by, she seemed to feel his smile, even more sad than crying.

Lu Shiyan didn’t look back. He didn’t move until his footsteps went away.

Connaught University’s campus, he is the only one left.

Also, the memories of an entire campus.

Wu Miaoke took a taxi back home, but he couldn’t calm down and was always uneasy. She ran to the studio and found the picture. The hand in the painting is really like his hand, it can be said to be exactly the same. Two pairs of the same hand, why she likes them so much, why she wants to draw this picture, it makes her a headache.

The bazaar has been tentatively scheduled after Valentine’s Day, and the final time is still under negotiation, which needs to cooperate with the old general managers of those companies.

But someone’s wedding day has been delayed.

During the rainy weekend, the family didn’t go out. They gathered in the side hall to discuss this important day.

Ji Yuehua asked the master to calculate the almanac, and selected a few good days. “I saw this day, either next Friday or April.”

“Then next Friday.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice.

“No, no, it’s too late next Friday, and it’s too late.” Ji Yuehua shook his head again and again, “There are still many things not ready yet.”

Wu Helian reached out and hugged Gu Xiaochen, meaninglessly said, “Those things are optional, bride

It’s okay when you arrive.” “What are you talking about! Our Wu family marries a daughter-in-law, how can it be dispensable! Besides, your Uncle Lin will not agree!” Wu Jizong said his lesson.

Wu Haoyang hurriedly agreed and said, “Yeah, yes, Dad is right! Anyway, you have to be prepared! Mom, you can choose a good day! By the way, see if that day is suitable for two new couples to marry!”

“You What do you want to do?” Yao Yongxin asked beside him.

“You’re not sure how easy it will be. Let’s just go together.” Wu Haoyang said with a smile.

“Xiaochen, let’s go to see Miaoke’s paintings.” Yao Yongxin ignored him and pulled Gu Xiaochen away.

Wu Haoyang suddenly eats crazily, but helpless.

Since returning that day, Wu Miaoke has stayed in the studio longer and longer. She didn’t do anything, just stared at the picture for a long time.

The door of the room was knocked, and Wu Miao Ke returned to open the door.

“Are our big painters busy? Did you bother?” Yao Yongxin asked with a smile, and saw the hand painting at a glance. “These hands are so beautiful, they must be hand models.”

Wu Miaoke didn’t know that. No, I had to say “en”.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t hold back and blurted out, “The hands are playing the piano.”

“Xiao Chen, how do you know?” Yao Yong was surprised, and Gu Xiaochen panicked for a moment.

Gu Xiaochen slowly walked to the front of the hand-painted picture and said quietly, “It’s a pity not to play the piano with such a beautiful hand. Miao Ke, I think you must like it very much.”

His handsome face flashed in front of his eyes, Wu Miao Can be stunned.

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