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My girl (27) finally want to marry you

Gu Xiaochen turned to look at Wu Miaoke, and she was too eager for the expected attention to make Wu Miaoke feel a little strange. Why did she look at her like this, why did she say that the hands are playing the piano, and why she said she must like it. And these days, the man with a sad smile is constantly flashing in front of her eyes, again and again.

Wu Miaoke felt scared and didn’t know what he was escaping, and suddenly said, “Kurt’s hand is very beautiful.”

“Miao Ke, is the hand in this painting Cot’s?” Yao Yongxin smiled slyly. .

Gu Xiaochen negated, “It’s not Kurt’s.”

“Ah? Xiaochen, how do you know?” Yao Yongxin was surprised by her firm tone, and asked Fox.

Wu Miao Ke Mu was missing, she saw Gu Xiaochen staring at herself calmly and calmly, said lightly, “I have seen Kurt’s hand, although Kurt’s hand is also very beautiful, but not as long and slender as the fingers of these hands. Such a hand If you play the piano, it will definitely pop up a beautiful song. Miao Ke, you must like it, so it will be drawn, right?”

Gu Xiaochen eagerly wants to hear Wu Miao Ke’s answer, but actually hopes to wake up Her memory.

Wu Helian told her that Wu Miaoke had suffered from severe depression and was unable to extricate herself from being indulged in huge grief. Something happened later, she forgot all about Lu Shiyan, as if she had never met this person. She restarted her life and regained her vitality day by day, becoming the former Wu Miaoke.

Apart from Wu Helian, no one in the Wu family knows Lu Shiyan’s existence.

Gu Xiaochen also promised that Wu Helian would not tell others, and even promised that he would not tell Wu Miaoke those past events. She knows that Wu Helian is worried that if she restores her memory, she will fall into pain again.

In fact, this is not bad, at least she is safe and happy.

However, she has too much to say, but she can’t say it.

“I…” Wu Miaoke was asked.

She couldn’t answer.

She didn’t even know when it was painted, or a painting with no impression at all. How should she remember?

Standing in front of the portrait, Yao Yongxin studied and watched, and said with his hands around his chest, “That is of course. If you don’t like it, Miao Ke will not draw it. But why do you have to play the piano, Xiao Chen, you don’t want to because of the lotus A man who is fascinated by the piano when playing the piano. Besides, not necessarily beautiful hands, it will play nice music. For example, a man who just looks at his hands will feel pretty good, but he will completely die when he plays the piano. Completely destroy the previous beauty.”

“Miao Ke, do you remember Haoyang playing the piano?” Yao Yongxin asked with a smile.

The topic was suddenly transferred, Wu Miaoke nodded hurriedly and said, “Well, I remember. The third brother played the piano so ugly that it wouldn’t be at all. But I won’t, the big brother teased me and the third brother, we didn’t Music cell.”

“Who doesn’t have a music cell?” Suddenly, the male voice sounded, causing the three of them to look back.

The door was not closed, but opened.

Wu Haoyang’s tall, tall figure flashed out of the door. He was only wearing a shirt. He looked very chic, but also thin. He put his hands in his trousers pockets, and slowly walked into the studio, saying with great care, “I’m not interested in pianos at all, otherwise, I would have been a world-class piano master.”

Yao Yongxin couldn’t stand him. Proud of himself, choked, “I saw a lot of cows flying in the sky.”

“Oh? You don’t believe me?” Wu Haoyang walked to Yao Yongxin and hugged her intimately.

Yao Yongxin smiled, apparently too lazy to lift the bar with him, and sent the children to seem to say, “Since you said that you are so powerful and so talented, then so, give you a little time to practice, you also play the piano to listen to me. I do not pick The song is good, just like “Ode to Joy” ensembled by Lian and Xiaochen on Uncle Wu’s birthday.”

“”Ode to Joy”?” Wu Haoyang frowned suddenly.

“Well,” Ode to Joy “, how? You can not ah?” Yao Yong heart reveal a charming smile, pat his shoulder comfort, “No it does not matter, I’m just saying nothing, you do not take it seriously!”

Said to be so Say, but her indifferent expression makes Wu Haoyang feel uncomfortable.

Wu Miaoke is excited, and don’t forget to insert a kick to say funny, “Three brothers, you can’t do it! It doesn’t matter! We won’t look down on you! Although you said you almost became a world-class piano master! Sister-in-law, Did you say that?”

Gu Xiaochen naturally cooperated and smiled, “Well, we still believe in your ability!”

“Okay, “Ode to Joy” is “Ode to Joy”, I will definitely play it for you!” Wu Haoyang was angry, Look at the three women, they made it clear that “I knew you wouldn’t work”.

“Everyone clap your hands and applaud!” Yao Yongxin said, clapping his hands first, “We are waiting for Wu Haoyang’s premiere!”

“Haha, I’m also waiting to see the third brother’s premiere! I will definitely give flowers when the time comes!” Wu Miao It’s ridiculous, she turned her head inadvertently to see Wu Helian, she said quickly, “Second brother! Third brother said to play the piano for us! And still play “Ode to joy”!”

Wu Helian leaned against the door lazily, suspiciously “Oh “Sound, said indifferently, “Notify me at that time.”

“Second brother, don’t worry, I will definitely notify you.” Wu Miao could compare with an “OK” gesture.

Wu Haoyang ran to Wu Miaoke with dissatisfaction and hugged her into his arms, “You little girl, lest the world is not chaotic! Is it just waiting for your third brother to be ugly?”

“No, how dare I!” “Wu Miaoke begged for mercy again and again, and began to find a savior. “Sister Yongxin, you can help me!”

“You are not allowed to call you three sisters-in-law ! It’s useless to call her!” , He smiled treacherously, “Miao Ke, I heard that you have learned piano for a while. Which teacher did you find and teach me quickly.”

Learn piano? When did she learn piano?

Wu Miaoke’s expression was stiff and dazed again.

When Gu Xiaochen heard this, his smile gradually dissipated.

“Youngest, I can teach you.” Wu Helian said.

“You teach me?” Wu Helian took the initiative to speak, which really surprised Wu Haoyang and also surprised him. The two brothers grew up together, and Wu Helian’s indifferent temperament, he naturally understands clearly. Thinking about whether he had found his conscience, but the more he thought, the more wrong he was, “Do you really want to teach me?”

Wu Helian raised her lips and corners, and the elegant and charming smile made him feel scalp numb, “I teach you, if you can’t learn

Yes , that’s your problem.” “No, no need.” Wu Haoyang gritted his teeth and refused, suddenly remembering when he was a child.

At that time, they had just studied, and he didn’t finish his homework without studying. At that time, Father Yao was still there. Yao Yongxin and Father Yao lived in the Wu family. Ji Yuehua asked him to go to Yao Yongxin’s room and ask her for help. Since he was a child, he and Yao Yongxin were out of line. This girl robbed him of his place in the house, and everything was first, causing him to be compared with her.

Over time, he was upset when he saw Yao Yong.

In the end, he had to turn to Wu Helian for help, and he really explained the problem for him. After explaining the topic, he asked him to redo it on the spot. He didn’t listen carefully at all, and he only said it once, and the result was conceivable. A week after that day, Wu Helian tricked and found thousands of genre questions for him to do.

The painful memories are still fresh, I am afraid that there is already a shadow, Wu Haoyang certainly refuses to let him teach.

Wu Helian nodded with satisfaction, Shen Sheng said, “Then find a teacher yourself.”

“I know.” Wu Haoyang responded impatiently, and Wu Miao’s expression in his arms was slightly sluggish.

I’m afraid that only Gu Xiaochen knows here that Wu Helian just took the call on purpose. I’m afraid she will remember what she asked.

“Oh!” Yao Yong laughed abruptly. Wu Haoyang let go of his hand and turned to look at her. “What are you laughing! What’s so funny!”

Yao Yongxin pointed to his nose and said very disrespectfully, “I remembered that when you were a child, you went to Lian to ask questions, and then…”

Yao Yongxin was just halfway through, and Wu Haoyang stepped forward to cover his mouth. She made a “huh” sound, and Wu Haoyang hugged her tightly. While walking out of the studio, she smiled at the three people. “We want to talk separately, and then you talk

slowly .” Wu Helian walked into the studio, no Block again.

The two went out of the studio, and then heard Wu Haoyang’s annoyed growl, “Why are you a woman biting!”

“Who told you to cover my mouth and not let me talk!”

“Then you can’t bite!”

” I’ll bite you! How are you?”

“Well, just bite you!”

Yao Yongxin’s vague female voice came, farther and farther away.

Gu Xiaochen saw Wu Miaoke’s something wrong, and Wu Helian had something to say to her. She thoughtfully left space for them. “I’m going to play chess with Uncle Wu.”

“Sister-in-law, how can you call Uncle, change your voice ? Dad is right.” Wu Miaoke laughed loudly, trying to cover up his delirium too many times.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned. When he approached Wu Helian, he also reminded, “If you don’t change your tongue, go back and punish you.”

“Is it fine to not speak to me for three days?” she asked naughtily, causing him to frown.

“How could the second brother not stand talking to sister-in-law for three days!” Wu Miaoke mumbled, Wu Helian’s brow furrowed closer. Looking at Gu Xiaochen’s departure, she asked casually, “Second brother, have you got a wedding date?” When

he mentioned the election date, Wu Helian had a headache. “Still choosing.”

“Mom wants to choose a good day, so I have found several masters these days. In fact, I don’t think it matters. The Chinese New Year is about to happen. The Chinese New Year is Valentine’s Day. How about getting married on Valentine’s Day? How romantic, And also solved a trouble, the annual wedding anniversary is Valentine’s Day, and will never forget it!” Wu Miao Ke proposed gleefully.

Wu Helian did think that the idea was good, “It’s very good.”

“Then I will tell my mother and ask her mother’s opinion.” Wu Miaoke clapped his hands. “I’ll tidy up here first.”

Wu Miaoke packed up the tools on the ground. Box, pick up the paint pen.

She was putting the paint pen into the toolbox and suddenly looked up at the picture.

When the movement in her hand stopped, she stared at the hand in the painting and couldn’t help but say, “Second brother, I feel very strange recently, it seems that something has been forgotten. Sometimes I try hard to think back, but every time If you think about it, you will feel a headache. Just like this painting, I don’t remember when I painted it, and I don’t have any impression. Moreover, just now my third brother said that I have learned to play the piano, but I have never learned it. . What’s the matter?”

Wu Helian walked in front of Wu Miaoke, raised her hand to support her, looked at her and said, “People are always forgetful, and some things can’t be remembered, it’s nothing.”

Wu Miaoke was silent. Sighing, grabbing the sleeve of his shirt and leaning against his chest. She snuggled in his arms and murmured softly,

“Second brother, I feel very uneasy.” “What’s wrong?” Wu Helian asked her caressing her thin back.

“I’m planning a bazaar recently, and another person from our academy also participated in this bazaar. His name is Lu Shiyan, and he is well-known in the piano industry.”

“Well? Are you also starting to chase stars?” Wu Helian’s eyes narrowed and her tone was tight. dull.

Wu Miaoke shook his head and said with his lips, “I’m not chasing stars, not even I know what’s going on. Brother, do you know, I always feel like I knew him before. And in this painting Hand, I think it’s his hand.”

Wu Helian was silent for a long time, and said indifferently, “Some things passed in the past. If you can’t get through, then ask yourself to understand.”

Wu Miaoke looked up at him, his face full of confusion, “Ask to understand?” “

Wu Helian has considered for a long time, this backlog of mystery is not in a day or two, he knows that such a day will come, although he does not want it to come.

The phone rings and buzzes on the desktop.

Wu Miaoke walked over to the table and picked up the phone. A long-distance international call was shown on the screen. The familiar number came from Cote.

She connected the phone and heard Kurt ask softly, “Miao Ke, how are you today?”

Kurt shrugged at the phone. He asked, and Wu Miao Ke answered.

Before hanging up, Kurt asked, “Miao Ke, have you missed me?”

Wu Miao Ke held the phone. The unknown panic made her eager for a solace and asked, “Kurt, when are you? Come here?”

Kurt heard her asking this question, and only when she missed him, he said happily, “I’m almost done. I’ll come over with my parents in a few days. Would you like to eat and sleep well?”

“Okay.” Wu Miaoke responded, and he finally hung up the phone. After holding the phone for a moment, she thought that nothing happened, and then she smiled back, “Second brother, let’s go, we’ll go find my mother.”

Wu Miaoke no longer mentions the topic of Fang Cai, and Wu Helian will naturally not take the initiative. She dragged him to find Ji Yuehua, but the housekeeper told them that they were all in the study.

Many people gathered in the study. In addition to Wu Jizong and Gu Xiaochen who were playing chess, Ji Yuehua was also with them. Wu Haoyang stood at the table with arms around Yao Yongxin, watching them play chess with interest. Yao Yong is all-round, but he is not proficient in playing chess, so he doesn’t understand these layouts.

On the contrary, Wu Haoyang inserted a sentence, “Gu Xiaochen, did not expect you to play so well at chess!”

“Watching chess is silent, do you understand?” Wu Jizong said with a deep voice.

Yao Yongxin directly hit him with his elbow, and whispered in his ear, “You talk too much!”

“It seems that Dad met a master this time.” Wu Haoyang didn’t know life and death, but shouted again.

Wu Jizong no longer scolded. Instead, he said leisurely, “If you talk more, just take the next

game with me, and we will bet to see when you get married.” Although Wu Haoyang’s chess skills are much better than Yao Yongxin, But it is really no match for Wu Jizong. Moreover, he also said that he wanted to gamble, apparently taking pleasure in his marriage. Obviously betting on when he got married, in fact, it is to extend his bachelor days. It took some time to stabilize Yao Yongxin. He didn’t want to shoot out of the festival, and he really quietly stopped talking and didn’t talk much.

“Why are everyone here?” Wu Miaoke knocked on the door and said in surprise.

“We are watching your dad playing chess with Xiaochen.” Ji Yuehua said with a smile.

Yao Yongxin moved a place, Wu Helian walked to Gu Xiaochen and sat down, glanced at the game. The situation of black chess was good, and this black chess was performed by Gu Xiaochen. He leaned on the edge of the table with one hand, and said in a funny and quiet way, “Chen Chen, don’t always win, but let Dad win once anyway.”

“Oh, good.” Gu Xiaochen was already a husband and wife, no opinion.

“Right, don’t let it be too obvious, so dad will find out.” Wu Helian added.

Gu Xiaochen frowned and turned his head, only to see him smile slyly, she endured the smile, Yu Guang glimpsed Wu Jizong black face.

Their couple!

It’s really funny!

Wu Haoyang finally stopped talking a lot, and then the two of them engaged in a laugh. “Haha.”

“I admit defeat in this game.” Wu Jizong took the tea cup and sipped. “Wu San, I and you next set, we bet you can’t get married this year.”

Wu Haoyang hesitated, causing everyone to laugh.

“Haha, brother, just admit defeat, anyway, you can’t win dad.” Wu

Miaoke said, Yao Yong heart loosely echoed, “I also think to admit defeat.” Wu Haoyang said rushingly, “If you haven’t played yet, how can you lose?” Now!”

Of course the result of this game is-defeat!

Wu Haoyang was even more annoyed. Wu Jizong said solemnly, “Winning wins is no suspense.”

Everyone laughed again, and Yao Yongxin patted his shoulder to appease, “Courage is good!”

“Father, Mom, I just proposed Otherwise, the second brother and the sister-in-law will get married on Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is a good day!” Wu

Miaoke stood behind them and said, hugging the two of them, “Sister-in-law, what do you think?” Gu Xiaochen said how embarrassed, Wu Helian

Replied for her, “I think it’s good.” Ji Yuehua said that she thought it was good that day. “I will ask the master now. If there is no taboo, it will be Valentine’s Day!”

Ji Yuehua immediately asked the master by phone. There was no taboo that day, it was indeed a good day. She returned to study, directed at everybody declared, “Well, it is set to get married on Valentine’s Day.”

“Yeah, brother, sister-in-law Congratulations, you finally marry up! I is not the maid of honor?” “I

have also together Bridesmaid, I haven’t been a bridesmaid yet!”

“Then call sister Yumei and sister Xiaolan again.”

“Okay, four bridesmaids, our sister team is very strong!”

“Then the second brother can’t think so easily Clear!”

Wu Miaoke and Yao Yong were excited to discuss.

Wu Haoyang watched that their marriage was about to be settled, and hurriedly said to Yao Yongxin, “or we’ll be knotted.”

“They are married on Valentine’s Day, so many romantic days.” Yao Yongxin shouted, Wu Haoyang immediately thought of the following The festival said without hesitation, “We are married on April Fool’s Day, how much fun is the day.”

Yao Yongxin glared at him, “You are stupid!”

“Please, brother, who is married on April Fool’s Day? If you post, others think you are joking about pranks! Think again about other festivals!” Wu Miao Said unbearably.

“That International Labor Day, International Children’s Day, International Youth Day…” Wu Haoyang said a bunch of words in exchange for Yao Yongxin, “I will not marry!”

Wu Helian quietly took Gu Xiaochen’s hand, his big hand was warm and powerful.

Gu Xiaochen saw his smile, gentle as water, he stretched out his hand to stretch her hair, said with emotion, “Finally, I will marry you.”

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