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My girl (28) Lost night

wedding day has been set for Valentine’s Day.

The Wu family became very busy. Ji Yuehua arranged weddings, hotel banquets, wedding chapels, please post a list… Although he was too dizzy to be busy, he was very happy. Boss Wu Xiangcheng got married earlier, and suddenly it has been many years. Unexpectedly, the two brothers have been separated for so many years, and the Wu family ushered in the second happy event.

Wu Jizong’s mood is also very good these days. He doesn’t act as arbitrarily as before. The original and old-fashioned expression softened unconsciously, and sometimes he smiled.

As for the Lin family, they simply lived in Hong Kong until the wedding.

Lin Yaozhong is already old, saying something unpleasant, that is, a person straddling his feet in the coffin, and seeing his granddaughter getting married in his lifetime is naturally a joy. Lin Yaozhong, who was not in a good health before, had recently become more healthy because of the reason for the happy event. Coupled with Gu Xiaochen and Lin Lan being so nice and cute, he felt more contented.

Relatively speaking, Lin Zhengfeng still has some regrets.

Although these days, Gu Xiaochen’s attitude towards him has improved a lot, but he is always a little cold.

At least, she hadn’t even called him “Daddy”.

Of course Lin Zhengfeng knew and understood that she had not completely forgiven him. Think about it too, all this is caused by him. He not only failed Ding Shuchen, but also failed to fulfill his husband’s due responsibilities and left Su Hong cold. Two women, two children, he owes a lot, and has no face to ask for forgiveness.

As her son-in-law Wu Helian said, “She still needs a little time.”

Lin Zhengfeng agreed silently, no longer entangled that little regret, I am afraid it really needs a little time, I can only hope not for too long.

“Xiaochen, you see that you are getting married. Grandpa and your dad don’t know what wedding gift to give you, so I have to give you this.” Lin Yaozhong murmured holding her hand, and the lawyer on the side took out the documents and turned it over. on.

Gu Xiaochen took the document in surprise, looked down and was surprised.

It turned out to be 65% of Lin’s shares and a series of real estate.

Although Gu Xiaochen did not know how much these were worth, he also knew that it was sky-high. She looked at Lin Yaozhong and just wanted to say no, but Lin Yaozhong said first, “We know you don’t lack these, and you know you will be fine. But this is just a caution for me, don’t refuse it. “

Gu Xiaochen’s current worth has been worrying about food and clothing for several lifetimes, and now the man he married is Wu Helian. Money is really nothing for her. But he thought about it for a few days. Apart from sending it, he had no idea what to send to express his heart.

Lin Lan sat next to her and said with a smile, “Xiao Chen, you accept it, grandpa and dad’s intentions.”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t know how to push it, and hurriedly looked to Wu Helian for help, but saw him looking at her Smiling, saying nothing, he wanted her to make the decision herself. She frowned for a moment, and she nodded for a long while.

Lin Zhengfeng walked in front of Gu Xiaochen holding a pink gift box, she took it again and saw it was a key.

“This is a new home for you, but you have to go home to see more after you get married.” Lin Zhengfeng looked down at her and said Shen Sheng.

It was obviously a happy moment, but Gu Xiaochen had a sour feeling, “Thank you grandpa, thank you…” She looked at Lin Zhengfeng, and the cry almost came out, but she swallowed it back, but she couldn’t continue.

She bit her lip and had to repeat again, “Thank you.”

“You just like it.” Lin Zhengfeng said lovingly, rubbing her hair indulgently.

Lin Lan answered the phone and shouted excitedly, “Wedding dress has been delivered!”

Gu Xiaochen’s wedding dress was designed by the French Cathaya company under the name of Haoyang Wu, and was designed by a well-known designer. It is the only one in the world. In addition, confidential work was carried out during the design process. After the wedding dress was completed, it was airlifted from France to Hong Kong. In addition to the wedding dress, Wu Helian’s groom dress is also. Of course, it also includes bridesmaid groomsmen’s dresses.

The five-star luxury hotel at the wedding reception has already prepared a dressing room.

When the party arrived, the makeup artists waited together.

Lin Lan called Yao Yongxin and others. Yao Yongxin and Wu Miaoke were together. The two arrived first and Yu Mei was still on the way.

The three women separated Wu Helian and pushed Gu Xiaochen into a separate dressing room, of course to surprise him.

When I saw the wedding dress, I couldn’t help but brighten my eyes, and exclaimed, “It’s so beautiful!” The

man didn’t spend much time changing his dress, and he didn’t need any makeup at all. Wu Helian was already a luminous body. He was sitting on the sofa outside. Wait for it.

I don’t know how long to wait, even Wu Haoyang has arrived, but the women still haven’t come out.

Wu Haoyang said impatiently, “Why is it so slow to try a wedding dress! I will come over after the meeting, they are still not good!”

“Who made you come? You can not come!” Yao Yongxin pushed open the door, wearing pink She was dazzling in dress, and her beautiful legs attracted reverie.

Behind her, Lin Lan and Wu Miaoke are in the same dress.

Although the dresses are the same, the feeling of wearing them is different.

“Your triplets?” Wu Haoyang stared at Yao Yongxin’s beautiful legs with dissatisfaction.

“Wrong, we are quadruplets!” Lin Lan made a gesture, “Another one is not here!”

“Dang Dang Dang! Look at the bride!” Wu Miaoke clapped and took a step to make her debut Come.

Wu Helian’s slack gaze suddenly had focus, and the two doors were pushed open, and he saw her sitting there quietly.

Gu Xiaochen’s beautiful side face is a little hazy, perhaps because of the light, it seems to be illusory. A white wedding dress, white gloves, and a wedding dress made of white roses, she is like a fairy in a flower, so calm and quiet. She had a light makeup, orange-pink blush, and a cherry-like small mouth lightly opened. The delicate and charming rhyme stained her small face, making his heart tremble so unconsciously.

This is his girl.

Several makeup artists are still applying makeup for Gu Xiaochen.

Gu Xiaochen was originally short-haired with short ears, but now a little longer, almost reaching shoulders. The makeup artists set all her hair up in a high bun, which was adorned with round pearls, leaving only two strands of hair hanging down to her ears. With her Qi bangs, the princess’s head looked exceptional Pretty cute. The white veil spreads down, and the white rose hair accessory is chic at the end, whether it is front or side, it is equally beautiful.

“Sister-in-law! You are definitely the most beautiful bride!”

“Really beautiful!”

Wu Miaoke and Yao Yongxin both praised and praised.

Lin Lan took the jewelry box.

Inside the jewelry box is her personally designed jewelry, Victoria Crystal Series. The beautiful design is not too complicated, but it is low-key luxury, revealing nobleness and pure beauty. She carefully put on the crystal necklace earrings for Gu Xiaochen, smiled and said, “Xiao Chen, I hope you like it.”

Gu Xiaochen knew that this was designed by Lin Lan himself, and was so excited to know what to do.

“I’ll be famous when I wait for your print ads. So don’t thank me, I have to thank you.” Lin Lan said softly in her ear, deliberately preventing Wu Helian from hearing it.

Gu Xiaochen was willing to advertise, which is also because of Wu Haoyang’s fraud.

At the beginning, Wu Haoyang enthusiastically and actively said that he would send a specially designed wedding dress to Gu Xiaochen as a wedding gift. Of course, it also included Wu Helian’s groom’s dress and even bridesmaids and groomsmen. Such a generous gift made everyone suspicious. Sure enough, when Gu Xiaochen accepted with a smile, Wu Haoyang begged her to print a print ad.

How could Gu Xiaochen refuse it? Naturally, he agreed.

“You made it this time.” Yao Yongxin turned his head closer to Wu Haoyang and couldn’t help whispering.

At that time, Gu Xiaochen filmed advertisements for the company, and it will definitely cause a sensation. This account is a good deal, and it is profitable.

Wu Haoyang hugged her at once and whispered, “Hush, don’t be so loud.”

“Why? This is an idea that you have come up with, and you’re afraid people won’t know it?” Yao Yongxin asked deliberately.

In fact, the two of them knew it well. If Wu Helian knew it, then the matter of making print ads would definitely fail. With Wu Helian’s overbearing temperament, he will never allow Gu Xiaochen to show up so publicly. Moreover, once this matter was known to Wu Helian, then Wu Haoyang had never had a good life, and he still did not know what kind of punishment he would receive.

Wu Haoyang smiled and said intimately, “It’s a good thing for you to make


“What’s the matter with me ? It’s not my money.” “Why doesn’t matter to you, my money is your money. Think about it. In the future, if you raise your son and daughter in a house car, you will need all the money. Now you can earn more to make you and your baby have a good life. In the future, you will not have to do anything, just concentrate on giving birth at home. . Two born a year, four born two years…”

Wu Haoyang talked with enthusiasm, Yao Yong frowned, “stop and stop!”

“I haven’t planned to marry you! You are still in the investigation period! But it’s not the housewife you imagined. I have my own business. And one more thing, do you think I’m a pig? Have so many children?” Yao Yongxin felt a headache when he thought about his precarious debts.

“Don’t you believe me yet? Isn’t it worth your trust?” Wu Haoyang frowned.


She answered so affirmatively, and Wu Haoyang almost vomited blood. “Well, go and investigate. But anyway, you also tell me, how long is the inspection period?”

Yao Yongxin smiled charmingly and said seriously, “Unknown.”

” Please wear high heels, Miss Gu.” The makeup artist walked in front of Gu Xiaochen, holding a pair of crystal shoes in both hands.

“Yeah? Why are glass shoes? I want it too!” Wu Miaoke has been passionate about fairy tales since he was a child, and when he saw those dreamy crystal shoes, he couldn’t help but exclaim.

“I’m coming!” The makeup artist had just bent over to wear shoes for her, but Wu Helian suddenly stopped.

Gu Xiaochen looked back slowly and saw him stand up and walk towards her step by step. His magnificent prestige, his eyes like a torch, calmed her heart. As if looking at him like this, the whole world will be calm and calm, he can let her rely on letting her no longer worry, even if life is painful and tortured, she won’t be afraid anymore, because of him.

This man, he will be her husband, a partner for a lifetime.

Wu Helian crouched down, took the crystal shoes from the makeup artist and put them on. Her ankles are bright and fair, with beautiful curves. Putting on his shoes, he looked up at her, took her by hand unattended, and put a kiss on the back of her hand, said with emotion, “It’s not easy to marry you.”

“You used to say that I got it by you, Why is it not easy?” Gu Xiaochen smiled shyly.

“Well, it was indeed a trick, but it was still not easy.” Wu Helian responded and helped her to get up.

Are you tired?” “It’s worth it if I can marry you.”

Wu Miaoke looked dumbfounded, shouting in disbelief, “God, my God.”

“Cry What does God do?” Yu Mei hurriedly arrived and asked in a joke.

“Memei, you are finally here. Hurry up and try on the dress to see if it fits properly.” Yao Yong hurriedly took her hand and pushed her to try on the dress.

In the spacious dressing room, Yu Mei saw the pink dress. She took off her dress and tried it on. When pulling the side zipper, she gently stroked the slightly abdomen belly. She looked up at the mirror and saw herself in the mirror. The dress was a close-fitting design that made her abdomen more prominent.

“Lian and Xiaochen are getting married, but unfortunately Xudong can’t come. I called Xudong today. He said he would pick a gift by air for the congratulations. He also said he was very good recently. I told him, we The women are already together…” Yao Yongxin stood outside, thinking of Yan Xudong, and said casually.

Yu Mei did not speak, staring blankly at the dress, but the whole person was in a trance.

There are some things that I will never forget.

Lost that night, when he hugged her and cried: Xiao Chen ……


“Mei Mei, you changed yet?” Yao Yong heart shouted outside.

Yu Mei stretched out her hand and stroked her hair behind her shoulders, pulling a smile, recovering her usual coquettishness, and pushed open the door and went out. Her sculpted figure is graceful and graceful, her feet are stepped on silver high heels specially made for the dress, with a beautiful bow on the upper, delicate and compact. She walked out of the dressing room slowly, stopped gracefully and turned around.

Yao Yongxin raised his hands around his chest, looked up and down with satisfaction, and raised his eyebrows, said, “Memei, are you interested in being a graphic model?”

“Which company are you hiring me for?” Yu Mei asked with a smile.

“Fat water doesn’t flow outsiders field!” Yao Yongxin blinked at her, not knowing what everyone understood.

Yu Mei shook her head and sighed, “Hey, before you marry, you will start to be the boss lady! Lin Lan has become the jewelry designer of Cardia, and Xiao Chen will also appear, you are not even me now Let it go? Isn’t it my turn next time? The fat and the water will not flow outside the field!”

“Miao Ke? I have this plan! But you should consider it, the treatment must be good!” Yao Yong shrugged, his face meaningless. Eyes inadvertently glanced at her lower abdomen, and suddenly fixed, “Memei, have you become fat recently? You even have a small belly?”

Yu Mei’s smile stiffened for a moment, and her hands were helpless. It’s strange Xiaochen, she’s cooking recently, and she cooks soup for me every day.”

“Xiaochen is going to get married. Who will cook soup for you in the future?”

“Hey, it’s really a problem, but I can go to their house and rub it. Fan.”

“But you can’t rub a lifetime meal? You should also find a man to fall in love!”

Yao Yongxin embraced her intimately, the two walked out of the locker room, they saw Wu Helian hugging Gu Xiaochen, they said yes laugh.

“Sister Yu Mei, you have finally changed! This way we are really like quadruplets!” Wu Miaoke pulled Lin Lan towards them, and the four stood side by side.

Lin Lan is outspoken, Wu Miao is youthful, Yao Yongxin is intellectual, and Yu Mei is charming.

These four women stand so amazingly.

Wu Haoyang pulled Yao Yongxin to his side and said in a whisper, “Simply let the three of them shoot a plane together! Wife! You can do it!”

“Why are three?” Yao Yongxin protested.

Wu Haoyang arrogantly glared at her, and said with a big voice, “You are my wife, of course I can’t show it to others!”

Yao Yongxin felt a sudden rejoicing, as if he had eaten honey, and he didn’t forget to ding, “then someone might not Let go of you.”

Wu Haoyang looked up at Wu Helian, and Wu Helian also happened to pay attention to him, his lips slightly raised, and the smile was too gentle, which made him shudder.

The phone rang and Wu Helian answered the call.

Gu Xiaochen stood quietly beside him to watch him call, and did not know who it was. Wu Helian said a few words to the man, handed her the phone to her, and whispered, “It’s Xudong.”

Gu Xiaochen was surprised and took it in surprise. “Hey.”

“Hi.” At the end of the phone, Yan Xudong gently greeted him, making Gu Xiaochen smile warmly.

Several women were talking and laughing, but Yu Mei was stunned by the name. She didn’t want to pay attention, she didn’t want to ignore it, but how could she not help it. Even if she is standing here, she is still talking to her sisters, but her heart is beating silently at this moment, the hollow hovering over the cliff, nowhere to be placed.

“Thank you, Xudong… We are trying on wedding dresses, Yong Xin, Miao Ke, Xiao Lan, and Mei Mei, they are all… Do you want to say something to everyone?” Gu Xiaochen asked softly, looking Xiang Yumei.

“Oh, I said Miao Ke, if you want to go, that sister I can take you there!” Yu Mei smiled brilliantly, but the smile was hard to hide.

Gu Xiaochen handed the phone to Yao Yongxin, “Xudong’s phone.”

“Xudong!” Yao Yongxin shouted while holding the phone and chatted with Yan Xudong in a familiar way.

The phone then fell into Yu Mei’s hands, breathing suddenly, and for a while, he didn’t know what to say. After a while, he greeted with a smile, “Hello.”

“Hello.” Yan Xudong returned from the phone With a bang, his warm male voice seemed to pass through thousands of mountains and rivers, and came from another distant time and space, making her suddenly lost her mind. She smiled silently and heard him greet him calmly, like a friend who hasn’t seen for a long time, but she just stayed still. “Have you been well recently? Should the bar’s business be good?”

“Well, I’m fine! The bar is also good!” Yu Mei said to her in a hurry, “Then I will give Miao Ke the phone.”

“Yu Mei!” Yan Xudong suddenly began to call her full name, his voice became vague.

Yu Mei’s hand shook and her heart seemed to shake, and she never felt that the phone would be so heavy, as if she could not hold it. When it was about to be released, Wu Miaoke took it over, “Brother Xu Dong, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Have you missed me? … Um, you can rest assured that you will definitely go to Canada to see you…”

Gu Xiaochen gave Yan Mei a phone call from Yan Xudong in Canada, and Yu Mei did not refuse, but stored it in her mobile phone.

But she didn’t call it, but she didn’t delete it.

As the New Year approached, the weather was suddenly cool.

It was cloudy for several days, I am afraid there will be a rain.

The gloomy sky was so low that it felt a bit depressed. Such weather seems to affect people’s mood, and it has also become hazy.

People are walking on the street, the world is gray, but I don’t know what to mourn.

It was a small-scale hospital with several men and women sitting in the corridor of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.

“Yu Mei! Your turn!” the nurse shouted coldly.

Yu Mei stood up and walked into the operating room silently following the instructions of the nurse. The doctor in a white coat numbly said, “Lie up!”

Yu Mei seemed to lose her self-consciousness, and she took the operating table and took off her shoes. . She lay down calmly, and her dazzling lights instantly turned her eyes away.

What the doctor said next to her, she could not hear at all.

As soon as you close your eyes, something flows down.

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