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My girl (29) The road to the wedding

lively New Year, Valentine’s Day has just arrived.

This year’s Valentine’s Day is a big day.

Because Wu Helian, the second master of Wu family, is going to get married and get married today.

Who did he marry?

It is said that this bride-to-be is very mysterious. She did not show her face a few times before marriage, and suddenly appeared at the birthday banquet of Wu Jizong, the old man of Wu. At that time she attended the banquet together with the Lin family of Finland, just like the Lin family. But no one knows what her identity is. The Lin family has only one prize, that is Miss Lin Lan, which is a well-known thing. Some people in the circle rumored that she was the illegitimate daughter of the Lin family, and some others said she was a relative of the Lin family. However, depending on the situation on that day, this prospective bride must have come a long way.

It is said that the bride-to-be is worth one billion yuan and all her funds are stored in the banks of the Wus Group. She is the highest depositor of the Wus Bank and a supreme VIP customer. She is not a simple character, identity, background and financial resources, it is one of the best, compared to the thousands of gold in Hong Kong’s giants, it is more than that.

It is said that this bride-to-be also has a beautiful and refined appearance, fair and translucent skin, a graceful and slender figure, a pair of beautiful big eyes, a smile that is quiet and calm, and it is amazing. The brothers and sisters who were fortunate enough to participate in the banquet had witnessed her beauty, and they all sighed with sighs, feeling that they had not met such a girl.

The paparazzi in the media secretly heard that the wedding ceremony will be held on Valentine’s Day, eager to get first-hand reports.

A group of people have rushed to the outskirts church where the wedding was held, and another group of people ambushed near the Wujia villa just for tracking.

Sure enough, at eight o’clock in the morning, more than ten famous cars bear the brunt, followed by the Rolls-Royce extended version of the black touring car as a wedding car, followed by more than ten famous cars.

The huge fleet makes the paparazzi dumbfounded!

Marriage circles of the giants circle have always been very big, but such a big one is really rare.

“Hurry up! Don’t lose it!”

” Do n’t follow it too tightly so they can’t find it!” The

paparazzi chased them up, afraid they would be snatched by their peers.

When they all left, the door of the Wu family opened again, and a white car decorated with white roses slowly drove out.

It was Wu Haoyang who drove. He wore a gray dress. He was rarely dressed in such a formal dress, and he even wore a tie. While driving, he pressed the dial button. When the phone was connected, Wu Haoyang asked in a deep voice, “Kurt, we are heading over there, don’t you have a paparazzi over there?”

“Third brother, you can rest assured that there is no paparazzi here!”

“That’s good, you Waiting for us there.”


Kurt came to Hong Kong with his parents from France on New Year’s Eve and spent the New Year happily. The family stayed until today to attend the wedding. Kurt is also one of the best men this time. Although the number of bridesmaids is less than half, Kurt and Wu Haoyang have passed through yesterday, and they will definitely pass today.

In the apartment of Chunguang Park, Gu Xiaochen was sitting in the bedroom wearing a red splendid cheongsam.

The formal dresses have not been changed yet, and you will have to change your makeup when you pick up the church. The wedding ceremony is held in the afternoon, so there is more than enough time.

Wu Miaoke saw Lin Lan coming back and hurriedly asked, “Sister Lan, have they come?”

“Come here! I saw the car coming!” Lin Lan closed the door with his backhand and made a timely report.

“Sister Yongxin, Sister Yu Mei, come out quickly, the second brother they are already here!” Wu Miaoke shouted nervously.

“Don’t panic! Soldiers come to the water to block the future!”

“Let me go ahead first!”

Yao Yongxin and Yu Mei both said, Yu Mei walked out of the bedroom and sat in the living room with Lin Lan and Wu Miaoke together waiting.

After a while, the knock on the door suddenly sounded, “Dong Dang Dang!”

Gu Xiaochen’s heart jumped, and he couldn’t help getting nervous. She looked back, Yao Yongxin patted her shoulder to appease, “This time, lotus must be bitter! Don’t be soft-hearted! Anyway, he will make you bully in his next half of life!”

Gu Xiaochen laughed lightly and nodded. nod.

The outside has already started to break out, I don’t know who sang the song, “Little bunny, open the door! Hurry up and open, we have to come in!” The

three women almost fainted, how to sing this song ?

And this awkward and funny voice, speaking non-standard Mandarin, everyone guessed he was Kot!

They immediately thrown a glance to be Wu Miao, cleared his throat and she sings, “Do not open not open will not open, red envelopes did not bring! We do not open the door!”

“Red envelopes! Red envelopes have!” Cried Cote, “You don’t open the door, how can we give you?”


Miaoke said again, ” Stuck inside the door!” Wu Haoyang and Cote outside the door glanced at each other, and Wu Haoyang had to put the red envelopes prepared in advance into it.

Wu Miaoke stooped to pick it up and counted dissatisfiedly, “How come there are only four? So few?”

Several red envelopes were stuffed in.

“Not enough!” People

outside the door continued to stuff red envelopes.

“It’s not enough!”

Wu Haoyang used up the red envelopes they had prepared in advance, but they still wanted it. Kurt asked anxiously in a low voice, “What should I do now?”

“These women are really greedy!” Wu Haoyang gritted his teeth. Road.

Wu Helian had been waiting for a long time, and she suddenly jumped out of four words, “Kick the door hard!”

“Good idea!” The two men answered at the same time.

“Wait, let me tell them first, otherwise they will be over!” Wu Haoyang said, and Kurt nodded sharply. “Yes, yes!”

Wu Haoyang knocked on the door gently. “Several young ladies over the door, we Now I want to tell you a message, that is, we want to…”

“Kengmen” has not been spoken yet, Yu Mei said with a smile, “Do you want to kick the door? Then we tell Xiaochen, Mr. Wu Helian No sincerity, he wanted to demolish the house, he had no patience at all, he would break in without saying a word, hey?

Xiaochen said not to marry?” Wu Helian frowned, and finally asked, “You What do you want?”

Wu Helian came to an end as soon as she shouted the words “Gu Xiaochen”!

Yu Meiqing coughed and clasped her hands on her chest. “Then answer the question first!”

Wu Helian’s slightly wrinkled eyebrow twitched closer . Shen Sheng spit out a word, “Ask!”

Yu Mei in the door smiled proudly. , Comparing the two sisters with an “OK” gesture, beckoning the fish.

Lin Lan asked first, shouting gossip, “That… Mr. Wu Er, when did you really touch Miss Gu Xiaochen?”

“When was the first time I was playing babble?” Yu Mei continued immediately Ask questions.

“Who confessed to whom first?”

“Generally speaking, are you more active or she is more active?”

“If you make Miss Gu Xiaochen angry, how did you coax her?”

“Also, what are you doing?” On what day of the month will Miss Gu Xiaochen become her own woman?”

“How many children do you plan to have?”

“When do you think Miss Gu Xiaochen is the most beautiful?”

“If your sister Wu Miaoke and Miss Gu Xiaochen fell into the river together, Which one do you save first?”


Listening to their questions one by one, Wu Helian only felt a dark cloud over her head.

“For the time being, please answer this! Mr. Wu Helian! Please remember, be frank and wide, and resist strictness!” Yu Mei raised her finger and knocked on the back of the door, promptly urging, “You can start now Answered!”

“Company interview, business trip in Japan, I first, I take the initiative, this question is too difficult, confidential, greater than or equal to one, when not wearing clothes, Miao Ke will swim.” Wu Helian stretched a cold and handsome face, one by one State the answer to the above question.

what? When the company interviewed, they were already excited?

This is really amazing!

When did they go to Japan on business?

“Wow? You were already excited about Xiaochen during the company interview?” Lin Lan shouted.

“…Well.” Wu Helian’s eyes narrowed.

“Where did you kiss when you were on a business trip in Japan?” Yu Mei had already planned to get to the bottom.

Wuhe Lian reluctant unwilling to answer, “forehead.” “Poof!

How is kiss his forehead? KISS Is not it? Poor you too, right?”

“Ah ah ah! Mr. Wu two really good innocent ah!”

“Good brother Cute! I will let my sister-in-law kiss your forehead for a while!”

Three women said three things, Wu Helian’s mouth began to twitch.

Wu Haoyang and Kurt stood by and waited on the sidelines. Although they said that it was the bridegroom’s side, they couldn’t help smiling when they saw that these women were so neat.

Look at Wu Helian’s embarrassment, this is really a profit!

Wu Helian was a little anxious and asked to the door, “Have you passed the

gate ?” Wu Miaoke inside the door couldn’t hide her excitement. She smiled while covering her mouth. “It’s fun! It’s fun!”

Wu Miao Ke grew so big, Wu Helian has always been calm and restrained in her memory. He is her second brother and loves her to treat her well. Wu Helian did not like talking when she was a child, especially when she grew up. But since Gu Xiaochen appeared, Wu Helian has obviously changed.

Many times, Wu Miaoke will think that Gu Xiaochen must be the angel sent by heaven to protect his brother.

“This is not okay! No, no! How is the fifth answer too difficult?” Yu Mei’s official attitude.

Of course Lin Lan refused to miss this opportunity, and ridiculed and asked, “There is a sixth question, why is it confidential? We really want to know! Mr. Wu Er, don’t be shy!”

Even Wu Miao, who has always been clever, also He turned to each other, “Second brother, the last question also needs to add the prerequisite, that is if I can’t swim.”

” If you don’t answer, then you have to open the door!”

“We can’t open if we don’t open!”

Three A woman was laughing and joking, that was Lin Lan’s voice, and shouted, “Miss Gu Xiaochen, your future husband said you are the most beautiful when you don’t wear clothes! Or would you also engage in a performance art marriage?”

“Unless I die! “Wu Helian stood outside the door and screamed.

There was another burst of laughter.

Wu Helian is both helpless and useless. The mall has gone through a lot of battles and is now completely useless. He suddenly lifted the corner of his lips, the smile became softer, but it made people feel numb. He turned his head to look at the two groomsmen beside him, and his eyes were like, “The two of your wives have fucked me this way, and this account must be counted on you in the future.”

Wu Haoyang received the attention of his smile, a bad feeling spontaneously emerged.

Kurt is also a wise man, and when he saw the expression of his second brother in the future, how dare he still watch a good show.

“Wife, my wife, my wife, I said are you there?” Wu Haoyang shouted.

“Yao Yong is absent! It is useless to shout your throat!”


Kurt shouted again, “Miao Ke, my Miao Ke, my Miao Ke!”

“Korte, my Korte, my Korte, what do you want to say?”

“Open the door. ! “

” NO! “

the two men held a white flag to surrender, look to the Wuhe Lian.

Wu Helian meditated for a moment, and said quietly, “Miss Yu Mei, Miss Lin Lan, Miss Wu Miaoke, you are so beautiful today.”

“And what?”

“Beautiful and moving.”



” Also?”

“Shen Yuluoyan, closed moon shame flowers.”


“The three beautiful, attractive, clever, Shen Yuluoyan, closed moon shame flowers, please open the door for me.”

Suddenly silent around.

The next second, the three women burst into laughter again, “Wow, haha, don’t you, Mr. Wu Helian, are you pleasing us?”

Wu Helian completely blacked her face, and even Wu Haoyang and Kurt couldn’t help it. All laughed out loud, “

Haha– ” Wu Miao’s tears came out ridiculously, Lin Lan fell to the wall, Yu Mei said aggressively, “Mr. Wu Helian, give you a chance, you give Miss Gu Xiaochen a love confession !Say those three words, we will open the door!”

And Gu Xiaochen, who was waiting quietly in the bedroom, heard their noise, the sentence “Miss Gu Xiaochen, your future husband said that you are most beautiful when you don’t wear clothes” So that she blushed completely. She has always been calm and calm, she can’t help but look up, I’m afraid they will still ask some unexpected questions.

Gu Xiaochen pursed his lips, turned his head to look at Yao Yongxin, and finally shouted, “Sister Yongxin.”

“Huh? What’s the matter?” Yao Yong asked nonchalantly, only to see her shy expression, and of course she understood what she was struggling with. It seems that this bride-in-law is reluctant to endure her husband’s hardship and endure to the limit. But such a good time, there will be no more missed, she really does not want to waste.

Gu Xiaochen lowered her head, her voice was very soft, and said softly, “Ahe’s verbal expression is not very good.”

“So?” Yao Yongxin pretended to be confused.

According to the familiarity of Yao Yongxin and Wu Helian, of course she also knew that he was not good at language. It’s even harder to get something out of his mouth than to go to heaven. However, although Wu Helian usually doesn’t like to talk, he either doesn’t speak, and his mouth is often sharp.

Gu Xiaochen’s voice was even lighter, and he said with a lip, “Don’t embarrass him too much.”

“Hey -” Yao Yongxin seemed to have expected that she would say so, reaching for her forehead, pretending to be dizzy, “You still I really thought about it for him.”

Gu Xiaochen only hung his head lower, his ears were all red, and his hands were restlessly nervous.

“Okay, okay.” Yao Yongxin didn’t dare to play too much. I was afraid that it would all be fulfilled on himself by then, and that would be worth the loss.

Yao Yongxin went to the bedroom door and clapped his hands.

At this time, the three women smiled irresistibly. Yao Yongxin gave Yu Mei a wink, which meant “almost.” Yu Mei returned a gesture and said happily, “Mr. Wu Helian, give you a chance, you Give Miss Gu Xiaochen a love confession! Say those three words, we will open the door! “

Love confession?

Yu Mei shouted so loudly that Gu Xiaochen heard it, and her heart suddenly jumped.

Yao Yongxin leaned on the door and looked back at her, said with interest, “Have you ever confessed to you?”

Gu Xiaochen was suddenly surprised, two red clouds flew on her cheeks.

And Yao Yongxin only thought that Wu Helian must have confessed. After all, those who are getting married, those three words are no longer difficult words. It’s a pity that they haven’t heard him say it. Think of a man like Wu Helian, how does it feel to hear those three words?

Gu Xiaochen was so shy that she didn’t know what to do. How could she be so kind to say it, in fact, she hadn’t heard of it?

If you think about it for a long time, the sweetest words he ever said are at most “I miss you”, and even the four words “I like you” have not been fully described.

Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but look forward to it, would he say that?

“Mr. Wu Helian, how do you think about it? Would you like to confess?”

“Mr. Wu Er, although it’s still early, but if you continue to spend more time, it’s not necessary to be late! It’s not always possible for the priest to arrive and the guests, too. but the bride and groom best man bridesmaids group missing, right? ” “

brother, you will soon brains! father and mother and their grandfather Lin still waiting! “

them in order to escape the paparazzi tracking candid, deliberately put a blank message. The wedding ceremony will be held in the church on time at 1:00 pm, and invited guests will be present at that time. As for now, those paparazzi may have been taken by those wedding cars in circles in Hong Kong.

Wu Helian stood outside the door and meditated for a moment, said indifferently, “Okay, but I have to tell her personally.”

“This is not possible. We will not open the door before the confession!”

“Give me some time.” Wu Helian condensed. Said.

“OK, we will give you time.”

Yao Yongxin also joined the team of three women, all squeezed at the door to hear his confession. After waiting for a while, but there was no movement outside, Yao Yongxin raised an eyebrow and asked, “Mr. Wu Helian, how much more time do you have to brew?”

“Wife! You finally showed up?” Wu Haoyang inserted a sentence and did not forget to praise, ” Wife, your voice is really nice, just as the bird is singing, how gentle it is.”

“You give me a flash! Don’t disturb!” Yao Yong shouted uncomfortably, Wu Miao Ke responded, “Brother, can you not be so nauseous? I feel so cold!”

Cot heard her cold, Hurry to tell, “Miao Ke, you go quickly to wear a dress and watch out for the cold!”

“Miao Ke, you really turned your arm shaft away! You turned me away? Wife, she turned me off, don’t turn me off! “

What’s the meaning of being disgusted, brother?”

Wu Haoyang and Kurt just said this one by one, and the four women listened to them playfully.

No one noticed that the glass window in the bedroom was lightly knocked.

Gu Xiaochen has been sitting in a chair, glancing towards the living room from time to time. There was a sound in her ear, and she turned around suspiciously. So turned around, but startled.

God, it was Wu Helian outside the window!

It’s a small balcony, but it’s not even a balcony. You can only put flowers and potted plants. He held the water pipe in one hand and vacated the other hand to knock on the window. He was wearing a black dress, dotted with some shiny silk threads, thick black hair, and golden light shining in the sun. He smiled softly at her and moved his lips and said silently: Open the window!

Gu Xiaochen was stunned. He was afraid that he would fall. He hurriedly opened the window. “Ahe! How did you climb up here? This is the 12th floor!”

“Thank you.” Wu Helian bowed her head to someone.

Gu Xiaochen looked over and realized that he had borrowed the balcony of the tenth floor tenants to climb up!

“Are you crazy? What do you do if you fall? Come in quickly!” she asked angrily, more worried.

Wu Helian nodded obediently, stretched her hand over her small face, and hugged her towards herself. His smile was charming and sexy, and her thin lips gradually covered her. She must have been bewitched, “I will tell you a word, you can Listen well, because I will tell you every day in the future.”

“Gu Xiaochen, I love you.”

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