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My girl (30) Make a contract with a kiss

Gu Xiaochen only felt that his heart stopped beating in an instant, and even his breath seemed to be still. His lips pressed down like this, kissing her deeply. She panicked and found that his handsome face was so close and so close, he closed his eyes, and she saw his thick long eyelashes. She couldn’t help herself and closed her eyes slowly.

There was wind blowing outside the window, and the sweet breath of spring came slowly.

On the other side, Wu Haoyang and Kurt are still playing tricks.

“Brother-in-law, let me explain to you what it means to be disgusted. The general meaning of disgust is to be reluctant to approach because of disgust or dislike! Do you understand now? Our Chinese language is profound and profound. You have to learn and learn well. Immediately regarded as a Chinese son-in-law!” Wu Haoyang tirelessly explained.

Kurt immediately echoed, “Thank Brother San, I must learn Chinese well!”

“Miao Ke is really true, and I will never teach you!” Wu Haoyang said aloud, causing Wu Miao Ke strong dissatisfaction, “San Brother! Who Say I didn’t teach? Kurt’s Chinese is what I teach!”

Hearing Wu Miaoke refuting through the door, Wu Haoyang asked, “Then you still teach so badly?”

“Third brother, she taught me, Chinese It’s too hard to learn!” Kurt hurriedly clarified.

“I said Mr. Wu San, and Mr. Cote, can you stop being a shield, or let the groom speak out anyway! Mr. Wu Helian, even if you need time to cultivate feelings, it doesn’t take so long?” Yu Mei I finally waited impatiently and shouted.


Miaoke responded, “Yes, 3rd Brother, Kurt, hurry up and let 2nd Brother speak!” “Mr. Wu Helian, wouldn’t you be embarrassed? Actually you don’t have to be embarrassed! Just treat us as air!” Okay!” Lin Lan laughed ridiculously.

Yao Yongxin urged again, “Okay!

Come on, talk and talk!” “Wife, you have to wait patiently with your sister group!”

“Oh! Miao Ke, my parents asked me to ask you when you will marry me ?”

“You two shut up–” the four women shouted at the same time.

In fact, Wu Haoyang and Kurt were already frowning on the topic. God knew that Wu Helian had left both of them and left. They didn’t know what to do. They had to deal with the delay.

Yao Yongxin was afraid that Wu Helian wouldn’t really say, so she turned and ran back to the bedroom, planning to ask Gu Xiaochen to come out.

But Yao Yongxin hadn’t rushed back to the bedroom. He looked up and was shocked, his eyes widened in disbelief.

“Ah!” She couldn’t help screaming.

Their cry shook Gu Xiaochen, she opened her eyes and looked at Wu Helian, and they smiled at each other.

Gu Xiaochen stepped back a few steps, Wu Helian jumped into the room from the window in a chic gesture. He leaned against the window edge, stretched his arms around Gu Xiaochen, put her in his arms, and Gu Xiaochen snuggled quietly and snuggled up to him. He raised his head steadily, his dark and deep eyes met them standing in the living room, and said hello, “She has heard it.”

“Oh my god! Brother! Why are you there!” Wu Miaoke has been confused about the situation.

Lin Lan opened her mouth in surprise, and could not imagine how he climbed up!

Yu Mei smiled, as if expecting this to happen.

Yao Yongxin regained his composure and raised his eyebrows, “Lian, you are really stingy, just tell

Xiaochen to listen to it alone!” “Well!” Wu Helian said so hard, even hard.

“What’s wrong with you? What happened? Nobody? Then I’m about to knock on the door!” Wu Haoyang and Kurt shouted anxiously, but no one answered, and the apartment door was slammed–” The door lock was completely destroyed.

Wu Haoyang and Kurt rushed in and saw the four women safe and sound.

“What’s your strange name! Want to scare the dead?”

“Miao Ke, what happened?”

They ignored the two men and made their debut sideways.

Wu Helian walked out of the bedroom holding Gu Xiaochen and said to the crowd, “Let’s go to the church!”

Everyone followed them cheerfully, Wu Haoyang asked coldly, “The door lock is broken and can’t be closed, what should I do?”

Yao Yongxin turned back. , “Then you keep the janitor!”

Wu Haoyang grimaced and greeted a burst of laughter.

The laughter seemed to fly out of the window with wings and hovered in the blue sky.

In a residential area in Hong Kong, the building here is relatively old, and the streets on both sides are full of small shops, including an unremarkable fruit shop. The honest and simple woman is giving the good fruit to the curly-haired woman, and then shouted, “

If Ruo , ask Aunt Zhang for ten yuan!” Shen Ruo took ten yuan to the curly-haired woman and said with a smile, “Aunt Zhang Go slowly!”

“Okay, Shen Ruoah, remember to come to my house to play!” Aunt Zhang carried a bag of apples and walked away with a smile.

“It’s twelve o’clock? Mother went home to cook, and you are looking at the shop here!” Mother Shen said, Shen Ruo nodded.

After she left, Shen Ruo lowered her head silently for a while, before taking out the invitation from her pocket.

This is the wedding invitation of Gu Xiaochen and Wu Helian.

At 1pm on Valentine’s Day, they will have a wedding in the church.

The invitation was sent. In addition to the invitation, there was a small note written by Gu Xiaochen.

——Shen Ruo, I’m here, and Sister Yongxin is also there.

Shen Ruo stared at the invitation, then tossed it into the trash bin. But the little note, she clasped her pockets tightly.

Shen Ruo looked at the blue sky, and the memory suddenly became clear.

“Why? Why can’t I? I can be like Gu Xiaochen! I can be obedient and quiet like her! Why can’t I?”

“You can be like her, but you are not like her, nor her.”

The dream that had been chasing for many years, because he suddenly woke up completely broken by a word.

Shen Ruo recovered, and heard someone shouting, “Miss, call me some oranges! Are you oranges here?” It

was only after the incident that there were things that some people could not replace.


medieval white church, a Gothic spire building, the afternoon sun sheds light on the white building, and the top seems to break the shackles of the sky and pierce the sky straight. If you look up at an oblique angle of forty-five degrees and look at this angle, you will see a beautiful scene. A beautiful picture is fixed in front of your eyes.

It was a white dove, and it stopped at the top after a long flight.

Countless vehicles parked in the square outside the church, and the team was lined up neatly, leaving people dumbfounded.

Two kilometers away from the church, those media paparazzi still hovered and refused to leave. They have been waiting for a long time, from the Wu family all the way around the city, and finally traced here, always vigilant not to let go of any important details. With the arrival of the guests one after another, they naturally captured valuable photos.

Such as the five giants in the financial industry, some well-known corporate companies with extremely powerful status, and celebrities from the wealthy circles.

After noon, the sunlight became more dazzling.

The paparazzi waited for a long time, and finally got impatient.

“Sister Ding, what the hell is going on? Are they already in the church?” Xiao Dong, wearing a peaked cap in the car, asked. Xiao Dong is a new reporter from IN Magazine.

Ding Min is an “old man” in the industry. It’s already commonplace to wait for the rabbits. “Who knows! Anyway, just keep waiting!”

“Hey! If you can’t shoot, it’s over!” Xiao Dong yelled. Unluckily, I didn’t expect to be assigned such a major task as soon as I entered the magazine.

Ding Min choked and said, “We didn’t shoot it, nor would any other magazines! You’re afraid!”

Little Dong suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and said, looking at the outside, “The groom is Mr. Wu Helian, the bride is Miss Gu Xiaochen Hey? Sister Ding, my colleague in the agency said that there was an employee in the magazine called Gu Xiaochen before? And she seemed to have successfully interviewed Mr. He with Sister Ding?”

Ding Min said lightly “en”, not much Say what.

In fact, she was still impressed by the girl named Gu Xiaochen.

Of course, she remembers that day she and Gu Xiaochen went to Wu’s company to invite interviews, Wu Helian’s firm attitude of refusal, and the big dog who suddenly jumped out.

“Sister Ding, you said that this mysterious bride-to-be, Miss Gu Xiaochen, would be the one we knew? After all, President He never interviewed before, and that was the only time, and it is not impossible to think about it… “Dong Dong talked about it, Ding Min was in deep contemplation, and Xiao Dong was still saying, “But I heard that this bride-to-be is very promising. If you have a chance, how would you go to work in a magazine?

The two were talking, a white car decorated with white roses and another black car flying past.

“The driving person is Master Wu’s three young masters!”

“Master Master Lian and the bride are estimated to be in the car too!”

“Hurry up and take pictures! Don’t miss it!”

“…” The

scene was suddenly confused, Ding Min and Xiao Dong were too late to react, The two cars drove towards the church in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Dong picked up the camera and slammed towards the rear of the car, Ding Min shouted panicly, “How did

it happen ! It wasn’t even captured!” At one o’clock in the afternoon, a beautiful and flying piano sound suddenly came from the church. It is a ritual piano overture. The man sitting on the piano chair playing the wedding overture, slender fingers, dropped notes one by one.

The guests sat in turn, with the Wu family and the Lin family sitting in the front row.

The guests came in, and the priest took the choir into the venue.

The sound of the piano became solemn and holy, hovering over the top of the church, and the whole church was silent.

Wu Helian, the groom in black dress, stepped into the temple and stood in front of the priest. Beside him was the best man Wu Haoyang.

Suddenly, the church door was pushed open.

Everyone looked away.

The momentary light illuminates as the door is pushed open.

Gu Xiaochen, the bride in a white wedding dress, covered her face with a white gauze, vaguely seeing that pure and beautiful face, revealing a touch of shy pink. She took Lin Zhengfeng’s hand and slowly walked onto the red carpet. Gu Xiaochen saw him. From now on, this man will be her home for life.

Wu Helian watched her step by step and finally took her from Lin Zhengfeng.

Lin Zhengfeng was filled with emotion, but he was also relieved, turned to the seat and sat next to Su Hong.

The best man, the bridesmaid, and the flower girl stood in two rows, and Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen faced the priest on both sides.

Wu Haoyang looked at Yao Yongxin, who smiled a little.

Kurt looked at Wu Miaoke, who blinked. Suddenly, Yu Guang caught a glimpse of the man playing the piano on the piano chair in the corner of the church.

Lu Shiyan’s eyes ran into her, Wu Miaoke thought, she should probably talk to him.

Lin Lan smiled and sincerely blessed, Yu Mei quietly stroked her slightly abdomen.

The piano music is still echoing, and under the witness of the priest, they promised the oath of the next life, “You want this man to be your husband to marry him, you want this woman to be your wife to marry him. Regardless of illness or Health, or any other reason, love him, take care of him, respect him, accept him, always be loyal to him until the end of life. I give you this ring that represents the symbol of love, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit , Announce you as a couple, God will unite you together, and no one will break up. I testify that you swear each other and love each other, I am extremely pleased to announce to you all that you are a couple, and now the groom can kiss the bride.”

Wu Helian turned around Gu Xiaochen met, and she is too.

He reached out to uncover the white rose veil, reached out to hug her arm, and slowly leaned over and kissed her lips.

The applause sounded and the sound of the piano became light and soothing.

I agree with you on those three words.

Put on the ring that lives together for you, and you must join hands in the future.

Make a contract with a kiss.

Since then, your name has been carved on my heart.

Wu Helian, Wu Guxiaochen.

The garden lawn of the church, a group of people happily took a photo.

“I’m going to stand between my second brother and sister-in-law!” Wu Miaoke yelled and hurried towards the two, holding one in each hand, and hugged them intimately, “Cot, you must not shake the camera!”

“How could I shake the camera!” Kurt shouted with a camera pointed at them.

Click, click, the camera sets the sound.

Every time you take a picture, there is a clear sound.

A long, tall figure stood silently on the lawn not far away.

Lu Shiyan looked at the direction of the three of them, but his eyes were fixed on Wu Miaoke.

The sun is so dazzling, she is so happy, the slightly raised corner of the mouth, the pretty hair, the pink smile, there is no slight difference from the past. At that time, she also had such a splendid look, but it made him feel naive and ridiculous. He not only missed her more than once, she was a fool, she would not do laundry or cook anything.

Every time she fell on her, she was red-eyed and innocently wronged.

After the two quarreled, she would turn around and run.

She said, I hate that you will not come to you anymore.

He always restrains himself, don’t sink, don’t be confused, don’t get entangled again, but why is there no restraint? When she appeared in front of him, she bowed her head helplessly. He even remembered that she unconsciously acted in small motions, grabbed one leg of her clothes with her small hands, or held her hands behind her uncontrollably.

He deliberately ignored her.

Her voice was very soft, like a lost kitten, and said softly: Xiaoyan, don’t be angry.

Lu Shiyan asked himself more than once. At that moment, why didn’t he push the girl away from his heart and push him away from him far away.

In this way, you can no longer meet in the future.

He told himself that it was because there was not enough time, and he was waiting for the best time, so as to give the heaviest pain.

Like the pain he once felt, the loved one in his life disappeared all at once, and the pain was never found again.

Xiaoyan .” Suddenly a shout sounded, and Lu Shiyan recovered.

His eyes reflected a pure white, Gu Xiaochen smiled at him.

“Sister Xiaochen, I wish you a happy marriage.” Lu Shiyanqiang said with a smile.

Gu Xiaochen saw a glorious gloom on his beautiful and handsome face, but thanked him softly.

“Xiaochen! Hurry up and throw a bouquet! We are all waiting!” Lin Lan shouted at her, waving her small hand in the air.

Everyone was already there, Wu Helian stared at them. His eyes met Lu Shiyan. He didn’t show much expression, but he stared a little.

Wu Miaoke was a little strange, how did his sister-in-law and Lu Shiyan know each other?

Moreover, why did Lu Shiyan come to the wedding?

Wu Helian looked at Gu Xiaochen and said something to Lu Shiyan, then she turned and walked towards them.

“Is the man who played the piano the piano prince Lu Shiyan?” Yao Yongxin was once invited by a friend to go to the theater to listen to his performance, and his memories are still clear until now. Although he was sitting in the auditorium at the time, and the position was also very backward, he still saw it with his own eyes. After the performance, the staff distributed a limited number of posters to the audience. The friend was a fan of the piano prince. She didn’t mean to refuse, so she took it home. Until now, the poster is still stored in the cabinet at home.

Piano Prince Lu Shiyan?

Lin Lan did not have much interest in music and art, although he used to accompany Lin Zhengfeng to the Opera House to listen to opera.

But Wu Miao ridiculously said, “Sister Yongxin, do you know him? He is indeed Lu Shiyan! We graduated from an academy!”

“It’s so coincident!” Yao Yongxin responded casually.

Yu Mei stood aside, maintaining a silent attitude. I am afraid that among the people, only she, Gu Xiaochen, and Wu Helian know the truth. She can still remember the words that Lu Shiyan groaned painfully after seeing the photo that day, which shocked her. When I think about it now, I still feel terrified.

Whose fault is it?

Who exactly retaliated?

Who is stubborn and refuses to let go in the end?

I’m afraid there is no answer.

“Sister-in-law, you have to be on time!”

“Everyone grabs flowers!”

“Miao Ke, do you want to marry?”

Several women have fallen out, and there are several other celebrities and billionaires.

Yu Mei walked quietly to Lu Shiyan. She looked at Gu Xiaochen, who was about to toss her flowers, and said lightly, “That Frenchman, he’s called Cote.”

Lu Shiyan never asked the man’s name, but also from Known in her cry.

Wow– ” Gu Xiaochen raised his hand high, and the bouquet of white roses was thrown into the air, falling towards her back. A group of women scrambled to grab. The bouquet of white roses crossed a parabola and finally fell into the small hands.

“I got it! I got it!” Wu Miaoke yelled happily, jumping up holding the bouquet.

Yao Yongxin raised his eyebrows and smiled, “It seems that you should marry next!”

“It seems that Miao Ke is really anxious to marry someone !” Lin Lan echoed sarcastically.

Kurt was very cooperative and immediately knelt on one knee and said, “Miao Ke, you will marry me!”

“Oh! You’ll get me up soon!” Wu Miao Ke blushed and was confused by him.

It was already over there, and he yelled, “Marry him! Marry him!”

Yu Mei stared at the group of noisy women and said

quietly , “He is her fiance.” Lu Shiyan suddenly froze, the wind Passing slowly by the ear, I feel something has passed.

Some people, if they really missed it, wouldn’t it be a pity?

Just now Gu Xiaochen said this to him.

Lu Shiyan moved her lips and wanted to say something, but in the end he found nothing to do.

Perhaps, if you miss it, you may not be able to go back.

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