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My girl (31): your lover

night, the banquet of the five-star hotel was full of guests.

The Wu family and the Lin family have two hundred guests at the table.

There are fifty tables in one lobby and two lobby are arranged.

The entire hotel’s room department was also packaged to accommodate guests who flew from abroad to attend the wedding. Throughout the night, laughter and wine and food continued. Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen toasted the guests. Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin, as groomsmen and bridesmaids, were on the sidelines to block the wine. Every time they arrived at the table, they caused a lot of noise and a warm atmosphere.

“Wu Er, Uncle respects you and your bride for a glass of wine, I wish you old-fashioned old age!”

“How much is enough? We have to respect a few more glasses here! At least three glasses for one person! Must drink!”

“No That’s right!”

Several young men broke out and toasted one by one.

This toast is not a big deal. It just poured hard liquor and made it clear that people were to be drunk.

“Come on! I’ll give you a drink first!”

“I’m done!” Wu Haoyang held a glass in one hand and a bottle in another, and poured three glasses of wine in succession, regardless of the person, and drank three glasses.

The man was stunned, thinking to himself that he hadn’t finished speaking yet.

In fact, Wu Haoyang has been coming all the way, drinking one cup after another, and he is still on the table. I’m afraid that the toast in this lobby is endless, he can’t hold it in another lobby. But there was no way, who asked him to boast Haikou in a woman and claimed that he was not drunk for a thousand cups, and now he had to brace himself to the end.

“Okay! Now it’s my turn! However, my first glass of wine respects the bridegroom, the second glass of wine respects the bride, and the third one is free!” The man learned smartly and said quickly.

Wu Haoyang was gone, so he had to give Wu Helian the solution.

Wu Helian took the liquor and sipped it out.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t drink spirits, it was still low-level champagne.

Those guests saw that it was a bride, so naturally they wouldn’t be very troublesome, just joking with a smile, “This is not okay, the degree is wrong, the bridesmaid must pay another cup!”

“Yes! Pay a cup!” Naturally there are people who are coaxing .

Yao Yongxin was also refreshing. He poured the wine and lost a drink, causing everyone to shout, “Okay!”

Wu Haoyang was a little unhappy, and quietly approached her and whispered, “You will not push it away? Why do you drink so much?” “

” Neither Xiaochen nor me is wine!” Yao Yongxin passed his ear and whispered.

Not wine? Wu Haoyang was immediately curious and smelled the smell, “What’s that?”

“Just the juice! A little bit of wine! The bartender at Meikai vigorously brought it out! Isn’t it great?” Yao Yongxin held the bottle and looked towards it. Yu Mei, sitting at the table in the distance, blinked.

Yu Mei and Dali sat together and gave Yao Yongxin a smile.

Wu Haoyang immediately frowned, whispering, “So you are cheating!”

“What are you talking about?” Yao Yongxin whispered.

“No, I didn’t say anything.” Wu Haoyang immediately smiled and greeted her, and said, “I said my wife, you are so smart, come up with such a good way! But why didn’t you think about it for your husband?”

“You didn’t mean you

Thousands of cups are not drunk?” Wu Haoyang’s mouth froze and said again.

“The bride is really beautiful”, “Your two early born sons”, “Wu Erhao’s vision”… The words of blessing and ridicule are heard again and again, the wine at a table and a table is honored, and Yao Yongxin here is a red envelope. One after another, the pink flower baskets are almost full of red envelopes.

Turned to another table.

This table is a little special.

Among the guests, the man sitting in the middle seat, wearing a smoky gray suit, wearing silver-rimmed glasses and short, dense hair, looked clean and capable, hiding the light. It’s just that he has become more mature and stable than before, and he has become more restrained, but that vulgarity still makes women feel emotional, even if he doesn’t smile.

Zhou Chengze raised his head, and Ningran’s eyes met the person.

Wu Helian’s face was slightly dull, showing a little weird, but Gu Xiaochen was pleasantly surprised, and then smiled.

I don’t know if it’s a bit of a jealousy when meeting rivals. In short, the atmosphere is stalemate.

Zhou Chengze’s eyes hurried past Wu Helian, so he stared at the bride like no one else.

How could the woman in the red cheongsam, the woman with her hair curled up, and the quietly smiling woman be so familiar and so distant. It can even be remembered that her young and beautiful years, the lively ponytail tied up, her gray hooded sweater, a pair of washed white jeans, and the backpack on one shoulder.

“Toast! The bride and groom are here!” Suddenly there was a loud noise in his ear, and his thoughts were pulled back.

Bai Hui gently took his hand and said softly, “It’s time to toast.”

Zhou Chengze said silently, watching the men and women at a table toasting to them. Finally, one by one, it was their turn.

Bai Hui got up first and said sincerely, “Senior Lian, Xiao Chen, I wish you a happy wedding!”

“Thank you!”

Zhou Chengze stood up unhurriedly, and the whole person was tall and tall. Across the table, he and Wu Helian looked at each other. The two men didn’t have much contact, and they met a few times for business.

“You Zhou Chengze has been waiting for so many years, she is my woman, you are not reconciled. If I meet Mrs. Zhou, then you may not even have the last chance, so you are afraid.”

“In fact, I should thank Zhou President.”

“Thank you President Zhou for pushing her to me.”

“I’m going to discuss a deal with President He.”

“I want to buy back 30% of Zhou’s shares . Can this deal be done by President He? The news that the Lin family wants to divest is well known. He always should now badly in need of funds to save Wu’s. I’m out of billions He will not always feel loss, right? While half enough for the Lin family, can also be the immediate solution. ” “

Wuhe Lian, you are blessed. “


that At that time, she was walking towards the bus stop.

At that time, he sat in the car and watched her cross the road to the bus platform and walked towards him step by step.

Now I know that this road will only go further and further.

Zhou Chengze was silent for a long time, and Bai Hui nudged his sleeve.

In fact, when receiving the invitation, Bai Hui had already imagined such a scene.

It was just not expected that the atmosphere was so deadlocked.

She still remembered that she asked him whether to go or not, and he gave an ambiguous answer for a while-again.

Days passed by day by day, and finally it was time to get married. It was during the summer vacation that the school had not yet started, and Bai Hui was on vacation. Originally thinking that if he did not go, then she would go alone. At 1 pm, she went to the church to observe the ceremony on time. She called and asked him, and he told her that the company was busy. And she came alone, thinking he would not come. I just didn’t expect that after the ceremony, he was already in the hotel’s wedding reception.

Zhou Chengze poured a glass of wine by himself. This first glass of wine was not for Wu Helian, but for the bride. Looking at Gu Xiaochen, he didn’t know what it was like, and he was stupefied for another second, only to feel that Baiweiqi came up, and Shen Sheng said “congratulations”. Hearing Gu Xiaochen echo “Thank you”, he raised his head and drank the wine.

Gu Xiaochen thought he would not come, and did not see him at the church.

Zhou Chengze poured another glass of wine, and this time finally paid respect to Wu Helian. Even the word “congratulations” was saved, and the glass was compared to him, and he drank.

Wu Helian also seemed to get on the bar with him, and also took a drink in silence.

The two men were so irritated that the flames of dissonance spread out, and the guests at the same table noticed something was wrong.

Bai Hui said in a timely manner and said with a smile, “Uncle Zhou’s health is not good, Yaru has something to do, so he didn’t come. But they let me congratulate you and wish you happiness.”

“Thank you and say hello to them on my behalf. Gu Xiaochen said softly, with a faint smile on Yun’s dyed face.

“Groom! Bride! When will it be our table!” the guests over there shouted.

Yao Yongxin turned back and said, “Come here!”

Zhou Chengze saw her nod at him slightly and watched her follow him to another table. He sat down and said nothing.

“Drink some soup, don’t drink any more.” Gentle instructions rang in my ears, and a bowl of hot soup was brought in front of me.

Zhou Chengze said “En” and drank it.

“I thought you wouldn’t come.” Bai Hui looked at his profile and said quietly.

Zhou Chengze’s movement to drink soup paused and whispered, “Go.”

“Where?” Bai Hui was stunned.

“Go back.” Zhou Chengze stood up quietly, and Bai Hui also got up.

The two of them were quietly away from the noisy guests.

Sitting in the car, Zhou Chengze said, “Tomorrow you call Yaru and let her go home for dinner!”

Bai Huihu questioned, “What about that boy?”

Two years ago, Zhou Yaru, a spoiled rich family, was rich in gold. Actually fell in love with the work-study boy.

The boy had a bad family, his father went early, and his mother was sick again. He worked around to pay for his tuition. The rare thing is that his grades are still excellent. The first time Zhou Yaru opened his relationship, not only for him to start studying well, but also to insist on being with him. As for the boy, Bai Hui has seen it several times. A very clean and handsome boy, but few words, has a mature and stable age.

Zhou Chengze visited him, of course, there was a spat, and the result was unhappy smile. He told Zhou Yaru that the boy was with her only for money. But Zhou Yaru has been trapped, regardless. After arguing, Zhou Yaru was furious and ran away from home.

Zhou Chengze is even more talkative, no longer cares about her, and leaves her alone, but can no longer give any money.

Two years later, Zhou Yaru was still with the boy, miraculous, and he couldn’t give up.

Zhou Chengze was a little unwilling, “Let him come too!”

“Okay, I’ll call Ruru.” Bai Hui loosed his breath and said with a smile.

Zhou Chengze stepped on the accelerator and glanced sideways at the steering wheel.

The dazzling wine spot flashed in his eyes, just as many people flashed it in his eyes many years ago.

Actually, he didn’t want to come, but he didn’t know how to come.

Like the dust of the earth, he settled his mind and cut off his thoughts. Everything was clean.

One car drove out slowly, but the other car drove in slowly.

The beautiful young woman with curly hair sitting in the back seat of the car, but she was dressed casually, and the short purple jacket with boots and breeches did not seem to come to the wedding reception. The woman got out of the car and held a red velvet gift box in her hand. After showing the invitation, she smoothly walked into the hotel.

And they finally toasted from one lobby to another.

A group of people were walking out of the corridor, and they faced the curly-haired woman head-on.

Baoer stopped slightly, and then approached them.

“Master Lian.” Bao’er shouted and introduced herself, “Miss Gu, hello, I’m Baoer.”

“This is the wedding gift from the boss to Master Lian and Miss Gu, these diamonds are a certain lady I personally dug in South Africa and polished it out personally! And Mr. Lei asked me to tell Miss Gu, if you want to get a divorce, you can always go to court with him, free of charge, and wish the two whiteheads to grow old!” Baoer opened the gift box in his hand. Said aside.

Everyone was stunned, that lawyer Lei was really amazing!

The gift box turned out to be full of diamonds.

Gu Xiaochen laughed.

Wu Helian glanced at the diamonds and knew who the certain lady was referring to. He asked in a deep voice, “Why are you here.”

“Mr. Lei is still lying in the hospital.” Bao’er calmly replied.

“What’s wrong with Lawyer Lei?” Gu Xiaochenhu questioned.

Baoer Yun said quietly, “It was just a stabbing. Master Lian, Miss Gu, then I will go first. Bye.”

Baoer came and went in a hurry, leaving everyone confused.

“Layer Law is all right? Shall we go and see him? Isn’t it going to spend our honeymoon? Why not go to Spring City?” Gu Xiaochen looked at Bao’er leaving, although she didn’t know who she suddenly appeared, she always felt different. A story.

Wu Helian raised her eyebrows, “Don’t go!”

Would you like to go to him on your honeymoon? Isn’t that a guilt?

Wu Haoyang is still drunk after all, so drunk that he can’t wake up.

“Wu Haoyang? Haoyang? How are you?” Yao Yong hurriedly supported him, shouting at his face.

Wu Haoyang gave her the weight of her body completely, and her arms crossed her around her body and said, “I am a thousand cups not drunk! I can drink! I can drink! Heart, you must believe me! Come! ! Have another drink!”

“Sister Yongxin, please help your 3rd brother to take a rest. It’s good for me and Kurt to meet here!” Wu Miaoke and Kurt watched that Wu Haoyang was too drunk and came to take over immediately.

“Then you answer, I will help him go to rest! Lian, Xiaochen, let’s go first!” Yao Yong nodded and helped Wu Haoyang turn away.

Wu Haoyang muttered as he walked, “Heart, I’m really not drunk!”

“Well, you’re really not drunk!” Yao Yongxin supported him hard and echoed him.

“You don’t believe me?”

“I believe!”



Wu Haoyang stopped suddenly, his tall body wobbled and looked at her drunkenly. He looked at her for a while, and was so unprepared that he started to behave like a child and initiated a drunkenness. “You don’t believe it! You don’t believe me!”

Yao Yong glanced at him helplessly, his two sword brows frowned together, but Suddenly feel cute. Of course she didn’t want to quarrel with a drunk person, and he simply said, “I believe in you, and I believe in everything you say!”

“I believe in everything you say?”


The two stumbled without help, so they entered the elevator.

In the lobby, Wu Helian’s handsome face also showed a bit of intoxication, and her face was flushed.

Gu Xiaochen saw him rarely blush and asked softly, “Ah, are you also drunk?”

In Gu Xiaochen’s memory, the only time Wu Helian had been drunk was on that day. At that time, Lei Shaoheng came to Hong Kong with a female companion, and then the four of them played poker together in the clubhouse. After losing to drink, they lost terribly because of her, and he was fined a lot of wine, and later became drunk.

Wu Helian said vaguely, “probably.”

“Kurt, here you block.” Wu Helian turned to Kurt, and Wu Miaoke protected his brother, and at the same time ordered, “Kurt, you go to block!”

“Oh, I will block !”

Wu Miaoke Starting to command, Kurt of course obeyed the command.

Wu Helian lowered her head quietly and said in a deep voice in Gu Xiaochen’s ear, “Relax, I’m not drunk.”

Gu Xiaochen’s eyes widened at once, only to find that there was no trace of chaos in his eyes, and his consciousness was still very clear.

Toasting over there was fierce, Wu Miaoke looked back, the table was empty, and Lu Shiyan, who had just sat there, was no longer there.

The lively banquet lasted for several hours.

At the end, everyone wanted to make trouble with the cave, “Go! Let’s go to the cave!”

Someone started to propose, which naturally caused everyone to agree.

“How about the bridegroom?”

“How about the bride?”

Where are the people?” But the crowd searched the two lobbies, only to find that the bride and groom were missing.

Everyone was in a mess, so they had to ask the best man, “Where are the best man, the bridegroom and the bride?”

“I don’t know.” Kurt was dumbfounded.

“Why don’t you know? It must have been hiding? Hurry up! If they don’t come out, then you have to fine your wine! Each of us has to fine you three glasses! Well, don’t explain, just drink! “

And me! After drinking him, I have to continue to drink mine!”

Kurt said in a moment of misery, facing innocent wine glasses, he said innocently, “I really don’t know…”

Wu Miaoke hurried to find them, I am afraid that Kurt was killed by them today, but Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen had already disappeared. She suddenly became an ant on the hot pot, but the master of ceremonies walked quietly to her and said, “Miss Miao Ke, Master Lian asked me to tell you that he and the young lady went to honeymoon, and the dinner was given to Miao Ke and Ke Mr. Te. As for the company, it was handed over to the three young masters.”

Why did the second brother run away with his sister-in-law?

Wu Miaoke was speechless, but he was helpless.

Looking at the lobby again, Kurt is surrounded by everyone, and she feels crazy!

The night is already deep, and the dark blue night sky is dotted with stars.

A taxi was stopped outside the hotel, one man and one woman got in the car one after another, and then the car left for the airport.

Gu Xiaochen has put on comfortable casual clothes, holding a backpack in his hands, and Wu Helian is also a casual outfit, the two look very relaxed and natural.

“Ahe, we just left like this, is it really okay?” Gu Xiaochen asked uncomfortably.

Wu Helian hugged her into her arms, and said indifferently, “The wine is finished, it’s okay.”

In fact, Wu Helian himself was not happy about these marriages, but he still insisted to the end. Now that the wine was finished, he naturally ignored it.

“But…” Gu Xiaochen was still not at ease, but Wu Helian interrupted hard, not letting those who did not invade her thoughts, “No, but we are going to Paris now!”


Gu Xiaochen was really attracted by his words, and he couldn’t help but ask, “Ah, what did the boss tell you when you bought the silver ring in Paris?”

“Want to know?” He still was That day’s tone was ridiculously ridiculous.

Gu Xiaochen nodded, and he offered the condition, “I’m not going to kiss your husband yet.”

She did not hold back, and she kissed him.

Wu Helian was quite satisfied, and Mei Yu picked it up, but it seemed like she said one word after another on that day, “Just, no, sue, sue, you.”

“You slap!”

“Then you call me husband.”

“I …I don’t want it!” Gu Xiaochen refused arrogantly, and the cute look made him chuckle.

That French: M~Votre~amant~est~si~mignon.

Sir, your lover is so cute.

At that time, he was also thinking: how can she be so cute.

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