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My girl (32) first love

eastern horizon dyed a faint white of fish belly, Xiaguang passed through the clouds and broken the fog, and the sun rose slowly.

A new day began.

At nine o’clock in the morning, a man in the suite’s large bed was sleeping.

After an hour, the man did not wake up and was still sleeping.

After another hour, a man still didn’t mean to wake up.

“Get up.” the woman shouted softly.

“Well.” The man grunted unpleasantly, acting like a coquettish, but turned over.

Wu Haoyang got drunk yesterday, and fell asleep until eleven o’clock, and he slept soundly. If he is not awakened, I am afraid he will sleep until night. If it’s weekends, let’s sleep as long as he wants, and he won’t quarrel with him all day and night, but not. What’s more, there are important talks this afternoon and he needs to come forward. Long-term appointments with the other company, if it is broken, it will be bad.

The secretary made countless phone calls. I am afraid he didn’t hear at all because he slept too much.

In the end, he had no choice but to think of Fa’er contacting Yao Yongxin.

No, Yao Yongxin hurried to the hotel as soon as he received the call.

Yao Yongxin looked at his child’s sleepy face, feeling very speechless. Perhaps it was distressed that he drank so much wine yesterday, and her movements became particularly gentle. Slender little hands approached him, stroking his face and shouting, “Hao Yang! Don’t sleep, wake up quickly! I also

asked the customer to discuss the meeting! You can’t be late!” ” Sleep for another five minutes.” He was suffering The ground moaned and began bargaining.

“Okay, let’s sleep for another five minutes.” Yao Yongxin followed him once, and he really waited for five minutes. “Okay, five minutes later, don’t sleep!”


“Open your eyes quickly!”

“Well .”

“Are you awake?”


Whatever Yao Yongxin shouted, Wu Haoyang refused to get up in bed. Finally, someone unbearably lifted the quilt and shouted at him, “

Getting up! Wu-Hao-Yang-get up-bed-now -” Wu Hao Sunshine dressed, wearing only a pair of boxers . The heater was on in the room, and he didn’t feel too cold.

Yao Yong was angry, she could not wake him up even if she yelled, and she was afraid of delaying time. She pulled the pillow and started to smash him, wanting to wake him up, “Wake up quickly! You have to negotiate! Don’t sleep anymore !Are you a pig?”

“But I’m really sleepy!” Wu Haoyang was originally very sleepy, but because of her tossing, she couldn’t sleep well. He groaned annoyedly and lay halfway upset, holding his hair in one hand, and still not forgetting to complain, “How come you are such a heavy woman! Do you want to use a pillow to smash me into an idiot!”

Yao Yongxin ignored his complaint directly , Just about to turn around, Wu Haoyang hugged her at once, wrapped her hands around her waist and hugged her close to herself. He leaned his head against her soft chest and rubbed it intimately, “I’m an idiot, and you’re not good, do you want to live with idiots for a lifetime?”

“Okay, I won’t need a pillow to hit you in the future. Is that right?” Yao Yongxin coaxed him like a child and urged softly, “Go brush your teeth and wash your face to eat.”

“You haven’t answered me yet, would you like to live with me for a lifetime.” Wu Haoyang overbearingly asked.

“Are you an idiot?” she asked with a smile.

“What an idiot?”

“I want to spend a lifetime with an idiot.” She was just kidding.

Wu Haoyang without hesitation, “I’m an idiot.”

Yao Yong heart surprised a moment, could not help but guffaw out loud, “How can you like this, admit that he is an idiot?”

“What’s that have! As long as you like, I’m an idiot!”

“Stop it It’s not too early!”

“This afternoon’s negotiation is not my response. I should call the second brother!”

“They are newly married, do you still want him to go to the company? Moreover, they secretly slipped away on their honeymoon last night, where would you like to find him? Hurry up Get up, don’t be late!”

“What? They left last night?”


“What about the company?”

“Lian said that the company has all the power in your days when he is away!”

“Then he said No, when will you come back?”

“Maybe three or five days, maybe half a month, who knows.”

Yao Yongxin said with a smile, patting his shoulder for comfort. Wu Haoyang suddenly covered his forehead with black lines, only to feel black. And the man who blacked him was still his brother. I said well before, as long as he married Gu Xiaochen, then he was free. Unexpectedly, this is now the case, Wu Haoyang mourns.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Wu Haoyang arrived at the company reluctantly and sat on the executive chair of the conference hall.

The consortium in the meeting is very prestigious and prestigious in Italy, and it can be said that no one knows no one, and it is the Carden family. When the news came out in the circle, there were companies that wanted to contact them, but the Carden Consortium just picked up the Wus Group, which was also surprising. Wu Haoyang and Wu Helian also discussed this point before. Wu Helian meant to observe the changes in business and business. They are mainly coming to Hong Kong to expand their business this time. If they build a good relationship, it will be more convenient and beneficial for Wu’s entry into Italy.

The secretary pushed in the door and spoke in English, “Please!”

Wu Haoyang stood up and turned to look at the person, a medium-sized Italian man, followed by two subordinates. But the Oriental woman among the two subordinates made him startled, the woman… the

secretary introduced each other with a smile, Wu Haoyang shook hands with each other.

And this oriental woman, with her long curly hair, reveals a soft and aura, compared to her former, she is less childish and indulgent, but has grown into an equally beautiful woman.

Wen Fei smiled at him slightly, his eyes gleaming with light, as if with emotion.

First love.

These two words came out like this, I think it is the tender shoots of early spring, full of vitality.

That year, they said they would go to Harvard to study together.

Later, they each ran around in their own direction.

I don’t know who was the first to get angry, but in the end it was never contacted again.

Many years later, I suddenly met again.

In the conference hall, the two companies conducted a heated discussion on the future development.

The negotiation was very smooth and the atmosphere was very harmonious, everything went well.

“Mr. Yang, I hope Carden and Wu can cooperate happily!” At the end of the negotiation, the person in charge of the other party got up and smiled.

Wu Haoyang responded politely, and said with a deep voice, “Mr. Peter, I will be the host at night, please have dinner together.”

Wen Fei smiled and stood behind his superior Peter, looking at him quietly.

Time is like an arrow, time is like a shuttle.

These two words now seem to be appropriate.

Looking at his slightly picked eyebrow, the faint shadow of that year could be seen faintly.

The arrogance is full of ideals and ambitions, and he said that he wanted to break out of a big boy who belonged to his own career. In the blink of an eye, he became a mature and stable man. His suit and leather shoes were heroic and calm, and he calmly and calmly responded. Such a calm attitude appeared in her vision with a new look.

In fact, when Wen Fei previously received news from her superiors that she would come to Hong Kong to meet the head of the Wus Group, she wondered if she would meet him.

Sure enough, I met.

A group of people transferred to the private room of the hotel to talk and laugh easily.

During the banquet, no one mentioned it.

No one knows that they used to be classmates or lovers for many years.

The banquet did not last long. Mr. Peter’s daily routine was very regular, and he just got off the plane today, so he was a little tired. This is the hotel where you stay, just leave the private room and go directly to the elevator.

“Miss Wen, are you going home?”


“Will I send you?”

“No, I grew up here since I was young.”

Another subordinate talked to Wen Fei in Italian , Wu Haoyang walking ahead secretly lowered his eyes. Watching the elevator close, Wen Fei turned and walked out of the hotel.

Outside the revolving door, some people stood waiting.

Wu Haoyang, holding his suit jacket and hands in his trousers pockets, laughed and asked, “Miss Wen, do you want me to send you?”

“How do you know I’m going home?” Wen Fei unloaded that strange and tone of voice Lively.

“Why don’t I know? You used to go home on time every day before!”

“You have a good memory.” The

two chatted while walking, and both got into the car.

“My memory has always been good. I still remember there was a school going to the summer camp. When the summer camp came back, everyone said that they would go to eat ice, but in the end, you did not go. You said that you and your mom and dad said yes, you must go home before five o’clock, I have to go home for dinner. I thought, why did you just listen to your parents?” Wu Haoyang talked in a car and turned all the old things out.

“You still remember it so clearly. Didn’t I accompany you to eat ice again?” Wen Fei smiled and looked at him sideways.

“Hey? Is your family still living in the old place?” Wu Haoyang asked.

“Moved, turn right in front.”


Wu Haoyang asked Wen Fei a little melancholy. After that year, he really did not come to see her. So even if her family changed the address, he did not know. Wen Fei stared straight ahead patch of feasting and said quietly, “You start a company in the French?”

“Just getting started.” He replied casually, suddenly asked, “how do you know?”

“Card association Asian companies in France “It’s a dark horse.” Wen Fei said lightly, and asked casually, “Are you married?”

“No, she refused to marry me.” Wu Haoyang sighed, and blamed a woman for her brains.

Wen Fei heard him say that, for a moment, his name quickly jumped up in his mind, as if he understood it. Her smile was very shallow and she teased, “You are such a diamond king, and there are women who refuse to marry? I guess who she is…”

“Guess what? You know her too!” Wu Haoyang kicked himself She didn’t let her continue to guess and said her name, “Yao Yongxin!”

Yao Yongxin, these three words have been heard by Wu Haoyang more than once.

The girl who went to Australia was so deeply rooted in him.

Unfortunately, he did not find out.

He asked her to go to Harvard that year. He said that the girl would go too. She resolutely opposed and chose a school in another country, and even broke up. Finally, in the end, it seemed like anger, or maybe he didn’t love that much. He went to Harvard and she went to Italy.

“She refuses to marry you?” Wen Feihu questioned.

“Say it’s for investigation.”

“If it’s you, it’s really for investigation.”

“How are you like her?”


Talking and laughing all the way, unconsciously the car drove to the destination. The car didn’t turn off, Wen Fei got out of the car, turned and looked at Wu Haoyang, sitting in the car, looking at her and smiling. She thought and thought, but she thought that thing was better than saying it in her heart, “Haoyang, that At night…” The

wind, the car, and her voice, the three voices mixed together, made Wu Haoyang a little distracted.

The neon intertwined, and the car suddenly accelerated forward.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Yao Yongxin was still asleep and was lying on the sofa in the living room watching TV.

In fact, she is still waiting for someone’s phone.

He knows how to socialize at night. He is an adult, not a child, she also knows. But I was still not assured, I had to wait for that call.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

Yao Yong hurried to open the door, only to wake up the mother Yao who was asleep in the bedroom.

As soon as the door opened, Wu Haoyang stood outside the door. He stared at her deadly, frowning.

She hurriedly asked, “What’s the matter? What happened?”

Wu Haoyang hugged her at once, causing her to dare not shout loudly or break free. She was puzzled, but he just said, “Yao Yongxin, how can you What about stubbornness?”

Haoyang, you were drunk that night.

The next day I went to see you, and I saw her coming out of your room.

Actually, the person with you that night was not me.

Is it too much to understand after many years?

Early the next morning, Wu Miaoke was moved to rescue by Wu Haoyang.

“Wu Miaoke, urgently call for help! By the time you get married, your third brother must be all-inclusive!” Wu Haoyang dug her up from the bed like this, Wu Miaoke rubbed her eyes and restrained Depressed mood, loudly asked him what’s wrong.

Wu Haoyang did not explain at all, and pushed her directly into the bathroom.

Wu Miaoke hurriedly combed it, but Wu Haoyang was dragged into the car again.

Along the way, Wu Miaoke did not understand the whole story, only knew that Yao Yongxin was angry.

After meeting Yao Yongxin, Wu Miao smiled humorously and greeted him smoothly into the apartment. Mother Yao had a few old friends to drink morning tea, so she went out early in the morning. There were only two of them at home. Yao Yongxin was doing breakfast earlier, Wu Miaoke raised his hand directly to ask for a meal, sat and ate breakfast, and did not forget to flatter and praise, “Sister Yongxin, the porridge you boiled is really delicious, whoever marries you, then happy to die “Ye!”

Yao Yongxin is also a wise man, asking with a smile, “Miao Ke, aren’t you sleepy when you get up so early?”

“Sleepy is sleepy, but there is no way.” Wu Miaoke blinked.

Why didn’t Yao Yongxin know her intention, she simply opened the skylight to speak brightly, and made it clear, “He made you come to be old with peace?”

Wu Miaoke laughed “hey”, drinking delicious porridge, muttering vaguely, “Yong Sister Xin, don’t be angry with your third brother. Actually, you and your third brother also grew up together. I heard people say that the green brothers and horses don’t call, but it’s not that they don’t call. Seeing the third brother, it is still a successful career now. This looks pretty good, barely a handsome guy, and he is almost thirty. If you don’t want him, then no one will ask for him. It’s very pitiful…”

Yesterday In the evening, Wu Haoyang suddenly appeared and asked her if the person who was with him that night was her. He said she was stupid and said she was stupid. She was indeed stunned. In the face of his questioning, she chose silence, but just asked him how he knew. He directly blurted out the name “Wen Fei”.

Because Wen Fei saw her coming out of his room.

Because Wen Fei told him.

So now, he knows the secrets she doesn’t want to tell, what is he thinking?

Wu Miaoke chattered with a small mouth, Yao Yong listened patiently and said calmly, “I’m not angry with him.”



“I don’t believe it!”

Yao Yongxin regained his previous calmness and said softly, “I really didn’t get angry with him.”

I’m afraid she was angry with herself.

Because of the uneasy uneasiness, she was at a loss.

He and Wen Fei met, that was his first love.

She still remembers what Wen Fei said on the phone: Yao Yongxin, don’t you want to destroy me and Haoyang? I don’t know what to do in the morning! Hope you always keep secrets!

In fact, she didn’t even need to say it, she wouldn’t say it.

“Why don’t you tell the third brother? He is really worried about you!” Wu Miaoke frowned. “If you are not angry, then tell him? Don’t let him feel uneasy at work!”

Yao Yong thought for a moment. “I’ll tell him.”

“That’s great, he’s outside. You tell him!” Wu Miaoke rushed through the eyes and hurried to the entrance to open the door.

Yao Yongxin did not have time to react, but saw Wu Haoyang come in with a thorn. The uninhibited Jun Rong showed some anxiety, with obvious shadows under his eyelids, obviously he had not slept all night. She looked at him like this, and she didn’t know what to say for a while. Instead, he said, “Cooked the porridge? I want a bowl too!”

“Then I’ll go first! Bye!” Wu Miao left consciously, not wanting When the light bulb.

Yao Yong tenderly filled him with a bowl of porridge and served it to Wu Haoyang. He stretched out his hand like he was about to take over the bowl, but he hugged her waist and hugged her. She lowered her head and seemed to be looking at him, but she did not know where she was looking. Such Yao Yongxin rarely exists in Wu Haoyang’s memory.

He suddenly remembered that she was still in elementary school.

The girl with short soft hair always walked quietly behind him. He glanced sideways from time to time, she walked with her head down. Walking while reading.

Wu Haoyang asked in a deep voice, “When you were a kid, you always loved to read books. At that time, I was curious. Was that book so beautiful?”

“Well?” Yao Yongxin was shocked.

Wu Haoyang reached out to hold her small face, and the temperature from his palm made her blush suddenly, “I was really very doubtful, did you want to cover up your unhappiness when reading? You are such an excellent and smart girl , Always take the first place, actually want to attract my attention? Yao Yongxin, you have liked me for a long time, why dare not admit it? Afraid of me to refuse? Or I am afraid of mocking you? Do I have such an abomination?”

“You Having said that you only treat me as a buddy, you will never like me!” Yao Yong said sadly, with tears in her eyes.

“It turned out to be because of this sentence!” Wu Haoyang took the bowl from her hand and placed it on the table, hugging her tightly. “Does this sentence make you sad?”

Yao Yongxin nodded and Wu Haoyang said in a deep voice, “That At that time, Tang Jie liked you. He is my buddy, and you are so close to him again, I can only say that. I admit that I am jealous, jealous, you are close to him, I am very upset. Later will With Wen Fei, I don’t know what to think, but she asked me and I should have done it. Now I think about it, I just want to get angry with you, and I made a decision. I used to have many girlfriends, but from now on At the beginning, I assure you that I am the only one you have!”

“As a child, you said that with many beautiful skirts, I can meet your wishes now!”

“When the second brother comes back, you will go to France with me “

” Xinxin, okay?”

Yao Yong looked at his gentle smiling face, and the depressed gloom slowly dissipated. She hugged him and buried her head in his neck, like a child who was wronged. , With a choked promise, “Okay!”

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