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My girl (34) Father-in-law

the latest news from Paris

, France-“At one o’clock in the afternoon yesterday, the charity bazaar jointly organized by the piano prince Lu Shiyan and the talented painter Miss Wu Miaoke was held in the hall of the Royal Academy of Art in Hong Kong, China. This time, Wu Miao Miss Ke has donated more than 20 works in total, raising nearly HK$100 million for charity. Among them, the highest-priced work is “The Hand of the Elves”. The painting was finally taken with 20 million yuan, and the bidder was Mr. Lu Shiyan. “

I. ” The camera switched at once, and Lu Shiyan said indifferently, “It’s just for the charity bazaar, and I think Miss Wu’s paintings are really good. It is rare to see the paintings you like, then you must buy it, otherwise you will Regret!” The

reporter turned the camera to Wu Miaoke again. She stood beside Lu Shiyan and looked very birdy. She said with a smile, “Thank you Mr. Lu for being so generous and generous!” The

camera switched back to the brown-haired beauty and said in fluent French “This time, the piano prince Lu Shiyan also released the latest single. According to Mr. Lu Shiyan himself, this single has not yet been named. The fans on the Internet will temporarily name this song “Mulan Star”, you can listen first Come on!”

The song started playing on the TV screen, and the children sang in a childish voice.

This world is so wide, I

miss the deepest blue,

the star in the night sky,

which one are you?

…In the

suite room, Gu Xiaochen looked at the news and listened to the song, and he felt a sudden sigh of emotion.

In fact, before, Lu Shiyan told her about the matter between him and Wu Miaoke, I hope she would not mention it to her.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t know what Lu Shiyan meant, maybe he would tell her personally, maybe he would never say it in his heart.

Yesterday, Wu Helian made a phone call with her family. Ji Yuehua said that the family of Kurt was discussing marriage with them, and Wu Miaoke agreed to it by default. It seems that this marriage is mostly settled. The two of them would spend so much time alone in the bazaar, and Lu Shiyan said nothing after all, choosing to be buried in his heart forever.

Wu Helian took a shower and walked out of the bathroom. She walked to her while wiping her hair with a dry towel. He glanced at the screen and looked at her again, frowning sharply, and the handsome face appeared a little unhappy.

He didn’t think about it, he took the remote control and turned off the TV.

“Hey? How did you turn it off?” Gu Xiaochen asked softly, finally returning to Wu Helian.

Wu Helian sat directly beside her and said

indifferently , “What’s so beautiful.” Gu Xiaochen ignored him and got up to get the remote control.

“Don’t look at it.” Wu Helian reached out and hugged her overbearingly, but refused to let her take it.

“Hehe, don’t make trouble.” Gu Xiaochen patted his arm and motioned him to let go. But he didn’t mean to let go, but he hugged and tightened again, and said again, “What’s so beautiful.”

“The tune is very nice, this is the latest single!” Gu Xiaochen is no longer wrong, why is he like a child?

Wu Helian pouted, “When did you get hooked on him?”

Those little girls would like, what good?

His wife will be hooked?

“Nice music, everyone will like it!” Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, looking down at his handsome face, muttering, “Aren’t you jealous?”

Wu Helian raised her eyebrows and asked in reply, “I Will you be jealous?”

“Yes, yes, you won’t, then let me go!” Gu Xiaochen knew he would say so.

“Don’t let it go? Isn’t it just playing the piano? Your husband, I play better than him, I play for you!” Wu Helian said coldly, pulling Gu Xiaochen into the towel.

How arrogant!

Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help crying and laughing, this man usually seemed quite indifferent, but he was a big kid in his bones. I had to take a towel and wipe his hair for him. After a long time of trouble, that song should have been finished long ago.” Listen to Aunt Hua, you will play the piano when you are very young. You are so talented, why don’t you be a pianist? What about it?”

Wu Helian was asked by her, and the whole person was stunned.


“I thought about it before.” Wu Helian said quietly.

Gu Xiaochen had just said this casually, but I didn’t expect it to be

true. ” Why didn’t you learn piano afterwards?” “She left.” Wu Helian spit out these three words.

Of course, Gu Xiaochen knew who the “she” in his mouth meant, and his heart suddenly softened, holding him to appease, “It’s okay, you are not too late to start now.”

“I am not interested in being a pianist now!” Wu Helian looked disdainful

Shen Sheng said, “I want to be something else!” “What do you want to be?” Gu Xiaochen asked confusedly.

Wu Helian looked at her seriously, her mouth suddenly popped up, and the ruff said, “Dad!”


“So let’s make one soon!” He smirked, throwing a towel at her On the sofa, hug her and kiss and kiss.

Gu Xiaochen gasped, begging for mercy again and again, “Oh! What are you doing! Are we going to go out to play? Don’t we go out?”

“Go out!” He kissed her neck and chewed the strawberry mark.

“Then you are still like this! I finally wear good clothes!” Gu Xiaochen was pushed down on the bed by him, and his big hand penetrated directly from the hem of the clothes.

Wu Helian kissed her chattering mouth, and said vaguely, “Go out afterwards!”

“Tingling bell–” The phone is not the time to interrupt the intimacy of the two, Wu Helian regardless of whether she still kissed her, Gu Xiaochen He stretched his hand to pick it up.

“Hello~” She started, her voice trembling.

day! He bit her! Cheng Wei’s

excited female voice rang over the phone and said aloud, “Gu Xiaochen! Guess who I am!”

“Cheng Wei?”

“Guess! Then guess where I am now?”

“You…in Italy “” Gu Xiaochen said intermittently, restraining her gradually disordered breath.

The phone suddenly changed hands, and the cute child’s voice rang immediately, “Aunt Xiaochen, my mother and dad, now in the hotel lobby where you live, they won’t let us go up…”

Gu Xiaochen whispered in a blank space in his mind I can’t believe it!

“Auntie will come down immediately! Wait for your auntie!” Gu Xiaochen hurriedly returned.

“Good!” Situ Chen responded wisely, and then hung up.

Before the microphone had time to put the phone back, Gu Xiaochen pushed hard against a man who was pressing on him.

Wuhe Lian is happily “work hard”, the suddenly pushed her resistance, he was not happy frown, but she heard hastily cried, “Aga! Aga! Cheng Wei coming!”

“Come on come “Wu Helian replied casually, obviously a perfunctory attitude.

Gu Xiaochen struggled to get up and panicked, “Don’t make trouble! Cheng Wei is already in the hotel lobby, and Chen, and Cheng Wei’s husband! They are already waiting for us in the lobby!”

Wu Helian heard her say this , And angrily whispered, but it was hard to calm down, and the arrow was on the string. He exerted a little force, controlled the right force, and pushed her down on the soft bed with absolute advantage, without letting her move, and the deep black eyes narrowed slightly, prompting a narrow, pale finish.

“Wife, doesn’t anyone tell you that there must be beginning and end to work.” He slowly lowered his head to seal her mouth with a kiss.

Gu Xiaochen was dazed by the kiss, “But…”

“Just let them wait!” Wu Helian pecked at her collarbone and stroked her small, full-bodied peak with her big hand.


He had known her sensitive area for a long time, knowing her body well, only need to light the fire, and let her burn up soon. She was powerless to resist, and her thoughts lingered on the edge at first, and then he was taken into the world of ecstasy. He violently rammed into the shallow, like a wild horse that had taken off the rein, entwined her again and again, making her unable to groan uncontrollably.

The beautiful spring in one room makes it blush and heartbeat.

In the lobby of the hotel, the beige marble floor with golden threads is bright enough to be used as a mirror.

This five-star hotel is located in the most expensive urban area of Paris, and it is one of the hotels that many wealthy businessmen love to live in when they come to Paris.

In the lounge sofa area at the corner of the hall, the family of three is a striking scenery.

A mixed-race man with a cool face, he has oriental black hair and is tall. Casual dressing could not conceal the extravagance of his body. The slightly open collar revealed a strong chest. The skin was a healthy color, slightly golden. He sat there motionless, just staring at the woman sitting opposite.

The woman’s long hair shawl, with some curls at the end of the hair, wheat-colored skin, the whole person reveals vitality and confidence, unlike the weak temperament, there is no doubt that she is beautiful. She also sat motionless, but stared at the little boy who was playing the electric game. The eyes were exceptionally gentle, full of maternal glory.

The little boy is about two or three years old. With his father’s oriental qualities and his mother’s beauty, he is a beautiful baby that everyone loves. The little boy loves black, so the cotton sweater and small denim trousers on the body are black. He is holding the handheld and is seriously playing the electric.

Although the facial features haven’t opened yet, the face has already shown a bit of charm, full forehead, and dark eyes.

The handheld released music after the game was cleared, and the little boy finally turned his head and said, “Mom, Aunt Xiaochen is so slow.”

Cheng Wei comforted, “Maybe Aunt Xiaochen has something wrong, let’s wait.”

“Okay.” Situ Chen had no objection, and he looked up at the opposite man, and asked in a very calm tone, “Dad, you Why have you been staring at your mother for a long

time?” “Chen is almost three years old, when are you going to marry me?” the man said slowly.

Cheng Wei directly ignored his existence and turned to his son, “Chen, when I saw my uncle, remember to call someone.”


“Aunt Xiaochen and uncle are likely to be your father-in-law, So you want to stifle them, you know?”

“What are father-in-law

and mother -in-law?” “It means father and mother.”

“Well, but why might they be my father and mother in the future?”

“Aunt Xiaochen and the uncle’s daughter Marry you in the future, then they are your father and mother, do you know?”

“… Um.” The

man looked at the woman and the child silently, and waited until their conversation was over, and spoke again, “Chen is almost three years old, When are you going to marry me?”

“Can you change the sentence? Cheng Tian said this, are you tired of it?” Cheng Wei asked quietly, finally looking at him.

The man said meaninglessly, “When will you marry me, I won’t say it.”

“If I don’t marry in my whole life?” Cheng Wei got up with him and asked impatiently.

The man is still indifferent, “Chen is almost three years old.”


“Mom, don’t be noisy.” Situ Chen said, the little adult said, “I’m playing electric, don’t disturb me, if I lose, After a while, I will stop shouting.”

“Mother is no longer noisy.” Cheng Wei took his son completely and raised his hand to surrender.

The man was a little bit smug, and Situ Chen didn’t lift his head again. He said, “Dad, don’t be too happy, if I lose, I don’t agree with my mother marrying you.”

Cheng Weile, the man smelled and looked at him ‘S son is the same.

Situ Chen played the game and glanced cleverly at the two people who came out of the elevator. He said softly, “Aunt

Xiaochen and Uncle finally came down.” Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen tossed and waited for an hour.

Wu Helian was calm and unharmed, without any trace of guilt.

Instead, Gu Xiaochen walked towards them in shame, sorry to say, “I’m sorry, let you wait a long time.” Before the adults began to

speak, Situ Chen turned off the handheld, cleverly jumped from the sofa , and spoke amazingly to them , ” Hello father-in-law, mother-in-law.”


Gu Xiaochen was stunned for a moment, completely stunned.

Wu Helian lowered her head to look at the little boy in front of him, and looked at him with scrutiny, irresolute attitude.

Cheng Wei didn’t look back for a moment, she didn’t expect her son to be so active.

It was not until the man sitting on the sofa came to Situ Chen that this embarrassing impasse was broken. He extended his hand to Wu Helian and said, “Situ Hong, my wife Cheng Wei, and son Situ Chen.

” The surname “Situ” may make people feel uncommon, but the family name of “Carden” The number is very prestigious in Italy, and the Stuart family is known as “carden” to the outside world. At that time, Situ Suzhe, the first generation ancestor of the Situ family, once sang the Italian underworld and was respected as the godfather. After the death of Situ Suzhe, he gave everything to his eldest son Situ Huang and his daughter Situ Tianai.

After Situ Huang took over Carden, he created a new mythological miracle, which was later respected as the “king of the underworld.”

Situ Tianai is also respected as “Hei Dao Princess”.

Situ Hong, the fifth generation of Situ family.

“Wu Helian, Gu Xiaochen.” He also simply reported the name.

Situ Hong spit out two words, “Fortunately.” The

Four Gods Empire, a mysterious underworld consortium organization. It was founded by Ji Lixing, a descendant of the Ji family of the Western Zhou Emperor Ji Chang, and Bran Zhan Ning, the eldest sister of the Bran family in Northern Europe. The main members of the organization have four chiefs, namely the first generation of the four gods, the blue dragon Xia York Kahn, the white tiger north Shaotang, Zhuque Cai Xiaoque, Xuanwu Ansheng.

The empire then handed over to the only son Ji Lingfeng.

Ji Lingfeng, who was called “less wind” when he was young, is now called “old wind”.

It is reported that when Feng Lao’s wife Chaoyang was still alive, he had personally selected four children to take over as the four gods.

One of them is the man in front of him.

Wu Helian, the second generation of the Qingshen Empire.

And at this moment, the two men, who were equally divided, clearly understood their identities.

Situ Chen looked at Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen, Lingli said, “Mother said that the uncle and aunt’s daughter will marry me in the future, so you are my father-in-law and mother-in-law.”

Gu Xiaochen was suspicious at first, but now can not help laughing out loud, “Oh, Chen, the aunt hasn’t had a baby yet, what if she had a son?”

Situ Chen thought calmly and said calmly, “Then regenerate, and you will definitely have a daughter.”

Wu Helian glanced at the big-mouthed little boy , I don’t know what’s wrong, I always feel uncomfortable.

Gu Xiaochen likes Situ Chen in his heart, but this child is naturally intimate when she looks at birth and grows up. She bent over slightly, reached over his little hand, and said with a smile, “Well, if the aunt gave birth to a daughter, she would let her marry you.”

“Chen, Aunt Xiaochen lives in Hong Kong with her uncle, mother and you Also move to Hong Kong to live together, OK? When Aunt Xiaochen gave birth to a baby, we can see the baby as soon as possible!” Cheng Wei asked immediately.

Situ Chen didn’t think much, “Okay.”

The son agreed too readily and made Situ Hong difficult.

Situ Chen is the only son in the sixth generation of the Situ family, and his status in the Situ family is undoubtedly well liked by the elders of the Situ family. The miracle is that he is still like Situ Huang, smart and excellent, the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, and the elders laughed that this might be inherited from generation to generation. Everyone only took him to pamper him, and as long as Situ Chen nodded at home, no one would object.

“Xiao Chen, that’s the way to go. We will go back to Hong Kong together when the time comes.”

“If you go back to Hong Kong with me, then of course I will be happy!”

“Chen, will Aunt take you to eat?”

“Okay! “

Gu Xiaochen and Cheng Wei are two sisters Amoy, of course they are happy to live together. Holding the small hand of Situ Chen, they chatted happily, “Cheng Wei, you are really fast. I only told you to live here yesterday, and you will be here today.”

“I was just a few days after you got married . I have a high fever. I want to go to your wedding, but some people just won’t let me go out. Unfortunately, I didn’t see you go on the red carpet with my own eyes.”

“If you have a video, you can show it to you.”

“That’s fine.”

” By the way, are you feeling better?”

“It’s just cold and fever, and now it’s all okay.” Cheng Wei said lightly, and Situ Chen interjected, “Mom has been sleeping for a few days, and Dad almost killed the doctor’s uncle. “

Gu Xiaochen was surprised, and Cheng Wei said, “How can it be so exaggerated?”

“It’s not exaggerated at all.” Situ Chen compared the gesture of the gun, and the sound of the gun fired from his mouth, “That’s it! But no bullets!”

Gu Xiaochen felt a little dizzy, and Cheng Wei hurriedly explained, “That must be a toy gun!”

“Father said to give me one later!” Situ Chen said yearningly.

That damn man doesn’t teach his son, how can he teach things that scare people? Cheng Wei glared backwards, but also saw Wu Helian, she asked in a small voice, “You and your husband are still married on the honeymoon, we are here, will we disturb?”

“How come, more people are more compared Hilarious. Moreover, I miss Chenchen too.”

“Mother-in-law, I miss you too.”

Behind them, the two men, Wu Helian and Si Tuhong, were left in place.

“It’s disturbing you to spend your honeymoon.” Situ Hong said lightly, but there was a feeling of which pot was not opened. I am afraid that it was tortured by a woman for too long. That repression needs to be vented, so I have to transfer it to others.

Wu Helian was even more reticent than Situ Honglai, laughing directly and not answering.

The people who finally got rid of the two family members wanted the world of two people, and they should have been able to spend a sweet honeymoon. They didn’t expect to kill a family of three on the way, and this is all over.

The two women put all their thoughts on Situ Chen, and the two men had to be drivers and attendants, helping to lift things, or buy an ice cream or the like.

“Father-in-law, why haven’t you kept talking?”

“Father-in-law, when was your daughter born?”

“Father-in-law, can I live in your home with your mother-in-law?

” “…”

Everyone couldn’t help crying when facing Situ Chen’s question.

Wu Helian quietly After pulling Gu Xiaochen, he bowed his teeth and whispered, “Wife, I decided to have only a son. “

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