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My girl (35) Fiancee

two-person bank is now a five-person bank.

They stayed in France for almost a month.

Then from France to Britain, from the most romantic city of Paris to the drizzly city of London.

This honeymoon trip seemed short and long.

For the two women, they only felt that the day passed too fast day by day, but for the two men, such a day was really a torment.

The only thing that might be out of the question is only the genius baby Situ Chen.

In fact, Wu Helian did not intend to go to the UK to play. Based on the existence of a doctor in that country, I am afraid that it will become the most unwilling place to go in the future.

Seeing the suburban scenery of Paris by bus, the genius baby Situ Chen suddenly said, “Mom, mother-in-law, shall we go home to visit Uncle William?”

“Well…” Cheng Wei did not immediately agree, just afraid that Wu Helian would be unhappy .

After all, Gu Xiaochen and William Lightning were married before. The couple had a couple and had been together for several years. Even if Gu Xiaochen had only Wu Helian in mind, I am afraid no man would be so relieved. And they are still newly married. If they go to visit William, it will not be a big gathering of the former current husband, and the situation will definitely be awkward.

“Chen, let’s visit Uncle William again someday.” Cheng Wei persuaded.

“Why? Why should I change the sky? I haven’t seen Uncle William in a long time.” Situ Chen refused, and said with wide eyes, “Then we raise our hands to vote! Raise our hands that we don’t want to go!”

Wu Helian looked at Situ Chen silently Language, but in my heart was secretly thinking: boy, actually playing with Yin.

Situ Hong also knew somebody about William. He was a friend whom Cheng Wei met when he was in England. He took care of Cheng Wei and Situ Chen. Of course, he also learned from Cheng Wei that William and Gu Xiaochen had a short marriage. It’s just someone else’s business, he didn’t have much interest, so even if he heard it.

Situ Hong looked at the genius son, but he also thought in his heart: Good boy, Yin Qing, the dragon of the Four Gods Empire.

As a result, no one raised their hands from the four adults, so they booked a flight ticket from the little guy and flew from France to Britain the next day.

Unfortunately, on the day of arrival, London was swept by a sudden strong cold air current.

Not only is it rainy, but it also cools down by five degrees.

Situ Chen said that William would be pleasantly surprised, so there was no notice in advance.

So when the knock on the door rang and the five of them suddenly appeared outside the private apartment, William was taken aback.

“Uncle William! A big surprise!” Situ Chen shouted with his hands behind his back.

William was really taken aback by them and hurriedly greeted them to sit in.

Situ Chen came back here, as if he had arrived at his home, and was not strange at all. He ran to the room where he and Cheng Wei lived before, and opened the drawer to find his favorite toy. Cheng Weila passed Situ Chen, and Gu Xiaochen went to take a bath towel and hairdryer, just afraid of catching a cold.

The three men sat in the living room, and Situ Hong watched with interest.

William was actually a little flustered, he did not expect Wu Helian to come.

Silently for a long time, Wu Helian finally made a move, but took out a cigarette.

William saw that he was going to smoke and blurted out, “Mr. Wu, Chen doesn’t like to smell smoke.”

This sentence made Wu Helian stop, and William hurriedly explained, “I’m talking about Situ Chen.”

It turned out to be a homonym.

Wu Helian gave him a glance and put the cigarette back in the cigarette case. But the atmosphere is not harmonious, but more urgent.

Finished, finished, the worse the explanation.

“Sit down, I’ll make coffee.” William said casually and got up to the kitchen. Pulling on the glass door, he took out his mobile phone and called the old man Feng who was far away in the United States. He briefly said the situation and asked for instructions. After listening to Ji Lingfeng, he said slowly, “Oh, they will go away after a few days, don’t be too nervous. Don’t show the stuffing, then you will be defeated. Oh hehe.”

Ji Lingfeng’s smile is really hairy, Just hang up the phone.

William stared at the phone silently, only hating how he took such a task.

“Uncle William.” Situ Chen’s voice came through the glass door, and William turned to open the door, and really saw the little guy, “I want to drink hot juice.”


“William, what are you cooking?” Cheng Weixiang They came.

“Make some coffee.”

“There is fruit juice.”

“Xiao Chen still makes the best coffee. She tastes the best. If it’s fruit juice, I’ll do it.” Cheng Wei shouted back to Gu Xiaochen, and the two women squeezed William Out of the kitchen.

William had to sit back in the living room, and could not leave them aside, anyway, he was also a guest.

“Uncle William, are we going to play electric games?” Situ Chen moved out of the box, which is his favorite big game machine.

“Okay!” William naturally met the child’s request, and asked again, “Then your father and this uncle…”

“Dad is stupid and can’t use electric power.” Situ Chen said frankly.

Situ Hong smiled slightly and couldn’t hold his face.

“Father-in-law, do you want to play electric?” Situ Chen asked Wu Helian again. Wu Helian shook her head, obviously not feeling this kind of childish game. Situ Chen sighed, flicked his hands, and seemed to be

ruined . He said with emotion, “Father-in-law is also stupid, and he won’t use electric motors.” Wu Helian also smiled slightly, and began to figure out how to make this little guy go back to Italy. .

There was food in the refrigerator, and the two women began to cook dinner.

All night, Situ Chen was playing electric with William, and he had to sleep with him when he went to bed. Obviously, his feelings were not good enough.

The apartment had four rooms in total, which was enough for a few of them, so William dared to ask them to stay.

Finally, they had their own space. Wu Helian lived around Gu Xiaochen and mumbled, “This is the room you used to live in?”


“That behind the door?”

“William lives.” Gu Xiaochen said softly , Don’t forget to add, “The door lock is locked.”

Wu Helian frowned and gritted her teeth, “I have five words to say.”


“Envy, jealousy, hate.”

I’m afraid it’s because of the rain, after a night , Gu Xiaochen seems to have a cold.

“A sneeze

!” “

A sneeze !” Gu Xiaochen sneezes, and Situ Chen also sneezes.

Cheng Weila passed her son and said seriously, “Chen, Aunt Xiaochen has a cold. What are you going to do now?”

“Drink a cold and drink more water. I’ll pour a glass of water for my mother-in-law.” Situ Chen was so smart that he turned and ran away To the water dispenser.

“Xiaochen, doesn’t it matter?” Cheng Wei asked with concern, taking a blanket over her.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” Gu Xiaochen said with a smile.

Wu Helian cuddled her on the soft sofa and squeezed the corner of the blanket intimately. Gu Xiaochen felt a little cold, but drilled into the arms of the people beside him. With her small movements, he clearly noticed that the big hand held her small hand and felt the cold temperature. He said unpleasantly, “Go to the hospital!”

“No, I don’t like going to the hospital.” Gu Xiaochen shook his head stubbornly.

The water dispenser was placed a little high, and Situ Chen could not reach on tiptoe.

Situ Hong walked behind him silently and hugged him.

Situ Chen was surprised, holding a glass to pour water. After pouring half a cup of hot water, Situ Hong put him back to the ground, Situ Chen looked up at him, looking forward, said, “Dad, one day I will grow as tall as you.”

Situ Hong looked at his son, sprout An inexplicable pride rejoices. He reached out and touched his soft hair, and said provocatively, “I’m waiting for that day.”

Situ Chen nodded and ran to Gu Xiaochen, “My mother-in-law

drinks water.” Gu Xiaochen smiled, Wu Helian reached out and took the cup and fed Gu Xiaochen to drink Take a sip.

Wu Helian looked at her pale face, and finally could not see it.

So the group drove to William’s hospital.

William personally took Gu Xiaochen to the outpatient clinic, while Wu Helian and others sat outside and waited. After a long time, I didn’t see Gu Xiaochen coming out. Wu Helian was anxious and thought she was suffering from a serious illness.

Situ Chen tugged at his sleeve. “Father-in-law, if the doctor can’t cure, then we will scare him with a toy gun!”

Wu Helian’s tense Junrong relaxed.


Cheng Wei cried out, and everyone looked up.

Gu Xiaochen was accompanied by William and walked out of the clinic. Her pale face had a little ruddy color, her eyes gleamed with unknown light, but her expression was half blank and half delighted, and it was hard to see whether it was good or bad.

“How?” Wu Helian stepped forward and hugged her.

Gu Xiaochen turned to look at him, said nothing, but just shook his head.

“Mother-in-law, I’m going to scare the doctor.” Situ Chen said that he was going to the clinic, but was stopped by William.

William wore a white coat and his stethoscope was still hanging on his chest. He was so serious that he didn’t say anything, so that everyone had a bad hunch. Suddenly, he raised his lips and said to the little guy, “Chen, your fiancee may be born.”

“Unmarried, married, wife?” Situ Chen murmured.

Cheng Wei reacted first, beaming his brows, “Xiao Chen, are you pregnant?”

Situ Hong stood aside, something outsider’s feeling. In fact, he was secretly jealous in his heart. He didn’t take part in the whole process from the birth of his son Situ Chen to the birth.

“Great! After that, you should pay more attention! Does a cold matter?”

“It’s just a small cold, don’t be nervous.”

Cheng Wei and William kept screaming, but Wu Helian, the protagonist, was unresponsive. When their instructions were over, they finally felt strange and at the same time looked suspiciously at Wu Helian. I saw him

condensing a handsome face , but spit out two words, but it was such a careful tone, ” Has ?” Gu Xiaochen must have replied, “Has.”



Wu Helian bored three times For a second, it was hard to hide and excitedly hugged her.

He remembers that they used to have a child. It is a pity that he died before he was born. The child was not only a hurt in his heart, but also her regret. He also remembered that day, the hospital aisle, he stood for several days in a row. He dared not go in, nor dared to talk to her. She finally came out and told him not to be sad, but also to obey him.

“I will listen to you in the future.” Wu Helian whispered in her ear, Gu Xiaochen nodded against his shoulder.

The illness of the cold lasted only two days, and with the careful care of everyone, Gu Xiaochen had recovered.

Now that there is a baby, the honeymoon is over.

They are finally going back to Hong Kong and they have to tell everyone this good news.

Cheng Wei made up his mind to go to Hong Kong and be a neighbor with Gu Xiaochen.

Situ Hong originally wanted to persuade his son to return to Italy with him, so that he could also take the big one away. I didn’t expect the little guy to be very principled and declared that he had promised his mother before, so he decided to go to Hong Kong.

After packing up, we must leave for the airport.

Situ Chen pestered William and asked, “Uncle William, is it really a daughter? Will it be a son?”

“This…” William smiled, “confidential.”

“Chen, do you want your gaming machine?”

“I want it, mother.”

Situ Chen ran towards Cheng Wei, Gu Xiaochen turned to look at William, and said softly, “William, there is something I would like to ask you to help.”


Wu Helian, who was sending her luggage to the trunk, Looking sideways to see what the two are whispering. He did not step forward immediately, and he waited for Gu Xiaochen to wait until they finished speaking.

After saying hello, William watched them go away.

The RV drove around the corner and finally disappeared.

William clasped his hands on his chest and sighed helplessly, “Hey~ I don’t know if Master Lian knows the truth and will kill me!” In the

car, Situ Chen asked, “Father-in-law, what is the name of my fiancee.”

Wu Helian raised her eyebrows and said quietly, “You want to marry my daughter, you are still a little bit younger .”


Gu Xiaochen was pregnant and returned to Hong Kong, which made everyone overjoyed.

Wu Jizong was naturally unable to hide his excitement and hurriedly took Gu Xiaochen to sit down and rest. In fact, it is no wonder that the grandfather originally had grandchildren, but then an accident caused him to give away two generations at a time, which can be said to be sad and sad. Although the pain in my heart slowly fades with the passage of time, there is always regret. Now that he heard that his daughter-in-law was pregnant, he completely withdrew from that pain and finally had a new yearning.

Wu Jizong suddenly thought of something, turned his head with a straight face, and looked at Wu Helian for displeasure, “Wu Er, what are you doing? Your wife has been pregnant for more than a month, how come she is brought back now? If something happens outside, What should I do?”

Wu Helian was silent, and rarely asked him to be reprimanded as obediently.

Gu Xiaochen looked at him obediently and was only a little funny. He said, “Daddy, I’m fine. Actually, I blame me, but I didn’t find it. Don’t blame Ahe.” The

daughter-in-law pleaded for him, Wu Jizong snorted , No more to say.

“Lian, pregnant women need special care, and you should pay attention to this diet. You, a big man, will not take care of it, so move back to live.” Ji Yuehua was really relieved and persuaded softly.

Wu Helian said quickly, “No, I will take care of her.”

“How do you take care? You have no experience at all!” Wu Jizong choked.

Wu Helian spit out a rebuttal, “Experience can accumulate slowly.”

“Do you think this is a business? Slowly accumulate!” Wu Jizong was anxious.

“I will take care of her!” Wu Helian repeated dumbly, but the tone was firm. In fact, he is not unwilling to live with his family, but just paints in his mind the life picture that may appear in the future. This long ten months may be driving him crazy. Because they must be around her for twenty-four hours, then he was just thrown aside.

Wu Miaokehu, who had not spoken for a long time, questioned, “Brother, will you cook?”

“No.” He frowned.

“What about laundry?”


“Mopping the floor?”

“No. ” ” Cleaning

up the room?”


“You don’t know anything, how do you take care of your sister-in-law?” Wu Miaoke pointed out the key to the problem .

Wu Helian never thought that she would be asked by this sister for an unanswerable day, and suddenly stared, Youyou said, “You can ask a maid!”

“Please maid? The maid will not always take care of your sister-in-law! And, brother, you Would you like to go back to work in the company? So I think it’s better for my sister-in-law to move home!” Wu Miaoke is completely considering from an objective point of view. She thinks this is better for Gu Xiaochen. She didn’t intentionally want to embarrass him.

Wu Helian said, “The company can continue to hand over to Haoyang.”

“But the third brother is going to France with Sister Yongxin.” Wu Miaoke reminded with wide eyes.

Wu Helian stared at her fiercely, “Why didn’t you follow Kurt to France?”

“What!” Wu Miaoke shook his face for a while, his face flushed slightly.

The Kurt family flew back to France on the fourth day after the charity sale ended, and the parents of both parties also discussed the marriage. She and Kurt can now be said to be unmarried couples, only one ceremony away. However, Wu Miaoke didn’t want a grand wedding. At first, she felt too cumbersome. Second, she didn’t like that compelling. Simpler, calmer, this is what she wants. Kurt has always been Wu Miaoke, and she said that he has no objections.

Wu Jizong was not willing to compromise, his daughter must get a decent scenery when marrying. But Wu Miaoke so softly whispered that Wu Jizong thought of all the previous ones just with emotion. In fact, parents, who do not want their children happy, he sighed and had to follow them.

“Miao Ke’s flight with Xiao Lan this weekend went to France, and the luggage was already packed.” Ji Yuehua said with a smile.

Wu Helian nodded. “It turns out that the heart is like an arrow.”

“Who… who is like an arrow.” Wu Miaoke said with a whisper , shrinking from the sofa and no longer speaking.

Before I said to Lin Lan that I would go back to France together, so she stayed in Hong Kong and waited for her. Relatives of the Lin family spent a few days in Hong Kong before charting a flight back to Finland. Lin Yaozhong’s middle age is high, so everyone went back first, but Lin Zhengfeng and Su Hong stayed. Lin Lan is going to France to develop, Su Hong does not agree. I’m afraid it’s not disagreement, but I’m too worried, I’m afraid she is alone, and I’m afraid she will lose herself. Su Hong refused to leave, and Lin Zhengfeng had to stay to appease. During these days, Lin Lan accompanied Su Hong every day and told her a lot. Su Hong’s knot slowly opened, and finally nodded in agreement a few days ago, and then returned to Finland with Lin Zhengfeng.

Lin Lan wanted to meet Gu Xiaochen again before going to France, so he stayed in Hong Kong temporarily.

Who knew they came back on their honeymoon, and it brought unexpected news that was unexpected.

Suddenly a bark of “weeping” came from outside, which made people look back in surprise.

This bark comes from Duoduo.

Wu Miaoke hurriedly got up and walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows to look around. I saw a little figure running after the big white dog on the lawn outside. It was a little boy, very handsome. He took a toy gun in his hand and shot at Duoduo, and he seemed to have missed it deliberately, only hitting Duoduo’s feet and feet, obviously to scare it.

Duoduo frightened to flee all the way, barking again and again, so chasing on the lawn.

Such a scene looks ridiculous, but many situations are indeed pitiful.

“How could there be a child? Whose child is this?” Wu Miaoke shouted in surprise, shoved the floor-to-ceiling window, and yelled at the little boy, “Hey! Little boy! Don’t fight too much, take care of animals!”

Little boy Sure enough, he stopped and turned to look at the villa.

He has black hair and a golden light shining in the sun, but the innocent look and the successful smile are so abrupt, it looks like a devil angel.

The little boy took the gun behind him, raised his chest with his other hand, and made a very gentleman’s posture, “Yes, Madam!

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