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My girl (36) Goodbye Mulan

Wu Miaoke was shocked by the behavior of the little guy, and then laughed, “God! How can there be such a cute child!”

Everyone gathered around the floor-to-ceiling window, and really saw it That dark-haired boy. The sunlight was too dazzling, he narrowed his eyes slightly, the corners of his mouth flew upwards, and smiled so brilliantly. The child’s laugh is always naive and child-friendly, making people feel carefree, and so is his laugh.

I am afraid that only those who know his details know that this child is definitely not as pure and harmless as it looks.

“Who is he?” Ji Yuehua was also surprised.

Wu Jizong looked at the little boy, and vaguely recalled Wu Siyuan, his son Wu Xiangcheng.

Wu Siyuan was so cute and beautiful when she was young, and she was very cute and clever.

If it weren’t for the sudden traffic accident, Xiao Siyuan was also more than ten years old.

Wu Jizong looked at it and couldn’t help feeling melancholy.

Wu Helian helped Gu Xiaochen to stand behind the crowd. Gu Xiaochen shouted at the boy on the lawn, “Chen! Mom?”

“Mother-in-law, Mom has not yet woken up.” Situ Chen replied with a clear voice.

“Then you come with the housekeeper uncle!” Gu Xiaochen nodded and shouted again.

Situ Hong came out for a long time and had to return to Italy to deal with some things, so he did not follow Hong Kong. Cheng Wei took his son to the plane and returned to Hong Kong with them. During the flight, Situ Chen kept talking to Cheng Wei, making Cheng Wei unable to rest. So Cheng Wei got into the car and Cheng Wei couldn’t help falling asleep.

After arriving at the Wu family, Gu Xiaochen saw Cheng Wei sleeping so sweetly, and could not bear to wake her up, so she continued to sleep in the car. Situ Chen said he would accompany Cheng Wei in the car, so he did not follow them into the villa. They did not expect that this was just a moment of effort, and the little guy took a lot of chasing with the high-level simulation toy gun that Situ Hong gave him.

Sure enough, Situ Chen is a child who will not rest.

“Okay!” Situ Chen responded well.

The butler immediately ran to the little boy and took his hand around the lawn to the main entrance of the villa.

Situ Chen took a toy gun, and when he turned around, he did not forget to shoot at Duo Duo again.

It was “bang-bang-” again, and then the whimpering barking of the dog sounded again.

After Situ Chen was brought to the crowd by the housekeeper, Gu Xiaochen embraced him intimately and said softly, “Chen, come from me to introduce.”

Situ Chen was already accustomed to this kind of occasion, he didn’t admit his life at all, he spoke unhurriedly , ” Hello everyone, my name is Situ Chen and I am almost three years old. My father is Situ Hong and my mother is Cheng Wei. I am the sixth generation of the Carden family. My home is in Italy. I welcome grandparents and sisters to me Play at home.”

Carden family?

“Is your home a big vineyard?” Wu Miaoke frowned suspiciously.

“Yes, sister.” Situ Chen answered with a smile.

“Ah! It’s really Carden! I will definitely go to your house to play!” Wu Miaoke shouted excitedly. After that scene painting, she had a deep memory of the manor. It is a pity that the manor is not accessible to anyone, and it is very mysterious. I didn’t expect to know the little master of the manor now, which is really great.

Wu Jizong knew about the Carden family, but it was a prestigious consortium in Italy.

“Grandpa, Uncle William said that the nicotine in a cigarette can poison a mouse, and the nicotine in twenty cigarettes can poison a cow. Smoking is not good.” Situ Chen saw Wu Jizong holding a pipe and nagging childishly .

Wu Jizong was stunned for a moment, but did not expect the little guy to educate him. This made him think of Wu Siyuan, he said in a deep voice, “Well, Grandpa will try not to smoke in the future.”

“Grandpa is great!” Situ Chen gave him a thumbs up.

Ji Yuehua just thought the little guy was cute and fell in love with it at once, “Chen, stay at grandma’s house for dinner today!”

“Then ask my mother if she will, but I am very willing.” Situ Chen really is a good baby.

Wu Miaoke beckoned to Situ Chen, “Sister takes you to play, okay?”

Situ Chen walked in front of her, “Sister, I like that dog.”

“That sister takes you to find more to play!” Wu Miao Ke turned directly and stood on the side of Situ Chen.

“Father-in-law, mother-in-law, can I go play?” Situ Chen didn’t leave immediately, but turned around and asked politely.

Everyone was surprised again, how could this little guy call them like this?

“His mother said that after I have a daughter, I will let her marry Chen. So Chen called us like this.” Gu Xiaochen explained briefly, and should say, “Go.”

Situ Chen held Wu Miaoke ‘s hand, cheerful Leave.

Wu Helian said nothing in silence, but knew that this kid was playing with Yin again.

When Situ Chen went away, he said that half of the interrupted things were moved out again, about where Gu Xiaochen lived in Antai. Wu Jizong and Ji Yuehua still meant the same thing, let them move back to live, Wu Helian is not willing, claiming that she can take care of her. When there was no dispute, Cheng Wei finally woke up and walked into the side hall.

Cheng Wei woke up and found that they were gone. After getting out of the car, the housekeeper took him into the villa.

“Aunt and uncle, how are you.” Cheng Wei shouted with a smile and greeted the two old Wu family.

Cheng Wei asked her baby son, Gu Xiaochen told her that Wu Miaoke took him to play.

“Lian, let’s move back to live.” Ji Yuehua persuaded.

“Aunt Hua, I can take care of Chenchen.”

“When you have accumulated enough experience, the children are born.” Wu Jizong said ironically.

“Everything is the first time.

Wu Helian is still that attitude.

“Xiaochen, it’s up to you to decide. You say where you live!” Ji Yuehua turned to Gu Xiaochen.

Gu Xiaochen glanced at Wu Helian and saw that his sword eyebrows were tightly locked, and he was talking to her with his eyes. Gu Xiaochen thought for a while and said, “Dad, Aunt Hua, you don’t have to worry, I think Ahe will take care of me.”

“Aunt Uncle, I already plan to settle in Hong Kong, and I will be a neighbor with Xiao Chen in the future, so don’t worry. , I will take care of her too!” Cheng Wei echoed.

Although the two old men were not at ease, they had to agree.

Situ Hong’s movements were also quick, and he immediately ordered someone to settle everything for Cheng Wei’s mother and son.

Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen lived in the villa presented by Lin Zhengfeng, and Situ Hong bought the villa that had been sold next door at a high price and let Cheng Wei’s mother and son live. This time, they really became neighbors. And Situ Chen, with a naive and lovely face, and a small mouth that would coax people, enveloped all people’s hearts.

At the dinner table, several women all talked around the little guy, and even the two elders of the Wu family loved him more.

How come this little guy has such a big charm that so many people like?

Wu Haoyang raised an eyebrow and said, “Chen, look at the aunt beside me.”

Situ Chen really looked at Yao Yongxin. Wu Haoyang asked, “What do you call her?”

“Sister.” Situ Chen yelled.

“She is already so old, why do you still call her sister?” Wu Haoyang made him laugh.

Who made him so smart, shouting “sister” to everyone.

As soon as these words came out, Yao Yong smiled quietly. In the dark, he lifted his feet and stepped on his feet, and thin high roots crushed his feet.

Wu Haoyang frowned, and the big hand under the table held Yao Yongxin’s small hand.

But everyone stopped speaking and wanted to hear what the little guy would answer.

Situ Chen stared at Yao Yongxin without blinking, and said seriously, “Sister is not old at all, at least in my heart! Does the uncle think the sister is old? Does the uncle want to find a younger sister?”

” I…” Wu Haoyang didn’t answer.

Yao Yongxin got up and poured a glass of juice for Situ Chen, and said with a smile, “Chen, uncle is too old for my sister, what should I do?”

“Sister, it doesn’t matter, my family has many uncles and brothers. The sister is so beautiful, they must like you.” Situ Chen held the glass and took a sip of the juice. “Thank you sister.”

Yao Yong was happy, and Wu Haoyang suddenly felt bored.

He was overcast by a kid!

“But my sister doesn’t like those uncles and brothers, and my sister likes Chen, what should I do?” Yao Yongxin asked again.

Situ Chen opened his eyes and said in embarrassment, “Sister, I can’t marry you.”


“Because I have a fiancée, I am very specific.”

“Then if your mother-in-law has a son, then What should I do?”

“It doesn’t matter, I can wait.” Situ Chen grinned and smiled brilliantly.

Everyone laughed, Wu Helian’s face fell, is it true that this kid really wants to become his son-in-law?

The daughter hasn’t been born yet, it’s someone else’s!

This makes Wu Helian a little unhappy.

On the weekend, I arrived in a blink of an eye, and Wu Miaoke and Lin Lan will fly to France at 1pm.

Immediately, a reminder sounded in the waiting hall urging boarding.

“Sister Miao Ke, Sister Lin Lan, I will miss you after you leave.” Situ Chen sat among the two beauties and said reluctantly.

Wu Miaoke squeezed his small face, “Chen, remember to call your sister.”


“Chen, do you know how to take good care of your mother and mother-in-law?” Lin Lan urged with a smile.

“I will.”

Situ Chen reached out his hand and made a move at the two of them, like a lucky cat.

Wu Miaoke and Lin Lan leaned over and bent down.

Situ Chen raised his toes and dropped a kiss on each of their faces, “All the way to safety.”


“Bao~” The

two women were so excited by the little guy that they kissed him back.

Wu Helian stood aside and watched the scene, making sure that the kid was not only a shady boy, but also a little pervert.

When the time came, Wu Miaoke and Lin Lan entered the security check and boarded the plane.

On the plane, the passengers are putting their luggage.

Wu Miaoke and Lin Lan sat together. Lin Lan’s position was near the window, while Wu Miaoke’s position was near the aisle.

Wu Miaoke took out the magazine she had just bought at the airport and opened it for reading.

On the music chart of the magazine, the first place in the pop music list turned out to be the song called “Mulan Star”.

The related records are as follows: The piano prince Lu Shiyan interpreted popular music for the first time, and the children’s natural voices touched millions of fans. Some people said that this song was written by Lu Shiyan to commemorate a relationship, so the song MV will finally have the words “my Mulan star, my girl, goodbye”. This week’s fifth week on the list, the first song “Magnolia Star”.

Wu Miaoke stared at these lines, and there was no response.

Lin Lan probed and looked softly, “Lu Shiyan’s single “Magnolia Star”, I also listen to this song. My Mulan Star, my girl, goodbye. Well, I didn’t expect the piano prince to have such a romantic time.”

There was faintly heard the sound of the piano that had been heard, Wu Miaoke thought of the man named Lu Shiyan.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether they know it or not.

Her future her life is only in France, beside Cote.

Wu Miaoke finally reached through the page of the magazine, as if he had turned the past.

“Sister Lin Lan?”


“Do you really dislike the third brother?”

“Don’t like it.” Lin Lan answered without thinking, adding, “You know, what kind of like do I mean.”

Wu Miao Ke nodded and tentatively asked, “Do you have someone you like?”

Lin Lan froze as a whole, whose face slowly appeared before her eyes. The handsome, cold, man who suddenly appeared in front of her and handed a handkerchief, the man who didn’t know where he went.

“Nana! There must be! Who is it? Do I know?” Wu Miaoke actively asked.

Lin Lan said with a panic, “How can I have someone I like!” The

plane finally took off and rushed to a height of nine kilometers.

Outside the window is a sea of clouds.

The two listened to the song, and the woman in the headset sang hoarsely.

“If Yun knows that he

can’t escape the entangled prison, he will wake up for

a second every time he has a heartache, and he

will wake up for a second, and you will only know if you are begging,

Gu Xiaochen’s life hasn’t been better since she became pregnant.

A few days after Lin Lan and Wu Miaoke flew to France, Wu Haoyang quickly handed over the work in his hand and directly threw the company to Wu Helian. He took Yao Yongxin away that day. Obviously this has been premeditated for a long time, so there is no stop for a moment. On that day, Wu Helian was really angry, and almost chased to France.

the reason?

Oh, because a man saw a video disc from France.

The CD-ROM was sent to Gu Xiaochen, but it happened that it was played by Situ Chen to the majestic place, and still in front of Wu Helian.

The video on the disc was taken by Lin Lan and Wu Miaoke. They photographed the high-rise buildings in Paris and the news reports. Without exception, there was a certain figure of a woman. Advertisements in the building were posted, and TV news not only promoted everything about Catalya, but also models who were spokespersons. It was an oriental woman, she wore a white rose wedding dress and showed the most beautiful and happy smile.

This woman is no one else, just…

“Oh? Xiaochen, you are a star!”

“Mother-in-law is so beautiful!”

Cheng Wei and her son watched the video and praised her. Wu Helian didn’t say a word at the time, and her face was so stinky.

“Ahe, I want to eat an apple.”

“Ahe, my baby wants to eat an apple.”


Wu Helian suddenly turned her head and asked in a cold voice, “When did you shoot it!” The

key is that he actually did not know anything at all. do not know?

Gu Xiaochen stretched out his hand to get the apple, but Wu Helian snatched it away. She knew he was angry and promised, “I won’t shoot again!”

Wu Helian took a fruit knife to cut the peel and snorted with a sneer.

A good apple, after he peeled it, only one-third.

Situ Chen stood in front of him and said, “Father-in-law, apple peels are very nutritious, don’t you know? And, you’re wasting! Hurry up and wash the apples now, otherwise I tell grandpa and grandma that you don’t even have apples Can wash, will not take care of mother-in-law

at all!

As a result, Wu Helian had to wash the apples.

I originally thought that the young couple live alone, there will be a lot of space for sweet love. But the result was not satisfactory, but it was still very bad. The two family members of the Wu family moved from time to time and lived together, and Lin Zhengfeng, who loved her daughter sincerely, also flew to Hong Kong to accompany her. This stay was ten days and a half months, and Gu Xiaochen took turns taking over. Wu Helian made no mistake with them, and it was hard to say much, so she had to let them go.

In addition to the two elders, there is also the little devil Situ Chen.

“Situ Chen!”


“Don’t chase Duoduo again! Do you know!”

Got it! Father-in-law!” Because Gu Xiaochen was pregnant, Duoduo was raised at Cheng Wei’s house. Don’t let go. Wu Helian originally kept Duoduo in the Wu family, but Ji Yuehua sent Duoduo again, saying that Situ Chen liked it. So much painful life was not released until Situ Chen was sent to the kindergarten.

Situ Chen returned from school, the first thing was not to see Cheng Wei, but to Gu Xiaochen. Then he gently touched Gu Xiaochen’s belly and said, “You need to grow longer.”

“Mrs. Wu, have your letter.” The security guard in the villa area sent letterhead and stood outside the garden Shouted.

Situ Chen hurried to pick up the letter and ran back to Xiao Chen’s side. “I know, it was the postcard sent by Aunt Yu Mei.”

Gu Xiaochen opened the letter. This postcard sent from Switzerland was a short word. , Greetings safe. After they went on their honeymoon, Yu Mei also went on a trip. She handed over the bar to a trusted buddy and left with Dali. Counting days, she also walked a long time. Gu Xiaochen didn’t know how she came together with Dali, she even thought that Yu Mei’s favorite person was Yan Xudong. But now, it may not be.

Gu Xiaochen will also wonder if a person will fall in love with another person over time.

The answer is clear in my heart.

As the baby grows up every day, Gu Xiaochen’s soft personality has also changed slightly, and he will be clamoring to eat in the middle of the night. At this time, Wu Helian will get up and cook for her. In fact, Wu Helian was originally a kitchen idiot and knew nothing about cooking. But over time, he also learned a little, a bowl of poached egg noodle soup is still no problem.

Of course, the chicken soup is not his praise.

From March to November, this is a long process.

During this period, Wu Miaoke and Kurt got married. Their wedding was held in a small church in France, and did not invite many guests, but it was very warm. As for Wu Haoyang and Yao Yongxin, Yao Yongxin was busy with his career and became a strong woman. Wuhao Yang had to call for help to the Guxiao Chen, Yao Yong heart says, “I do not want to get married, you see a company so busy now, it is not empty. So when to have children, then knot too late.”

They lived so In a small day, the parents of the two families were not in a hurry. I am afraid that only Wu Haoyang was the one in a hurry.

Wu Helian sarcastically said, “This is deserved!”

Gu Xiaochen shook his head, this man is really a revenge!

November 11th, this is a big day.

In the delivery room of Hong Kong Central Hospital, Gu Xiaochen was giving birth in pain.

For twelve hours, from day to night, everyone waited anxiously outside the delivery room, fidgeting.

Situ Chen turned his head to look at Wu Helian and said softly, “Father-in-law, don’t worry.”

Wu Helian spit out a few words, “I’m not worried!”

“Father-in-law, don’t be nervous.”

“I’m not nervous!”

“Father-in-law, then you Drink water?”

“Don’t drink!”


“Shut up!”

Suddenly, I heard a loud cry in the delivery room, “Wow—”

“Congratulations! It’s a boy!” The nurse pushed out the door and reported everyone the good news.

Everyone cheered.

“It’s not my fiancee.” Situ Chen frowned and looked at Wu Helian next to him, but when he saw him motionless, he pushed him, and he fell straight down, making a “dong -” sound.

“Ah! Father-in-law fainted!”

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