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My girl (38) (End) How much do you know about flowers

Gu Xiaochen’s second childbirth was in October when the sweet-scented osmanthus fragrant.

It was a golden autumn, and it was too brilliant.

In fact, the expected date of delivery is in November, but at this moment it is suddenly advanced, and some have no signs.

At the same time, Yao Yongxin was also giving birth in another delivery room. It was also a coincidence that Yao Yongxin and Gu Xiaochen were shopping together, but when walking around, Gu Xiaochen’s stomach hurts, and it seemed that he was about to die. As soon as he arrived at the hospital, soon after Gu Xiaochen was pushed into the delivery room, Yao Yongxin also felt his stomach hurt, and then was pushed into the delivery room.

The family immediately notified the family.

This time, Wu Helian and Wu Haoyang were in a hurry.

Wu Helian was meeting in the company at the time, while Wu Haoyang remotely handled the company’s affairs at home. As soon as the two received the phone call, they dropped their jobs and drove to the hospital immediately, which shocked everyone.

This is not a jump.

In the aisle outside the delivery room of the hospital, everyone waited anxiously again.

Wu Haoyang pulled his shirt collar and smiled unruly, but his stiff facial lines showed his nervousness, but he laughed at the moment, “

Second brother, will you pass out again?” Gu Xiaochen, Wu Xiuyu At that time, Wu Helian’s fainting thing always made them laugh. This is the Wu family now, it will make people very happy when it is mentioned.

Wu Helian glanced coldly at him without saying a word. Obviously, he was not willing to ignore him.

Suddenly a beautiful face flashed in front of him, so sculpted in jade, Situ Chen stared at him.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes… I

have been staring at it for a long time.

Finally, Wu Helian said, “What are you looking at me for?”

“When is my father-in-law, my fiancee born?” Situ Chen asked seriously.

“I don’t know.” An old father-in-law replied coldly.

This delivery was more dangerous than the first, and it was switched to a cesarean section midway, which made everyone worried.

Wu Haoyang was also terrified, worried about the safety of Yao Yongxin and the children.

But when the second son was safely and smoothly carried out of the delivery room by the nurse, the people were relieved again and gathered around.

“Congratulations, I gave birth to a son!”

Wu Helian did not faint again this time, sitting on the bench to keep calm, after all, he is also an experienced person. If I faint again, I am afraid that I will be laughed for several lifetimes. Situ Chen deflated and did not speak, it seemed a bit discouraged, and even looked at Wu Helian with resentment, his eyes were really grievous. Wu Helian will not be deceived by his seemingly innocent expression, but she is just a joke in her heart.

Fortunately, a son was born!

So you don’t have to marry this kid who will play with yin! And it’s still a little satyr!

But who knows, in the next second, another nurse took another child out of the delivery room, “Congratulations, I gave birth to the dragon and phoenix, and a daughter.”

“Great! Oh yeah! My fiancee!” Situ Chen Upon hearing it, he clapped and rushed towards the nurse, tipping his toes to look at the baby.

The baby was originally held by the nurse and did not cry. She was quiet and well-behaved. But I don’t know what happened. As soon as Situ Chen was approaching, she burst into tears and seemed to be very scared.

“Stop crying, stop crying!” Situ Chen began to coax her.

The baby didn’t listen to him, crying endlessly, as if pumping over.

Cheng Wei hurriedly pulled his son aside, again miraculously, the baby gradually stopped crying. Cheng Wei looked down at his son and said, “Chen, it seems that she doesn’t like you very much.”

Situ Chenmu stood beside Cheng Wei and snorted dismissively, “It’s okay, I want to marry me if I don’t like it!” “

Gu Xiaochen was born here, but Yao Yongxin was still giving birth in pain.

Because it is the first child, it will be more difficult.

Wu Haoyang smiled calmly at first, and did not worry at all. After waiting for ten hours, he gritted his teeth and said, “Why haven’t you been born yet? Or change the caesarean section? Don’t give birth?”

“The nurse said, Yongxin’s consciousness still Very sober, no problem. Be patient.” Ji Yuehua calmed down softly.

So Wu Haoyang had to wait.

After another three hours, nearly four o’clock in the morning, Yao Yongxin finally gave birth and gave birth to a boy.

“Haha! It was finally born! I have a son! I have a son! I have…” Wu Haoyang cheered with excitement, shouting “I have a son” twice, he fell down on the chair at once, unbearable Fainted with a load.

“Ah! Uncle Haoyang passed out!” Situ Chen shouted loudly.

Here is another mess.

Gu Xiaochen’s twin girls, Wu Helian named them: Gu Qixuan, Gu Yingxue.

Gu Xiaochen was grateful, and this undoubtedly gave Gu Qing the best gift.

The names of Yao Yongxin and Wu Haoyang’s sons were taken by Wu Jizong himself, and fellow Wu Xiuyu was his peer, so he was named Wu Tianyi.

Wu Helian went to the hospital for ligation, and Wu Haoyang also went.

It is said that one is because it feels that the population should be controlled, and the other is not wanting to suffer another terrible experience.

day after day, year after year.

Time is like an hourglass, the tighter it is, the faster it will pass.

Tickets for the recent concerts in Hong Kong are selling very hot. After five years, the piano prince Lu Shiyan returned to his hometown to play.

All tickets for the five night show have been sold out.

Lu Shiyan sent tickets to Gu Xiaochen, with enough tickets and good location, invited them to watch his performance. Gu Xiaochen went, she went with Yao Yongxin. As for the men, they rarely get together and play poker happily. The children were also reluctant to come out. Situ Chen became the child king and followed him one by one. He said no, and all the children would not go.

Situ Chen is seven years old, Wu Xiuyu is four years old, and the three siblings Gu Qixuan, Gu Yingxue and Wu Tianyi are almost three years old.

Wu Miaoke was also going to go, but the child was too sticky, so she wouldn’t let her go, she had to be accompanied.

Wu Miaoke had no choice but to shake her head and simply took care of a group of children at home.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t force it.

This is the piano performance on the last night.

Lu Shiyan on the gorgeous stage is wearing a white dress, the spotlight is very dazzling, he looks so far away, so untouchable. He sat on the piano chair and played the music quietly, one after another. They listened quietly, surrounded by strangers, and the two-hour performance came to the end unconsciously.

Lu Shiyan said to the microphone, “Tonight is the last performance of this concert, this is also the last song, thank you for coming, really thank you. This last song, I want to give it to a girl, I thought She will come, but it’s a pity that she still hasn’t come. I heard that she was very happy, married and have children, and I am very happy. I gave her this song, hoping she has always been so happy.”

His deep male voice sounded, There was a lot of screaming around, one after another.

Lu Shiyan’s last song is still the “Dream Wedding”.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly remembered that year, she was forcibly pulled by Wu Helian to the airport. At that time, Lu Shiyan also said such a girl on the big screen.

Now think about it, she should be Yilin Lu’s half-sister.

At the end of the concert, Lu Shiyan was surrounded by reporters for interviews. Gu Xiaochen didn’t talk to him much, so he hurried home with Yao Yongxin. It is said that several children had already turned upside down. Wu Tianyi’s character is a copy of his father Wu Haoyang’s arrogance to the extreme, but Wu Xiuyu is also troublesome, it is not like Wu Helian. A few children didn’t know what was causing the trouble, in short, it was uncontrollable.

After the interview, Lu Shiyan called her mother, “Mom, the girl you said last time, have an appointment tomorrow to have coffee…”

Life seems to be calmer, and occasionally, Gu Xiaochen will have trouble with Wu Helian.

At this time, the lovely Xiao Yingxue would run over and say, “Mom, don’t ignore Dad, Dad is very pitiful.”

And Situ Chen ran to Wu Helian, “Father-in-law, the day before yesterday I saw a pet shop Uncle Shuai, she also helped her mother-in-law to move the boxes.”

Gu Xiaochen was out of anger, and he planned not to be reconciled in the cold war. Situ Chen was so distracted that Wu Helian rushed to Gu Xiaochen’s pet shop and asked what was happening. Gu Xiaochen was supple to everyone, but only to Wu Helian. After three explanations, Wu Helian was still furious and ordered her to close the shop. Gu Xiaochen ignored him and had to continue the cold war. Of course, the unlucky people are often Wu Helian.



“There will be uncles in the mother-in-law’s shop in the future. Do you want to tell me the first time? Do you know?”

Situ Chen could not be so obedient and immediately exchanged conditions. “If Yingxue likes a new one Toys, you need to tell me the first time.”


Gu Yingxue looks like her name, is a little snow white princess. She smiled at everyone and was notoriously good-tempered. But only when facing Situ Chen, either crying or muttering a small mouth. As if Situ Chen did something sinful and evil, she always avoided him, and she could not see if she could.

Gu Xiaochen asked the baby daughter why, Gu Yingxue said wrongly, “Chen is terrible.”

“Why terrible?”

“Brothers and Tianyi both said, I am his fiancee and will be eaten by him in the future. I don’t want to be eaten.” Gu Yingxue hugged her at once, still frightened.

Gu Xiaochen frowned, thinking that those men must have taught them.

Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen were the longest in a cold war and did not speak for ten days. Because of what, Gu Xiaochen did not know. But that day, Wu Helian said she was going to meet someone. Gu Xiaochen asked who, Wu Helian said the word “Feng Lao”. After returning, Wu Helian had a cool face, Gu Xiaochen was inexplicable.

I’m afraid Wu Helian will never forget Feng Lao’s smug smile, so she said with grandeur, “Aren’t I taking care of you? Such a good girl, how dangerous it is to live in the UK alone! Oh hehe!”

This is definitely Wu Helian’s life The most depressing thing!

That damn William, he turned out to be a man of four gods!

What’s more damn, a woman really keeps secrets for that damn promise!

Wu Helian felt like she was going crazy!

December is a good month because there is an important day.

Yan Xudong was free to go abroad immediately.

In the first three days of that day, Gu Xiaochen was very sad.

Yu Mei was taken to the hospital’s critically ill room. She was weak and ill, and the disease entangled her and would soon take her away. A few days ago, Yu Mei said that she went to Fujian with Dali. Gu Xiaochen thought she was still in Fujian. Yu Mei promised her that when she waited that day, she would take Yan Yan to see Yan Xudong. Gu Xiaochen has always guessed that that day must be his time to be free.

But Gu Xiaochen did not expect that Yu Mei was seriously ill.

This was completely bad news that made Gu Xiaochen unbearable.

They are not only sisters, but also loved ones, along the way, supporting each other and relying on each other.

“Actually, Mei’s body has not been very good. That year she had a dystocia when she was born, and she was born healthy, but she was very weak and lying in the hospital for a few months. Mei would not let me tell you that she was afraid You are worried. Her body is also incurable and she can only rely on daily care. She has been taking care of herself very carefully for the past few years, but recently she doesn’t know what’s going on. The body has suddenly gone like this, and there is no way for the doctor. You go Look at her.” Gu Xiaochen was surprised by Dali’s words.

In the critically ill ward, Gu Xiaochen finally saw Yu Mei.

The woman in her old age became so haggard. She lay on the hospital bed and smiled hard at her. She can still remember that when she suddenly appeared, standing in a voluptuous pose outside her apartment, she took off her high heels, stepped barefoot on the ground, gently tilted her head, and hugged her noisy and noisy. .

Gu Xiaochen walked to the edge of the bed and sat down, holding her hand tremblingly.

The tears fell like this before she started speaking.

Yu Mei didn’t cry, but when she saw her crying, the tears didn’t stop, and she fell. She didn’t have the strength to wipe her tears, but she couldn’t laugh even if she wanted to laugh. She could only hold her hand gently, and Gu Xiaochen burst into tears in one sentence. “Don’t do this, this is life.”

“Mei Mei, isn’t it okay? We’re going to watch the child grow up together! You said you’ll be with her all the time, you’ll be guarding her and watching her grow into a beautiful and smart girl! You haven’t seen her yet Fall in love, get married, have children! You said that when we get old, we still have to take their children and basking in the park together. How can you, how can you…” Gu Xiaochen said incoherently, and finally wept.

Yu Mei actually wanted such a day, but for her, it was too far away.

“Xiaochen, I thought I would only ask you one thing, and I might still ask you one thing now.” Yu Mei’s tears kept flowing, and she laughed hard, “I am most at ease with Yan Yan. Would you treat her as your own daughter? I think I might not be able to accompany her anymore, nor can I buy her a lot of clothes, let alone take care of her and care about her! She is very good, very smart, but she doesn’t like to talk much , She is a little afraid of birth!”

“I promise! I promise! She is my daughter!”

Gu Xiaochen’s tears fell on the back of her hand, Yu Mei was faint and coughed.

In Yu Mei’s mind, she suddenly remembered the TV series they had watched together.

The few lines at the beginning of the TV series, Yu Mei wanted to come now, but only felt infinite emotion.

“I love you,

but I dare not say it.

I’m afraid I said it, and

I will die immediately.

I’m not afraid of death,

but I’m afraid that after I die, no one will love you like me.”

Actually, Yu Mei also went to Canada once, when Yan Yan was two years old. She didn’t know why she wanted to go to Canada, but she so desperately wanted to go. She found Yan Xudong and just looked at him from afar. She saw him walking with a beautiful girl, they talked and laughed, and got in the car together. The girl, noble, sweet and gentle, matches him well.

Yu Mei didn’t step forward, just turned around and left.

Until she sat back in the airport lobby again, Yan Yan shouted, “Mom, mom don’t cry, Yan Yan loves you.”

Yu Mei closed her eyes and shouted her daughter’s name silently.

Yan Yan, Yan Yan.

My face, my

mother, is not afraid of dying, but my mother is afraid of dying, there will be no one, no one, love you like me.

Yu Mei went anxiously and went away that night.

That was the day before the release of the sentence.

The weather in Ottawa, Canada is very good.

Yan Xudong has not left this city in these five years. He lives a very comfortable and happy life. This peaceful life made him more restrained and warm. Tomorrow is the deadline, and everyone in the family is very happy. His cousin came to visit him, to accompany him to play tennis, “Xudong, how do you like salsa? She likes you, oh, I introduce you?”

“No.” “What

do you like?”

Introduction Xu Dong ridiculed casually, “Like you, noble temperament, sweet and gentle.”

“Just cousin joke? I’m married!”

Yan Xudong smiled, no longer say anything.

It’s already three o’clock in the afternoon after playing tennis.

He drove the car across the street, in front of the apartment where he lived. Over the past few years, he has lived here alone, clean and comfortable. Those friends have visited him, he knows that they take their wives and marry one by one. The cousin hurried to introduce him, I am afraid the parents were in a hurry. But why did he not want to get married.

Yan Xudong looked up and suddenly saw two figures, one big and one small, standing in front of the apartment.

Yan Xudong suspiciously drove the car into the garage, and then got out of the car and walked in front of them.

“Mr. Yan, hello, I am Dali.”

Yan Xudong has recognized Dali. He is the bartender at the bar. What just puzzled him was why Dali appeared here.

Vigorously said a few words, Yan Xudong froze in place.

Whatever the vicissitudes of the earth, what is right and wrong, are not enough to describe his mood at the moment.

“This is what Mei asked me to hand over to you, as well as Yan Yan.” He vigorously handed the letter to him, and Yan Xudong took it back after a while.

Yan Xudong opened the letter, the white letter paper, but the whole letter had only three words. Those three words, Yan Xudong remembered clearly, the last sentence he said to her on the last phone call. Since then, they have no contact. Occasionally calling Gu Xiaochen, she would learn some good news from her mouth. But he did not expect that she would be gone after only five years.

Yan Xudong’s eyes were a little blurry, and those three words became painful.


Yan Xudong pinched the letter and crouched down in front of the little girl. He was at a loss for a moment, looking at this girl who looked like her, speechless for a long time. The little girl held her vigorous hand tightly and refused to let go. She was so weak, so pitiful, so cute.

There was a strange feeling in my heart. Yan Xudong asked, “What’s your name?” The

little girl looked up at Dali and saw Dali nodded at her.

The soft childish voice, gently, her name, let him touch the heart again, “Yu Aiyan.”

Yu Aiyan, Yu Aiyan.

Today, five years later, Yan Xudong remembered the girl who smiled brilliantly, the girl who showed her good looks in front of his mother, and the girl who had been with her for two years, but she felt a heart palpitations. Pain… Yan Xudong suddenly lost her mind. He carefully held her hand and hugged the child.

Christmas in December, the crowd finally got together.

The children were sitting on the ground and playing electric games, and several big men seemed to be crazy to call together.

The women felt that they were unreasonable, but they took them for granted.

Gu Yingxue still saw Situ Chen and ran, while Wu Xiuyu, Gu Qixuan and Wu Tianyi brothers regarded Situ Chen as the boss. And Yu Aiyan is very quiet, afraid that the character of life has not changed since childhood, which is not in line with Yu Mei’s temperament.

Yu Mei had been away for a month, and Yu Aiyan thought Yu Mei had gone somewhere else, often clamoring and asking her mother.

Yan Xudong took her alone and didn’t know what to say to her, just ding ding, “Mum will come back in a few days.”

But no one knows how many days there are.

The bar is still open there, and the name has not changed.

——Waiting, has been waiting.

Suddenly, Wu Helian frowned and shouted, “Wife, the soup is so salty!”

Gu Xiaochen was cooking soup in the kitchen. Wu Miao was able to give Wu Helian the soup. She heard this sentence and turned back suddenly, looking at him with her eyes wide open. Her husband was wearing a blue home uniform and a large pink bow tied around his waist, which was particularly funny and ridiculous. It was Xiao Yingxue’s masterpiece. She was stunned, thinking that William’s formula would work.

Gu Xiaochen shouted, “What do you say?”

“I said that the soup is so salty!”


“So salty!”

Gu Xiaochen asked again, “What?”

“He (me) said that the soup is so salty!” We all answered.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly smiled and said softly, “Then I put some water and boil it a little bit!” In the living room, Situ Chen hugged Gu Yingxue on the table and let her recite the children’s songs. If she didn’t recite it, she wouldn’t give it to her. Gu Yingxue was timid and said pitifully, “I recite, will you hold me down?”

Situ Chen took her down and sat down side by side.

Gu Yingxue’s soft female voice then sounded.

I remember when

I was young, I love to talk and laugh.

Sitting side by side under the peach tree, the

wind is barking at the foresttop birds.

I do not know how to fall asleep, how many

flowers in the dream.

… End…

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