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My girl (4) Please drink wedding wine

“This boy is very handsome, his name is Yan Xudong?”

“Yeah, but the other one is cooler.”

“What about the other one?”

“I don’t know, immediately He will definitely come back after class. Let’s wait a second. If we can get a mobile phone number, that’s fine. Even if they return to Hong Kong High School in the future, they can still contact them or ask them how many in Hong Kong High School It’s not bad to write a letter and be a friend in several classes.”

Several senior students murmured happily and stared at the classroom of the first three classes.

Gu Xiaochen thought that Teacher Jia was still waiting for this questionnaire, and only wanted to go, “Please let it go, school sisters, please let it go.”

“I don’t know if girls in class one have their contact information?”

” Hey? Didn’t you have a good relationship with that one? You asked him to ask!”

“Who has a good relationship with him, don’t talk nonsense.”

These senior girls still kept in front of them and discussed warmly, not paying attention to it at all. The elementary school girl behind him.

“Sisters, I want to go…” Gu Xiaochen was a little anxious, and time was running out!

Suddenly, a cold male voice came behind him, although it was clear, but a little low, “Keep off!”

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, and it was too late to look back at the person. Instead, they were pushed aside by the school sisters, and she hit the wall with pain, without saying a word. She was short and was blocked from view by her taller sister. She was afraid that the questionnaire in her hand would be damaged. She had to turn her back to protect her.

And as she turned around, the teenager standing in the aisle walked silently.

It was a young man with dark hair and black eyes, indifferent and restrained, and not advocating. But the perfect facial features are compelling enough. Even if he does not speak, it will make the eyes of a group of people follow. It is just a third-year boy who is already tall, like a high school student. I am afraid that in the future, he will be even higher, just such a teenager, but also a beautiful dream in the hearts of girls.

The young man walked into the classroom of the junior third class, and the director of training happened to pass by. He cheered unpleasantly, “The class is about to start!”

Several girls dare not to stay and ran down with their heads down.

“You are a student in the junior high school preparatory class, what are you doing here?” After hearing the question, Gu Xiaochen turned to look at the director of training, and said honestly, “Director, teacher Jia asked me to send this questionnaire.” The

director of training went to the previous one Look, know what’s going on. She took Guxiao Chen walked into the classroom, said the students towards, “Students here have taken the questionnaire, this historical allusion that the students want to buy a book signed words, do not want to buy the students also sign the word.”

“I know “The students responded one after another and immediately circulated their signatures.

The director saw that there was no problem,

Ding咛said, “I will send it to Teacher Jia after signing.” “Well.” Gu Xiaochen nodded cleverly.

The students signed one after another. Several naughty big boys looked at the elementary school girl standing at the door and couldn’t help but tease, “Elementary school girl, did you just enter the junior high school preparatory class? What’s your name?”

“Your The grades must be very good?”


don’t be a cute elementary school girl, we are the seniors.” Although they know that they are not malicious, Gu Xiaochen is still a bit cautious, keeping his head down and not talking.

Noisy in the classroom, in the corner at the back, the two teenagers in front of and behind the window looked out of place. They are handsome and handsome, revealing a different temperament, which is something that young people of the same age do not have. An elegant and calm, an evil and indifferent, two styles that conflict with each other, but these two people just fit so well, just like brothers.

“Yan Xudong, here you are.” The girl smiled and handed the questionnaire to Yan Xudong, shy and shy.

Yan Xudong did not know whether to sign or not, so he had to sign his name in the refusal column. He was playing with the latest mobile phone, and turned the questionnaire to the teenager behind him. And the dark-haired teenager was lying on the table, motionless, and seemed to be sleeping.

“Dingling bell–” The ready bell suddenly sounded like an alarm.

Worried about being late for class, and even more worried about the inability to complete the teacher’s account, Gu Xiaochen was a little anxious and asked softly, “Senior, have you signed the questionnaire?”

“It should be fine, you go get it yourself.” The boy said .

Gu Xiaochen nodded and looked up at that corner. The questionnaire rested on the table, and the dark-haired teenager was still taking a nap. Without much thought, she walked slowly towards the corner. Finally approached, she picked up the questionnaire and wanted to leave. It’s just a silent calculation of the number of the next class, and there is one less person without a signature. She stopped and turned back suspiciously. This form came to him, but he is still asleep, so it should be that he did not sign.

Gu Xiaochen turned back, but someone suddenly got up and stretched his arm, hitting her nose. The nose that had been hurt was hit so badly and sore.

“Are you all right?”

“It’s okay.” She rubbed and said to the dark-haired boy, “Senior, you haven’t signed it yet.” The

dark-haired boy was still asleep.

“Senior?” The

black-haired teenager finally moved, and he slowly looked up, a handsome face striking into everyone’s eyes.

“Senior, please sign.” Gu Xiaochen left in a hurry, and placed the questionnaire in front of him. With her head down, she met him without any trouble. At this moment, her sore nose made her frown and even narrowed her eyes.

There was a sweet smell in the mouth. Something came out, and the blood dripped directly down, and fell on whose book.

Wow– ” Someone screamed , “Student girl don’t have to do this? Seeing seniors have nosebleeds?” Gu Xiaochen took out his handkerchief to wipe it, embarrassedly wanting to die, and wished to get into the ground. She didn’t care about the others, and she didn’t care that there were people who didn’t sign, and picked up the questionnaire and left.

“Crack.” The phone made a noise and happened to capture her small face. The eyes under the black-framed glasses were moist, and she ran away wildly in the laughter of everyone.

Yan Xudong took the phone, looked at the picture captured on the screen, and glanced sideways at the black-haired teenager. “Lian, it seems that it’s interesting not to come

in vain .” Wu Helian looked at the phone coldly and only glanced at it. .

“The elementary school girl has nosebleeds for you. Should I go and see her?”

“You are too busy.” Wu Helian said disdainfully and continued to fall asleep.

Gu Xiaochen had to cover his face with a handkerchief and hurried away from the classroom with the questionnaire. Behind her, she laughed and ran her teeth. It’s just blame that on the weekend, the badminton racket hit her, causing her nose to be very weak, so she bleeds again just after a collision. She hurriedly wiped off the blood, first went to the office to give the survey form to Teacher Jia, and said hurriedly, “Teacher, there is one less person left without a signature.”

“You go to class.” Teacher Jia was concerned about Ding, and took over the investigation. table.

Gu Xiaochen bowed slightly to her and turned to run back to the classroom.

In the classroom, the English teacher was already there. There was not too much blame for her being late, just let her sit down quickly. Gu Xiaochen said “Eun” and walked to his seat to sit well. She was still holding the handkerchief in her hand. The contaminated blood had dried up, but she was still annoyed.

What a bad luck, how could it be so bad.

He had a nosebleed in front of the senior.

Thinking of the noisy laughter, Gu Xiaochen tightened his handkerchief and flushed.

The whole afternoon passed without incident. By the time of school, Gu Xiaochen had forgotten that little thing that happened at noon. After she packed up the books, she left before carrying her schoolbag. The two little friends went with her, and the three went downstairs and left the school together.

But when I came downstairs, I was blocked by people.

“Who is Gu Xiaochen?” the senior school sister asked with a smile.

The two friends immediately responded, “She is Gu Xiaochen.”

“Then come with me.” The sister looked at the elementary school girl wearing black frame glasses, took her hand friendly and took her towards the playground.

“Sister Xue?” Gu Xiaochen didn’t know what was going on, so he was dragged away by Sister Xue.

The two came to the empty deserted playground. The sister released her hand and explained with a smile, “Sister, you sent us a questionnaire today. The two seniors see you have a nosebleed, so I specifically want to ask you Is there anything?” Xuejie suddenly lowered her voice, adding, “They are representative students of foreign schools, so be polite.”

It turned out to be representative students. Gu Xiaochen heard the elder sister say this, knowing that the two seniors must be students with excellent academic performance, but she was even more annoyed that she was still embarrassed in front of the foreign school principals.

At this moment, Gu Xiaochen had no courage to raise her head. She lowered her head and rubbed it in front of the two, and said softly, “Thank you for your care, I’m fine.”

“Let’s go.” Gu Xiaochen was stunned. She didn’t even see what the other party looked like. When she looked up, she saw two tall and tall figures walking out of the playground side by side.

Wen Xu’s teenager was playing with a mobile phone, and a picture of a girl was displayed on the screen, “Lian, a school girl wearing black-framed glasses, this is not a youthful encounter.”

“What do you want to say.” Said, without a touch of emotion.

“Do you want to leave her with a contact number?”

“I left you, I have no opinion.”

Qinglang laughed faintly, drifting in the air.

Sister Xue waved at her, “Come home, be careful on the road, bye.”

“Bye.” Gu Xiaochen raised her smile and watched them leave.

As the sun went down, the gorgeous morning glow covered the sky, pulling the figures of the two teenagers diagonally. Against the glow of light, just looking at the back, they all feel that they are handsome and handsome teenagers. And she stood on the spot and heard the fresh wind blowing, the air was filled with the fragrance of osmanthus. On this November campus, there was a not-so-thrilling encounter.

No one knows who the other party is.

“I found it, I found the photo!” Teacher Jia shouted in surprise, and found the photos that had been sealed from a pile of file bags. She rummaged through the group of photos and couldn’t hide her excitement. She recalled, “Wu Helian, a representative student of Hong Kong High School, yes, yes, it’s you. I still remember that you had a good relationship with another boy, What’s his name…”

Teacher Jia frowned, thinking desperately of the name, Gu Xiaochen’s memory became brighter and blurted out, “Yan Xudong?”

“Yes, he was called Yan Xudong.” Teacher Jia suddenly realized, and again I found a picture, pointed to the two young men in the picture, and said, “This is Yan Xudong, and this is you.” She said, handing the picture to them, “You are representative students of the Hong Kong High School, and Several other students came to our school to study. I remembered that in the history and culture class, you two children sang one by one and finished all the knowledge I wanted to explain.”

Teacher Jia remembered that interesting thing, now Can’t help but laugh out loud.

“Oh, at that time, the female students in the school liked the two of you. Later, when you went back, some people asked me about the contact information of the two of you. They asked you if you are from the third and third grades of Hong Kong high school, your home address, and The phone number.” Teacher Jia raised her glasses, squinted at Gu Xiaochen and Wu Helian, and asked curiously, “But you were not a class at the time, and there were still a few grades missing. How did you come together now?” “At

that time I already knew each other.” Wu Helian replied.

“How do you know?” Teacher Jia asked excitedly.

“Mr. Jia, we…” Gu Xiaochen swept down and didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t say anything. Did they know because of “bleeding nose”?

Wu Helian’s face didn’t change color, Youyou said, “She bleeds at the sight of me.”


“Don’t talk nonsense!” Gu Xiaochen blushed, “Teacher, that’s not the case!”

“Don’t you have nosebleeds?” He asked with raised eyebrows.

“I…” She bit her lip and couldn’t refute it. “I was hit by someone’s nose.”

“So fate!” Teacher Jia laughed out loud, “Gu Xiaochen, teacher remember you finished junior high school, Just moved with my mother. How did you get together later?”

“Teacher, I was turned by her.” Before Wu Xiaochen answered, Wu Helian first spoke.

“Why am I, you always talk nonsense!” Gu Xiaochen frowned, “Teacher, this is not the case…”

“What is not, don’t quibble.”


“Ms. Jia, she must have been stupid when she was a kid. Talk about it, how can she turn me so smart?” Wu Helian asked arrogantly and hugged Gu Xiaochen.

How could there be such a smelly guy in this world?

Gu Xiaochen was so annoyed that he wanted to die, but someone still hugged her overbearingly, ignoring her resistance, and played an intimate play in front of the teacher. She frowned at him, and he still ignored it and ignored it completely. On the contrary, Teacher Jia looked funny and rejoiced, refuting with a smile, “Wu Helian, Gu Xiaochen was smart when she was a child, she was selected into the preparatory class with the third place in the grade group.”

Wu Helian suspiciously “Oh”, Provocatively said, “It turns out that you are the third.”

Gu Xiaochen nodded and did not argue with him.

“But she took the first place in every exam, and her grades were very good.” Teacher Jia is naturally very proud of maintaining her students, and asked with concern, “Gu Xiaochen, should you be admitted to the University of Hong Kong?”

Gu Xiaochen nodded, and Teacher Jia said happily, “I knew you would be admitted!” She looked at Wu Helian and asked, “Are you also admitted to the University of Hong Kong?”

“Teacher, we are the direct seniors and School girl.”

“What is it?”

“International Finance.”


Jia chatted with them enthusiastically, but there was always a feeling of time passing by. They didn’t leave until Teacher Jia was going to teach the students. Teacher Jia patted Wu Helian on the shoulder and said seriously, “So fate can come together, the teacher is also happy for you. Don’t forget to invite me to drink wine when you get married. Well, I’m going to class too.”

Gu Xiaochen Smile awkwardly and watch the teacher leave.

When Teacher Jia’s figure flashed out of sight, Wu Helian suddenly lowered her head closer to her and asked in a low voice, “When will we ask the teacher to drink wedding wine?”

Gu Xiaochen turned his head sharply, only to see that his dark eyes were deep, and the gentle attention would make her addicted . She pressed her red lips lightly, but a heart was like a deer bumping. Xu didn’t know how to answer it. Xu had entangled unsolved problems. She had to choose to escape and divert the topic, “I’ll take you to see my old house.”

Gu Xiaochen walked towards the stairs, but it was very incomparable. Happy.

It turned out that they had known each other for so long, even before Song Fangsheng.

The air is exceptionally fresh, looking out over a field of rapeseed.

“This is rape, do you know now?” Gu Xiaochen pointed to the rape field by the road and couldn’t help laughing. For the first time, she heard people say that rapeseed is very oily.

Wu Helian’s noodles didn’t change color, Yu Guang swept towards the vegetable field, and secretly cursed: Damn rape!

Walking through the mountain path together, there is a private house in front. Here is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, only tranquility is indifferent. The houses are mostly two or three floors high. Sitting behind a field, it looks quiet. The two walked side by side slowly, Gu Xiaochen’s footsteps suddenly accelerated, and he had to take a big step to quietly cooperate with her.

“The house is still there! The old house is not taken down!” Approaching, Gu Xiaochen grabbed his arm and shouted excitedly, “Look, look, that’s my former home!”

Small two-storey house with front yard. The house is very old, and it can be seen that it is some years old. This old house is similar to Yu Mei’s ancestral house in Yuen Long. They stood in front of the house and looked around. The neighboring woman said, “No one here, immigrants have gone abroad.”

Wu Helian looked at her without traces, only to see her quiet side face excited, the glint of hope flashed in her eyes, Looks like that yearning. And he slightly raised his lips, as if he had made a decision.

“Let’s go.”

“Where to go?”


“Then let’s go to the farmhouse for dinner? Can we pick vegetables by ourselves!”

In the farmhouse’s hotel, two rooms were opened, one for each. After a walk after dinner, I went to the open-air stage and saw a funny laugh. When I returned to the hotel, it was almost eleven at night. Gu Xiaochen opened the door with the key, Wu Helian caressed her small face, kissed her forehead with a “good night”, opened the door of the next room properly, and the two went into the room to sleep together.

After a good night’s sleep, it was almost ten o’clock. Gu Xiaochen picked up the phone and dialed the number of his room.

“Beeping” sounded for a while, and this was delayed.

“Ahe, are you still asleep? It’s not early, we have to go back in the afternoon. Ahe, get up.” She asked softly, and his hoarse male voice was so sexy that she collapsed in just one sentence. “Chenchen, I especially want…”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t know how much a man’s physical needs were, and she didn’t know whether he had a female partner in the two years before she left. It was just such a “want” man that made Gu Xiaochen unable to cope. When she returned to the city in a car, she was silent, and she kept asking questions for a long time, but she couldn’t ask for the exit.

Wu Helian noticed her strangeness, but was silent.

After half an hour of silence, he finally couldn’t help it, and Shen Sheng asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Well–” She dragged the long tail and spit out three words, “Nothing.”

The car drove forward, speechless all the way.

Wu Helian did not directly send her back to Chunguang Garden, but took her directly to Wu’s house. The weather on the weekend was good. Everyone was there. Together with the father and daughter of the Lin family, they basked in the back garden and had afternoon tea. Wu Helian dragged Gu Xiaochen to the back garden, and everyone saw them and turned their heads back.

“Mr. Wu Er, Miss Gu.” Lin Lan shouted happily.

Since last staying with the Wu family, Gu Xiaochen has not met with the Wu family, and this time it was so sudden that Wu Helian brought her.

Wu Helian took her hand to the crowd and said slowly, “She is Gu Xiaochen, my girlfriend.”

Everyone was stunned and looked at Wu Helian in surprise. It was the first time he introduced his girlfriend so seriously.

Gu Xiaochen’s nervousness was even worse than before, and said softly, “Hello everyone.”

Ji Yuehua hadn’t responded, and greeted Mu, “Miss Gu, sit down and have some cake.”

“Thank you Mrs. Wu.”

“Don’t be so polite , Lotus, you sit too.” Ji Yuehua hurriedly poured tea and cut cakes for them.

Wu Jizong glanced at Wu Helian and fixed it on Gu Xiaochen’s body. Ning Xiao said, “Aren’t you married?”

Ah? Who is married?

For a time, everyone’s attention once again focused on Gu Xiaochen.

This is definitely Century News!

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