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My girl (6): compensated kiss

Gu Xiaochen has never heard him say this, analyze his own heart, and tell her what he thinks.

Every word of him echoed quietly and forcefully in her ear.

This is probably the most beautiful words she has ever heard. He never said sweet words, a sentence “but I miss you”, and a sentence “I just love crying ghosts”. This is already his limit. But now he said so much at once, leaving her at a loss, and even less sure how to deal with it. She let him hug him in a daze, but her heart was mixed.

“Quiet for three days, enough.” Wu Helian hugged her and said again.

Gu Xiaochen was bored for a long while. She didn’t answer his question positively. It was the same sentence and said softly, “You bleed, I’ll get the hemostatic band .”


Gu Xiaochen patted him on the shoulder, Wu Helian had to Release your hand. She stood up and walked into the bedroom to get the hemostatic stretch, and he sat on the sofa silently. She turned back to him and whispered while dealing with his wound, “Even if you don’t mind, but you can’t let your family don’t mind. Marriage is never a matter of two people, marriage without blessing, I accept No.”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t forget that Wu Jizong opposed them together, so he got sick and was hospitalized. A family like him may never accept her. Moreover, the relationship between their father and son has finally improved, and she does not want them to be unhappy anymore.

“So that’s what your consideration means?” Wu Helian’s eyebrows wrinkled tightly and her anger rolled in her chest.

Gu Xiaochen stopped talking, but just stuck OK on his finger.

“I understand, I understand.” Wu Helian said angrily, suddenly got up and strode out of the apartment without looking back.

Gu Xiaochen sat on the sofa, she did not chase, nor shouted. Hearing the sound of footsteps, she knew he was gone. She unknowingly clenched the OK stretched plastic paper in her hand, and suddenly she was empty of heart. The obstacles between them have always been one after another.

As for Lin Zhengfeng, Yu Mei used only a few sentences to describe the relationship between them, but the maintenance revealed in the words was so obvious. Gu Xiaochen didn’t ask much, just thought of Yu Mei’s past, and then thought of Yu Mei once trapped by love, she could not help but associate.

“How are you doing?” Yu Mei asked with concern when she saw her frown.

Gu Xiaochen silently said, “I don’t know.”

“What do you don’t know?” Yu Mei poured a glass of water and dinged seriously, “Xiao Chen! When you know him, you know that he is not an ordinary person! He It’s Wu Helian, the second master of the Wu family! You clearly realized this from the beginning! But he impressed you, not identity, not money, not those jewelry, but him! Conversely, you are the same to him! Beautiful There are many women who are rich, talented, and talented, but you are also unique in Gu Xiaochen!”

“Don’t be afraid, don’t back down, this is not like you! You are no worse than those giants. In terms of speaking, you are the best!”

Yu Mei’s words touched Gu Xiaochen’s heart and made her meditate.

In fact, she is not without confidence in him.

She just has no confidence in herself.

Wu Helian, who left the Spring Garden, drove to the Wu family. Asked the housekeeper, but was told that Wu Jizong was taking a nap, and Mrs. Ji Yuehua was in the back garden. He wanted to talk to Wu Jizong, but it was not easy to disturb him to take a nap, so he could only wait for him to wake up. Bored idle, he went to the back garden to accompany Ji Yuehua.

Ji Yuehua was holding the kettle and watering the flowers. She was very happy to see Wu Helian. Looking around behind him deliberately, she was the only one. She questioned, “Why didn’t Miss Gu come?”

“Well.” Wu Helian responded.

Ji Yuehua found that he was unhappy and roughly guessed, “You come to your father to talk about Miss Gu?”

Wu Helian said silently. Generally speaking, he will be silent in two situations. Is the default.

“Your father eats soft but not hard.” Ji Yuehua said with a smile, as if he was standing on the same line with him, “Know what to do?”

Eat soft but not hard? Wu Helian was startled, but shook her head.

“Your boy!” Ji Yuehua said in a weird way, handing the kettle to the servant, took him to the side chair and sat down, said patiently, “Your father usually likes to play chess and sometimes goes fishing. I always have a headache, He can’t blow the hair, he goes alone. If you are empty, then accompany him. When you come back from fishing, the three will go home to eat together. Don’t be afraid that he ignores you. In fact, he likes to steal music.”

Wu Helian “Oh,” it sounded like an obedient child.

“It’s almost time, he should wake up, go play chess with him.” Ji Yuehua looked at the time and said gently.

Wu Helian nodded, “Aunt Hua, then I’m going.”

His cry made Ji Yuehua stunned, and he got up and walked out of the back garden. She took up the teacup and took a sip of joy.

Wu Jizong really woke up in a nap, refreshed, and turned to the study. Wu Helian knocked on the door and surprised him. He ignored him, holding a book to read. I originally asked my old friend to play chess, but the old friend was temporarily unable to come and had to leave. When I am alone, besides practicing calligraphy, I mean reading books.

“What’s the matter with you? Leave if you’re fine! Don’t affect me reading!” Wu Jizong shouted.

Wu Helian was bored for a long while and said slowly, “Let’s play chess.”

“Well?” Wu Jizong frowned.

Wu Helian stared, “We haven’t played chess in a long time, the next game.”

“I won’t play with you.” Wu Jizong refused, but his heart was a little tickled.

Wu Helian was patient and said indifferently, “Are you afraid of losing?”

“Who is afraid of losing?”

“Then the next set.”

“No.” The old man is still stubborn.

“That’s the fear of losing.”

Knowing that it is a radical method, but it still works!

Wu Jizong threw the book and shouted, “Go and get the chessboard!”

Wu Jizong lost three games in a row. He had to take a look at Wu Helian, when did this stinky boy play so well. I remember when he was a kid, he had participated in a chess club and went to play on behalf of the club. But at that time, he didn’t win any prizes, so he always thought his chess skills were not good, but how is he advancing now?

Wu Jizong was a little dissatisfied and said in a cold voice, “One more

game !” “No more.” Wu Helian replied in a deep voice, and began to pack the chessboard.

But Wu Jizong’s chess addiction was unhappy, he was not happy in his heart, “You stay to eat, eat again after a good meal!”

Wu Helian continued to move, said unhurriedly, “I have an appointment, I won’t stay today.”

Wu Jizong snorted. Of course he guessed who he had hired, almost without thinking. He blurted out, “Then you let her…” Halfway through the words, he realized that something was wrong and he immediately After closing his voice, Zhiwu said, “Go and go! Whoever you love to eat with will eat!”

Wu Helian said nothing more, quietly packed up the board, said “tomorrow again”, and turned away .

Wu Jizong stared at the chess bowl on the table and murmured secretly: He must win him tomorrow!

From the Wu family, Wu Helian is in a good mood. He wanted to see her, but they just had a conflict, didn’t they? There was some sullenness in his heart, he just refrained from seeing her. Returning to Yinshen’s apartment, I don’t care much about him, it seems like staged a family “cold violence”. He glanced at the phone from time to time, looking like a fool from time to time. So repeatedly entangled, one night passed.

The next afternoon, Wu Helian appeared again outside Gu Xiaochen’s apartment.

Without waiting for her to speak, he asked angrily, “Why don’t you call me? No information?”

God knows that he has never been waiting for information on who’s phone or who. The mobile phone is optional for him. But since she appeared, he slowly began to look forward to the moment when the bell rang, looking forward to seeing the number displayed by her.

Gu Xiaochen was suddenly bored and moved his lips, but he didn’t know what to say.

She thought he would not come to her in a short time, at least within three days. He is always sloppy, so far as he goes, she even feels like she has never grasped the same. Uneasy and anxious, she was discouraged. She lowered her head and said softly, “You said you understand.”

“So?” Wu Helian asked back.

Gu Xiaochen pursed his lips and said nothing, and then he said, “I said I understand, do you understand?”

She nodded and shook her head again.

“You’re stupid, you don’t admit it.” Wu Helian drank and said awkwardly, “Isn’t it a disagreement?”

Quarrel? Guxiao Chen suspiciously looked up and saw his handsome face has a touch of charm suspicious reddish, “quarrel is normal, there is nothing strange. Well, change clothes to go with me.”

“Where?” “I

go home.”

Wuhe Lian and do not intend to She continued to be wordy and urged her to change clothes. Gu Xiaochen turned around passively, but saw Yu Mei smiling at her. Yu Mei heard the movement and brought her coat and bag for her in an entertaining way. She only said two words, “Go.”

Gu Xiaochen seemed to be crossing the ditch and took the clothes solemnly, regaining confidence.

In the Wu’s villa, the old man has been waiting for a long time.

After lunch, Wu Jizong arranged the chessboard and waited for someone to arrive. After a while, Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen both came. Wu Jizong brow Wei Zhou, an old head at once livid, seems some are not happy, you can also did not say anything, “so late! No concept of time!”

“Traffic jam.” Wuhe Lian casually looking for a reason to stall, pulled Guxiao Chen walk toward him.

Gu Xiaochen was still nervous, shouting softly, “Chairman Wu.” Wu

Jizong ignored her indifferently, and Shen Sheng ordered, “Don’t talk while watching chess.”

On the way to Wu’s house, Wu Helian did not tell her what to do. . Now I know that it turns out to be chess. Gu Xiaochen did not speak anymore, and sat neatly watching. Halfway through the game, she watched that the tea was almost gone and quietly picked up the teapot and re-flushed the hot water. Wu Jizong was just thirsty and wanted to drink water. He turned around and saw that she was pouring tea for him carefully. His tightly frowned eyebrows stretched out, and took a tea cup and took a sip.

“General -” Wuhe Lian hold up the pieces of his handsome, Wu Jizong Dengmu to right, “Another one!”

Ringtone is not the time sounded bad spirits.

Wu Helian took out her mobile phone and glanced at it, dinged “I’ll answer the phone”, and he got up and walked out of the study.

This time, only Wu Jizong and Gu Xiaochen were left.

Wu Jizong could not wait for Wu Helian, but he was addicted to chess. He looked at the silent Gu Xiaochen and asked in a cold voice, “Will you play chess?”

“A little.” Gu Xiaochen responded with a smile. He pointed to the opposite position, “Wu Er was slow to answer a phone call, you come and play with me.”

Gu Xiaochen was stunned and sat obediently across from him and started playing chess with him.

When Wu Helian came back after answering the phone, they found that the two of them had started a match. He sat next to Gu Xiaochen and looked at the chessboard. His eyes crossed a deep depth, a little surprised. He scanned Gu Xiaochen quietly, and her face was calm and quiet, even when playing chess. Looking back to Wu Jizong, he is seriously staring at the chessboard research, thinking of restraint tricks.

“Oh! Just now you went so far, it turned out to be this step!” Her “horse” came up and fought back and forth with the “cannon”. Wu Jizong wanted to understand so many steps of “ambush” before, just for the moment. He shot the case violently, frightening Gu Xiaochen, “Come on again!”

“Dad, I and you next.” Wu Helian interjected.

“Don’t play with you! I want to play with her!” Wu Jizong began to play chess, he didn’t believe he couldn’t even win a girl!

Wu Helian approached Gu Xiaochen’s ear and asked in a low voice, “Why didn’t I know you would play chess?”

“You didn’t ask me.”

“You won’t take the initiative?” Wu Helian really wanted to knock her wooden fish head.

The two were whispering, and Wu Jizong shouted, “Don’t whisper!”

“Oh!” The two spoke out tacitly at the same time, smiling at each other.

Wu Jizong weighed it carefully and made every step very cautiously.

Not only to get back a game, but also to get back to face.

Gu Xiaochen was still very quiet, his clear eyes fixed on the chessboard, as if he was calculating the moves. When playing chess, her serious and focused look will make people obsessed. Her pretty short hair sticks to her cheeks, exuding a unique charm, and Wu Helian couldn’t help but look a little distracted.

He suddenly remembered the past.

That was the quarterly meeting on Monday.

She participated in such a meeting for the first time and spoke for herself for the first time. She was so calm and calm, with a white face and pink lips without any lipstick applied, like a ray of breeze. She can attract the eyes of others so easily and simply, and also attracted him.

At such a sudden moment, a question appeared in Wu Helian’s mind.

When did he attract her?

“Ah? General?” Wu Jizong frowned and widened his eyes.

Wu Helian swiftly turned back to look at the chessboard, but saw that her pieces had already met his “king general”, whether it was to hide from the right or back and forth or back and forth, there was no room for turning. Looking back at the old man, Wu Jizong was stunned. There were words in his mouth telling the path of chess he had just played. Sometimes he chuckled and sometimes pouted. His solemn face lifted the harshness, and his expression began to come alive.

“How old did you start playing chess?” Wu Jizong asked casually.

“Eight years old.”

“Eight years old started?” Wu Jizong was surprised.

Gu Xiaochen said “En”, nodded and said, “Dad loves playing chess, I will learn to play together.”

“What about your father?” Wu Jizong asked while setting the chess pieces.

Gu Xiaochen also placed chess pieces softly and said, “He passed away very early.” After

hearing her say, Wu Jizong silently said nothing after all, but just drank, “Next game!”

” Actually, I like playing chess very much.” Gu Xiaochen didn’t influence his emotions because he mentioned his father, and said with a smile.

“Now girls rarely play chess, even Yongxin’s girl is just a little bit fur.” Wu Jizong said quietly, “She played chess with me, every time I killed a piece of armor.

” Really?” Gu Xiaochen suspiciously said, she remembered that Yan Xudong had said that Yao Yongxin was very clever, and she all skipped grades.

“That girl is good, only playing chess.”

Wu Jizong and Gu Xiaochen chatted and chatted so casually, I am afraid that they did not even realize that the atmosphere gradually changed from stagnation to relaxation, Wu Helian has not spoken, but slightly Raise the corner of your lips. This afternoon, he sat patiently for an afternoon and took the initiative to pour tea for them.

“Boom-Boom–” The servant knocked on the door and entered, “Master, the doctor is here.”

Halfway through the game, the doctor came.

Wu Jizong was reluctant, and when he got up, he did not forget to ding, “Stay to dinner, and we will continue to play chess after dinner.”

Wu Helian watched Wu Jizong leave, and as soon as the door closed, he hugged Gu Xiaochen and muttered, “I’m so bored.”

” Didn’t you come?” Gu Xiaochen said sideways.

Wu Helian Jianmei frowned, “But you ignore me and don’t talk to me.”

“I’m playing chess.” She turned to look at him, her heart funny.

Wu Helian held her small face and said with domineering taste, “You chatted with other men for an afternoon.”

“He is your dad!” Gu Xiaochen said in amazement.

Wu Helian ignored it and said stubbornly, “I want to compensate. You kiss me for a minute.”

Gu Xiaochen’s face was reddish and her voice was a little softer . ” It’s not well seen by others.”

“No one here.”

She gave back a step “I will kiss again after I go back.”

“No! It’s now!” Wu Helian’s stubbornness is like a child who can’t get sugar.

Yu Guang glanced at the closed door, wondering if anyone would come, Gu Xiaochen hesitated with his lips pressed, and heard him drink, “Hurry up! If you don’t kiss me again, I’ll kiss you for ten minutes!” “

Ten minutes? Gu Xiaochen was shocked, she knew he could do it. This time was even more correct, he gradually pressed Junrong, she took the initiative to put her lips up to kiss him. Not knowing how long it was a minute, she had to stare at the clock to see the time. Wu Helian was tickled by her heart, which was originally just a soft and sweet kiss, turned into a lingering hot kiss.

“Time is up! Ahe…” Her voice came out of his body, vague, but he refused to let her go.

“Crack–” Suddenly someone broke in.

Wu Haoyang had just processed a cooperation case and was only half an hour away from get off work. He didn’t even return to the company to go home early. When he arrived home, he learned from the housekeeper that the doctor was examining Wu Jizong, while Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen were in the study. He immediately came to see what happened, but did not expect to hit such a scene.

Wu Haoyang didn’t change his face, pretending not to know anything, and calmly said, “Oh, you are here.”

Gu Xiaochen glanced at Wu Helian and bowed his head with a red face.

Wu Helian should be displeased when someone was interrupted by a good thing, but he also didn’t change his face. He stroked Gu Xiaochen with a big hand and signaled that she was okay. The black eyes met a man who was not interested, but the words said to Gu Xiaochen, ” In the morning, give Yongxin a call and let her come to dinner together at night.”


“No need to call! She is busy!” Wu Haoyang sneered, obviously negative.

Wu Helian urged, “Call!”

Wu Haoyang looked at Gu Xiaochen and took out his mobile phone to make a call, but the result of the call made him tighten a handsome face. “Sister Yong Xin said that she had an appointment today and she would not come.”

Wu Helian lifted up. On the corner of the lips, one word after another said, “About me, someone.”

“She wouldn’t be the best.” Wu Haoyang turned around and left with an air of lightness.

“Why are you so bad?” Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but chuckled and knew he was intentional.

Wu Helian raised her eyebrows, her smiling Li Rong showed off, he caressed her face, and wanted to continue things just now. But when he was about to bow his head, Wu Jizong came back. “We will continue to play chess.”

“Good!” Gu Xiaochen replied, and Wu Helian had a black face.

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