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My girl (7) go back to work

Every weekend when the weather is fine, Wu Jizong will let the driver drive him to go fishing on the coast of the port. And this weekend, there are no clouds in the clear sky, and naturally there are no exceptions. Ji Yuehua had a migraine and could not blow the sea breeze for a long time, so Wu Jizong would go alone. The fishing tools are all ready, and we are about to set off.

“Master, put on a scarf, the seaside is very windy.” Wu Jizong was about to get on the bus, and Ji Yuehua hurried out, putting on a scarf for him.

Wu Jizong paused and turned to order, “If they come, they say I’m not here, so they don’t come to me.”

“Lian just called and said that something is not going today.” Ji Yuehua said with a smile, softly

Ding咛, “Come back early, don’t be cold.” “En.” Wu Jizong responded, and then he was in a good mood. Suddenly, he had a stiff face, obviously unhappy.

Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen have been with Wu Jizong these days. At first, two fathers and sons played chess, but now the reverse is true. Wu Jizong directly ignored Wu Helian and took Gu Xiaochen to play chess together. No matter how he said he had studied chess for decades, even if he lost to Wu Helian, now it makes no sense to lose to a girl. Whether it’s for face or for a breath, he always wanted to get a game back. It’s a pity that he always fails to do what he wants.

The car drove away slowly, Ji Yuehua walked into the villa, immediately picked up the microphone and pressed the number, “Lian, your father has already set off.” The

sun was shining brightly, and the blue sea surface was stained with golden light.

The sea breeze was blowing gently and sparkling.

On the coast of the harbour, along the cast stone dykes, old people gathered in twos and threes can be seen. A small bench for one person, with a fishing rod hanging in the water. The old people sat on the small bench and waited quietly for the fish to hook. I don’t know whose

fish rod trembles lightly, and the fat old man closes the rod excitedly, “Catch it!” A fish was quickly pulled from the sea water, thrown through the air, beautiful arc.

“Lao Zhang, you caught the fish so fast today! Is this fishing rod new?” Lao Wang found his new fishing rod and asked casually.

Lao Zhang smiled and couldn’t hide his complacency, “My son bought this for me! It’s easy to use!”

“Your son is really good and blessed.”

“Lao Wang, your daughter-in-law will pick you up every time You, I envy you not to come.”

“She is busy every day, I told her not to pick up, she just doesn’t listen.” Pharaoh wrapped his hands around his chest, enjoying the warm sunlight. Suddenly turning his head, he looked at the silent old partner on the side, “Lao Zong, why have you never seen your son and your daughter-in-law come?”

Wu Jizong said with a smile, “They just wanted to follow me just now, I won’t let them come . Several of us fishing, and they did not understand, came to disappointment.”

“Really?” Lao Wang asked suspiciously, and glanced at Lao Zhang, but he was quite aware.

The smile on Wu Jizong’s face was stiff, staring at the sea in a daze.

Suddenly, someone shouted not far away, “Lao Zong, your son and your daughter-in-law are coming!”

Everyone looked around, and saw that the tall man led the slender woman to the face, both of them mentioned Something. When they approached, a few old men looked at them, a handsome and charming, a pure and beautiful, can’t help but squint, these two really match.

Wu Jizong still had a face on his face, and asked disdainfully, “Why are you here!”

“Fishing.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice, took out the folding small bench, and set up her own tools.

Guxiao Chen is approached Wu Jizong side, slightly bent over and said quietly, “chairman ……”

Wu Jizong side head glanced over her, whispered, “now is not the company.”

Guxiao Chen surprised a moment, smile Yang Qi mouth, first Once shouted like this, “Uncle Wu.”

Wu Jizong didn’t refute anything, it was still that disdainful attitude, “I didn’t say not to come to me!”

“Things are over, so we’re here, don’t be angry.” Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, originally going to the Wu family to find Wu Jizong to play chess, but Wu Helian suddenly had something to delay, and when things were done, he took her here Too.

Wu Jizong looked at the sea and drank. “Don’t block my sunshine.”

Gu Xiaochen took the small bench and sat down beside him. Wu Helian threw the fishing rod and sat on the other side of him. Wu Jizong swept towards the old partner without any trace, Meiyu raised a little, secretly happy. The three people sat side by side, a scene that made those old friends jealous. You must know that their son and daughter-in-law have never been with them together.

After a while, the rod vibrated, and Wu Jizong took the rod cautiously and caught a fish.

“What a big fish.” Gu Xiaochen shouted in surprise, Wu Helian immediately said, “The fish I caught must be bigger than this one.”

“You can’t!” Wu Jizong sneered.

About five minutes later, Wu Helian really caught a fish.

Gu Xiaochen looked at the two fish in the two buckets and honestly said, “Ah, your fish is not as big as

Uncle Wu .” Wu Helian stared and threw the rod again.

At three o’clock the sun was weaker and the wind was a little cooler. Gu Xiaochen went to the car to take out the baked cookies and the specially-insulated milk tea. “Uncle Wu, drink some milk tea and eat something.”

Wu Jizong Several old partners waved, “You guys come and try.” The

old people came together, and the small bench made a circle. A cup of milk tea warming one’s hands is also pleasant.

“This biscuit tastes good, like the one bought in the store.”

“The milk tea in the store is too sweet, how can it be so delicious.”

Gu Xiaochen smiled, “I made it myself.”

“I made it myself?” Old Zhang and Pharaoh spoke at the same time, Wu Jizong took a sip of milk tea.

“If there is not enough, there are more.” Gu Xiaochen greeted a few words and took a cup of milk tea to Wu Helian. “Drink something hot.”

“Do not drink.” Wu Helian spit out two words.

Wu Jizong shouted to her, “Don’t care about him, let him go fishing.”

Until the afternoon of that day, Wu Helian caught a bucket of fish, and Wu Jizong only caught the one. But none of those fish was bigger than his one, Wu Jizongle said, “You talk about who’s fish is bigger.”

Gu Xiaochen looked at it, and said in embarrassment, “It’s still Uncle Wu’s fish.”

” Haha— Wu Jizong laughed three times, Wu Helian pouted.

“Lao Zong, see you next week.”

“Okay, see you next week.”

Several old partners waved goodbye, and Wu Jizong responded with a smile. He had just started to organize fishing tools, but he saw Wu Helian holding a fishing rod and a small folding stool, and Gu Xiaochen carried a bucket in each hand. In silence, the two had already sorted out everything. Wu Jizong glanced at them, turned and walked towards the parking lot, they followed quietly.

There are several fish in the left hand bucket, which are all Wu Helian fishing.

There was only one fish in the bucket on the right hand, which was caught by Wu Jizong.

It’s just that the weight of the two hands is different, plus the wrist also holds the snack bag, Gu Xiaochen walks a little slow and a bit hard, stubbornly pursed his lips, and there is no noise.

Wu Helian walked behind, saw her shoulders high and low, his pace was faster, approached her and said, “Give me the bucket in your left hand.”

Gu Xiaochen turned to look at him and said softly, “I can take it “

” Give me!” he frowned and ordered.

“You have everything in your hand, and it’s not easy to take it.” Gu Xiaochen looked at his full hand and shook his head.

Wu Helian just pulled out the little finger, Shen Sheng said, “Give me!”

Gu Xiaochen was obviously helpless, and said with dissatisfaction, “Pinky lifts the bucket? It will break!”

“Give me!” Wu Helian exhausted her patience, and reached out to hook the bucket.

“Do not give you!”

“Give me!”

“No!” While the

two were arguing, Wu Jizong, who was walking in front of him, suddenly stopped and turned to walk in front of them, shouting loudly, “What noisy!”

At the same time, Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen closed their voices.

Wu Jizong narrowed his eyes, glanced at Wu Helian, and fixed it on Gu Xiaochen’s face. He stretched out his hand, grabbed the bucket with her hands, easily lifted it in his hand, and turned around again. His behavior made Gu Xiaochen stunned for a moment, too late to react, and he had slowly walked away. There was a strange warmth flowing in her heart. She involuntarily took steps to catch up with Wu Jizong.

“Uncle Wu, let me mention one.”

“No.” Wu Jizong refused rigidly, his tone quite aggressive.

Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, “I mention the light one.”

“Don’t say no, you are so small and thin, like you haven’t eaten, and if you don’t carelessly stabilize, you will overturn the bucket.” Wu Jizong refused stubbornly.

Gu Xiaochen carried a snack bag with both hands, and his voice was a little lighter, “I have a meal.”

“I eat a meal, enough for you to eat for a day!” Wu Jizong scoffed, before leaving her to dinner, he also noticed her Eat very little.

Gu Xiaochen was speechless, Wu Helian made a few strides to catch up with the two, Shen Sheng echoed, “From today on, eat at least one bowl of rice every day.”

“One bowl is too little!” Wu Jizong sneered, “at least one bowl Half.”

Gu Xiaochen hadn’t eaten much. Hearing what they said made this difficult.

After returning from fishing, Wu Jizong simply raised the big fish, just because Wu Helian made a big talk, he said he would catch a fish bigger than this one. In order to verify whether his promise was fulfilled, Wu Jizong carefully protected the evidence of comparison. At first he asked the housekeeper to feed the fish, but later he went on his own.

Ji Yuehua looked at him so carefully and said with a smile, “Master, Lian hasn’t caught the fish yet?”

“How could he catch it.” Wu Jizong watched the fish, his solemn smile on his face. He put the feed in the side cabinet and asked, “What time is it? Why hasn’t it come yet?”

“Who?” Ji Yuehua asked knowingly.

Wu Jizong frowned, “Who do you say?”

Wu Helian has something to do with busy these days, so only Gu Xiaochen is the one who comes to accompany him to play chess every afternoon. After resigning from Wu Shi, she did not go to work, planning to make plans after the Chinese New Year. Of course, Ji Yuehua also knew who he was asking, but he was just confused, “Master, do you mean lotus? He is busy these days.”

“I don’t mean him!” Wu Jizong wrinkled his eyebrows.

“Who is that?” Ji Yuehua grinned.

Wu Jizong was somewhat reluctant, and still pronounced the name, “Gu Xiaochen.”

“Oh–” Ji Yuehua responded, and suddenly realized that “Xiao Chen was very on time.”

Wu Jizong silently recognized Gu Xiaochen’s punctuality. I glanced at the clock, ten minutes, and five minutes away. He went to the study to wait, but the chess board was set up, but Gu Xiaochen was late. After waiting for a while, he could not sit still, so he would get up, but Gu Xiaochen knocked on the door at this time.

Wu Jizong saw her safe and sound, so she couldn’t bear to blame, “If you don’t want to come, don’t come!”

“No!” Gu Xiaochen hurriedly explained, walked to him and said, “Uncle Wu, I’m baking cakes at home, time Not

sure , so late!” Wu Jizong wiped the pipe with a handkerchief casually, looking casual, “what kind of cake to bake, just buy one!”

“Many of the cakes in the store use plant cream, which is not good for the body and has a high fat content. You are not in good health and you are more at ease. I gave the cake to Aunt Wu. After playing a game of chess, shall we try it?” Gu Xiaochen Expectedly asked, Wu Jizong wiped the movement, put down the handkerchief and urged, “Don’t sit down yet!”

Gu Xiaochen relieved, put down the satchel and sat down neatly.

When Wu Helian rushed to the Wu family, the three were enjoying the cake in the side hall. Ji Yuehua praised Gu Xiaochen for his good craftsmanship and Wu Jizong bore his head to eat the cake. As soon as Wu Helian walked into the side hall, she saw that the atmosphere was harmonious and her mouth flew slightly. He walked to Gu Xiaochen and sat down, she immediately cut a piece of cake and handed it to him, “You try it, my new cake will not be very sweet.”

Wu Helian has always been unaware of the food, but still took a few tastings . mouth.

Wu Jizong the disk piece of cake all finished, said sadly, “I have commissioned Gao redrafted agreement, Wu’s stake in my hand, and you take half of each three Wu.”

Previously had set a good six months after the transfer of shares To Wu Haoyang, but he fled his marriage and left without signing the agreement. Too many things happened afterwards and was put on hold.

“I don’t want shares.” Wu Helian looked up at him, but took Gu Xiaochen’s hand.

Wu Jizong naturally understood what he meant, but there always seemed to be pimples in his heart, and he didn’t know why. He put down the plate and looked at them with a solemn face, the expression was still so stubborn, Shen Sheng said, “Don’t think that playing chess and fishing with me, I will accept the agreement. If it is for this purpose, then put away your

Think carefully and save your energy!” Wu Helian Junrong was indifferent, but just clenched her hand as if to give her strength. He knows her docile temperament and knows more that she values her family more than anything. There was a sullen chest, and some could not swallow, but she gently held his hand, giving him a sense of relief for no reason.

“Uncle Wu, have some cake.” Gu Xiaochen said nothing and smiled faintly.

Wu Jizong saw her quiet face, such a docile girl let loose the stubborn fortress carved in his heart. He drew his gaze facelessly, snorted, and no longer answered.

“It’s all there, what are you eating?” Wu Haoyang suddenly walked into the side hall and happened to break the awkward deadlock.

“Did you try the cake Xiao Xiao made?” Ji Yuehua said quickly.

Wu Haoyang sat on the sofa and said meaninglessly, “Gu Xiaochen did it? Then I have to try it!”

Gu Xiaochen immediately cut a piece for him. Wu Haoyang took a sip and couldn’t help but praise, “It tastes good!”

” What time is it now! Are you off work?” Wu Jizong glanced at the clock, just past half past three.

“Xiaochen, let’s go to the kitchen! Let them three men talk!” Ji Yuehua opened in time and pulled Gu Xiaochen away intimately, not planning to mix things with men.

“You are now a member of the company, can you be decent? You can’t consciously? Why can’t you fix the problem of being late and leaving early? You have to set an example for your employees, you can’t always be like this…” Wu Jizong yelled tirelessly. , Wu Haoyang eats the cake by himself and does not refute.

Wu Helian’s eyes followed Gu Xiaochen’s eyes until she and Ji Yuehua walked out of the side hall, which was indifferently recovered.

“Several uncles are not in the company, but their eyes are still in the company, don’t let them catch the handle!” Wu Jizong murmured, the topic changed, and naturally the matter of shares was taken, “I told Wu Er just now, You and Wu San each take half of the shares in your hands. If there is no problem, go to Lawyer Gao tomorrow morning to sign the agreement.”

“I’m fine.” Wu Haoyang was still absent-minded, and when he heard this, he came up and looked up. Wu Helian, who was across from him, said before him, “I don’t think it’s a problem with my second brother.”

“Okay, that’s it.” Wu Jizong nodded in satisfaction, got up and returned to the study, planning to smoke a few cigarettes.

After he left, Wu Haoyang raised a bright smile and raised his eyebrows, saying, “You are also part of Wu’s family. Why come to the company to report?”

“Did I ever say that I would accept the shares?” Wu Helian looked back at him and asked him if he was not sick.

When asked by him like this, Wu Haoyang complained annoyingly, “Hey, hello, anyway, we are also brothers, aren’t you so arrogant? You own half of the shares and half of the company! You are bigger than me, so the position of president should be If you come to sit, I’ll be a deputy.”

“With your ability, it’s too much.” Wu Helian said casually.

Wu Haoyang wholeheartedly wants to throw his hand away, where is he willing to let this opportunity go, “How can I give up? Absolutely not give up!”

“I heard that the French company is doing well.”

Wu Haoyang secretly gritted his teeth, because he was previously detained by criminal, he had no way Return to Hong Kong to temporarily take over Wu. The coming of the new year, various international apparel exhibitions have also started to be held one after another. In order to welcome the international exhibitions, the French company has been too busy to deal with it. , He can only control remotely. Although this is no big problem, it is not a long-term thing.

Besides, why would he want to manage two companies by himself, so that he can be happy every day?

Wu Haoyang grinned at the corner of his mouth and said, “Second brother, you want Dad to agree that you marry Gu Xiaochen, you have to make him happy and at ease! Everything needs to be done step by step. The first step is that you come back to take over the company. Let’s discuss it for a long time! I’ll be on your side, I’ll help you with your dad! I assure you that within three months, Gu Xiaochen must enter Wu’s door!”

“Oh?” Wu Helian suspiciously said leisurely “After those three months, as long as your guarantee works, I will come back to take over.”

Wu Haoyang narrowed his eyes and hated his teeth. He no longer persuaded, thought about it calmly, and suddenly had an idea. After eating the last bite of cake, leave the tray and leave. Wu Haoyang did not return to the bedroom, but asked the servant to come to the kitchen.

In Connaught University’s kitchen, Ji Yuehua deliberately let the chef take a break, intending to cook for himself. She was cutting vegetables, and Gu Xiaochen was washing vegetables, and the two were busy talking.

Wu Haoyang walked in quietly, reached out and patted Gu Xiaochen’s shoulder, lowered his head and whispered something in her ear.

Gu Xiaochen’s small face flushed, his eyes widened, and he looked at him awkwardly.

“Haoyang, are you hungry?” Ji Yuehua turned to see Wu Haoyang and asked with a smile.

“It’s a bit hungry.” Wu Haoyang replied casually, but the smile was a little proud, and it was urging, “Gu Xiaochen, he’s looking for you.”

“Aunt Wu, I’ll come when I go.” Gu Xiaochen said softly, wiped his hands and wiped away To the side hall.

Wu Helian sat alone in the hall, holding a magazine and reading it boringly. The sound of footsteps was approaching, he looked around and saw Gu Xiaochen walking straight towards him in a pink apron. But that look was a little weird, and seemed to be troubled by something. She walked in front of him, holding the apron with both hands, and whispered, “Ahe.”

“What?” Wu Helian asked in a deep voice.

Gu Xiaochen supported me for a long time, and didn’t know what to say. “

Well– ” Wu Helian stared at her all the time. He overbearingly ordered, “Say!”

“That…” Gu Xiaochen’s voice was lighter. “You go back to Wu’s to work Okay?”

He asked with a frown, and asked hardly, “Why?”

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