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Chapter 1 Xia Xingchen is pregnant

Night, deep.

In the wonderfully crafted bungalows, all the furnishings are invaluable.

Xia Xingchen was lying on the bed groggy. This is a large retro bed with every pattern carved by craftsmen.

The door was suddenly opened, and several people came in one after another, all standing upright at the door respectfully, welcoming the last man who stepped in on the carpet.

The whole room was dark, and Xia Xingchen tried very hard to open his eyes to look at the people coming, but he could only see a tall and straight figure in a muddle-headed manner. Under the moonlight, one can vaguely feel the strong aura of a man that makes people inevitably bow their heads.

“Is that her?” The man’s voice was low.

“Yes. Your Excellency. She is the only candidate in the blood bank.”

The man waved his hand, and everyone who had just entered immediately retreated silently, as if they had never appeared before.

what! With a panting, Xia Xingchen suddenly opened his eyes. It was already a sunny day outside, and there was still a cold sweat on her slender back.

She had a dream just now! illusion! In the dream, there was a man, but he couldn’t see his face clearly. Who is that person?

Taking a heavy breath, holding the quilt, slowly sat up. However, the body felt like being run over by a heavy vehicle, and it hurt everywhere.


If it is a dream, this dream… is too real!

Xia Xingchen was too speechless to herself!

When did she get this idiot! Obviously there is a boyfriend, but I would dream of a strange man doing that kind of thing with myself. What’s even more ridiculous is…she vaguely remembered that the man said that she would give him a baby?

funny! She is only 18 years old now, why should she give him a baby! Who does he think he is?

However, what I didn’t expect was that this strange and beautiful dream had haunted Xia Xingchen for a whole week. She even suspected that all this is not a dream at all, because it is too real…

Really, she can remember the aggressive male hormones of men, and even…she still remembers his cold eyes without a trace of temperature.

Those deep ink pupils are noble, calm, and mysterious…

He is so high above. Pretentious, as if not a person in her world. In reality, there shouldn’t be such a man!

Therefore, Xia Xingchen felt that this was a dream, just a dream!

Two months later.

Xia Xingchen was reading English in the room. When I read Shakespeare’s essays, my stomach suddenly turned over.

“Hmm!” She couldn’t bear it, she covered her lips, pushed aside the room, and rushed into the bathroom. Open the toilet, squat down, retching.

“Miss, are you okay?” The servant heard the sound and hurried over and patted her on the back.

The movement was too loud, and Xia Xingkong in another room opened the door. Seeing her like this, she crouched down and thoughtfully asked: “Sister, did you eat something wrong?”

Xia Xingchen really didn’t have the energy to return to this half-sister, only reached out his hand to flush the toilet, got up feebly, and just wanted to go out, the result was another pain in his stomach.

What’s wrong with yourself? Is it really bad food?

The next day.

Xia Xingchen went to the hospital for an examination, and her boyfriend Xu Yan accompanied her.

Their first concern was gastroenterology. As a result, the doctor asked her to transfer to the gynecology department.

“Doctor, what did you say? Did you make a mistake?!”

Xia Xingchen and Xu Yan were shocked by the results of the inspection.

“What’s wrong? You young people are not paying attention now, and you were pregnant at a young age. I was not afraid when I did it, but now I am afraid.”

“I… my girlfriend and I haven’t gotten there at all!” Xu Yan explained with a flushed face.

The doctor pushed the glasses on the bridge of the nose, looked at Xu Yan, and then at Xia Xingchen, who was stunned there. Don’t say deeply, “Then you have to ask your girlfriend how to do this. It’s up. You haven’t reached that point. Maybe she and others have reached that point?”

Xu Yan was startled.

The doctor said something like a heavy hammer.

He turned to look at Xia Xingchen, unable to believe it.

Xia Xingchen shook his head, her lips trembling, “I…I haven’t had a relationship with any man…”

This is clearly a positive sentence, but the uncertainty in my heart is clearer than anyone else. If she really had a baby, the only explanation would be those few nights…

Not a dream!

“Come on, you’re not the Virgin, you can’t germinate without seeding? Think about it for yourself, have you not had menstruation for a long time, have you been very sleepy recently, have you always felt dizzy and dizzy? “

“…” Xia Xingchen was speechless by the doctor’s series of questions.

There was thunder and thunder, but this kind of feeling.

After returning from the hospital, Xia Xingchen and Xu Yan’s faces were pale.

In the hall of the Xia family, she knelt on the ground, and Xia’s father Xia Guopeng sat on the main seat with a cold face.

“Since you said that the child is not Xu Yan’s, then who do you think is this child?” He asked harshly.

“…I don’t know.” Xia Xingchen’s voice was floating in the air. The answer to this question, she also wanted someone to tell herself.

“I don’t know?! Do you dare to lie!” Xia Guopeng was furious, and slapped his palm on the arm of the chair. “I’ll ask again, who is this kid!”

“Dad, you don’t need to ask anymore, no matter how you ask, I still don’t know.”

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