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Chapter 2 Not allowed to hurt the child

“Guo Peng, I can see it now, your eldest daughter, she usually looks pure and clean, but she doesn’t know who is messing with someone outside.” Xia Guopeng’s wife Li Lingyi Fanning the flames on the side, “If she is not cured, maybe she will ruin our starry sky when she turns around.”

“Mom, what are you talking about. I won’t be the same as my sister… No, I mean, I won’t mess with boys, let alone pregnant. I’m sure I won’t lose such a face to the Xia family. “Xia Xingkong lowered his eyebrows, and his voice was still soft and soft. The words spoken are simply adding fuel to the fire.

Xia Xingchen’s eyes cast a cold glance, “Xia Xingkong, shut up, okay?”

“I… I’m sorry.” Xia Xingkong was so wronged that his eyes flushed, “Dad, I shouldn’t talk indiscriminately to make my sister sad.”

Xia Guopeng was so angry that his face was stiff, got up, slapped Xia Xingchen’s face with a slap, “You have done something wrong, and you still face your sister’s attitude! The words of the starry sky are right. You lost everything!”

Xia Guopeng’s slap is not light. Right now, Xia Xingchen only felt buzzing in his ears, and his face blushed. However, she just gritted her teeth, stretched her back, knelt there, refusing to admit her mistake.

She is not wrong at all! She was wronged for this slap, but as long as one day there is a chance to meet that man again, she must get back this slap!

“Remove this kid for me! Immediately!” Xia Guopeng finally gave the order to die.

Before Xia Xingkong left, he sighed, “Sister, Brother Xu Yan is so kind to you, you really shouldn’t…”

Xia Xingchen felt as painful as a needle, but she also knew that she was no longer worthy of Xu Yan.


Xia Xingchen took time off at school and went to the hospital to remove the child.

Afraid of any accidents, Li Ling went with her.

“Xia Xingchen!”

The nurse called the name of the star, she stood up, feeling that everything was like a dream, a nightmare. After a while, close your eyes and wake up again, the nightmare will disappear.

“Take off your pants and lie down! Get ready for anesthesia!” The doctor’s voice was cold. Xia Xingchen climbed onto the operating table and was already mentally prepared, thinking that he could face all this calmly, but now it’s still cold and cold. I have to tremble.

She hates.

I hate the person who made myself pregnant.

However, what’s ridiculous is…she doesn’t even know who that man is! How could such a ridiculous thing happen to her?

While thinking wildly, the door of the operating room was suddenly pushed open.

A group of people in white coats hurried in, their faces dignified, as if they were facing an enemy.

“President!” The doctors and nurses stood up and greeted the headed person. Xia Xingchen lay on the operating table without paying attention.

“Xia Xingchen! Which is Xia Xingchen? Has there been an operation?” The dean asked several times, and he could hear the panic and panic in his tone.

Xia Xingchen frowned and got up slightly.

The nurse pointed to her, “Dean, are you looking for this Xia Xingchen?”

The dean took out a photo, compared it with her face carefully, and nodded hurriedly, “Yes, it’s her! Have you had any surgery?”

“Just getting ready!”

“Don’t move! No one is allowed to operate on her!” The dean gave an order, making everyone confused. The dean’s assistant leaned into the doctor’s ear and said, “I just answered the phone and told me that no one in any hospital can accept Miss Xia’s abortion. Otherwise, you will be at your own risk!”

The doctor was curious, “Whose phone number?”

The other party was lying next to her ears, her voice lowered. When he said a name, the doctor was shocked, and he couldn’t close his mouth for a long time. When facing the stars, it is not as cold as before, but respectful and awed.

“Miss Xia, please come out with us!” The dean personally invited her. Someone has helped her down from the operating table, cautiously, “Be careful, don’t hurt your child.”

Xia Xingchen frowned, unable to understand, “Why can’t you take the baby for me?”

“Miss Xia, don’t ask for this reason. As for your child, you definitely can’t take it away. Not to mention that our hospital will not do it for you. Even in the entire country S, no hospital or doctor dares to accept you. If you don’t dislike it, it’s better to have a baby in our hospital. Please come to my office and I will check you personally and prescribe some nutrition.”

“It’s the child’s father who is calling you?” Xia Xingchen stared at the dean. After such a long time, her mood was surprisingly calm at this moment, and her eyes were cold. “Dean, who is he and what does he have? Is my right not allowed to remove the child?”

Just now she faintly heard the dean’s assistant say his name in the doctor’s ear, the last name is Bai. However, she couldn’t hear the words behind’white’.

The dean shook his head embarrassedly, “Miss Xia, I hope you don’t embarrass me. I don’t know if he is the father of your child. In short, if you don’t give up, you can try another hospital.”

Xia Xingchen would naturally not give up. She couldn’t keep the child, so she was transferred to another hospital right now.

However, in every hospital, after comparing her photos with her, a group respectfully invited her into the dean’s room. The operation was not performed, but instead brought back a lot of nutrients.

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