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Chapter 3 The child is taken away

Li Ling was quite disdainful at first, thinking that it was the first dean who was bluffing them. Xia Guopeng is the deputy mayor. What scenes did Li Ling never see with him? But as a result, after walking down to 6 hospitals, she was still dumbfounded by the treatment. No matter how powerful the deputy mayor is, he can never control all hospitals! So, the person behind him is someone with greater rights than Xia Guopeng?

And, on the same day, Xia Guopeng had good news. He had been competing with one person for the position of mayor. He didn’t have much hope, but suddenly the situation reversed and the leader directly promoted him. And Xia Xingkong was directly admitted by the dance company he had dreamed of for many years. You know, that dance troupe received international-level dancers, and Xia Xingkong was admitted exceptionally for the first time.

And the prerequisite for all these things is: Xia Xingchen’s child, must stay!

at night.

Back from the hospital, Xia Xingchen was soaked in the bathtub, and his thoughts were very confused.

Who the hell is that man with the surname’White’, who is so powerful that he can easily control the entire hospital of Country S? Even control the future of everyone including her father and herself? Being pregnant with a child, she couldn’t help it, even if she took the child away, she couldn’t help her?

Since he wants this child so much, then… Does it mean that as long as she keeps this child, sooner or later, he will appear again?

Thinking about it this way, Xia Xingchen got out of the water and exhaled heavily, already having another plan in his heart.

She really wants to see how sacred this mysterious man behind the scenes is! She has to get back that slap!

…………Five-year dividing line…………

Xia Xingchen thought that as long as the day he gave birth to a child, that man would definitely appear.

However, she was disappointed.


In the past five years, she has successfully graduated from the foreign language major, got a good job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and moved out of the Xia family. Da Bai is four years old, but that man has never appeared.

Not once.

Xia Xingchen gradually forgot the man. Today, she and her son depend on each other and their lives are simple and plain. She only prays that no one will suddenly appear to break this happiness. Fortunately, I gave birth to the child at that time. Although, for so many years, I have suffered a lot of blinding, and my grandparents’ hearts have all turned to Xia Xingkong, but Xia Xingchen has never regretted it.

After work, I took the key and opened the door to enter the house. The little guy at home was leaning on the sofa and watching TV. It was a particularly boring financial channel.

“Dabai, you are still a child, can we watch something serious children should watch? How about I change “Xia Yang Yang” for you?”

“No, it’s for naive children.” Xia Dabai refused with one bite.

“…” Xia Xingchen was injured. Because, she really likes watching “Blendering”, and turned out to be considered naive by a four-year-old guy!

“You are a naive child right now. It depends on what should be naive. I changed it.”

“Okay, okay, you can change the channel, I know that idiot Dabao can’t understand the financial channel.” Dabai obediently handed the remote control to Xingchen.

“…” Xia Xingchen’s lips twitched, and angrily patted the back of his head, “Can’t you help me crush my IQ? It’s really annoying!”

Xia Xingchen felt that when he gave birth to Xia Dabai, he had picked up a big baby.

Not only is he well-behaved, sensible and obedient, but he also knows that he doesn’t cry like other children without a father. Moreover, this little guy has a very high IQ.

In short, he likes to fiddle with things that she doesn’t even understand.

For example, the messy numbers in finances, the models on various aviation exhibitions, and some puzzle games made by TV stations are all small cases for him. At first, Xia Xingchen still felt that it was a super shameless thing to be crushed by his IQ, but afterwards, the number of crushing was too much, and she was even used to it. And when he took this very good-looking little guy out in front of people, Beier had face. She also quietly ordered a lot of baby kisses for him.

“Okay, Da Bai, mom will change your clothes and take you out for dinner.” Xia Xingchen patted the little thing on the head. He waved his little hand, “Go ahead!”

Xia Xingchen took a bath, changed into his professional suit, and put on a goose yellow dress.

Although she is already the mother of a 4-year-old child, she is only 23 years old now, which is in the blooming season. The goose yellow is very bright and suitable for her. Makes her skin more fair and snowy.

She took care of herself and walked out of the room. There were no children in the hall.


She called, but did not hear the child’s response.

“Xia Dabai, coming out soon, time is running out.” Xingchen pushed open the door of the children’s room as he urged. However, there was no one in the room.

It was empty, making her startled for a moment.

For some reason, there was a chuckle in my heart, and an ominous premonition grabbed her, and she ran to the bathroom quickly.


It’s still empty!

“Dabai! Xia Dabai!” Xia Xingchen forced himself to be as calm as possible, not letting go of every corner of the room where he might hide, “Dabai, you come out quickly, now is not the time to play peekaboo! If you don’t come out again, I’m getting angry!”

She pretended to be angry and raised her voice. The voice has changed a bit.

He must have come out long ago at this time! But today…no…

Knowing that he was no longer in the house, Xia Xingchen rushed out and searched the corridor without seeing the child.

She quickly took out her mobile phone, ready to ask her mayor father for help.

“Xingchen, I just saw your home come to light!”

The cell phone hadn’t been dialed yet, and the neighbor next door hurried up. Xia Xingchen suddenly seemed to have seen a savior, and grasped her hand, “Did you really see him? Where is he?”

“Just go downstairs. Go and have a look. I was hugged by a few men in black.”

Xia Xingchen’s heart sank, and before he could even say thank you, he ran away in a hurry.

Is it possible to encounter kidnapping? However, she does not say that she is impoverished, but a single mother, where is there any precious things? The most valuable thing is nothing but the confession.

Xia Xingchen rushed down in three steps and two steps.

When I ran to the gate of the community, I saw more than a dozen cars parked in a row at the gate, and each car was a unique luxury car, full of momentum.

Where have the surrounding residents seen such a battle? They all looked around frequently, eager to try to get closer, but they were stopped by other people in black, and they couldn’t be approached by people 50 meters away.

“Xingchen, your Dabai is in that car! I was just picked up by them!”

Someone pointed to the third black Bentley.

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