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Chapter 11 is indirect kissing

After the party, the President left first.

Standing on the marble steps of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xia Xingchen witnessed Xia Xingkong like a proud peacock. Under the enviable gaze of other members, he got into Xu Yan’s car.

Chi Weiyang grinds his teeth next to him, feeling all kinds of anger in his heart.

Xia Xingchen just looked at it from a distance. In fact, what’s so uneven? It was me who proposed to break up with Xu Yan, and it was me who was pregnant…

Even if I think so, my heart is still a little empty and cold.

When I took a taxi and returned to the bungalow, the night was already dark.

After 11 o’clock, Xia Dabai and the servants were asleep at this time. The big house is very quiet.

She put her bag on the sofa and sneaked into the kitchen.

I’m very busy today, so busy I can’t even eat dinner. Xia Xingchen turned around in the kitchen, and the refrigerator was filled with high-quality ingredients. It was somewhat violent to use it to fill his stomach so late. And, to be honest, she is still not used to eating these things.

The flat-headed people really can’t compare with the superior president!

In the end, she pulled out a bag of dumplings that nobody cared about from the corner of the refrigerator. She took the time to pack this with Xia Dabai two days ago.

She and Xia Dabai used to love dumplings the most, and they made them when they were free. But now, these things that she thought were particularly precious before, probably couldn’t be put on the table in this family. Xia Xingchen lit the fire, boiled the water, and skillfully dropped the dumplings in. After flipping for a long time, I found the seasoning and made the sauce.

After about 10 minutes, the dumplings came out of the pot.

“It smells so good…” Xia Xingchen picked all the dumplings in the bowl and smelled it. Suddenly I just felt more hungry.

She didn’t go to the restaurant either, so she hid in the kitchen and tasted one secretly. She was so hungry that she swallowed it wholeheartedly, so hot that her feet jumped wildly, her mouth opened, her hands kept fanning, and her mouth was still muttering: “It’s hot! It’s hot!”

The next moment…

Someone who had been standing at the door of the kitchen suddenly broke into her sight. She was taken aback and stopped suddenly. In the next instant, half of the dumpling got stuck in his throat and almost choked to death.

“Cough cough cough…” She covered her chest and coughed violently. When he raised his head after the choking half of the dumpling, his face was flushed with choking. Somewhat resentfully looked at the President in front of him, “You… why are you always so supernatural?”

She didn’t expect him to appear here again in the middle of the night. Moreover, he apparently returned earlier than her, he was wearing a black robe and pajamas. Hmm… very sexy. It’s just that it’s still as cold as ever, making people feel oppressive.

Bai Yeqing glanced at her and walked into the kitchen, ignoring her at all.

Xia Xingchen asked himself to be boring, and stopped talking, chewing dumplings carelessly, but couldn’t help but curiously traverse him with a pair of eyes.

He just opened the refrigerator and walked around inside. Then, he didn’t seem to find anything satisfactory to him, and his brows had become a flower.

Xia Xingchen could see it, and President Bai was obviously the same as her, looking for food in the middle of the night.

She raised her lips and asked tentatively: “Are you hungry?”

“…” He ignored it, took a dry cake from the refrigerator and gnawed it. But, obviously, he was picky eater, took a bite, and frowned, looking hard to swallow.

Xia Xingchen thought his appearance was a bit funny.

Unexpectedly, President Bai, the supreme President of the Ninth Five-Year Plan, had such a pitiful time. In the eyes of others, he should be big fish and meat, serving delicious food, right?

However, she never dared to laugh in front of him. Making fun of the President, isn’t he looking for death?

“Do you want me to even out a few dumplings for you?” Xia Xingchen asked kindly again.

“No need.” Bai Yeqing only gave her two words, without empathy.

It’s so cold!

Xia Xingchen snorted and murmured, “If it weren’t for today’s affairs, I wouldn’t care about you. Just forget it if you don’t eat.”

After she said, she put a dumpling in her mouth and took a heavy bite. While shouting, he raised his head exaggeratedly and sighed: “It’s delicious! It’s so fragrant. Well, compared to dry food, dumplings are better.”

She also deliberately chewed.

“Have you never learned basic etiquette?” Bai Yeqing looked cold, rather disgusted.


“Who allowed you to chew when you were eating?”

“Yes, Mr. President. Then it’s always right for me to eat slowly.” Xia Xingchen replied unwillingly, but really chewed slowly.

In the Presidential Palace, the etiquette requirements are particularly numerous, especially when he is there.

Bai Yeqing glanced at her twice, then looked at the fragrant dumplings, his eyebrows narrowed, and he grabbed the bowl in her hand.

“Hey!” Xia Xingchen whispered.

I saw that he drew his chopsticks neatly, took one involuntarily and put it into his mouth.

Xia Xingchen was stunned and looked at him blankly, “Mr. President, don’t you… have a cleanliness addiction?”

“It depends on the mood.” He can only bear it when he is hungry.

“But, the one just now…” Xia Xingchen pointed at the dumpling in his mouth with slender fingers, pursing his lips, he stopped talking.

He twisted his eyebrows, “What?”

“That, I just bite…” Xia Xingchen’s voice was much softer at the end.

Bai Yeqing’s face suddenly became gloomy, and the eyes staring at her were extremely fierce, as if he was about to kill her.

Xia Xingchen was so frightened that his legs were a little weak, and he hurriedly put a hand to his lips respectfully, and whispered: “Take it here…”

She was wronged!

Obviously she didn’t force him to eat! And… even if you eat what she has eaten, you don’t have to look like a murderer, right? She is not poisonous!

Her thin lips moved, Bai Yeqing really wanted to spit out the dumplings she had eaten in her mouth.


Looking down, her aggrieved and resentful face was close at hand.

The two people were very close, and her soft palms were just under his nose, and she could smell a delicate fragrance. Elegant, like the taste of lime, it smells good.

Bai Yeqing couldn’t help but think of those nights five years ago, when she was so fragrant…

She was young and shy, let him ask for it.

He singled her out among many pictures of girls. I thought that for him, it was just the most common love for a few nights, and I should forget it later.

However, until now, he still clearly remembers the fragrance in her body…even, it is unforgettable…

“Mr. President?” Xia Xingchen called him without waiting for his response.

He withdrew his mind, his eyes darkened. One glance at her, the next instant, instead of spitting out the dumplings, they all choked.


Xia Xingchen was stunned. Then, as if he was aware of something, his face suddenly turned pale pink.

He… actually swallowed it?

So, between them, this… isn’t it an indirect kiss?

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