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Chapter 14 Remember More That Night

He retired gracefully to the chair on the other side, but because of his pulling force, she almost rushed towards him.

Xia Xingchen fell down on him, and his soft red lips rubbed seemingly from his cheeks. He was startled, and a tingling sensation ran across his body, making his eyes darker. Xia Xingchen was also stunned, returning to his senses, with a red and hot face back hurriedly, trying to avoid it.

However, the body was unstable, and the whole person suddenly fell backward. She let out a panic “Ah” and instinctively grabbed the man’s sleeve. Bai Ye raised her eyebrows and leaned down, wrapped her waist with one arm, and pulled her back with a little force.

Right now, Xia Xingchen was held by him and sat on his lap sideways.

His generous palms were still branded on her waist.

The palm of the man is very hot. It was burned to her skin through the thin cloth, which made her feel frightened.

Two people are so close, so close. There was an ambiguous atmosphere in the carriage.

His eyes were so deep, like a sea of ​​ocean, and she felt that she was about to drown in with just one glance.

The hands on his shoulders were slightly bent and curled together.

The heart, beating fast and chaotically, was about to jump out of the chest. This man is really dangerous! Even if she was just approaching this way and didn’t do anything, she would have no master and could not find North.

“Your Excellency.” At this moment, the front partition was suddenly pulled apart. A cold brown voice appeared, “Are you okay? I heard a voice inside, so…”

Leng Chuang’s words, at this point, suddenly saw the scene inside and stopped suddenly.


This…what’s the situation? The President and Miss Xia Xingchen… the two of them…

Then he poked his head out like this, but he really deserved to die!

Meeting Leng Brown’s eyes, Xia Xingchen blushed and suddenly woke up, struggling to get off Bai Yeqing’s legs. Bai Yeqing didn’t let go, she whispered: “You let me go down.”

“Penfen, don’t move!” Bai Yeqing’s tone of command was already a bit ugly.

He glanced coldly at Leng Café, “I didn’t call you, don’t let your head out casually.”

“Yes, sir.” Leng Chua quickly withdrew his head. I really didn’t expect that Miss Xia and Mrs. President would look very good at this look, but even so, they couldn’t really come together.

Disparity in status.

Inside the car.

Although the partition was lowered again, but at this moment Xia Xingchen’s wine awoke a lot.

“I’m sorry, I’m…a bit rude.” Xia Xingchen apologized lowly. Looking at the bite mark on his neck, she saw that she was still bleeding now, she was really pretending to be crazy just now.

“You like him very much?” Bai Yeqing asked. Deep Eye glanced at her and added: “If this is the case, I can think of a way to let him marry you, which is a compensation for you.”

“You mean Xu Yan?” Xia Xingchen reacted.


“Don’t, I don’t want him to marry me.” Xia Xingchen thought of the matter between him and Xia Xingkong, his eyes darkened, and said: “I… don’t like him very much.”

“Really?” Bai Yeqing obviously didn’t believe it, and suddenly pinched her jaw with his fingers, and suddenly raised her face.

The gaze of searching traversed her face, looking at her trembling eyelashes like butterfly wings, her heart moved, and she had forgotten what she was about to say, but suddenly she said: “The past, you just Remember the pain?”


He squinted, “It looks like I remember more than you remember.”

The tone is low and ambiguous.

There was a sound in Xia Xingchen’s mind, and at the moment, his face blushed to bleed.

and so……

What he meant was that he was the same as himself. Do you still remember the passionate entanglement of the two of them in those nights?

Xia Xingchen naturally didn’t dare to ask, supporting his shoulders with both hands, and quickly jumped off his legs.

She didn’t dare to respond to his words again, so she sat across from him. Even if you don’t look at him, you can feel his gaze pause for a moment on him.


Xia Xingchen’s heartbeat was disturbed. The car was obviously at a constant temperature, but she felt that it was horribly hot in the car. I fan the wind with my hands, but I don’t feel any better.

What does this man mean to say this to her?

Opposite, Bai Yeqing glanced at her with a lot of time, and finally, hooked her lips, took the official document and turned it casually.

It seemed that the memories of those nights, what she remembered, were not all pain.


The car, all the way to the manor.

The servants came out to welcome each other. When the car stopped, Xia Xingchen had fallen asleep leaning on the car. Leng Chuang came over and wanted to wake her up, Bai Yeqing hugged her and hugged her from the car.

Leng Jiao was shocked again, but she knew it.

Bai Yeqing hugged Xia Xingchen and went directly into the bedroom on the second floor. Xia Dabai was lying on the small desk writing homework, and when he heard the movement, he raised his head.

“Hey, how come Xia Dabao and Xiaobai are with you?”

“…” This kid always calls him “Xiao Bai” one by one, completely not afraid of his presidential majesty. Bai Yeqing curled his eyebrows, his face serious: “Call Dad.”

“Yes, Dad.” Xia Dabai smiled, “Xiaobai, why did you bring Xia Dabao back?”

“…” Bai Yeqing had no choice but to correct him. Anyway, this little guy is still measured, and he would never dare to be so unruly in front of others.

“Xiao Bai, our Xia Dabao is very fragrant, right?”

Regardless of whether he responds or not, the little guy crawls onto the bed and helps to open the quilt while talking.

Bai Yeqing glanced at him, raised his eyebrows, but still did not answer.

Put Xia Xingchen carefully on the bed. Her slender arm slowly slipped from his shoulder, and he could smell her body. As the little guy said, very fragrant. The same as five years ago.

This scent can make people fascinated.

Bai Yeqing withdrew his mind, patted the back of Xia Dabai’s head, and ordered: “Go and write your homework obediently.”

“Oh.” Xia Dabai obediently nodded his head, and went back to his desk again. Thinking of something, he bit his pen, turned his head back with big black eyes, and looked at the President, “Dad, can you marry my mother?”

Bai Yeqing was taken aback, and asked, “Why do you suddenly request this?”

“Xia Dabao must be drunk only when she is broken in love. I know that the person she likes will be my little uncle — I don’t like to see her sad.”

This villain knows everything unexpectedly.

Bai Yeqing glanced at Xia Xingchen, who was not sleeping well on the bed, and said, “It won’t help me to marry her. If you want her not to be sad, you must let your little uncle marry her.”

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