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Chapter 16 Future President Wife

Office of the President.

The first ray of sunlight penetrated the clouds and the golden light enveloped the earth. The neatly trimmed green grass is still dotted with rain and dew, and everything looks alive.

The big needle in the center of Baiyu Square made a’poof’ sound, solemn and solemn.

In front of the majestic gilt gate, a uniform guard of honor passed by with great momentum. Facing the rising sun, the country’s bright red flag is rising——

He stood in the White Feather Palace, and the people who accompanied him felt the awakening of everything in the early morning, and everything seemed orderly.

Outside the palace, the people looking up at the national flag saw him from a distance, and the crowd rushed towards the palace with excitement like a sea tide, wanting to take a closer look at the president’s demeanor. The guards stopped them from a distance.

Although President Bai has just taken office and is the youngest president ever, he is also the most popular. The original speech report was inspiring and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and almost 10,000 people were empty, and finally helped him easily defeat the two Vice Presidents Song Yu with a high vote.

Bai Yeqing stood at a high position, waving his hand to greet them from a distance.

The people’s greetings and support came one after another, and the sentiment was exciting. He was always calm, responding to them with the most graceful gesture-responding to his people.

He enjoys the happiness that this supreme right bestows on him, and at the same time bears the responsibility and…danger that the right brings to him.

At this moment, Leng Brown hurried over, attached to his ear, and lowered his voice: “Your Excellency, Vice President Song is here.”

Bai Yeqing said faintly, “Let him come to my meeting room.”

“He seems to be aware of the construction of the military factory.” Leng Chuang said softly.

He frowned, not surprisingly, “This kind of thing is bound to be hidden from him.”

“The secret weapon thing…”

“Who dares to reveal a half sentence, kill without mercy.” The last three words are cold and ruthless, and the face is full of ice.

Leng Chuang naturally knows in his heart, and dare not mention a word.

Song Guoyao was already waiting when Bai Yeqing entered the meeting room. Compared with Bai Yeqing’s youth, Song Guoyao is middle-aged. He sat there leaning on a cane until Bai Yeqing entered the door and asked the others to retreat, and then he slowly got up.

“Your Mightiness.”

Although it was a respectful attitude, Bai Yeqing knew how unconvinced he was in his heart.

“The vice president has something to do so early?” Bai Yeqing sat down on the main seat with a polite smile on his face.

“It’s not important, but it must be a good thing.” Song Guoyao smiled, “The only thing my family doesn’t know, you remember?”


“Yes. She has just returned to China these few days. When she came back, she told me that she had admired your Excellency for a long time, and was clamoring to see you. Look, when can I spare some time from my busy schedule to meet her? Satisfy the little girl a little bit more carefully.”

Bai Yeqing also smiled, “It’s rare that she is so caring and remembers me. No matter how busy she is, she will definitely meet. In a few days, I will personally entertain Miss Song, as if it is to meet the dust, what do you think?”

“Then I told her that your Excellency agreed to see her. She knew she must be very happy.”

Bai Yeqing nodded faintly, took a brocade box from the drawer and handed it to Song Guoyao, “This is a gift for Miss Song. Please also ask the Vice President to take it back for me.”

Song Guoyao even smiled, and said: “Your Excellency! Your Excellency!”

After Song Guoyao was sent away, Bai Yeqing’s smile followed.

Leng Chuang said: “This old fox, not asking about military affairs, actually talked to you about Miss Song.”

“He is trying to get married.”

Leng Chuang wanted to say something, but he stopped talking. Bai Yeqing glanced at him, “Speak straight.”

“Bai and Song’s two families are merged into one, although it seems to be of no benefit to us. But… I’m afraid that if you reject Vice President Song’s marriage proposal, he will instead seek to marry Vice President Yu. Then one Come, Yu and Song will join the family, which is bound to be the greatest threat to us.”

This was exactly what Bai Yeqing was worried about, so he prepared a gift for Song Only.


Saturday afternoon.

Xia Xingchen helped Dabai put on a riding outfit and gave him a riding whip. Bai Yeqing gave him this body and customized it himself. Wearing on him, the heroic spirit is pressing.

“Let the driver uncle take you to the racecourse. Don’t ride for too long.” Xia Xingchen exhorted, holding his water bottle, and sending him downstairs.

She couldn’t accompany her. It was a formal assessment on Monday. She was directly concerned about her work, and she did not dare to be careless.

“I see, you are busy with you, I can take care of myself.” Xia Dabai waved, followed the driver’s uncle and got into the car, not forgetting to turn around and blow her a kiss.

At this moment, the butler answered the phone and walked quickly in her direction.

“Miss Xia, the Presidential Palace is about to approach a very important guest, so…if it is convenient, please go upstairs now. If you have important things, you can ring the bell in the room and tell us.” The butler is solemn. Waiting, look serious.

Xia Xingchen felt curious, “Mr. President has never met any guests here before. This time…”

“This time I met the vice president’s daughter. It is very likely that it will be our future president’s wife. So, Miss Xia, please forgive me.”

The future wife of the president…

“…So that’s the case.” Xia Xingchen murmured, then smiled, “Then I will go up first. Don’t worry, I will never come down and bother if there is nothing wrong.”

Without saying anything, Xia Xingchen turned and walked upstairs. Open the book and read your own seriously.

However, after that, I was always a little absent-minded.

I was curious about what the girl he was after would look like.

Well, I must be so curious because the other party will be Dabai’s stepmother in the future!

However, thinking of Dabai wanting to call other people’s mothers in the future, I couldn’t help but drop to the extreme.

At this moment, only the roar of a car came downstairs. She put down the book in her hand almost immediately and looked out of the window.

It is still a long fleet. Xia Xingchen recognized at a glance that Bai Yeqing’s imperial car was the third one.

The convoy stopped on the manor road, and the well-trained bodyguard got off the car first. The door was opened by the guard, and he took the lead out of the car.

Immediately after…

A beautiful shadow came into her eyes.

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