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Chapter 5 Let’s Get Married

“What. I was telling the truth. And anyway, you criticized me first.” Lin Che’s crescent eyes glared at him.

“Alright, I’m sorry. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have said it,” Gu Jingze said while pulling at his clothes.

Lin Che nodded. “I accept your apology. I won’t touch you again anyway, so I won’t mention your skills anymore.”

Gu Jingze’s face darkened even more.

Resisting the urge to throw another tantrum, he said, “While we’re living together, we may have to share a bedroom like a typical married couple so that word doesn’t get out. If my family hears about it, we’ll be in trouble. I’ll respect your freedom. You can make friends and you can have your privacy. I won’t ask about it as long as it doesn’t compromise my reputation.”

“Don’t worry. I have my professional ethics. Since I’m married to you, I won’t casually get involved in scandals with other men. We’ll be divorcing soon anyway; I can tolerate this for at least these few years.”

“Okay. It’s a deal.”


Of course, although they were married, in reality, they were no different from two strangers who had gotten a marriage certificate.

As if he had completed some mission, Gu Jingze did not look at his new bride again. Instead, he turned his head and gestured to the people following behind him outside.

Lin Che followed Gu Jingze through the downtown area and into a compound.

There was a three-story villa in the courtyard. The person inside smiled at Lin Che as she came out of the car. His hands were folded and his head was bowed as he said respectfully, “Madam, you can call me Butler Hu.”

“Oh.” Dazed, Lin Che looked inside. The courtyard was wide and spacious with a long and straight road leading in. A lush-green field stretched into the distance. This place was so big that she could not see where it ended.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che. “You’ll be staying here with me from now on.”

“Oh, you’ll be staying here too?”

“Of course. Are you prepared to live separately already when we just got married?”

“No, I’m just confirming,” Lin Che raised her head and spoke.

Looking at her, Gu Jingze said, “My parents don’t usually come over. You can command the servants as you wish. If you don’t like the interior design, feel free to tell Butler Hu. You can change whatever you want as long as you don’t touch my bedroom and study room.”

How rude that would be . Lin Che blurted, “No, I’m not dissatisfied with anything. It would be too troublesome to renovate.”

Gu Jingze stopped in his tracks and looked at her with a distant gaze. The way he casually leaned against a corner of the table was very elegant.

Maybe people with good looks looked good doing anything.

Gu Jingze’s hand rested on the table. His slender fingers held his wallet. Their bone structure was distinct and beautiful and those hands were definitely suited to play the piano.

“Butler Hu will take you around the house,” he said. “I hope you get used to your surroundings soon.”

Butler Hu swiftly took her on a tour around the house.

There was an alarmingly large number of rooms. The maids’ quarters were outside, the kitchen was in the back, the living room was in the front, and the bedroom was upstairs. She felt that she would definitely lose her way if she went around alone.

Although the Lin family was a fairly respectable family, the Lin residence was obviously drastically different from this place.

She turned around to look at Butler Hu. “This is Gu Jingze’s house?”

“Yes, Madam. From now on, it is also your house.”

Lin Che looked around. “Gu Jingze seems to be pretty wealthy.”

“Yes, Madam.” Butler Hu looked at her with slight suspicion.

Then, Butler Hu smiled and said, “Although Sir seems difficult to get along with, he is a good person. You’ll get used to it eventually. Please just relax.”

Lin Che pushed open the walnut-colored double doors to the bedroom.

Immediately, she was faced with Gu Jingze’s half-naked body as he stood beside the bathroom door.

His lean, honey-colored body appeared more attractive after his recent shower. His muscles were symmetrically balanced on his chest and arms, giving him the perfect V-shaped body. The lines below his hip were also prominent.

Lin Che took a long time to react. He wasn’t wearing clothes!

The white towel wrapped loosely around his lower body looked like it was about to fall. Lin Che shouted in surprise and ran out of the room, the door closing with a thud.

Inside, Gu Jingze frowned unhappily. For a moment, he regretted agreeing to his family’s demands so easily. He liked elegant women, ones who were poised and dignified with proper etiquette and manners. Just like Mo Huiling. But now, he was married to someone who he wasn’t very compatible with. And it was all because of a ridiculous reason.

However, this woman was now indeed his lawful wife.

Lin Che stood against the door with her hand on her chest. She could feel her heart still beating furiously.

The scene from earlier reappeared in her mind.

This man was really too attractive; his body was so perfect that she almost had a nosebleed.

However, Lin Che understood clearly that it was just an accident. Although he was her husband, this was just a contract.

The door opened. Gu Jingze had put on a set of casual clothes that took away some of the sternness he emanated earlier. However, he still looked cold enough to freeze someone.

He glanced at Lin Che and said, “Do you still want to come in?”

Lin Che froze for a moment before blurting, “Sorry, sorry. I’ll come in.”

He had already established that they would live together after marriage; it was just that she had not gotten used to it.

Under Gu Jingze’s unchangingly aloof gaze, Lin Che ran into the bedroom and closed the door.

She knew that her earlier reaction had been too intense. Feeling slightly helpless, she said to him, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just that… I’m still not comfortable with the fact that I’m married and that I live with you now. That’s why I reacted in that way.”

Gu Jingze’s gaze rested on her white and glowing face. Compared to other women, her skin was so white it almost seemed translucent. It seemed to be as soft and smooth as a baby’s skin. He paused before shifting his gaze.

Looking of to the side, he said, “I don’t care what bad habits you used to have, but I hope that the first thing you learn here is to knock before you enter.”

Lin Che said indignantly, “Are you blaming me for coming in without knocking? How was I supposed to know that you were naked? I think you should be the one to adjust. Now that there’s someone living with you, you shouldn’t just walk around naked.”

“You…” Gu Jingze’s shot a dark look at the unreasonable woman.

Lin Che just could not help it. She initially wanted to get along with him properly, but this man had an uncanny ability to incite a quarrel with his unkind words.

She was just not used to dealing with him.

Gu Jingze decided to stop conversing with this woman. He picked up his blanket and walked towards the couch.

Seeing this, Lin Che called out, “I’ll sleep on the couch.”

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