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Chapter 6 Are you Mr. President?

Someone who followed the man stepped forward and held Xia Xingchen’s shoulders awe-inspiringly.

“You are so courageous!” Leng Chuang scolded and walked over, gazing heavily from Xia Xingchen, carefully falling on the face of Bai Yeqing, “Your Excellency…”

Bai Yeqing raised his hand, indicating that it was all right. The expression is still cold, making people afraid to breathe too hard.

“You let me go! So many people bully a woman, what kind of guy?”

Xia Xingchen had a bitter expression and struggled hard. However, the two men holding her are sturdy men, and both have practiced. How can she break free?

She looked at the man, “Let your people let go, I still have accounts to settle with you.”


Does this woman figure out the situation? How dare to speak to Mr. President in this tone? !

Everyone was shocked.

Bai Yeqing stared at her hard, his eyes were cold and sharp, as if to stare through her. Xia Xingchen’s heart trembled slightly, she was afraid. But on the surface, he didn’t dare to show it at all.

Look at the man before…

I don’t know if it’s an illusion. I always feel… he seems familiar…

“Bring her in!” The man interrupted her for further thoughts. The other party dropped this sentence, and walked into the bungalow with a stiff face. The voice was so heavy that Xia Xingchen shuddered, and in the next moment, he was dragged in rudely.


In the huge study room, all the entourages retreated, except for Xia Xingchen and Bai Yeqing.

He put his hands in his pockets, standing high in front of the oval bookshelf and staring at her. His aura was so strong that he didn’t feel angry and pretentious, so that Xia Xingchen only felt that the entire space was depressed so that it was difficult to breathe.

She choked, looked at the man, and could not make a sound for a long time.

“Isn’t there an account to settle with me, dumb?” He was the first to speak.

As soon as he said it, Xia Xingchen couldn’t help but think of the grievances he had suffered for so many years because of him inexplicably. The tip of his nose was sour, he took a step forward, raising his hand to slap him again. The previous slap was five years ago, but this slap is because he took Xia Dabai five years later!


The hand was raised, but before it could be lowered, the man’s wrist had already been clasped suddenly. He was very strong, and Xingchen felt that his wrist was about to be broken by him.

“Let go!” She struggled. However, in front of a man, her strength is like an ant, where can she earn it?

Xia Xingchen was so angry, he lowered his head and bit at the back of the man’s hand. Biting hard and mercilessly, blood leaked from the back of the man’s hand.

Bai Yeqing frowned, and the eyes staring at her became even colder. This woman really challenged his bottom line!

“Xia Xingchen, enough is enough!” He said lowly, with a warning in his tone.

“Suffer enough?” She sneered, with tears in her eyes. “Sir, I should give you this sentence. Dabai, I will never give it to you. Please stop in moderation and return the child to me!”

“Absolutely impossible!” The four words have no room for change.

If it hadn’t been for the child to play a hunger strike with him, Xia Xingchen would probably never have stood here in this lifetime.

Xia Xingchen felt that he was about to explode. She took a strong breath, forced herself to calm down, and spoke as calmly as possible: “Who are you? A robber? I kidnapped my son for some reason. Do you know that you are illegal? And-I Your father is the mayor. You should know what the consequences will be if you don’t return the child to me.”

She really didn’t want to use power to overwhelm others, but there was no other way at the moment.

“Bai Yeqing.”

When the man finished her series of words, he only lifted his thin lips and uttered three words quietly.


“my name.”

“Bai… Ye… Qing?” Xia Xingchen chewed on these three very familiar words, then carefully looked at the man in front of him. The perfect contour and three-dimensional facial features became clear in my eyes little by little, and then…

She was dumbfounded.

“General… Mr. President?”

She was completely shocked. For a long time, her mind was blank, and she felt a little dizzy.

Are you dreaming? How could Xia Dabai’s father be Bai Yeqing—the President who just took office some time ago! This is incredible!

She stayed there and looked down at the man’s hand. The teeth on the hand were very deep. Thinking of his identity, she bit her lip and let go of the man’s hand angrily.

He took another step back and kept a distance from him.

Bai Yeqing seemed very satisfied with her reaction, the original tight facial lines eased a little, “In the future, you will live here. If you have any questions, you can directly contact the housekeeper.”

“Work can continue as usual, no one will hold you back. But-for the safety of Miss Xia, you must keep your child’s identity confidential and not publicity.”

Is the order.

Xia Xingchen had slowly recovered from the shock just now. Publicity? Even if she is now all over the world saying that her child belongs to the President, no one will believe it?

“…I still have something to ask you.”

Bai Yeqing looked at her, “asked.”

“Why me?” Xia Xingchen looked at his ocean-like eyes, “Why did you choose me to give you a baby?”

“It’s very simple, there are not many women who can give birth to me. And you, your blood type just matches.”

It’s really simple enough!

After Bai Yeqing dropped the bomb on her, a group of people left for work. Xia Xingchen sat on the sofa, still trying to digest Xia Dabai’s father as the president of a country.

Although I can’t believe it, this is also a very good explanation. Why did my father get to the position smoothly in the first place; why the hospital didn’t dare to move her.


Inside the RV.

Leng Chua was shocked when he saw the bite marks on Mr. President’s hand. It seems that Miss Xia is still a strong temper.

Pull out the medicine and gauze from the medicine box on the side, and skillfully help him bandage. Although it is only a minor injury, the bite marks are more ambiguous and not suitable for the President to appear in public view.

“How is Xia Xingchen doing in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?” Bai Yeqing flipped through the requirements, as if asking casually.

“I heard that she has good abilities. Although she is an intern, the minister likes her very much and will leave her as an interpreter if possible.”

Bai Yeqing gave a faint’um’, and then no more questions. Cold Coffee also stopped talking. I just don’t know how Xia Xingchen will arrange in the future.

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