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Chapter 7 Xia Xingchen is embarrassed

Xia Xingchen had no choice but to stay close to the child.


After that day, Bai Yeqing really seemed to have completely disappeared, and he hadn’t appeared in this bungalow for a month. Xia Xingchen sometimes feels that the man came out of his imagination. But no.

There is always news about him on TV.

Xia Dabai, like her, never cared about political news before, but now she would squat in front of the TV at 7 o’clock, not going anywhere, just to see the man who occasionally appeared on the screen.

After the news was broadcast, he went back to do his homework in a nonchalant manner.

Xia Xingchen knew he was thinking about Dad.

She didn’t expect that she would see him in the bungalow the next day.

That night, the night was quiet, and Xia Xingchen couldn’t sleep at all. In a few days, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will receive an important visitor, and she will have to prepare some available information.

When she entered the study, all the servants had already fallen asleep, and the whole western-style building was silent. She has been quite familiar with this study after living for a month.

The book she wanted was a few meters high, but unfortunately, she still has a fear of heights!

upset. However, gritted his teeth, he still had to climb the stairs.

Bai Yeqing had been busy for a whole month, and just returned to the bungalow. Hearing movement in the study, he came over immediately after being cautious.

Pushing open the door of the study, I looked up and saw her.

Apparently she had just taken a shower, and she was wearing a white silk nightdress, and her curly hair was languidly spread out to the waist. Make her look slimmer.

Her whole body was climbing up the stairs like a koala. She seemed to have a fear of heights, and her straight legs under her nightdress shivered slightly. The toes that were originally white and jade turned red and moist due to tension, and they were a bit…cute.

This woman, in the middle of the night, what does she want to do like this? Does she know that in this way, in front of a man, it looks like a delicious snack waiting for someone to taste?

Bai Yeqing couldn’t help but think of those nights five years ago, his eyes darkened a little, he stepped in her direction and walked a few steps closer, “What are you doing?”

He spoke, and his tone was as cold and cold as ever.

Xia Xingchen was already nervous when climbing the stairs, and his legs couldn’t stand still. I only got a few heavy books in my hand, and I was very happy, and his sudden voice shocked her. Turning his head suddenly, the whole person fell off the stairs in the next instant. The book in his hand also crackled down.

Bai Yeqing frowned and stretched out his arm almost instinctively. When he came back to his senses, a fresh scent puffed his nose, and the woman’s tender and soft body was tightly embraced by him.

Then, the two fell on the carpet together.

Xia Xingchen did not expect that he would suddenly appear here, nor did he expect that he would save himself. Therefore, for a long while, I could only look at him in amazement. She was riding her whole body on his waist. In such a quiet environment, Xia Xingchen could clearly hear his strong and powerful heartbeat, and smell the unique breath of a man on him…

The tips of the noses of the two people are almost close to the tips of the noses. Every facial feature of him was so good that Xia Xingchen forgot to move his eyes. In reality, he looks much better than on TV. The eyes that are as deep as the ocean are even more shocking.

Xia Xingchen forgot to thank him for a while, and even to get up from the man.

“Is it enough?” The man’s thin lips lifted and his voice was cool.

Xia Xingchen suddenly recovered and realized that the two people were in this posture, especially when she had been staring at him, and she blushed in embarrassment.

Xia Xingchen, you are really embarrassing!

“Ye… I’m sorry, I… get up right away.” Xia Xingchen’s tongue was knotted, not knowing whether it was annoyance or nervousness.

That’s enough!

She didn’t dare to look at the man’s eyes, she tried to get up from him pretending to be calm, but then she got up, and the next moment, a pain in the scalp hit.

“Um…” She groaned, and with a force of pulling, she pulled her whole person back.

At this moment, his face fell directly on him…

day! She has an urge to bury herself!

“Xia Xingchen, what are you doing?!” Bai Yeqing’s eyes trembled, and his breathing suddenly increased. His face is very ugly.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Xia Xingchen immediately raised her face, her embarrassed face was so red that she could bleed. She was so embarrassed that she didn’t know where her eyes were floating, and she just stumbled and said: “My hair… You are on the zipper…Don’t move…”

Xia Xingchen half-legged to straighten the ends of her hair.

It’s crazy! What’s wrong with the hook, it got stuck in the zipper pull of his pants! This place is really embarrassing for my wife! As long as you are not careful, your fingers will hit places that shouldn’t be touched.

She tugged several times, because of her anxiety, the more she could not pull it off. Xia Xingchen was so anxious that fine sweat came from the tip of his nose, and he did not dare to lower his eyes to see the zipper.

Although her experience in that area came from those nights five years ago, she could still feel that the man’s body under her body was getting more and more stiff.

Xia Xingchen’s mouth became dry inexplicably, and he dared not lower his eyes, so he had to look at the man for help, “What should I do?”

Bai Yeqing gritted his teeth, “I made it myself, I figured it out!”

“…” Your President is too irresponsible! This kind of thing can actually watch the fire from the other side!

Xia Xingchen bit her lip and said cautiously: “…May have to pull the zipper down and try…”

Bai Yeqing glanced at her dangerously and whispered warning: “Dare you give me a try!”

“Then what should I do?” Xia Xingchen was annoyed to death, “I can’t always keep this posture. Otherwise…I promise, I just don’t look at anything.”

Bai Yeqing really wanted to take a pair of scissors and cut her hair’click’. But Xia Xingchen was really not afraid of death, closed his eyes tightly, and touched his zipper with slender fingers.


The man grunted and gritted his teeth: “Xia Xingchen, where do you touch your hand?!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I can’t see with my eyes…” Xia Xingchen retracted his hands in fright when he encountered the scorching heat, and then muttered: “Just let you do it yourself!”

“Do you still dare to complain?”

“Don’t dare…” She murmured, her heart turned, and she stretched out her hand again. At this time, it was the man’s hand that the hand touched.

She opened her eyes and Bai Yeqing glared at her, apparently quite reluctant, but still pulled the zipper down by herself. If you really want this woman to come, let her feel the fire sooner or later!

The zipper was pulled down, and Xia Xingchen lowered his head to pull out his hair. His eyes fell to the top of the zipper accidentally, and the next moment, his face was red.

Just looking at it, I felt shocked. Xia Xingchen thought of the things that had happened between them five years ago, and all of a sudden he lost his breath, and his palms were all sweaty.

“Have you seen enough?” The man said coldly, but his eyes were full of fire.


Xia Xingchen suddenly turned away, coughing dryly: “I haven’t seen anything…”

He unceremoniously prodded her, “Yes, I didn’t see anything, still staring at it?”

“…” Xia Xingchen was so embarrassed that he wanted to find a hole to go in. Fortunately, her hair had already been torn out this time, she got up in embarrassment, and fled without even saying hello.

Those books on the ground are too late to pick up.

Bai Yeqing looked at the figure from behind, sat up, breathing a little messy for a long while.

damn it!

Is this woman really intentional?

Back to her room, Xia Xingchen took a sip of water and felt dry.

She patted cold water on her face, but her face was still red like a big tomato.

It’s… terrible!

How could she stare at him just now? Well, even if… this man is superb everywhere, and he is horribly sexy everywhere, but that is too… lustful!

I don’t know what he thinks of himself!

“Xia Dabao, what’s the matter with you? Why do you beat yourself in the middle of the night?” Xia Dabai was awakened, and sat up from the bed half-eyed sleepily, looking at her.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Mom…well, doing maintenance!” Xia Xingchen slapped his face a few more times, “This way, blood circulation is fast and metabolism is fast.”

“Oh. But, you blush like pig liver. It seems…you are shy.”


This son is so poisonous!

“What are you shy, stop talking nonsense. Hurry up, lie down and sleep.” Xia Xingchen climbed onto the bed and took the child into his arms. Xia Dabai didn’t entangle her anymore, only hooked her neck and fell asleep. After a while, he asked again dazedly: “Dabao, does Dad want me again?”

Xia Xingchen felt a pain in his heart.

It seems that tomorrow, she should really find a chance to talk to that man.

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