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Chapter 8 Unforgettable old love

When Xia Xingchen was about to fall asleep in a daze, he vaguely heard a noise at the door. The room was dark, without the lights on, she vaguely saw the tall man walking slowly to the bed, and then silently leaned over and stamped a kiss on the big white forehead, and kicked him off the quilt carefully. it is good.

The moonlight from outside the window came in and shone on the man’s face. His expression was as indifferent as before, but it seemed to be a bit warmer than usual in the TV news.

Xia Xingchen smiled.

It seems that Xia Dabai misunderstood him. Why would he not want him?


The next day, early in the morning. After Xia Xingchen finished washing, she took her son downstairs. The two were jumping all the way, talking and laughing, but when the servant opened the carved door of the restaurant and brought them to the door, when they saw someone sitting at the main seat of the table, they both closed their voices immediately.

The atmosphere suddenly became colder.

Someone’s powerful aura makes people afraid to act arbitrarily.

“Little Master, Miss Xia, good morning.” The butler stood behind him and said hello.

“good Morning.”

Xia Xingchen greeted him cautiously, opened the children’s chair, and sat in with Dabai in his arms. He glanced at the man who was sitting quietly flipping through the newspaper, thinking of what happened last night, he was a little embarrassed.

“Good morning, Mr. President.” She greeted uncomfortably.

“Yeah.” He deserved it.

“……”that’s it? Xia Xingchen was embarrassed again, this man is really very difficult to communicate.

Staring at him with big eyes, “I thought you would never come back.”

“Why?” Bai Yeqing put away the newspaper. Compared with just responding to Xia Xingchen, he did not respond to the child at all.

The difference in this treatment is really big enough.

Xia Xingchen mumbled to himself.

“You have not come back for so long. You regret it and don’t want me anymore, right?” Xia Dabai asked.

Xia Xingchen took the hand of the breakfast cake spreading sauce and gave a slight meal. Subconsciously glanced at Bai Yeqing, Bai Yeqing obviously didn’t expect the child to ask such a question. He was taken aback for a moment and said, “You will always be my son. I never regret bringing you back, and I won’t be in the future.”

“Really?” Xia Dabai twisted his eyebrows, looked at him inquiringly, and then at Xia Xingchen, as if he was not sure what was true or false in his words.

“Don’t worry, Dad has a lot of words, he said that it is true is true.” Xia Xingchen touched his son’s little head, soothing his sensitive heart. “Okay, have breakfast,”

She talked to her son very tenderly. Bai Yeqing couldn’t help but glanced at her more. With this appearance, it is difficult for her to connect with the woman who slapped her in the face.

She handed the small cake with sauce to Da Bai. Dabai was happy, took a bite of the cake, smiled, “It’s delicious. Xia Dabao, you can make one for Dad, and Dad will definitely like it too.”

“Really?” Xia Xingchen glanced at the man uncertainly. He had already drawn his gaze back, and was eating quietly, his posture was elegant and expensive, completely different from the lively mother and son on the sidelines.

Even if you look at it this way, they, no, they and him are by no means people in the same world.

Xia Xingchen thought for a while, after all he still smeared the cake with green tea sauce and handed it to him. He ate breakfast slightly, glanced at her, but did not answer.

“Miss Xia, you have a cleanliness habit, sorry.” Seeing her move, the butler hurriedly said. He took the sterilized gloves, personally carefully took the cake to Mr. President, spread the sauce, and then Mr. President took it.

Do you feel dirty? That’s it!

Xia Xingchen couldn’t help but feel a little bit jealous. It was also quite embarrassing to stretch a hand that was not appreciated at all in the air. But I can’t force him to eat. She did not dare, nor did she have that ability. It might be thrown out by someone right now!

“Since Mr. President is too dirty, I’ll eat it myself.” He curled his lips and put the cake into his mouth.

Bai Yeqing glanced at her deeply, her eyes dark, but speechless. I have never seen a woman who dares to be so careless in front of him. Which woman does not eat cakes and chew them slowly? She was completely devouring it.

Xia Dabai was sympathetic and depressed. It seems that if you want your mother to get the president’s father, hope seems very slim!

In the next few days, President Bai Da was blind to the end again, and he was probably very busy. Xia Xingchen himself was too busy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to meet with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Xia Xingchen is still just an intern, but he can’t drop the chain.

On the same day, the Prime Minister and his party came slowly, and she followed everyone from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the door.

The car stopped, and a group of British entourage followed the Prime Minister. Among them, there is an Oriental who is particularly eye-catching. And that person…

Even though Xia Xingchen was standing at the end of the crowd, she still recognized the man at a glance.

After five years of absence, he has become more mature and stable than before. Standing among a group of Westerners, and among a group of outstanding people, he is not inferior in terms of temperament or height.

Chi Weiyang on the side jerked off the cuffs of her shirt, and quietly compared her lips: “Xu Yan…”

Xu Yan.

It is Xu Yan.

Xia Xingchen’s gaze seemed to be fixed on him, unable to leave. The man followed the crowd, getting closer and closer, and then…

Turning his head slightly, his eyes suddenly met Xia Xingchen.

The eyes are facing each other, each is startled. The man seemed surprised to see her. The footsteps stopped, his eyes were deep and complex. Xia Xingchen pinched his fingers into the meat and looked away.

In the next work, Xia Xingchen was a little absent. Fortunately, she is just a small assistant, and, with Chi Weiyang helping out, she is much more relaxed. After noon, everything will come to an end. The rest of them can breathe a sigh of relief.

Xia Xingchen held the chopsticks and picked the rice boredly.

Chi Weiyang sat down opposite her and glanced at her probingly, “Is it all right?”

“It’s okay, what can I do?” Xia Xingchen smiled, pretending to be relaxed.

“Okay, put it in front of me and don’t pretend. You think carefully, I can see more clearly than anyone else.”

“…” Xia Xingchen stopped talking. A stiff mouth makes it particularly funny.

“Xu Yan really gets longer and handsomer. I just heard all the little girls next to him talk about him. I guess he should already have a girlfriend by now.”

“That’s not surprising. He is so good, and there must be endless girls chasing him.” Xia Xingchen answered softly.

Chi Weiyang snorted coldly, “Back then, if you hadn’t been seeded by a bastard, you wouldn’t have passed by Xu Yan. That bastard didn’t know who it was. If you let me know, I am sure. Take the shoehorn and throw it in his face.”

“…” Xia Xingchen immediately sketched the picture of Bai Yeqing’s face of the thousand-year-old iceberg being thrown by a shoehorn in his mind, and he thought about it and laughed’pouch’. That picture will definitely be quite exciting.

Chi Weiyang glared at her, “I’m serious, you can still laugh!”

“Okay, I remember. That’s what you said. If I find Dabai his dad, don’t forget to smoke him for me.”

“Don’t worry, this must be!”

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