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Chapter 9 Meet the New and Old Loves

Xia Xingchen was thinking, wondering if Wei Young would dare to be so arrogant after knowing that his child’s father is President Bai.

Chi Weiyang changed the subject again and said, “I heard that the President will come for our evening show tonight.”

“Huh? Why didn’t I hear?”

“The itinerary plan just made temporarily, I also listened to the Secretary-General.”

“…Oh.” Speaking of which, she hadn’t seen Bai Yeqing for several days.

“Why is your reaction so plain?” Chi Weiyang was very excited, “I was so nervous when I thought of meeting the President! I used to watch him on TV and felt so handsome. I don’t know what I will look like. Really more handsome than on TV.”

“What’s the use of being handsome, cold, like a piece of wood.” Xia Xingchen muttered.

“What are you talking about? Who is like a wood?”

“…It’s nothing, you’ll know when you see it.”

Xia Xingchen didn’t dare to go on because he was afraid of leaking.

That day, I never saw Xu Yan again. He is very busy. He is the chief interpreter of the Prime Minister, so naturally he has to follow him all the time.

At night, as expected, President Bai arrived. As always, the Minister of Foreign Affairs led everyone to the door. Across the crowd, Xia Xingchen looked at the man who was so high that no one could get close to him. In a daze, he only felt like the dazzling sun in the sky, and he was the dust on the ground.

It is really unpredictable that two people who are so far away and so different can have a child. However, fortunately, I will not fall in love with this person, otherwise, it must be miserable.

Xia Xingchen thought to himself. Chi Weiyang was pinching her hand quietly again, she turned her face away, and saw that the nymphomaniac woman was so excited that her face turned peach pink. A pair of eyes staring at the President just barely showed a heart.


Can you be more reserved?

However, when he turned his head, he found that all the women present, whether they were married or unmarried, basically had the same reactions as hers. She stood calmly in the crowd, but she seemed particularly out of place.

This man is really a scourge!

Bai Yeqing entered like Zhongxing Gongyue, and did not meet Xia Xingchen the whole time. Chi Weiyang looked disappointed: “The President did not even look at us!”

“There are so many people, he can’t come over if he wants to see it. Okay, don’t dare, go change clothes, and go to the party.”

In a few minutes, the party will begin. The fireworks on the opposite side of the sea have already risen brilliantly, so lively. Xia Xingchen put on makeup and came out of the dressing room in a navy blue dress.

Just about to walk to the party in a hurry, a familiar figure suddenly stopped her on the spot.

At one glance, his heartbeat went wild.

It’s Xu Yan.

He glanced deeply over Xia Xingchen’s face. Xia Xingchen held the handbag and the hem of the skirt, and when his eyes looked over, she felt unspeakably nervous.

“Long time no see.” In the end, Xu Yan spoke.

Xia Xingchen pulled her lips together, “Yes, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Xu Yan looked at the beautiful girl in front of him and couldn’t help but praised: “It’s beautiful. This dress suits you very well.”

“Thank you.”

After that, the two of them were silent for a moment. There are thousands of times in each other’s hearts, but opening lips doesn’t know where to start. The scene became quite awkward for a while.

“Brother Xu Yan!”

At this moment, a sweet voice suddenly sounded.

Xia Xingchen was startled, but Xu Yan stiffened. Then, the petite figure trot over and took Xu Yan’s arm, “Brother Xu Yan, I said we can meet here, right?”

It turned out to be… Xia Xingkong…

Only then did Xia Xingchen think of the performance tonight, there is indeed an international dance company Xia Xingkong is in. However, she never expected…she and Xu Yan…

Xia Xingchen’s gaze fell on Xia Xingkong’s arm holding Xu Yan. Xu Yan seemed a little uncomfortable. He took his hand out of Xia Xingkong’s hand and said stiffly: “Okay, Xingkong, this is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, don’t be like that.”

“What does it matter? We are lovers. Besides, there are no outsiders here anyway.” Xia Xingkong smiled with happiness.

Xia Xingchen felt a little bored in her heart.

“Sister? So it’s you!” Xia Xingkong seemed to notice the existence of Xia Xingchen, and then released Xu Yan and went to pull Xia Xingchen’s hand, “Sister, what a coincidence! I didn’t expect the three of us to meet here. I also just returned home and said I wanted to see you, but I heard that you have moved away.”

“Let’s talk, I still have a job, I won’t accompany you anymore.” Xia Xingchen couldn’t pretend that Xia Xingkong’s warm and well-behaved look was so warm and well-behaved, he pulled Xia Xingkong’s hand away and prepared to leave.

Xia Xingkong pulled her, “Sister, don’t rush away, let’s talk for a while.” She turned to look at Xu Yan again, “Brother Xu Yan, I want to drink coffee, can you help me get a cup of coffee? “

Xu Yan glanced at Xia Xingkong and then at Xingchen quietly, turning around without saying anything.

Xia Xingkong released Xingchen’s hand as soon as Xu Yan left. The smile just stopped, and replaced with a coldness.

“He is my boyfriend now, so stay away from him!” is a warning.

Xia Xingchen has long been accustomed to Xia Xingkong’s face, the face of the former and the latter, and looked at her with a sneer, “It has been five years, your hypocritical face is really the same.”

“That’s better than if you pretend to be pure, but in the end you mess around with people behind your back, it’s much better to plant something that you don’t know who it is. Xia Xingchen, don’t blame me for not reminding you, don’t pick it up in front of Brother Xu Yan Humiliation, you are not worthy of him at all!”

Xia Xingchen was not annoyed, just glanced at Xia Xingkong coolly: “Since you feel that I am so unbearable, you still look like a big enemy? Xia Xingkong, after five years outside, why didn’t you grow at all? “

“You!” Xia Xing choked in the air. At this moment, Xu Yan ran over with a coffee. Xia Xingkong’s hostility just now has subsided, and his smile is like a flower. Xu Yan glanced at the two worriedly, and said, “I must enter the venue now, you guys…”

“Then you go in first. My sister and I will have a chat for a while. Anyway, there is still a while before I play.”

“Alright.” Xu Yan really hurried away without thinking. Work is too stressful.

As soon as Xu Yan left, Xia Xingkong’s expression changed, and a handful of coffee in his hand was poured on Xia Xingchen.

Without warning, Xia Xingchen took a deep breath. The coffee was hot, the dress on her body was very low on the chest, and the coffee dripped directly from the neckline, and the chest was flushed red.

Damn it!

Xia Xingchen glared.

Xia Xingkong smiled innocently, “Sorry, I can’t hold my hand firmly. However, elder sister, in front of other boyfriends, next time you remember not to dress like this, people will be jealous.”

After she said that, before Xia Xingchen could react, she turned and left.

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