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Chapter 1 I met my husband and cheating in the car with a female student

“Qianyan, look at the car in front of you!”

An Qianyan and her best friend Luo Jingjing attended the class reunion together. Unexpectedly, as soon as she arrived at the hotel parking lot, her best friend Luo Jingjing pointed to a BMW car not far in front of them and exclaimed in a low voice.

An Qianyan looked in the direction of her girlfriend’s fingers, and she saw a white BMW in front of her, moving up and down slightly.

“Ah…” The woman’s coquettish shouts came from inside the car from time to time.

An Qianyan was taken aback, and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly.

She had only seen things like car shock in the entertainment news before, and had never witnessed it with her own eyes.

I didn’t expect to bump into it in the hotel’s underground parking lot today!

“Zhenwei, so comfortable!” Suddenly the woman Jiao called out a man’s name.

An Qianyan was just about to leave in embarrassment, and her hand opened the car door suddenly.

There was a thud in his head, and the whole body was in vain.


Her husband Ye Zhenwei also called this name?

An Qianyan seemed to be struck by thunder and lightning, and her whole heart jumped wildly.

She subconsciously glanced at the BMW car again, and took a closer look at the license plate of that car.

Almost unable to mention it in one breath!


Isn’t that the license plate number of her husband Ye Zhenwei’s car?

Looking at the white BMW car again, it was her husband Ye Zhenwei’s car.

Could it be…

An Qianyan’s heart sank fiercely, her eyes horrified at the moving car.

Countless possibilities emerged in my mind.

Maybe, her husband happened to lend the car to a friend?

Maybe she read the wrong license plate?

Ye Zhenwei has a successful career, and is gentle and considerate to her on weekdays. Everyone envy her for marrying a good husband.

How could such a man cheat?

An Qianyan was desperately comforting herself in her heart. At this moment, the car window suddenly shook during the vibration.

It should be that the two people in the car were too fierce. They accidentally touched a certain button and the car window automatically lowered.

In this way, An Qianyan could clearly see the two people in the car.

The man with the upper body naked, who is not her husband Ye Zhenwei?

An Qianyan was shocked by lightning all at once, her body stiffened suddenly and her brain blank.

how is this possible?

It turned out to be Ye Zhenwei?

Her husband was carrying her back and playing with other women in a BMW car?

“Oh, these two people are really anxious, obviously this is the hotel, they didn’t know that they went up to open a room, they just got it in the underground garage.” Her girlfriend Luo Jingjing voiced disdainfully.

Mixed with the screams of the two people in the car, the sound penetrated An Qianyan’s mind, like a sharp blade, piercing her chest, and she could hardly breathe in pain.

“But when the hotel opens, there is no excitement here, Qianyan, don’t you think?” Luo Jingjing curled his red lips, then turned to look at her.

Only then did she discover that An Qianyan’s entire face was extremely pale, and her whole body was shaking.

“Qianyan, what’s the matter with you?” Luo Jingjing stared at her suspiciously, wondering.

An Qianyan stared at the swaying BMW car in front of her, breathing so hard that she could hardly speak.

Luo Jingjing followed her gaze and looked over again, and finally found the problem.

“Then…that man, isn’t it your husband Ye Zhenwei?” Luo Jingjing looked at it for a long time before confirming, and she also looked like she couldn’t believe it.

Staring at the girl in the school uniform in Ye Zhenwei’s arms again, for a long time, he couldn’t help but exclaimed in indignation, “Damn, does he still eat tender grass?”

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