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Chapter 1 Three Years Married

In the middle of the night, Cheng Xiaoya woke up in a nightmare, grabbed the dark purple silk bedding and pulled it around her neck, turning her big eyes to the empty space on her side.

After three years of marriage, Fu Xuan wandered around Yingying and Yanyan all the time except for being busy with official duties. He never went home at three o’clock.

In the cold three-story villa, except for the servant Assan who is basically on the ground floor, only Cheng Xiaoya is waiting alone.

The bedroom door slammed open, and Fu Xuan threw himself on the bed full of alcohol, half drunk and half awake, tightening Cheng Xiaoya’s ankle.

“Dear Mrs. Fu, do you miss me?” Fu Xuan’s stern face showed a wicked smile. As soon as he tilted his body and pulled his long arms, the thin silk quilt was thrown to the floor.

Cheng Xiaoya froze there completely, the familiar midnight violence has been staged almost every week for the past three years.

Can’t hide, Cheng Xiaoya simply closed her eyes.

Half the rate, Fu Xuan’s snoring sound in his ear…

Cheng Xiaoya weakly raised her hand to touch the floor mirror in front of the bathtub, and said to herself: “Why? Why do you hate me so much? Obviously I have loved you so much since I was a child!”

She couldn’t close her eyes. When she closed her eyes, it was the beauty of Fu Xuan when she was young and holding her hand and running forward.

Cheng Xiaoya is not good at math, and Fu Xuan often brings weird little candies and delicately packaged gifts to her home to help her with homework.

When Fu Xuan was sitting next to her and lecturing to her seriously, she would run a small run to study the naughty and jumping sunlight on Fu Xuan’s chestnut hair. Often in exchange for the little teacher’s spoiled chestnut, Cheng Xiaoya, who knocked, covered her knocked forehead coquettishly, blushed, silently lowered her head and looked back at the question.

The text in the book would always twist and float away involuntarily, pulling her attention and unknowingly returning to Fu Xuan’s handsome face. He always wore a simple and neat light-colored shirt with a nice smell. The smell of Yangguan made Cheng Xiaoya involuntarily approach Fu Xuan.

Fu Xuan also liked this beautiful and elegant sister. Seeing Cheng Xiaoya drove off again, her seductive lips pursed, and Fu Xuan’s heartbeat slowed a few times as she watched the erratic eyes of the math problem.

Both heads couldn’t help but move closer to each other, getting closer and closer. Cheng Xiaoya simply obeyed her own will, closed her eyes happily, and greeted Fu Xuan with joy, looking forward to their first kiss.

Fu Xuan stood up abruptly, and whispered in a rather embarrassing voice: “I’ll get up here today, I will leave first.” Escape Zhiyaoyao.

The next time I met for a picnic in the park, Cheng Xiaoya teased Fu Xuan: “Brother Fu Xuan, I am a big bad wolf in your heart! If you run slowly, I will eat you!”

Fu Xuan reached out and messed up her hair: “Cheng Xiaoya, you are too young! It’s a big bad wolf, and a cute little pink she wolf!”

Cheng Xiaoya stood up, deliberately looking fierce, holding both hands beside her head, pretending to be wolf claws: “Ah! Roar! I am a big bad wolf! I will eat you!”

Fu Xuan laughed heartlessly: “I have never seen such a good-looking big bad wolf. Come and eat me quickly!”

The two chased on the grass and ran for a while. Cheng Xiaoya stopped panting and called Fu Xuan, who was running away, to come back. Cheng Xiaoya put her hand in Fu Xuan’s hands, her heart was like a deer. When he threw it out, he had to pretend to be calm, indicating that he was grown up and could hold hands calmly.

As a result, the palms of both of them were full of sweat, and they grasped the same way with their claws. Both of them maintained a posture unchanged, and both of them became numb. After letting go, both of them were amused by their stupidity.

One autumn evening, the golden sycamore leaves were beautiful, and a thick golden carpet was laid on the small road. Fu Xuan took Cheng Xiaoya to take pictures and walk under the trees.

When I was young, I always felt that the time together was too short, and no matter how far I walked, I didn’t feel tired.

Fu Xuan boldly put his arm around Cheng Xiaoya’s shoulder, and Cheng Xiaoya’s body was almost trembling to welcome this intimate joy.

When the two people face each other, standing arm in arm under the plane tree and looking at each other affectionately, they can see themselves in each other’s eyes. Cheng Xiaoya raised her head on tiptoe and approached Fu Xuan, muttering: “Brother Fu Xuan, I am not young anymore, I have grown up.”

Fu Xuan looked at Cheng Xiaoya’s blushing face, closed eyes, bold and courageous look, ridiculous and cute, with a finger on Cheng Xiaoya’s lips, Cheng Xiaoya blushed like pig liver all of a sudden, even more dare not open her eyes.

Fu Xuan put his mouth to Cheng Xiaoya’s ear, and the gentle breath made Cheng Xiaoya chuckled and opened her eyes: “Cheng Xiaoya, be my girlfriend!”

Surprised to hear the long-awaited words, Cheng Xiaoya ran away and bounced under the tree: “Hahaha! Brother Fu Xuan is my boyfriend!”

The more beautiful the memories, the less Cheng Xiaoya dared to look back. Self-pity towards the mirror, tears rolled down from her eyes.

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