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Chapter 2 Campus Show

Cheng Xiaoya is the eldest daughter of the Cheng family among the four major families in the Qingyang business community, and Fu Xuan, the eldest son of the Fu family who is also in the four major families, is a childhood sweetheart and a talented girl. The Cheng and Fu family have also been in close contact for many years.

Xiaoya’s father, Cheng Guoyao, the head of Cheng’s enterprise, had already made an appointment with Fu Xuan’s father Fu Ye before Cheng Xiaoya graduated from high school. He just waited for Cheng Xiaoya to get married as soon as he graduated from university.

In Cheng Xiaoya’s sophomore year, Fu Xuan went to pick up Cheng Xiaoya to attend the birthday party of his father Fu Ye, and met Miss Xi Meng at the school gate.

Xi Meng is the jewel in the hands of the Xi family of Qingyang’s four major families. She is bright and open, and often runs to Fu Xuan’s house if she has nothing to do. Fu Xuan’s parents like this lively, bright, sweet-mouthed little girl, and Fu Xuan has been since childhood. Treat Xi Meng as close as your sister.

Xi Meng saw Fu Xuan from a distance and ran over happily, beckoning and shouting: “Brother Fu Xuan!”

As he ran near, Xi Meng stepped on Fu Xuan’s arm familiarly, “Brother Fu Xuan, how come you have time to come to school! Brother Fu Xuan, our campus is beautiful, let you abandon your car for a walk! It’s a pity that I am this year Graduating soon! Brother Fu Xuan…”

Fu Xuan squeezed Xi Meng’s cheek lovingly: “Mengmeng, I’m here to pick Cheng Xiaoya to attend the father’s birthday party. I just wondered if I could meet you and take it away with me, but I ran into it. Come, go find Cheng Xiaoya. ,let’s go together.”

Xi Meng’s mouth curled, his face was full of disapproval, and he shook Fu Xuan’s arm: “Brother Fu Xuan, you are so kind to Cheng Xiaoya. But I just don’t understand. Cheng Xiaoya has a good boyfriend like you. The man in the school can’t figure it out, she is probably the most popular in the school, and there are a lot of people chasing it!”

Fu Xuan smiled gently: “There are so many people who chase Cheng Xiaoya, which shows that Cheng Xiaoya is popular! Besides, the people who chase her are saying, there are so many people who chase our little dream!” Xi Meng didn’t care about Fu Xuan at all. , There was even a trace of triumph, even more annoyed.

She was close to Fu Xuan, and she looked like a koala hanging on Fu Xuan from a distance. She said in a weird voice: “Brother Fu Xuan, you really don’t know! Also, you are so busy at work, how can you have time? Care about our little girl’s affairs! Recently, her affairs have caused a stir in the school….”

Xi Meng’s eagerness to speak and stop successfully attracted Fu Xuan’s attention. His handsome face sank: “Xiao Meng, what happened? Don’t talk nonsense. I know Cheng Xiaoya very well and know what kind of person she is.”

Xi Meng looked at Fu Xuan with an innocent look, and deliberately put on a look that he wanted to say but didn’t dare to say, but he couldn’t restrain a smug sneer in his heart.

Fu Xuan became more anxious, Xi Meng stopped talking, and took Fu Xuan’s hand and walked towards Cheng Xiaoya’s dormitory.

Downstairs in the dormitory, a slender girl with black hair and waist was holding her hands in the hands of a young man in black. The girl’s teary eyes and her attention were all focused on the young man, her mouth closed and she was saying something softly.

A hundred meters away, Fu Xuan had recognized the black-clothed youth as his university classmate Qi Yuan, the new successor of Qi’s enterprise, and the Prince Charming in the eyes of countless girls, but because of the distance, Qi Yuan and Cheng could not hear clearly. The dialogue between Xiaoya.

When they got closer, Fu Xuan and Xi Meng could clearly hear Qi Yuan’s gloomy voice: “Cheng Xiaoya, do you know that I love you, do you have to let me forget what happened last night? Do you have to be so cruel? Do you love Fu Xuan that much? Is he so important to you?”

Cheng Xiaoya kept shook his head, and Qi Yuan increased her voice louder and louder: “Xiaoya, you are my person! You are my person! You can’t change this fact! You are destined to be my person!”

Qi Yuan’s expression twitched, and Junxiu’s face was full of pain. Cheng Xiaoya’s tears were like broken pearls, and she silently but forcefully withdrew her clasped hands in Qi Yuan’s hands, bowed her head and stopped speaking.

Qi Yuan’s light flashed to the approaching figure of Fu Xuan and Xi Meng, turned around, glanced at the two men viciously, and threw a sentence at Fu Xuan: “Fu Xuan, listen to me. When it arrives, you don’t want to be complete. Hahahahaha…”

Fu Xuan clenched his fists, pinched his nails into the flesh, and watched Qi Yuan laugh wildly as he walked away. Xi Meng desperately held Fu Xuan, who was about to rush forward at any time, and kept comforting him: “Brother Fu Xuan, Brother Fu Xuan, don’t mind, there are many girls who like you, and you don’t care about this one.”

Cheng Xiaoya did not hear what Xi Meng said. She desperately wiped away the tears with her hands at this time, and greeted Fu Xuan: “Brother Fu Xuan, you, you are here, I will change my clothes now, wait for me, I I’ll be fine soon. Also, Brother Fu Xuan, don’t get me wrong, don’t, Qi Yuan and I are innocent. Wait for me, I will sort it out, and come right away.”

Xi Meng sneered as she watched Cheng Xiaoya rush up to the dormitory building as if she was escaping, and screamed, “Brother Fu Xuan, it seems we really missed something…”

Fu Xuan dragged Xi Meng’s hand and walked quickly to the school gate, giving Xi Meng no time to react.

At the birthday party, Fu Ye asked his baby son: “Fu Xuan, why didn’t Cheng Xiaoya come today?”

Fu Xuan’s expression all night was like a storm when a magnitude 17 typhoon crossed the border. Fu Ye found it strange that no one could deal with this son if he was stubborn.

Before Fu Xuan’s answer, a lively and lively Xi Meng in a pink sun umbrella came forward to take Fu Ye’s arm: “Godfather! Mengmeng wishes you good luck in the East China Sea and a longevity, every year you are today. You have the present at the age! Godfather! You must not be partial. Tonight, I am Brother Fu Xuan’s female companion! Look at you!”

Xi Meng let go of the hand holding Fu Ye, clinging to Fu Xuan, and winking at Fu Xuan, “Brother Fu Xuan, are you right?”

Fu Ye always felt sorry for Xi Meng and touched Xi Meng’s head. Xi Meng pulled Fu Xuan away from the scene vaguely. And at the birthday party, Fu Ye was busy socializing with business partners and had no time to take care of the children’s affairs.

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