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Chapter 2 Hooking up with a Married Man

An Qianyan also noticed that the girl in her husband Ye Zhenwei’s arms was wearing a school uniform, and it was her school uniform.

An Qianyan and her best friend Luo Jingjing are classmates and teachers at the same key high school. An Qianyan teaches English, and Luo Jingjing teaches music.

It stands to reason that their school is a key high school. Most of the students in the school study hard and actively prepare for the college entrance examination. On weekdays, there are very few students who fall in love. Seeing that next month’s examination is approaching, how can students not be at home at this time? Review well, actually seduce a married man to play car shock?

“The little girls are too open now? If you don’t study hard, you will know that you will hook up with a rich man to be a junior high, once and for all!” Luo Jingjing glared his eyes and exclaimed angrily.

An Qianyan trembled her lips, twisted her hands together, her nails almost digging into the flesh.

For a while, I only felt extremely uncomfortable with chest tightness, not only embarrassment, but also an unprecedented anger.

Ye Zhenwei, who held her in his arms last night, vowed to say that she is his favorite wife, but today let her ran into him and a young female student playing in the hotel’s underground parking lot. Unscrupulously staged a restrictive drama in front of her?

Her eardrums are tingling, and her heart is pierced with sores!

An Qianyan just feels she can’t bear it, she must get off the car immediately, come to the scene to catch the rape, and personally solve the dog and woman.

She wanted to see, who was the mistress who was at the age of flowers and jade, but didn’t care about reading and hooking up with other husbands?

“Qianyan, where are you going?” Seeing her about to get off the car, her best friend Luo Jingjing hurriedly grabbed her arm and asked.

“Catch the rape!” An Qianyan spit out two words without hesitation, eyes scarlet.

“Wait!” Luo Jingjing pulled her back to her seat and reached out his hand: “Look over there?”

An Qianyan looked suspiciously in the direction of her girlfriend’s fingers, and she saw a man in black standing sneakily behind a van.

The man wore a peaked cap and couldn’t see his face clearly, but he held a camera in his hand and was shooting a scene of a car shaking not far away.

“That man should be a reporter, there is a good show to watch now!” Luo Jingjing winked at her, sneered from the corners of her mouth.

An Qianyan was stunned for a moment, her head numb, and it took a long time before she tried to calm herself down.

A reporter filmed this scene, and it will be exposed tomorrow. Ye Zhenwei and the girl student will only lose their reputations.

And if she caught the rape at this time, she would definitely be photographed together.

However, the focus of the news tomorrow will not be the husband and the female student Che Zhen, but the female teacher of a key high school tearing up the junior.

Therefore, she must be patient and wait for the reporter to reveal their scandal tomorrow, and then find Ye Zhenwei for a showdown.

“Look at that junior’s school uniform, it belongs to our school, Qianyan, wait, I will definitely help you tear her out!” Luo Jingjing gritted her teeth and said fiercely.

An Qianyan was in a heavy heart, her breathing was unusually difficult, she only felt that her teeth were rattling.

Can’t stay any longer, and see her husband working hard to be crazy with other women, she will be crazy!

Although resentful in her heart, she decided to leave, even though such a move was too useless.

An Qianyan didn’t know how she got out of the underground parking lot, she only felt that her head was buzzing and her body was stiff.

When she came back to her senses, Luo Jingjing had taken her into the box of the hotel and their classmates gathering.

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